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  1. Gauss

    [CS:GO] de_wildwood

    Still working on this map piece by piece! I haven't put too much time into it over the last month, but I've been balancing timings to B and changing the B-site chokepoints. Here is the radar, as well as a demonstrative overview for how I wanted the map control at B to be distributed: Player meeting points at B chokepoints: Boost added to close off B-Lane: Placeholder model (hopefully obvious), will be a small excavator/crane truck. Had to lengthen CT-to-B path for chokepoint timing, so added an extended area to block sightlines from CT spawn. (This view is looking from B-connector. CT's have to go through that snake-path to reach B-site)
  2. Gauss

    [CS:GO] de_wildwood

    Hello everyone! After completing a playtest with our loyal Mapcore group, I've gotten a lot of feedback and suggestions for the map. I've just finished working on the updated version, and will now explain what I've done with the map so far. Thanks again for coming to the playtest! These were the main suggestions/feedback brought up to me by other players, as well as some of my own ideas: Remove drop room @ bottom-mid Merge the two parts of B-sawmill, making the two paths to B more distinct. Should also combat CT aggression. B chokepoints don't make sense Make the T chokepoints at A more breathable. CT's should be scared to push. Move A-Heaven to the left, and replace it with the chokepoint that existed there. That way, snipers don't have a perfectly straight line to snipe from, and CT's have to push past the open heaven spot to reach the far-area of the site behind truck. I did my best to work on all of these, and the result is a map that's much more fun to play I'll include some visuals to show the impact of these changes. Updated Radar: A-Site changes: The heaven chokepoint has been moved to a position where it is blocked partially by the tree. This prevents awpers from peeking into the side-chokepoint (T's) unless they completely expose themselves, and instead focuses their attention on the ramp-chokepoint. The position CT's would defend from beside heaven has now changed into a "construction" room, with claustrophobic dimensions that encourage close-quarter combat, that is, if the terrorists are able to cross the site and reach it. I've also changed the way rotations work around the back of A (CT's) — all of the paths are now contained inside of one main building, connected by a single "lobby" area. It branches out into: A-Main (includes a skilljump from the piece of machinery in the corner onto the catwalk) Hallway (leads to A-site heaven; contains spammable windows on either side) Drop/Construction Room (leads to A-site via construction room) and finally, CT Spawn [pic not included] B-Site changes: Artistically, I changed my reference from a log-fort to a fancy log-cabin. i.e. But gameplay-wise, As the B-site has always been a desirable target for Terrorist rushes, it demands that CT's play intelligently and know their angles so as not to get picked off easily. Previously, it was a bit too easy for CT's — they could choose 1 out of a million different spots to hide, and often not even be seen by T's before shooting them in the back. It almost punished CT's for not playing spots which were close-up and obnoxious. Now, I've redesigned both the site and the pathways to it, ironing out the issues it had before. I wanted to keep the unique design of having a "lane" between the T-chokepoints and the site itself, as I feel it could open up some very interesting possibilities for both T's and CT's at different points in the round (i.e. easy flanks if no one is watching, setting up a CT to pop out lane and catch T's off-guard, decisive and powerful grenade usage, etc) Sawmill has been split into two distinct pathways (and B-long has been removed) 1) Chokepoint in the center of B-Lane 2) Chokepoint at the far end of B-Lane (allows for support towards the mid-lane players, or vice-versa) Less angles to worry about at center chokepoint (now only exposed to connector, a small portion of B-site, and a slight angle from Balcony; previously was open to attacks from 180° either side, multiple spots on site, as well as CT spawn) and lastly, Additional entry-point "Balcony" (can be used to look over almost the entire site, but has limited movement options) Overall, I feel like I have improved the quality of this layout tenfold, but not without the help of those who gave me tips and ideas for what I should change. I appreciate it a bunch! Feel free to let me know what you think of these updates, and if you have any more suggestions, I will gladly listen to what you have to say. Hoping to finalize this blockout portion of the map soon so I can start beautifying and transforming it into a realistic environment!
  3. Gauss

    [CS:GO] Improposition

    A lot of the map looks very open and will probably lead to mostly long-range fights. While that can work, it's usually supplemented with some close-quarter areas, and the only parts I can see that happening are near your CT spawn. I would work on defining your pathways to the sites a bit more to "constrict" where the players are allowed to be. It almost feels like the map is a giant battlefield but with some walls sectioning it into separate parts.
  4. Gauss


    Agreed, looks like a gigantic map for 2v2. And I think the correct term would be "gazebo"
  5. Way to go everyone! I had a good feeling Biome was gonna take home #1, glad to see these results
  6. Gauss

    [CS:GO] de_wildwood

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1199504283 Wildwood is a work-in-progress 5v5 competitive defusal map set in the forests of the Midwestern United States. I originally sketched out a rough layout on paper after getting inspiration from a dream. There were some unique ideas I had in mind, and I did my best to translate them into a playable CSGO map. I've put in many interesting gameplay features that have been used sparingly, but with useful intention, in other maps. I've just recently pushed this map into the greybox stage. It has gone through many, many changes in its layout as I've tinkered with elements like timings, chokepoints, and positional advantages. There are plenty of visual additions I want to make: - Edit the skybox to keep the orange sunset look, but add in a blue sky instead of the dull gray tones. - Seperate three parts of the map into their own distinct "looks", all fitting into the general forest theme. T-Spawn will be a train station, A-site will be a manufacturing/factory area, and B-site was planned to be a log fort (might be subject to change). - Create a custom redwood model for the A-site landmark. - Lake with floating logs, connected to railroad. (Based on real life lumber mills) If you have suggestions or critique for the map layout, feel free to comment about it I'm looking forward to completing this map and designing it to be as fun to play as possible.
  7. Gauss


    Could you increase the height of this window in Middle? It's easy to jump out of as a Terrorist, but as a CT it is very easy to get stuck. It happened to me several times when starting from the car. Great work with the map, it has a very cozy atmosphere. I particularly like A-Long
  8. Gauss


    Wow, this looks beautiful! Those buildings are amazingly realistic
  9. Gauss


    Glad to see you didn't lose all of your progress, would have been disappointing to see you drop out because of something out of your hands. Keep up the good work! I like your map's slight deviations from the 90° grid, makes it look more interesting
  10. Gauss

    [WIP] de_bali

    Made some changes since last week: 1) Added bridge/underpass at Top Middle, and moved CT Spawn closer to A CT's were getting to B too fast -- they were able to push all the way into the Terrorist lobby area, making it super unfair to unsuspecting T's. 2) Raised height of B-heaven Previously, T's were able to take B site and walk into "heaven" at the same time -- this made the spot pretty useless as CT's, as it did not prevent T's from simply pushing through it (imagine heaven on B-site Cache being at ground-level... it's usefulness would be severed). Now, terrorists will have to clear the spot with a smoke/molly to plant safely. It is possible to get into heaven from the site itself, but it requires a well-timed skilljump from whitebox, meaning whoever performs it would be fully exposed for a good couple of seconds. 3) Prettied up the B Lobby area The path from T-spawn to B has been slightly detailed, so the terrorists will now pass through a hotel lobby before reaching the site. The windows and walls have been adjusted as well, allowing grenades to be thrown from the building onto site (for terrorists), and from site into the building (for counter-terrorists). 4) And lastly, most importantly, the make-or-break point of the map Added a crate in connector for some cover on the right side of the wall. (super important) Playtest coming up soon hopefully! Detailing will be able to begin soon afterwards.
  11. Definitely feeling that underground concrete vibe, looks good! Although, I don't think the vines/overgrowth is super realistic - they should need sunlight to be able to grow like that right?
  12. Gauss

    [RELEASED] Transmit

    Add a few more lights to balance the brightness out (you barely ever want to have only one light per room!). The outside areas could work as they are, but the easier it is to see, the more fun it is to play Also increase the ceiling height, players should have at least 128-144 units of vertical space to jump around and not feel claustrophobic. If you have climbable boxes, you want players to have space to stand up and jump off those as well
  13. Gauss

    [WIP] de_bali

    Finally got a free day to work on the map! Here are some updates:
  14. Gauss

    [WIP] de_bali

    Just finished up a playtest, thanks for everyone who showed up and gave feedback Here's a quick look at what the new layout will look like. I took your suggestions into mind and tried reshaping the map to flow better and contain less dead-space. Well, time to start Hammering away and making all the changes! I'll probably playtest the edited map with another group within a week or so, just to get some other perspectives on it.
  15. Gauss

    [WIP] de_bali

    Well, time to resurrect this post About a month and a half later, I'm finally happy to present the newest iteration of de_bali! The original layout has been scrapped, and finding a new one took me quite some time. After 4 cycles of frustratingly going back to the drawing board and reworking design flaws with the previous ideas, I finally settled on the layout I wanted. Voilà:
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