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  1. Black Mirror

    Second episode trailer is up!
  2. [WIP] de_biome

    Absolutely stunning. Amazing work.
  3. Black Mirror

  4. The Walking Dead

    Unpopular opinion, this season has been great. The Walking Dead is something very different now from what it was at the start. If you can accept that, it is consistent in style and delievers on what it promises; conflict between and within dueling factions in a post apocolyptic setting.
  5. The Man In The High Castle

    I am a little late but here is the clip from New York Comic Con. Season 3 should be out early 2018 and I can't wait.
  6. Paladins

    After a year on Steam, thought I would share the latest patch notes video:
  7. [CS:GO]Endless Hours

    The music and atmosphere reminds me of The Long Dark. Looks cool what you have already.
  8. Black Mirror

  9. Gulf

    Gulf is a collaboration project between me and @VIOLATION . Gulf is a defusal map set in a American military base in the desert. More photos including an overview soon!
  10. Fortnite (new game by Epic Games)

    This looks awesome! Definitly gonna try convince some friends to get it with me after release if it meets expectations.
  11. Goals for 2017?

    I think my year is going pretty good too
  12. I had this before. Simply restarting the game fixed it for me.
  13. [WIP] de_abbeypark

    The name may be a bit too similar to an existing contest entry by the name of "Abbey". I would advise you change it something else to distinguish yourself from the other entry.
  14. [CS:GO] de_chroma [Demolition Gamemode]

    RIP Blueoverse... But seriously, good luck! Is a nice start.
  15. [CS:GO] Thrill Assets

    Thanks! Amazing as always!