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  1. What's going on with your life?

    I don't really know if the favelas can be considered as slums, they have built their houses with concrete and found a way to get water/electricity (the city helps them with that). Here, crime isn't as common as you might hear on TV, I mean it used to be here but the city improved a lot in the last years (the olympic games helped). I don't think people see the police as an ennemy, they seem to be really useful to keep the peace around the city. And a favela is a sort of city, people share with each others, they can find work and they can study. So, from what i've seen it's fortunately better than what you said, in Rio. But it's indeed still one hell of a fight if you want to get a better life. The girl i live with is actually from here, and damn she's been strong but she's now an engineer but obviously she's the 1 out of thousands to get there... @[HP] I totally agree with you, education is definitely the key.
  2. What's going on with your life?

    I've been living in a favela in Rio de Janeiro for the last 2 weeks. Damn guys we are lucky to be where we are. As much as i love seeing the country for its landscapes and the great sunny weather, I feel so lucky to live where i live. It's not really about terror and gangs that the media might speak about, it's more about the way people live here and are used to it. You know it when you see their habbits, how they built houses without much plans, how they get themselves into debt to buy stuff that i wouldn't even buy (upgrading from a Galaxy S7 to an S8, taking a credit for months, taking another huge TV ...), how they drive (seatbelt is optional, there's no clear rule and everyone is just trying to overtake anyone else), how they let the old persons sick at home until they absolutely must go to the hospital, how they eat/drink, how they leave school very early and parents don't even care (people even ask you "but why do you still continue school ? Don't you want to work ?") ... I love the people and I hope the best for all of them. But damn it hurts and i don't know how stuff are going to change/get better ... Just an important note : the favelas represent "only" 25% of the population in Rio, I do not have an overall look over the city. I'll get back home by the end of the week, i'll have some pictures to show you.
  3. Really Odd Skybox Bug

    I've had the same issue with Pool_day ( https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=832043432 ), in the old version graphics (use the lever in the toilets to swith from one version to the other). In a specific spot the sky disappears. Unfortunatemy, i've never been able to fix it. I thought it could have been because of the areaportals but it's not. Sorry, i don't have the answer...
  4. Source 2!

    @clankill3r Yes please do ! Also, if you can take videos of both the map ingame and in editor, that would be awesome. I would love to see these lighting in editor and how you work on the modeling. Thanks for your post
  5. [CS:GO] SDK bugs and errors

    Same issue here. There has been an update, it's probably due to that.
  6. What I'm Working On, 2014-Forever

    I guess the sky isn't finished yet, because currently it's just an homogeneous blue. It should be whiter on the horizon. Instead of this : Something a bit like this : Plus some more fog could help but i doubt fmpone will consider it, players are strongly against it usualy.
  7. What I'm Working On, 2014-Forever

    Holy shit O_O Dude you're insane. I'm so glad for you that you decided to make your own art, obviously it took you a enormous amount of time but you did exactly what you wanted. About the Aurora, I wouldn't react the same as others. First of all, they are far away up in the sky, you can't see one with a mountain behind it, I don't think that's possible at all. They are freaking huge ! Also, it seems to happen during the day and you just can't see them during they day, sky needs to be dark and without clouds to see them. Also, the green ones aren't visible in real-time, you have to use an APN with long exposure time to see these beautiful vertical green auroras. But you can see some others such as the white ones, it looks like milk in the sky When i saw Auroras for the first time, I was just amazed by how it moves, there's really something magical about them. Anyway, you don't have to make it realistic anyway, just wanted to warn you, others might criticize this. I very much like the lighting inside, i don't think it becomes too dark, it seems fine. I also love the fact that it's not repetitive at all, all areas are different enough but also fits together (i think). I would love to see the map in hammer or another way to see what's brushes and what's models. I personally love this one The one Catfood is pointing at reminds me of Half-Life 2 so much ! You have all the tools your need to make EP3 now, DO IT
  8. The Half-Life 3 thread of closure and memorium

    Oh god ... Half-Life 3 / Half-Life 2 : Episode 3 is dead then, isn't it ? Rest in peace.
  9. [WIP] De_Glace

    You can bake an AO in Blender too. For that, go into the UV Editing window and make sure your UV Unwrapping is finished. Then, create a New Image : Choose a image resolution and fill it with anything, it will be erased anyway. Then go back in the default Window and Object mode. On the right panel, get into the World tab : Check the "Ambient Occlusion" box and below, in the "Gather part", change Distance and Samples to the desired values. I personally use 20 samples, it's enough to get smooth AO and fast enough. For the Attenuation, i find 50 to be relevant but it depends of the size of your model. For the information, i always model everything scale 1:1 (1 units in Blender = 1 units in Hammer). If you do that, 50 is a great attenuation distance value. After that, get in the Bake tab (first one) Go into the Bake part and configure it like that : Normalized might not be the best to get homogeneous AO between all your models, but i prefer to use it, it gets more contrasts. Finally, click on the Bake button and you should get your AO : (viewed in Texture shading) Finally : Image → Save As Image Hope this helps
  10. Take Aim: An in-depth look at the Level Design of Sniper Elite 4

    Was great to read, great article, really inspiring. Could you elaborate a bit more about how you worked on the whitebox version? You explained that you show the level to multiple people frequently and use their feedbacks to improve it everyday, but how did you get the original ideas ? Was it just a mind work between you and the storywriter, or did you use some creativity methods with a group of persons to generate ideas or stuff like that ? Thanks
  11. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    I used to be a redactor on a french csgo website (vakarm.net) and we were in contact with pro players. At ESWC (an event that was quite important before the majors) players told us they could hear some infos, and it was game-changing. After that, events tried to force players to use the same kind of headset that was supposed to be soundproof but it was inconvenient for players not to use their stuff. At pro level, they get a lot of automatic reactions, you don't even know you looked at the radar but you do it all the time. They can focus on many things at once and that basically is mandatory for Counter-Strike. They don't get their full attention on what commentators are saying but you can easily catch important infos. Thanks for the Bot Connor's video, unbelievable stuff ^^
  12. What have you purchased recently?

    Citroën C5 2001 (first phase) V6 210 hp 115 000 km I'm so happy !!! :)))))) It's not the best looking car, but it can be very comfortable (leather interior, air conditionning, automatic gearbox, speed regulator, the famous hydropneumatic suspensions from Citroën...) or really powerful by just pressing the "SPORT" button (the gearbox reacts differently, the active suspensions becomes stiffer ...) It's an "old" car but it was the high-end in 2001, it's a great car. I changed the timing belt and made an oil drain. I'll just have to do the drain for the automatic gearbox and it's going to be perfect. Plus, it was kinda cheap : 1400€ for the car itself (negociated rate) + 1200€ for maintenance !
  13. de_scepter

    I understand you're skeptical and afraid it would be a failure because you released a big project and it's scary. But dude ... It's a great map. It looks really great, neat. The level design is refreshing, i haven't played on it but player's navigation is just perfect and fits the theme really well. I like what you did with some indoors that isn't shown in the screenshots, "simple" but efficient. It seems hard to believe it's your first Source map with your first props and textures, in any case it's really clean.Neat !
  14. [CS:GO] surf_galaxy (Surf Galaxy)

    The idea of surfing on some sort of spacecraft in orbit around the earth is just freaking awesome already. The ultra epic gigantic rotating ring is crazy and does cool stuff with cascaded shadow. It feels like some geometry could have been added in 3D instead of texture work, but the art work here is really amazing too. Good job dude !!! Definitely one of the best surf map i've ever seen
  15. How to build CUBEMAPS for CS:GO in 2017 [HELP]

    ... lol I have to try it 2 or 3 times before making it work, it crashes all the time if you have too much custom content to pack. Go for VIDE http://www.tophattwaffle.com/packing-custom-content-using-vide-in-steampipe/ @JorisCeoen When you use the buildcubemaps command, it does automatically hide/display some stuff. For example, it adds a glow sprite at the position of every light/light_spot entities, it doesn't show the players in the reflection (in case you forgot to kick bots ^^)... I'm pretty sure it disable existing reflections. After it takes the pictures, it automatically adds all the computed cubemaps inside the BSP and when it reloads the map automaticaly your cubemaps should be there (on CSGO, they forced the game to reload the new BSP and not use the one stored in memory). Your solution for adding custom content inside your BSP probably delete/destroy something about your cubemaps stored inside the BSP. As others said, you're not supposed to to anything about them, they should still be in the new BSP after adding custom content files. Try VIDE