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  1. Vaya

    wow thanks mapcore

    this whole thread was a scam to get myself up the pecking order.
  2. eagle one have a bunch of tutorial videos now source2 is still very new so I'm sure more will be learnt as time goes on but it's exciting to finally be getting into something 'new'!
  3. Vaya

    wow thanks mapcore

    do I start getting more privileges as I go up ranks
  4. very cute assets. do you have a designed workflow for these?
  5. update - currently playing about with other methods of running playtests to find something more straightforward and streamlined. Have been trying guilded for a month or so with varied results. Better methods but players just don't want to move to it... Any opinions on the best way forward here is cool. open to making discord bots etc but I'd concerned about anyone being allowed to 'sign up' to a test with no onus to actually do so.
  6. tf2.s2 looks great. Really hope valve has stuff like this in the works themselves though..
  7. hello, where is the discord link wrong? it was invalidated about a month ago due to spambots Thanks
  8. Vaya

    Mapcore Discord

    new discord link after the old one was linked into a botting thing- https://discord.gg/EMAraqz6j6 @FMPONE can you update your main post when you get a min?
  9. RE has always been more 'jump scare' and one hit death enemies than dread to me.
  10. Vaya

    Corona Virus

    covid's has a ~1% fatality rate. This doesn't sound too back until you factor in: A) how transmittable it is B) what it can do to a healthy person's respiratory system I work in a hospital, seen scans of young people being absolutely decimated by this virus. If stuff stayed fully open millions would have died and millions more would have life changing affects.
  11. I don't think those errors will be causing your issues, everyone gets them. if you open task manager when playing csgo is anything going crazy resource wise?
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