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  1. [WIP]Tangerine

    Good progress. one thing you're going to needed to consider is how boxy everything looks. Maybe cut some of the corners at a small 45degree angle to round them off a little more? add wear to buildings etc
  2. How close is it? I'd gladly help finish it..
  3. CS_Apollo

    A little overview of a recent build of the map. More Screens + workshop update coming soon.
  4. [WiP] de_fallen

    time to make some textures and models
  5. [WiP] de_fallen

    SDK is currently broken. Valve are probably working on it
  6. [WiP] de_Barbissco

    Why are you commenting on every WIP map saying the nav mesh needs updated?...It's getting to the point where you're just spamming the subforum.
  7. What I'm Working On, 2014-Forever

    Terrible. Start again.
  8. Brittany [Day Of Infamy]

    Just an update that I forgot to post here. New World Interactive contacted us pretty much the day after we posted the 'Brittany' update on the workshop and bought the map + Assets off of us. It's currently in the game's beta if you want to check it out. The majority of polishing and tweaking is being done by the talented Mr @Squad and I'm stoked about the direction he's taking it (a lot of 'why did I not think of that?' for his layout changes)
  9. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Watched it over 2 days while mapping. it was okay. The baddies were piss weak. Pretty sure they did no harm at all to the main characters.
  10. who runs the account tho? When are we starting to block this one out btw?
  11. I'd rather this than nothing at all. Ending sounded pretty cool. Fitting end to the Hl2 Arc. I hope laidlaw is still on good terms with Valve and he's just done this for us.
  12. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Shroud was super-overated. I think he showed up for a total of 15 minutes across all the majors he attended. PUG Hero.
  13. [DOI] El Guettar (WIP)

    looks great!
  14. [WIP]Tangerine

    looks great!