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  1. I thought that game looked great, but didn't enjoy the gameplay one bit. I would have liked a photo mode...
  2. One of the most abused franchises of all time. Has there ever actually been a good Aliens game?
  3. Can't wait to see this textured, I hope to see some juicy spheres as well.
  4. would be hard to top the original film, which still Kicks Ass


    Looks polished with a fittingly massive scope, certainly not an easy task. Great work. Congrats! I almost wonder if a more sunset or amber skybox color would help set the map apart? For example, this really resembles the first danger zone map at times in the more wooded areas. That’s the main bit of feedback I have from these screenshots, that the skybox choice seems a bit conservative and I think there is room there to do something a bit riskier but more memorable.
  6. That screen size looks smaller than ever these days


    oops I didn't activate my account, it should be good now. weird since I play games all the time there I'm onefmp on chess.com if people want to add me


    sent you the request~


    My frustration at chess got really intense last week because I felt like I could *feel* the regression happening, I was actively getting worse. Then I realized most people were playing the exact same opening, so I studied it and got back to where I had been. So in a way it makes me like chess more, because you can learn from your mistakes, but in a way I resent that I had to go and memorize some bullshit, and now I'm beating people who didn't bother to memorize some bullshit. so honestly, it's a toss up I do think something fix to chess that randomizes things would ultimately be better, but it's hard to pivot away from a game people have been playing since the dawn of time It’s not letting me add you for some reason, I’ll try again later
  10. FMPONE


    I know what you mean. I've reached 1300 on chess.com, and fallen back to 1200. There is something, I don't know what it is, but there is something humiliating about losing in this game. No one likes to lose, but in this game it is humiliating. Perhaps that is the nature of most 1v1 competitions, there is no one else to blame. Does winning make it all worthwhile? In my experience, the feeling of winning is almost hollow. It's joyless. It's the losing that hurts
  11. forcerevive doesn't work zombie corpses just sit there glowing
  12. FMPONE


    whatever makes people good at this game, i lack
  13. god fucking DAMN that first video slaps
  14. anime fan artists didn't really need another excuse to draw huge ridiculous boobs, but here we are
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