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  1. leplubodeslapin

    Really need help for a part of my map

    Ok. You should use func_button entities for both buzzers and the button for the host. Func_button has a "lock" property, which means : With a flag "Starts locked", you can start the game with the buzzers locked (= when players will try to press them, nothing will happen) With outputs, you can lock and unlock the buzzers at any time I think that's the key to your problem. I made a map like that, if you want i can share the source files. (show example #1, show example #2)
  2. leplubodeslapin

    Really need help for a part of my map

    On what engine/game are you creating this map for ?
  3. leplubodeslapin

    The Door Challenge - 2018

    Very nice ! I'll do my best to find an idea and participate !
  4. leplubodeslapin

    A leak that shouldn't be there.

    No. I literally always do the opposite and it always work. Sometimes it can be really small holes (less than 1 unit wide), sometimes it can be skybox brushes that are entities, sometimes it can be a texture used to seal the map that just has translucent properties (even if it's not using it), sometimes an entity origin can be outside of the map (as klems said) ... It can be plenty of things, the most annoying problems are when it's not related to you work but corrupt stuff in your vmf and for which you have to do what vaya said.
  5. leplubodeslapin

    Echo the game - Student looking for feedback

    The ones for the elevator
  6. leplubodeslapin

    Echo the game - Student looking for feedback

    That was great, it's a great example of a short game that could actually be a prototype for a "real" game, like Limbo or Inside indeed. I really liked the story but even more the way it's told : no text, just exposition, nice The art work is pretty neat for such a short project, impressive. At first i found the wooden floor funny and weird but I guess that's also part of storytelling. And there's also a good use of lighting to guide the player eyes where he needs to look at. Maybe you could have highlighted a bit more some elements, like the handles the player has to pull down simultaneously, a bit hard to notice at first glance. Technically, everything worked smoothly (with the xbox one controller). Great job to all of you !!
  7. leplubodeslapin

    Sylvain Menguy - Level Designer

    @Dea Thank you Yea Archives is on there because actually the level design work on the map is done, the rest is more art work. I'm surprised that this kind of graph isn't common, I must probably have previously seen that in a GDC conf or something i guess. That's weird you can't scroll with your mouse, can you tell me if you have this issue with other internet browsers ?
  8. leplubodeslapin

    Sylvain Menguy - Level Designer

    Hello, I built my first portfolio some months ago but didn't have the courage to translate it in english. Now it is : https://sylvainmenguy.com/en/ My friend who coded everything isn't really available right now but I'm taking notes for future modifications I'll ask him to do. Some features are missing, such as the "burger menu" if you're using a small monitor, so you won't be able to navigate through tabs on a smartphone, sorry :x I can manage all the content from a Google Sheets though My translation might be a bit rough at times, sorry I know it's a bit weird because there are both level design and product design projects, I am looking for a level designer position but still wanted to show a bit of what I did in my current job. I hope it's not too confusing.
  9. leplubodeslapin

    3D Printing

    Sculpteo is really nice, and their prices are really low for the kind of technology they use !
  10. leplubodeslapin

    3D Printing

    The classic Creality CR-10S
  11. leplubodeslapin

    3D Printing

    Hello, I received my first personnal 3D printer 2 days ago, and I noticed that we do not have anywhere to speak about that. I'm pretty sure most of you might be interested in this topic since it's basically 3D modeling, but for real-life applications I'll just start this topic with something I made today ! I'm currently preparing a move and I need to fix few stuff before I leave my appartment. The shower palm holder in my bathroom got broken recently, because it's made out of crappy plastic. I don't have the tools needed to make holes in a tiling wall, so I have to stick with the existing ones and I'm pretty sure I will not be able to find the same part with the same sizes. So I decided to take the brocken plastic part and make a simple 3D model of it : And then, I basically printed it with my brand new Creality CR-10S : (Original broken part on the left - 3D printed part on the right) Then, from the first try it just worked, I attached it to the wall with the original screws : And I added the original plastic cover that clips onto the 3D printed part and hides the system : And it just worked perfectly fine This is really boring and simple so if you have anything to show, maybe share it here for everyone to see it ! I'll try to make something better looking for the next one
  12. leplubodeslapin

    Source 1 and 2018 year

    Yes, "just" that. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
  13. leplubodeslapin

    What's going on with your life?

    I had a Peugeot 106 with ~360 000 km, same kind of car as a Clio. I think a Clio is a good cheap car.
  14. leplubodeslapin

    Fortnite (new game by Epic Games)

    I've been playing Fortnite for 2 weeks, I didn't know the Battle Royale gamemode was free so I gave it a try. It's a really well-made game, the gamemode itself is obviously working really well (just as much as PUBG), but I really love how it differs from PUBG aswell. The visual style makes it really easy to spot ennemies and forces you to stay on the move. And, because you just can't hide laying down in tall grass, the building mechanic is really efficient to quickly build covers and avoid being inevitably trapped in the middle of nowhere. Btw, i love this systematic approach with building. The fact that everything you build has to snap to a grid was scary at first but you get used to it and play with it quickly. And the most amazing part of that is that everything on the map (except the ground) is built according to that grid, so that you can destroy everything (furniture, buildings, trees ...) When i first saw this game, i was like "wtf this is just a copy/paste from PUBG with simple building mechanisms like in Rust", and it probably was in its beginnings. But the updates and improvements seem to make this multiplayer game really enjoyable, fair and challenging. I just got my first Victory Royale in solo-queue 3 days ago and my first Victory Royale in Section (with guys i don't know that filled a squad of 4) yesterday. I very much like this game. If you haven't, give it a try and maybe if someone wants to play in Duo/Section, tell me on steam !