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  1. bombsite markers or too morbid? https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/there-are-over-200-bodies-on-mount-everest-and-theyre-used-as-landmarks-146904416/
  2. little tip - add skylights to the map to make it look a lot better. just now everything is gloomy/dark is hell because you are trying to subtly light it with low brightness entities. you can still have a dilapidated feel using natural light + light_enviroment is the best kind of lighting available.
  3. I hope you start losing health the higher you go in this map
  4. @Georgi1KHi dude, this thread really isn't about recompiling the map, there would be a HEFTY amount of work involved in doing so
  5. hey dude, much better using overlays than decals.
  6. you are being super tedious right now.
  7. using brushes for stuff like this will next look good imo much better idea to make a wooden frame in 3ds
  8. I love it as well. Think there's some refactoring to be done here and there but overall it's pretty positive.
  9. Overwatch's ability to meld modern art and environments with old school-style levels is pretty much my favourite aspect of the game . keep up the good work guys!
  10. are you gonna have to wear a suit now?
  11. Vaya

    [CSGO] Victoria

    https://imgur.com/a/O3fJ4Fe waldo made some uk lampposts with some mapcore refs
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