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  1. leplubodeslapin


    @Serialmapper You don't need SMD files anymore, you can compile a model for Source from a .fbx now ! So you don't need that SMD plugin anymore. You just have to give .fbx files to your .QC, here's an example : Personally I was really used to 2.79 (I mean before 2.8). I tried working on a blend file on 2.80, on the next day I tried to open it with an older version of Blender and it didn't work anymore (makes sense) so I continued working on 2.80 and I'm getting used to it it's great
  2. leplubodeslapin


    Hummm ... I believe Blender got its 2.80 update (still in beta but plenty of people are using it) → People realize it's at least as good as maya/max for what they do but it also has plenty of tools within the same software that can replace other softwares (sculpting, baking, rendering, physics simulation ...) → They give it a try and it's just much better than paid softwares ? Plus it has an incredible real-time render view (eevee). Maybe guys you should give it a try ? To me, it's 1000% deserved. (I'm no expert, I'm not an 3D artist)
  3. 2 videos of Xen gameplay have been reveiled from IGN : https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/06/25/black-mesa-xen-preview-fixing-half-life-1s-weakest-part I don't really want to get spoiled too much so I didn't watch both entirely ^^ But it seems really promising and the standards of quality of the game clearly increased
  4. Oh yeahh ! \o/ I hope you'll enjoy this teaser too !!
  5. I don't really understand your issue, what's the problem here with creating just a basic collision shape like this ? → OR Also if you have unecessary geometry like that and you don't want to destroy the faces and rebuild everything by hand, you can select the edges like this : Press DELETE (or X) and pick "Dissolve Edge". It will reconstruct geometry without these edges. EDIT Can you show us the complex geo that you struggle with ? Most of the time, I think it's just about the amount of elements I use in my collision meshes. By using multiple you can create concave geometry but you'll quickly hit the limit amount of elements (don't remember how high this limit is but it's pretty low)
  6. Oh yeah, new VR headset might be announced or released (or something else) in may https://store.steampowered.com/sale/valve_index/ Tyler is expecting a release of HLVR along with it. Well we'll see, it's just 1-2 months away
  7. It's just that it was a fake email, Tyler reuploaded the video without this email at the end :
  8. @zastels Don't you think there is a wide range of cases between "slightly taking inspiration from an art piece" to basically rip off the whole thing ? I believe what you're saying is true, and that's a good thing that some people can benefit quite a lot from not starting from scratch or find ideas in other maps. But from what I've understand, the creator of this thread has already just reuploaded 3 maps with no change at all, with no input of art or design from him. This is the main issue here i believe.
  9. Wonderful maps and scenes !
  10. @General Vivi It's a really cool idea ! And great execution ! I have the feeling that the sphere hits the player maybe a few frames too early, it would be a bit more permissive to make it hurt the player a bit later and maybe this scary ennemy would be even more impressive if it got even closer ? Just a thought
  11. leplubodeslapin


    I believe it was one of the most appreciated map from operations? Its unique setting and its ability to mix its gameplay and world building/architecture together makes it a memorable map. That's great news and even though there isn't as many operations as before, that's great stuff!
  12. Well yes of course it's about how neil armstrong was the first to walk on the moon, but maybe you don't know the full story ? ^^'
  13. I've watched it last week. I was a little bit disappointed because i'm a huge fan of damien chazelle's movies (Whiplash and La La Land) and I didn't feel like First Man was such an awesome movie. But I might have been in a bad mood and I would love to watch it again, overall it was great and gives you a more realistic overview on these crazy NASA projects from the 60s (Gemini and Apollo programs) and how the guys in the middle of this felt. I dont' want to spoil it, but just for the pictures, music and sound design → Go watch it.
  14. I don't get why you think those coordinates use irrational numbers, it's just decimal numbers with plenty of significant digits. They don't get rounded because of fast algorithms like the fast inverse square root (which I assume is more related to the rendering) that aren't perfect but gives the opportunity to manipulate complex geometry. It's important to understand how accurate your result is : if a rotation has an angle of "15.00000154121254884516515465449" , you'll need to make that rotate thousands of times in a row before slightly noticing an offset visually.
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