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  1. Whoops, was on friends only! Should be fixed now.
  2. New radar for a new version! Many changes, especially to the right side which has been lowered significantly. A very WIP workshop version can be found below but there is no proper clipping yet and several major bugs. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1769160834
  3. First complete radar, check! Workshop version coming soon™
  4. Never knew Mapcore had so many linguistic experts! Thank you for the tool ZooL, can confirm it works well and can be set up by a noob to scripts like myself.
  5. Figuring out a viable layout has proved quite a challenge as aspects of my initial sketch fell apart when transfered into hammer as can be seen below. This is a perfect example of why spending ages on every tiny detail on paper is rarely a good idea. 22 versions and countless compiles later and I am starting to get a result I am more happy with. While the base timings are roughly in place, extensive testing is going to be needed to whip the map into a competitivly viable state. As with most of my serious and pre-planned projects I have created an image board in PureRef from which I also begun to make some small detailing tests and a zoo-like map for props that fit the theme to ensure I have a solid and recognisable visual style and to begin to create a list of custom assets that will be needed. Getting the custom player models sorted early on has helped me chose colours that will provide a large enough contrast between players and their enviroment. I am learning a lot about mapping for hostage rescue as I go and I am confident I will have a complete layout ready some time next week. In the meantime, here are some very early screenshots for posterity.
  6. Thanks to @ZooL, Ivory now features its very own CT faction. The South African Police are ready to respond to any threat!
  7. Going to try my hand at a hostage map for the first time to provide a bit of extra challenge! The map will be set in a luxury hunting lodge in southern Africa. Name is still subject to change.
  8. Planet Zoo has just been announced and I am excited to say the least. Planet Coaster was excellent and Zoo Tycoon is still one of the best zoo simulation games to date. Hopefully Frontier can pull it off again!
  9. Quotingmc


    I feel like a played this map years ago with the name revolt (picture below)? Is it a rework or just a strange coincidence?
  10. Pitstop is complete and released as mine and Quad's entry into the /r/csmapmakers 2018 wingman contest. Download and Play Thanks to @Yanzl and @Terri for allowing us to use their assets.
  11. I have been working recently on my entry into the /r/csmapmakers wingman contest based around the Monaco street circuit. Credits to @Terri for the F1 car and @Yanzl for various assets.
  12. Valve have said we are free to use any content from their games as long as Classic Offensive is free, requires CS:GO, and does not appear to be officially endorsed by them. Their only main concerns were brand confusion or profiting from a modification, the majority of which is still their creation. For example, we cannot use the "Counter-Strike" name or logo. The maps in the mod will use assets almost entirely from Global-Offensive. Of course, we must also follow the Steam User Agreement so no exe/dll edits from Vanilla CS:GO. Hope that clears things up.
  13. I watched this a month or so back and it is very well put together and not too long like some other similar shows on Netflix. It is a fascinatingly weird story with a lot of strange details. I would definitly recommend it to anyone who likes true crime shows.
  14. Finished all the episodes and in my opinion it is the best season yet. While I agree with @nikkoship that Arkangel ended a little too soon and Metalhead needed a tad more backstory, every episode brought something new. Even the episodes with lighter tones like USS Calister and Hang the DJ were enjoyable and the finale, Black Museum, left the series on a high. Can't with for season 5!
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