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  1. yes valve give feedback once you are on their radar. I know horse strangler has spoken to valve about junction too. He's not working on it anymore (or cs for that matter I'm pretty sure)
  2. me too, I must of lobbed the entire winery at it
  3. the valve system for paying community creatives has ironically made a lot of people scared to get 'too creative' levels are beautiful but the gameplay is often on the bland side of safe in my opinion. YES LIZARD I REMEMBER THE FAN
  4. pro players don't know fuck all, they learn what they are given. Do you think a map like inferno or train would survive modern standards
  5. I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting of your standard spergs, I was replying to someone else to begin with.
  6. jzfb only submitted scores 2 days ago+ these scores were given realtime on his steam. stop presuming
  7. victoria has stuttering and buffer issues (still ongoing but not as severe). It was legit kicking people out of it until very recently. Graveyard's tilted floors were removed quickly when people reported these issues. I don't think there's any 'dev textures' now either. Stop talking out of your ass.
  8. I legit have no idea what you're talking about now. I'll copy and paste puddy's reply from discord: on top of that here is Jzfb's scoring: now what does this information add, do you get my point?
  9. what are you going to do if you deem judges to have 'not taken their work seriously'?? This just opens up more for public interpretation which is stupid.
  10. Transparency of what? arbitrary scores? if the judges post their score it becomes a mess of 'well how could this map get X points more than this in this category!!' the gradings are basically made up of imperfect subjective opinions, nothing is gained from releasing scores. One of the judges released his scores and it led to half day bitchfest about it.
  11. I doubt they will. they've not been in the past. If you want feedback on your project speak to the judges.
  12. Vaya

    [CS1.6] Dust 2 2020

    silly convo (does it really matter) but like...
  13. I agree with radimax's thinking here. there's a large difference between innovation and convolution.
  14. he's actually just very flippant. If he's joking he's terrible at it.
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