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  1. Vaya


    hope you get it sorted mike. map is always retrievable if it's on the workshop, small comfort just now I know
  2. Vaya

    Metro: Exodus

    telling everyone that the devs get a better cut on a different platform and then not passing on ANY of these savings to the consume that would need to adopt this platform sticks in my craw.
  3. Vaya

    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    congrats on your success with this map/. with the 2 year project - you should post on here or on the discord with the issues you are facing. it might be savable.
  4. Vaya


    not sure what any of this has to do with zoo congrats @Squad
  5. Vaya

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    turns out I have a bunch of resident evil games on my steam from random bundles. going to play through all of them before getting this one.
  6. Vaya

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    jigsaw's injuries are pretty pathetic. I was expecting him to be thoroughly fucked up but he just looks like he's had a bad time shaving.
  7. Vaya

    Level Design Help Files

    sorry I was compiling at the time so didn't fancy fighting against my PC to find the link... looks you can't win here..
  8. Vaya

    Level Design Help Files

    use the older vrad. someone left the details on r/csmapmakers
  9. Vaya


    we've been running the map since monday on the mapcore hub and the general consensus seems to be that the map is currently way too big and you should basically trim the entirety of the 'underground' space and add the second bombsite somewhere else. We have a bunch of demos for you to review when you are back in the land of the living though! let me know when you're about and we can get you sorted.
  10. Vaya

    [CSGO] Victoria

    not that local - I live in Edinburgh I was down seeing queens of the stonage last year and found this.
  11. Vaya

    Black Mirror

    it was okay. lack of real choice but I guess thats part of the point
  12. Vaya

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Hey had a look at this - needs little tightening up before we can run it for any length of time on faceit. review lighting and smoothness of paths. Can go more in depth later if needed
  13. Vaya

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Will have a look at your map soon
  14. Vaya


    yeah we'd probably be going live start of jan. you can continue working on the map when it's up too - in fact we'd prefer it if you did!
  15. Vaya


    hey @MikeGon We're looking to add this map on the mapcore faceit hub in the near future, let us know what you think about that Cheers!