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  1. Vaya

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Will have a look at your map soon
  2. Vaya


    yeah we'd probably be going live start of jan. you can continue working on the map when it's up too - in fact we'd prefer it if you did!
  3. Vaya


    hey @MikeGon We're looking to add this map on the mapcore faceit hub in the near future, let us know what you think about that Cheers!
  4. Vaya

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    We're currently building up a new mappool for the next season. if you want to be considered PM myself or one of the other admins, or drop your map ws link here! 'Comp' maps obviously the focus.
  5. I love the hl2 bridge because it doesn't feel artificial. it's organic problem solving
  6. Vaya


    you were replying to a bot dude
  7. Vaya

    Mapcore Job Census

    plubo really that bad to work with? Goodluck for finding something new!
  8. They give feedback on most of the ones with potential- it's a slight venn diagram of the maps on the workshop. I'll look at the map ingame tonight and give you more feedback.
  9. wait you want them to give feedback on every map on the workshop? I've been told they look at 100s of workshop maps. I don't see them ever wanting to start a dialogue with all of these mappers though, would lead to more issues than it solves. If you hang around with people on here, submit playtests etc your shortcomings will become clear pretty quickly. You get out what you put in here, can't expect someone else to tell you what to do... Edit - just found your map via the reddit post you made about this same subject. You need to be working from references and have less of a scattershot aesthetic. lighting could do with a lot of love too.
  10. Vaya


    Less right angled connections Less Clutter Bombsites should be larger with more height differences for interesting play Make A site more unique theming wise.
  11. Vaya

    Hypothetical-Contest Rules Voting

    even if Rick isn't a judge he should do reviews on the maps
  12. Vaya


    hey man we've put your map in the new faceit pool but had to take it out temp because the furthest back T spawn is bugged. I think you just need to change collisions on the grate. let me know when fixed and I'll readd
  13. Vaya

    First Man

    see it before it leaves the cinema. It's worth seeing for the visuals - which are obviously not nearly going to be the same on a tv.
  14. Vaya

    First Man

    great film. Maybe a little bit too long
  15. Vaya

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    it's going to be a double edged sword for sure. We're going to get a lot of interest in the hubs but I'm still worried we're going to get lots of people *just* wanting that map.