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Congrats to all finishers and especially the top 4. They're gorgeous, and I'm happy to see de_studio up there, too, think it's super sick aesthetically! De_abbey feels like a map that could really be viable for competitive play, would love to see how that plays out. Biome...I mean not much to say here. Super unique concept and gameplay like no other map I've played, and masterfully polished. Well deserved!

Kaizen...I need the night time map :-p Let's make it happen Andre & jakuza!

Just want to say big word of THANKS to all you guys, you delivered at a level that I usually only see from maps that are already in the game! Hope this competition helped shed some light on you and the community. It was a blast, and I can't wait for the next one.

And now...let's play some CS on these new maps! You can play them on MapCore's Hub on FACEIT.

Click here for the EU Hub

Click here for the NA Hub

See ya ingame :-).

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