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  1. Okay a little more awake This map started life as a remake of the stupidly popular DE_CPL_Mill map. My planned theme was a mexican township with references taken from the beautiful Guanajuato City. This theme seemed to be a good fit with CPL_Mills extensive underground tunnels taking the form of a crypt and cellar The Idea of remaking mill ran into difficulty as I couldn't get approval from Chris Auty, the original maker of Mill. While his site states that anyone is free to remake his layouts I didn't want to investing time and effort only to run into issues later on in development. At this point I decided to rework the mill layout into something new, keeping the things that made mill great fun to play while streamlining for CSGO. The underground was retained but simplified- I made attempts to integrate it more into the layout too- with options for players to quickly move between the two (I find both CPL_Mills + Tuscans pathing convoluted in a number of areas) The idea was left for a while around about this point (1 or 2 months) while I finished up the DOI contest and I continued work on my long overdue DE map Valley. (:() When the new operation maps were leaked and it became clear that there is a real shortage of operation-viable hostage maps I decided to see if I could rework this DE layout into a hostage map. Originally I did this while retaining the mexican theming (which wasn't much more than a textured greybox with a couple scattered props). The underground section lent itself well to a more stealthy path that could help teams flank each other. My plan here is to keep the map dynamic by giving the CTs a number of options- Terrorists shouldn't be able to comfortably hold an angle for a full round...They should have to keep thinking about what the rest of their team is doing and keep communication flowing much as you would while holding a bombsite. Soon after I started speaking to @JSadones about the issues he was having with his map Link ( I really liked the overall theming and the direction the detailing was going with this project but he was having real problems with the layout. We decided to take this layout I'd been working on and rework it with Jel's stronger more unique theme (we have enough rustic villages in CSGO, right?) The 'satellite' part of the theme was quickly dropped as we decided to go fully into the space centre idea rather than something on the fringes. @Vorontsov was brought in to handle the large technical models- I was impressed by his work on transit ( and we were going to need someone with this kind of skillset if we were going to do the theme right. He has already provided a number of models for the current build of the map and is working on crazy sick new stuff. We'll do our best to keep this thread up to date with progress. We love feedback so feel free to send any to us here, on steam or on discord.
  2. We're having a mapcore playtest today soon I'll post more about my plans here once I'm fully awake
  3. I would suggest giving the lighting a good pass. look at how it's set up on official levels and replicate. Is this a 'final' compile too?
  4. I think you need to review your stairs
  5. This screen. Its like a game finding all the weirdly used props Bleach on the shelf behind the bar Train station sign on the wall magazine rack garden gate on the left wall clock in/out thing on the wall the rake on the floor... The map seems to be progressing nicely but be careful how you build your scenes
  6. Gattaca and Moon. Two stellar films. More like these please?
  7. Looks great! Can't wait to test it
  8. would you be willing to pass the project to someone else here to finish it off? it seems like a massive waste to just scrap
  9. jakuza had been playtesting royal (or streets as it was known then) for months before the contest hit. the layout didn't really take a good shape until later on though.
  10. I'm in the same boat. I thought I would be okay as the artpass on the map was 'temp' but these things happen
  11. That'll be another nope then
  12. Hi Guys. Can you confirm if the above would be valid considering we were planning fully retheming and re-arting the map (sans reusing a couple of assets) and uploading as a new entry? It's the equivalent of re-greyboxing the map and building it back up in a different style. Thanks