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  1. Citroën C5 2001 (first phase) V6 210 hp 115 000 km I'm so happy !!! :)))))) It's not the best looking car, but it can be very comfortable (leather interior, air conditionning, automatic gearbox, speed regulator, the famous hydropneumatic suspensions from Citroën...) or really powerful by just pressing the "SPORT" button (the gearbox reacts differently, the active suspensions becomes stiffer ...) It's an "old" car but it was the high-end in 2001, it's a great car. I changed the timing belt and made an oil drain. I'll just have to do the drain for the automatic gearbox and it's going to be perfect. Plus, it was kinda cheap : 1400€ for the car itself (negociated rate) + 1200€ for maintenance !
  2. I understand you're skeptical and afraid it would be a failure because you released a big project and it's scary. But dude ... It's a great map. It looks really great, neat. The level design is refreshing, i haven't played on it but player's navigation is just perfect and fits the theme really well. I like what you did with some indoors that isn't shown in the screenshots, "simple" but efficient. It seems hard to believe it's your first Source map with your first props and textures, in any case it's really clean.Neat !
  3. The idea of surfing on some sort of spacecraft in orbit around the earth is just freaking awesome already. The ultra epic gigantic rotating ring is crazy and does cool stuff with cascaded shadow. It feels like some geometry could have been added in 3D instead of texture work, but the art work here is really amazing too. Good job dude !!! Definitely one of the best surf map i've ever seen
  4. ... lol I have to try it 2 or 3 times before making it work, it crashes all the time if you have too much custom content to pack. Go for VIDE http://www.tophattwaffle.com/packing-custom-content-using-vide-in-steampipe/ @JorisCeoen When you use the buildcubemaps command, it does automatically hide/display some stuff. For example, it adds a glow sprite at the position of every light/light_spot entities, it doesn't show the players in the reflection (in case you forgot to kick bots ^^)... I'm pretty sure it disable existing reflections. After it takes the pictures, it automatically adds all the computed cubemaps inside the BSP and when it reloads the map automaticaly your cubemaps should be there (on CSGO, they forced the game to reload the new BSP and not use the one stored in memory). Your solution for adding custom content inside your BSP probably delete/destroy something about your cubemaps stored inside the BSP. As others said, you're not supposed to to anything about them, they should still be in the new BSP after adding custom content files. Try VIDE
  5. I guess it's kind of the same for every software. If you buy the Microsoft Office softwares (Word 2013 for example), you don't get a free update for a newer version. Same thing with Windows basically ... oh ... well actually we got a free upgrade from 7/8 to 10 x) And it's way better than some other softwares, at Work i'm using Catia and it's incredibly expensive. You have to pay every year for just using the software and any add-on is also really expensive and must be paid every year. It's an almost 20 years old software ! But it's great so we still using it ^^
  6. You can use water at different heights, you just can't use the real-time reflection shader that Source uses on 2 separate plans. That's why you can find 2 types of water texture : Expensive and Cheap. The cheap type can still have reflections but it will be cubemap based (which can be fine if it's not a playable area !). So, try to read some water VMT files and create 2 water texture using the same diffuse and stuff, just use the cheap cubemap reflections shader for the higher water brush. Also, most of the time you don't need to use a refract texture but a normalmap mask.
  7. Maybe take a look at VA / AMVA panels. These can be both high-fidelity and high-refreshrate (from what i've heard). I still have my old Acer GD245HQbid (first gen too), it's a TN panel but the colors were pretty great when it released (3 of Delta E, which is good, not amazing but good enough). Also, IPS panels aren't as slow as they used to be, you can still have something clean but only at 60 hz I guess.
  8. First, i just would like to tell you that it's great you have two opportunities that gives you a choice. About the location, just look at where it is exactly. For where i live/work, i thought it was Paris but it's actually near Paris (Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines) and it's a nice place with greenspaces, a big lake, roads on which i'm still allowed to drive with my old car ^^ ... Really different from what i thought. I feel like lots of (exciting) stuff hapened to you in the past two years and if i were you i know i wouldn't mind to settle a bit in a secured position for some time. You're still young and can still change your profile quite easily, in both case it won't force you to stay in a position for too long. Both opportunities seems great, call your parents and friends and talk to them (with your voice). It will help you to understand what you really want.
  9. The point_servercommand entity. https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Point_servercommand Use a logic_auto to trigger an output at every rounds :
  10. Yes, all games from xbox one library are now available with Windows 10, so if you have a great gaming pc, there's no point in having the X (maybe update your graphics card with a VEGA, that's what's gonna be in xbox one x). So... After Xbox one S and Xbox one X... Xbox One 3? (Tesla)
  11. I find that extremely true and feels like it should be taken more into consideration from everyone. Great talk, it really is a great HL2:EP2 mod (game ?).
  12. Yes it replaces cs_opera. But no it doesn't use the same layout, half of it is different and even in the similar area there has been drastic changes (for example : the 3 main paths are now way more seperated, paths has been deleted/removed, the rescue area has been moved, an elevator replaces stairs and is not facing CTs so its use is reversed ...) cs_opera layout The main reason is that i changed it from an Opera to a library, the main room (on top of the radar) is completely different. And a lot of gameplay ideas changed the layout recently (started working on the project like 2 months ago, only on layout for now). Also, cs_opera has never been released for public download.
  13. A hostage map taking place in a library. Worked a lot on the layout to make it as competitively viable as it could be (for a hostage map layout), i believe. I wanted it to have some verticality. The CTs start outside and Terrorists inside near the hostages. Most of the map is inside. Ground floor : Basement : 1st floor : The layout has been recently validated. Right now i'm doing file management, putting everything in place and preparing all the assets that will be needed. Once it's ready and that i've created placeholders for props and textures, i'll look for an artist to work with me until the deadline.
  14. Is it ok for Archives ? (the map that used to be cs_opera) No public release (or any kind of release), still a lot of work to do (a lot of the art has been thrown away). That would make a great deadline for me to plan everything, a great challenge. Very nice contest, i'm really impressed with the Guest experts you gathered and the prizes. And no votes from the community, yay \o/. Looks like the best contest we ever had for now, let's just hope amazing maps will come out of it.