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  1. Vaya

    First Man

    great film. Maybe a little bit too long
  2. Vaya

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    it's going to be a double edged sword for sure. We're going to get a lot of interest in the hubs but I'm still worried we're going to get lots of people *just* wanting that map.
  3. Vaya

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    our next mappool. Starting at the end of the month. @Harry [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] thanks for the maps guys @The Horse Strangler who seems to be the most unsearchable mofo on this forum
  4. Vaya

    [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)

    looks amazing apart from this red brick blend. it makes it look like the most important house of all time
  5. Vaya

    [CS:GO] Residence [Waterfall]

    hi @untor We've been hosting this on the mapcore hub now for a couple of weeks so probably a good time to give you some feedback, I know you don't speak a lot of English so I'll keep this simple as possible: The map has a lot of potential but it needs simplifying in a number of ways: The pathing around the map is confusing and complex The theming is a little weird, areas don't seem to belong together. B is an industrial zone. A is an art gallery? (with some crates) A is very tight in terms of cover placement Too much glass over critical angles! having to shoot glass before hitting other players sucks some of your textures need de-saturation A site also has significantly lower FPS for a number of our players Someone made a gif of some issues with waterfall: https://gfycat.com/LastWelcomeAmericanbobtail
  6. Vaya

    [CSGO] Victoria

    lol pretty much all texture work/detailing on the map just now is temp. I do passes on my maps to get a rough idea out and then incrementally make it better and better. probably a shit workflow but it's how I've always done it.
  7. Vaya

    Mapcore Job Census

    congrats plubo!
  8. Vaya

    Reddit CSGO Wingman Map Contest

    the timings are awkward due to the spawn points. they need to rework the bombsite for wingman imo
  9. Vaya

    Reddit CSGO Wingman Map Contest

    the timings are different on inferno wingman due to different spawn points...
  10. Vaya

    Reddit CSGO Wingman Map Contest

    More focus on Wingman maps could be great for the mapping community. you can get away with more 'crazy' designs and they are much quicker to art. Good remedy when DE/CS maps are now taking a year+ to do to a high standard.
  11. Vaya

    [CSGO] Victoria

    yeah the bridge is still a point of contention - could be very overpowered with boosts etc. Hoping to keep it open though because it's a cool focal point
  12. Vaya

    [CSGO] Victoria

    Much thanks on the feedback!
  13. Vaya

    [CSGO] Victoria

    https://gfycat.com/LeadingEnormousHyena Gifs are fun
  14. Vaya

    [CSGO] Victoria

    sightlines are easy to change - focus on the T path in
  15. Vaya

    [CSGO] Victoria

    A new idea for mid