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  1. The random model thread!

    @Vorontsov It's looking pretty nice, but i'm a bit surprised with the design of it. Usually, I believe the 6 wheels are here for a clever solution of some sort of suspension that works like this : it doesn't need any spring or anything and sort of auto-balance itself and can adapt to almost any terrain. So it seems a bit weird to see the 6 wheels on your model being directly attached to the chassis. Anyway, it still looks pretty nice and fits with your other recent models. Are you working on some game or something ?
  2. SpaceX successfully lands rocket after orbital flight!

    This is freaking awesome, Elon Musk made a big move here against the ones trying to discourage him with Tesla and SpaceX just a few years back. It's a shame the center core didn't make it to the platform, but it's still very impressive for the 2 simultaneous landings of the side cores !!! So that Tesla Roadster is going to orbit around Mars ?
  3. [HL2:EP2] FusionVille release

    Thank you for your detailed thought @FMPONE ! I'm quite surprised with your first point, because i actually tried to guide the player through its escape with lighting. Here are a few example : Same thing for the cog/gear : But yea, looking at the screenshots now it doesn't seem as obvious as i wanted it to be. 2. That's interesting i didn't even think that a player would think the objective is to reach the turrets but yes indeed that's something you do usually in HL2, you can always take down ennemies somehow and kind of expect to come back here later if you can't immediately. It is indeed an issue that i must take into consideration for my next projects. And yes the idea was that the player has control over electricity state for the whole room with 1 switch, it was more obvious when I was using the HL2 lever model but encountered another issue : the players only tried to pull down the lever because you never use it in both directions in HL2 So that's why I used a combine console with 2 buttons but it doesn't work as much as a big lever to tell the player how important it is. Louder sounds for the door and electricity changing state would have helped a lot i believe. 3. Completely agree about you with that too, this is something i regret i didn't have enough time to work on. GeneralVivi explained that to me, that it's just unnatural for a player to suicide, that there should be a carrot just as you said. And the idea i wanted to include was hanging platforms for maintenance/cleaning service, and the player would think he can escape by jumping on it but it would break and all of this would just be a sad accident. I fully agree with you and that's a regret I didn't have enough time to make it better. Your edit message is also very true, showing some sort of target the player has to reach is always nice (such as what marnamai did with the mortar). It was maybe doable, but i wanted the escape to be chaotic, unexpected from the player character (who is waking up by the sounds of metrocops trying to smash his door). Thank you very much for your message and analysis. Thank you very much @blackdog also !
  4. [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!

    I am just amazed by this piece of art since yesterday evening. This is incredible, a perfect balance, so much love have been put into it. Everyone should just play on it alone (no bots, no player) just to walk through it all. it's just great ! These were nice too
  5. [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!

    It's been a long road I remember all those early playtests on de_agency, I'm excited to see Breach ingame an play on it !
  6. [HL2:EP2] FusionVille release

    I recorded a gameplay video if anyone wants to see it but doesn't want to download the mod (This is more a "how it's intended to be played" than a gameplay video Turns out it's hard to guide a player to play exactly the way you want him to play )
  7. Mario Odyssey

    It's just amazing to play a Mario game in such semi-open environments once again. I just finished the main story but there's so much more ! I'm pretty sure i'm not even halfway done with this game (not that I aim to get all the moons but i just don't want to let it go yet !) And it's really pretty, and i love being able to play it exactly the same way as i played Mario 64/Sunshine but with even more available movements. It's really an amazing game. I see people complaining that this game is aimed at a wide audience and that the main story can be boring for some people, but i disagree with them because as you said FMPONE even during the main story you can find plenty of hidden moons and secret stuff. I got the Switch for this game and it's totally worth it already.
  8. [HL2:EP2] FusionVille release

    Thank you for the post klems ! It's been a really nice contest. Just to explain a little bit more about it for anyone. As Klems said, RTSL organize contests ("Ville") throughout the year, each Ville has a theme and last few weeks (usually a bit more than 2 weeks, this time with "FusionVille" it was a month). For example, Klems won the previous Ville with his map Crab : And in the end of the year, a total of the best 3 maps from each entrants to contests during the year is made for the "Hammer Cup". And for the hammer cup 2017, Klems will most likely win the first place. FusionVille was the last challenge and even if it's just 1 month long, some people have done some crazy good maps. Personally, I wanted to try making a singleplayer experience based on the escape in the beginning of HL2. It's been a lot of work (detailing but most importantly scripting and making it as fun to play as possible) and i'd like to thank @General Vivi, @Klems, @crowbAr, @Niker107 and few others for helping me with playtests and feedbacks. Even if it was exhausting, i loved it !
  9. Or ... Subscribe to every map as soon as you get a workshop link on the forum, BEFORE the deadline Let Steam download, and eventualy update, maps by itself before the deadline Disconnect from steam at the exact moment of the deadline Copy/paste BSP files somewhere else and take all the time you need to share it with other judges I do not mean that it's judges fault not to do that, i just want to point out that it's doable and that for any potential future constest this can be improved. Which might represent a drastic amount of hours of work, not negligible at all.
  10. There's no complex system needed, just copy the BSP and NAV from workshop/id folders to another folder right after the deadline. It just takes time because you have to check for map IDs but that's basically it. You just can't assume stuff like that. If for anything 99% of people are wrong and 1% is right, it doesn't mean that the 99% must be right. It doesn't mean anything, even if it was confusing for only 1 person then that would be enough to discuss about it. But according to Vaya, many people found this rule confusing.
  11. I have to disagree with you @text_fish There's nothing difficult in making a backup of all the BSP right after the deadline and share it with other judges on a server/cloud, it just would have taken a little bit of time (1 hour MAX) and then time to upload the BSP somewhere afterwards. The judges would have been able to do of that, i'm sure of it, it just wasn't planned this way. I would have done the same as MikeGon, this rule does sound like "you can update if you want afterwards but we will judge the version you sent at the time of the deadline anyway" to me, it's misleading. I don't know about your map and if it should have been top 10 or top 20 but, in any case, that's realy frustrating for you, i understand that. And I also understand that judges must be strict with rules (what has been done with Fiorina is harsh but fair for example). Maybe something can be done here
  12. Portal 2

    This is just sad. The concept of a bridge constructor game with portals is nice though, but it's so painful to see great valve games being used like that. It's a bit like that Portal Pinball game.
  13. [WIP] de_splash

    Alright, here is your new profile picture : Even though it's far for being finished, it seems promising and the theme is nice. If you need help to define sharp edges in Blender : (my answer and what Grapen said)
  14. Brewery

    wow this looks amazing
  15. de_burg

    Could you show us the result ? (or maybe you want it to be a surprise ? )