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  1. Just to be sure, did you compile your 3D Skybox map separately (declared as a 3D Skybox in the map properties, right?) Also, are the materials used there custom ? If so, what shaders are they using ? There should be no lighting influence whatsoever between the 3D Skybox and the actual map, this looks more like a shader bug than actual lighting being propagated in the 3D Skybox. Also all the lighting is looking quite weird in your screenshot, are you compiling with a Ray-Tracing capable GPU ? Can you share a screenshot in Lighting only mode ? (I find the shading on the brick wall on the left very weird, also the water fountain is pitch black, how ??)
  2. I recently released fy_pool_day for CS2. For it, I made a few custom props of inflatable toys that the players can move around and deflate : I've been asked a lot how I did this, so I made an in depth tutorial for it. It's not just about the Ragdoll part, it covers everything from the cloth simulation used to create the high poly mesh to the end result. It's a long video so don't hesitate to use the chapters if you're already familiar with the concepts shown in the video.
  3. I haven't tried any of these and I recommend to get the minimum specs required for CS2 tools, which include a RT-capable GPU. Hosomi made this video that should be helpful, if you want to give it a try :
  4. As of today, Ray tracing tech is only used for Hammer (to preview your lighting in the 3D view rather quickly, and to simply build the lighting with VRAD, similar to how it's been done for Source 1 but better) I don't think there is anything yet regarding ray tracing in game (AO/GI is baked on lightmap and probes, shadows use Cascaded Shadows like in CSGO but with more sources, reflections are cubemaps/ScreenSpaceReflection ...)
  5. ok I wasn't sure so thanks for the confirmation ^^
  6. (correct me if i'm wrong !!) Technically there are commands to compile using your CPU instead of GPU, at the cost of extra compilation times. But this can become deprecated and removed/not supported in the future. There are also some updates on the light entities (light and light_spot are obsolete, replaced by light_omni2 and light_barn with the addition of an area light called light_rect). I've heard that these are fine and can be built with CPU as of today. However, materials that are selfilum can now be emissive and actually emit light over the environment, and i've heard that this is not something doable with a CPU compile. The RayTrace preview also requires a GPU that supports RT, and it's one of the best thing that came with CS2 tools, so you'd miss that too! In my opinion, it's worth getting a new GPU if yours doesn't fit this requirement, it's a good time. As you said, it needs to be a GPU that supports raytracing, so it doesn't have to be a RTX (from Nvidia), it can also be an AMD card. Depending on where you are, the used market can have some good cards at decent prices (~ 200-300 €). I have a RTX 2070 (which was the first gen of RTX cards) and all the features are working very well (including the low compilation times), it doesn't have to be the latest GPU on the market. The tools are very well optimized, it really just is a tech requirement and it's worth it (in my opinion).
  7. Why would you use a forum thread for your changelogs ? Screenshots are cool but blockouts don't really speak for themselves in screenshots, they need to be played or recorded in videos at least. People would also be interested in your progress if it shows some visual improvements for instance, but i don't think that it's the right place to write a message for every change on your map, especially at this early stage. (In any case, have fun working on your map !)
  8. Hey, I'm now Senior Level Designer, still at Arkane-Studios Lyon (i'm the only one left )
  9. It's stunning ! You must port it on Source 2 dude it will look even more awesome, the lighting is already very impressive for S1 ! Very colorful
  10. Hehe ^^ I suppose it's mostly due to the single point of interest for both players, and also yes I needed the spaces to suit with 1V1 fight. But there were other factors such as the hacking range, I wanted to make it not too easy to start the hack unnoticed. Also I had to deal with existing geometry, and the location of that terminal in the global map matters too, you don't want it to be too close from the tunnels otherwise Colt could just hack it and run away without letting the opportunity for Julianna to chase him. You don't want it either to be too far away from the "main path" between tunnels and the map target, otherwise it feels like you're wasting even more time reaching the terminal. It was a matter of finding the best spot for each map and tweak stuff around it, to prevent frustrating encounters. I'm glad you noticed it
  11. Thank you :)) I still do a little bit, as a hobby this time around, i've put a couple of projects in the "Product Design" tab of the website. I also designed and built my kitchen in the past year which was quite a challenge. But yes, to be honest working as an engineer feels like a distant memory now, i'm more engaged and passionnate about my work now as a Level Designer. I did not expect the job to be like that though, making layouts and placing NPC / patrols was maybe only a third of the work I did on Deathloop. I've been able to bring more ideas to the game than I anticipated, it's a collective effort. I think this part is much more appealing to me, compared to when I was designing stuff as a mechanical engineer.
  12. In case someone's interested in it, i wrote a page on my portfolio about my work on Deathloop : https://sylvainmenguy.com/en/project/deathloop
  13. Yes Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy are getting a PC release, no precise date yet except early 2022. But as Zarsky said I don't think Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 are planned on PC at all.
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