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  1. mapmakers should get more I'm running out of ham man
  2. we talk more about csgo on discord. forums are kinda dead now
  3. Vaya


    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1206809088  improved clipping. fixed texel density on a couple textures (now with more jackophant 'clearly on mushrooms' squires)
  4. Vaya

    [CS:GO] Ravine (wingman)

    this looks great
  5. 'we were going to release based on the petition but then didn't since VNN made a video on it and fuck that guy'
  6. Vaya


    has the netgraph just been left on as a flex?
  7. you'd be the surprised by the circumstances that come into play.
  8. there's nothing to say for sure that valve will add the top maps to the game either.
  9. so yeah anyway: YES to More feedback. its crazy that the biggest mapping contest has less feedback from judges than little $100 contests. Understanding why maps weren't successful is important for people to grow as level designers and artists.
  10. you could get a better desired effect by giving high points for innovation. Limiting or adding bombsites is like adding or removing a limb and then asking the person to function like normal.
  11. having more or less bombsites is not innovation. It's not understanding the game.
  12. don't know what you are smoking, some of the maps in the contest were innovative as hell.
  13. we played both arctic and frostbite last night on the mapcore server. I think frostbite feels a lot more planned and there's more consistency in the environments. @Kokopelli if you want to play we'll be doing another with the new version soonish.
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