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  1. "4. Maps that were under creation prior to the announcement of this Contest can be entered, as long as a complete map version (layout and any non-greybox art) was not released for public download." I think rule 4 will mean you cannot enter Fiorina as a version has been publicly released with a full art pass. I would, however, wait to hear from a judge to confirm this as they are in charge and have the final say in these matters.
  2. I made an Echo Base map for an insurgency mod years back. Maybe these can give you some inspiration: https://imgur.com/a/sGJ5kNd
  3. I also recently started a new job working on the counters in a local store. I am training to work as a baker primarily but also on deli, meat and fish. Certainly, isnt my life long career but it pays decently and you get to learn a lot about food. It beats shelf stacking any day even if the standing up and early starts can get tiring.
  4. I had a look around and played a few rounds. I am going, to be honest, the map has some pretty fundamental issues. The layout is pretty basic but messy. Areas don't flow together very well and rotations are near impossible. At first, I thought I was missing a route and that it couldn't possibly be that bad but I couldn't find another one. The scaling seems off as noted previously by @Radu; the beach sightlines are massive but in general, the map is quite small. It also suffers from a common mistake of newer and less experienced mappers like yourself of an abundance of props used as cover where geometry would be more appropriate for gameplay. This can and has in your case lead to less defined pathing and a lack of significant negative space. I would highly recommend reading Exodus's article on CS level design for further guidance. Another issue which is amplifying the sightlines issue, in my opinion, is the height variation. The map is split into a higher and lower ground but the cliff tops and house are mostly one flat plane. This results in rather dull duels as you barely have to move your mouse vertically at all except in one or two spots where you have to look straight up or down. While the detailing is clearly not finished and is still very rough, the visibility is already a concern. The map's lighting and fog are rather murky and doesn't make the map particularly welcoming. You mentioned the lore above and I would love to hear more about the background to the map as I found the mix of residential and commercial structures confusing. These issues are not that important though compared to the major layout flaws. I would consider going back to the drawing board and greybox before investing much more time into this layout in its current state. If the engagements are more fun than frustrating it's going to be hard to draw players back for a second game.
  5. It has been quite a while since I have posted an update so here is some information on where I have been. A bunch of real-world factors from starting a new job to losing part of my vision resulted in my progress stalling but I am happy to report I am back to working on Ivory. I am still trying to develop a visual style I am happy with and getting the lighting right which is proving a challenge as I am new to making night maps. This was another one of my goals with this project in pushing myself to try something outside my comfort zone; I just hope I haven't bitten off more than I can thew. I am aware working alone means I have an extra layer of difficulty compared to some of the other entries but I believe I can still produce a fun and well designed final product. Hopefully, I can have a version ready for the deadline, finishing at all will be an achievement I can be proud of but a top 10 spot would be even more amazing! Finally thank you to everyone who has asked me about Ivory and shown an interest in Ivory, either here or in private messages. Your support really helps me find the motivation to continue working.
  6. Another week, another update! Lots of layout changes and some more detailing tests. The workshop version is up to date and now contains the custom player models. Any feedback is always appreciated.
  7. Thank you both for taking the time to lookaround. The hostage rescue zone should be seeing some adjustments and some path widening soon which I hope will address yoiur concerns in that regard. Your other points are all spot on and will be fixed in the next update. Thanks again for the interest and helpful feedback.
  8. Just completed the first 5v5 on it with a bunch of friends and gathered tons of feedback. Overall it was a success with fairly fast rounds and a good amount of options and variation. We had mixed rankes from silvers to a global but everyone picked up the layout quickly. Another player streamed their POV if anyone wants to see some raw and scrappy gameplay. Lots of changes incoming so stay tuned.
  9. I started a wingman map with this exact theme a few weeksago. What are the chances
  10. Whoops, was on friends only! Should be fixed now.
  11. New radar for a new version! Many changes, especially to the right side which has been lowered significantly. A very WIP workshop version can be found below but there is no proper clipping yet and several major bugs. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1769160834
  12. First complete radar, check! Workshop version coming soon™
  13. Never knew Mapcore had so many linguistic experts! Thank you for the tool ZooL, can confirm it works well and can be set up by a noob to scripts like myself.
  14. Figuring out a viable layout has proved quite a challenge as aspects of my initial sketch fell apart when transfered into hammer as can be seen below. This is a perfect example of why spending ages on every tiny detail on paper is rarely a good idea. 22 versions and countless compiles later and I am starting to get a result I am more happy with. While the base timings are roughly in place, extensive testing is going to be needed to whip the map into a competitivly viable state. As with most of my serious and pre-planned projects I have created an image board in PureRef from which I also begun to make some small detailing tests and a zoo-like map for props that fit the theme to ensure I have a solid and recognisable visual style and to begin to create a list of custom assets that will be needed. Getting the custom player models sorted early on has helped me chose colours that will provide a large enough contrast between players and their enviroment. I am learning a lot about mapping for hostage rescue as I go and I am confident I will have a complete layout ready some time next week. In the meantime, here are some very early screenshots for posterity.
  15. Thanks to @ZooL, Ivory now features its very own CT faction. The South African Police are ready to respond to any threat!
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