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  1. It's so freaking stupid I love it, I hope they embrace it could be very very cool to play with all these crazy mechanics
  2. The set of moves and especially the flying kick are so nice to see come back, can't wait to parkour all around ! I'm super impressed by the map and its diversity, really looking forward for it December 7, 2021, Nice !
  3. Thank you for your kind message, i'm glad this can be helpful ^^
  4. This is great stuff, there's an end to this My girlfriend has been willing to go back to her place in brazil, to meet her family and friends, the last time she went there was more than 2 years now. We've been acting as the "good students" from the beginning of that pandemic, working fully remotely since the beginning, following all the sanitary measures. In the beginning of 2021 we decided she had to go back there for vacation, it's been too long and it's worrying for her, for her mental health it matters a lot. A flight was planned for this Saturday, 1-month vacations, and 2
  5. oops ^^' sorry The one i'm using is pretty standard I designed it so that it stays inside the surface and doesn't prevent you from using the translucent plastic cover But in the end my 3D Printer isn't calibrated very well, so the front plastic cover didn't fit really well (might work better by printing it vertically though). I don't know if there's enough gap for the air to move in between, maybe not. But yea there must be a way to drive the USB from software, because it's designed to be able to receive custom mods and stuff. It would mean
  6. That's amazing @jd40 thanks for printing it !! Yea I feel so dumb I didn't even try, of course you're right, it looks better, prints faster ... The only thing you need to be careful with is not to go to hard when screwing the 4 fans and 4 main screws, to avoid breaking the print. If you have a ref/sizes for a switch and want me to update the geometry for it, feel free to ask. I didn't release the sources files because i made it with Catia (a CAD software that isn't known much outside of the industry) and had to clean some nasty topology stuff in blender afterwards,
  7. i've been working on modeling a Volkswagen Combi T1 The plan isn't to make it a 3D model for a game engine or something like that, it's a model to 3D print. The challenge isn't much on the polycount or any sort of material, it's to make sure that each piece can be printed, is solid enough, can be assembled with the right tolerances ... It's a project I started with some friends before Covid but stopped a year ago, i'm going back on it to finish it. It's a miniature RC car (about 30cm long), controllable with a Xbox One gamepad. The
  8. Along with that new trailer, our creative director Dinga took part in another video to showcase some core concepts for the game :
  9. leplubodeslapin


    WOW this is so good !!! Is there somewhere I can play on it ? The trailer is a real beauty !
  10. What printer did you get ? I haven't looked too much into it, but I noticed some improvements on the low budget side too. I've heard of printers like the Artillery Sidewinder X1, that are on the same budget (400€) and size (30 x 30 x 40 cm) as the Creality CR-10S I bought ~3 years ago, but with things like linear bearings, direct drive, silent motors ... It's really cool to see such progress!!
  11. Hello I just submitted a 1 fan version on my Valve index mod. It can feel like a rollback but it's actually a better version I believe : 1 fan is enough to pull out the warm air, it's not that big It's a lot easier to make the USB plug, much more space for it Added a switch to control the fan Filled and the tiny holes that were making it less efficient Here it is with a few pictures in case someone is interested : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4735054 (and I also updated the 2 fans version with the holes filled too : https://www.thingiver
  12. I am having plenty of script bugs (mostly sound bugs or animations not working well if I pause the game in the middle of it), anyone else? Same as you Dux, feels like it would have benefit a lot from more love and polish, especially with these visuals (it's stunning)
  13. The steam link is a tad too slow for resolutions above 1080p from what i've tried, so it's a bit of a shame if you have a big 4k tv There must be more modern solutions now i guess?
  14. Our latest trailer that showcases how we're doing stuff with the timeloop Hopefully it helps to understand the concept of the game !
  15. Well ... It's better to play this masterpiece late than never :x It's the kind of game that is so polished and so great that it won't age too fast anyway
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