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  1. All mappers will be expected to join the playtesting voice channel on mapcore before their playtest starts. you don't need to talk if that's not your thing but you should be there for feedback
  2. Vaya

    DE_CACHE (new version)

    Please add this guy to the map for realism.
  3. Vaya

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    as you hopefully know we did a special move of hosting @FMPONE's new cache on our faceit hubs. been very successful so far with 3500+ games played in just 3 days.
  4. playtest files are on discord. let me know if you need help getting them. thanks
  5. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/490057780
  6. goodluck with it! looking forward to the 10th
  7. Hi Guys, I've taken over playtesting from @MaanMan due to his other commitments. Thanks for all his efforts thus far. I'll probably be making changes and streamlining how I do things over the next couple of weeks.
  8. curved wall was dumb as hell. I'm glad it's dead.
  9. Initial thoughts are a big 'no' to both boosts on B but will wait and see how it plays out
  10. I think the ESL videos preview colours were blown out. it looked a lot better in the gameplay stream. Streamer settings innit.
  11. no demo, sorry If you review the feedback given though (CLIP better please!) we can look at playtesting you again asap.
  12. I've just taken over mapcore playtesting ^^ here are your files. I can probably get you a demo too
  13. de_blossom_polls.txtde_blossom_feedback.txtde_blossom_chat.txt
  14. biome, breach + abbey are amazing maps. I'd love for them to be considered for active duty.
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