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  1. leplubodeslapin

    2018: Mapcore's Year in Review

    Wonderful maps and scenes !
  2. leplubodeslapin

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    @General Vivi It's a really cool idea ! And great execution ! I have the feeling that the sphere hits the player maybe a few frames too early, it would be a bit more permissive to make it hurt the player a bit later and maybe this scary ennemy would be even more impressive if it got even closer ? Just a thought
  3. leplubodeslapin


    I believe it was one of the most appreciated map from operations? Its unique setting and its ability to mix its gameplay and world building/architecture together makes it a memorable map. That's great news and even though there isn't as many operations as before, that's great stuff!
  4. leplubodeslapin

    First Man

    Well yes of course it's about how neil armstrong was the first to walk on the moon, but maybe you don't know the full story ? ^^'
  5. leplubodeslapin

    First Man

    I've watched it last week. I was a little bit disappointed because i'm a huge fan of damien chazelle's movies (Whiplash and La La Land) and I didn't feel like First Man was such an awesome movie. But I might have been in a bad mood and I would love to watch it again, overall it was great and gives you a more realistic overview on these crazy NASA projects from the 60s (Gemini and Apollo programs) and how the guys in the middle of this felt. I dont' want to spoil it, but just for the pictures, music and sound design → Go watch it.
  6. leplubodeslapin

    UE4 and Blender - BSP style is a must

    I don't get why you think those coordinates use irrational numbers, it's just decimal numbers with plenty of significant digits. They don't get rounded because of fast algorithms like the fast inverse square root (which I assume is more related to the rendering) that aren't perfect but gives the opportunity to manipulate complex geometry. It's important to understand how accurate your result is : if a rotation has an angle of "15.00000154121254884516515465449" , you'll need to make that rotate thousands of times in a row before slightly noticing an offset visually.
  7. leplubodeslapin

    Mapcore Job Census

    oh shit i'm done Is it possible for me to pick whom i might have to collaborate with ? No ? ... ok be gentle pls I still have time before i can leave my current job, i'll be prepared
  8. leplubodeslapin

    [TF2] Ctf_frosty

    Congratulations for this release ! Dude 6 years that's crazy, that must be a big relief to be done with this project!! GOOD JOB
  9. leplubodeslapin

    Mapcore Job Census

    I just signed a contrat to work at Arkane Studios I should start in a few weeks, as a level designer
  10. leplubodeslapin

    The Door Challenge - 2018 - General Discussion Thread

    I've been trying a bit to build something for a few days but i keep getting vertices off the grid after loading the vmf ... I have a decent simple gameplay and design idea but I'm just slowed down by this kind of bugs all the time. I'm tired of source ... :- EDIT : HammerPatch seems to be a great fix for this kind of issue. Thank you klems as usual! https://github.com/crashfort/HammerPatch (read the ReadMe.md)
  11. leplubodeslapin

    Really need help for a part of my map

    Ok. You should use func_button entities for both buzzers and the button for the host. Func_button has a "lock" property, which means : With a flag "Starts locked", you can start the game with the buzzers locked (= when players will try to press them, nothing will happen) With outputs, you can lock and unlock the buzzers at any time I think that's the key to your problem. I made a map like that, if you want i can share the source files. (show example #1, show example #2)
  12. leplubodeslapin

    Really need help for a part of my map

    On what engine/game are you creating this map for ?
  13. leplubodeslapin

    The Door Challenge - 2018

    Very nice ! I'll do my best to find an idea and participate !
  14. leplubodeslapin

    A leak that shouldn't be there.

    No. I literally always do the opposite and it always work. Sometimes it can be really small holes (less than 1 unit wide), sometimes it can be skybox brushes that are entities, sometimes it can be a texture used to seal the map that just has translucent properties (even if it's not using it), sometimes an entity origin can be outside of the map (as klems said) ... It can be plenty of things, the most annoying problems are when it's not related to you work but corrupt stuff in your vmf and for which you have to do what vaya said.