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    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Goddamn this game is WILD! One of the best in a long ass time. Holy Mr. X, lawdy he lived up to the hype. The sense of dread this game can build is so amazing. On regular difficulty I’m getting away with fucking murder, barely escaping impossible situations. I get the sense they scripted high danger and then forgiveness, the difficulty curve is so slick. Thus far it’s been right on the dime, any harder and I would chicken out

    CS:GO Minigame - Client Problem

    I don’t think stuff like this tends to work well in Source. You can have all your scripting together but physics moving stuff is just not really super functional in CSGO. It’s more of an engine limitation because the game basically doesn’t do anything fancy

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    this really rocks my socks. scary things I can go either way on, if it's too difficult and scary, then it's a great excuse for me to quit. but this thing has been really well paced, edge of my seat but not too impossible on regular difficulty. really really fun i haven't played it on PS4 so I can't compare, but I feel like playing on Steam was the right move. it's fun to get my achievements popping up and to take screenshots, run on all high. also kind of glad I never played the original, this feels really polished. there's some really stupid parts (combining items in games almost always ends up being fucking ridiculous. "ah yeah why didn't I think to combine the pool noodle with the dynamite")

    What have you watched recently?

    Perhaps unsurprisingly I’m watching Chernobyl. Goddamn crazy. Such a well produced show, deservedly considering the source material

    Rage 2

    Imagine thinking a hideous monster with insane deformity dialed up to 1,000 is a direct attack on you because you had an incredibly banal and easily curable (in the first world) birth defect. Just extreme narcissism, victim mentality, and naked click-baiting. Game journalism sometimes fulfills a useful function pushing back on very reactionary elements in gaming culture, but this is certainly worthy of mockery and pretty emblematic of the desperation of these journalists to insert themselves into every fucking game launch.

    PlayStation 5 Reveal

    oic. my bad, thought you were saying you like gave up on it early, was going to encourage you to go back and give it another shot. But if you beat it then you got a sense of what it truly is.

    PlayStation 5 Reveal

    I dunno man this is an opinion I can’t support. FF7 was just killer. 1. Music? Dank af. God tier. 2. Visuals? Insane for their time. 3. Gameplay? I think it was pretty sick tbh. It pushed a good pace and sure there were some grindy parts where you have to level up. I remember playing Final Fantasy X and getting a wee bit pissed because I couldn’t get past this boss without getting owned, so a lot of times what happens is you end up dicking around farming enemies for a while until you level up. I do not remember this being a major hassle in FF7 and I think I’ve played the game a total of 3 times. You might have to spend 2-3 hours in total grinding up level, which admittedly sucks. 4. Story? I actually think that FF7 had a pretty moronic story but it set a great mood and ambiance that took you to some truly unique locales, sunny beaches, dark underground laboratories, skyrise buildings where tons of people got murdered and there is blood and corpses everywhere, gloomy cities and cyberpunk areas, futuristic Las Vegas, it’s an environment artists paradise in terms of variety and colors. Look at dis shit it’s beautiful I’ve definitely never played a game that moved through so many unique, different locales with as much confidence and so smoothly. I think that’s why people particularly love FF7, it really does feel like a massive adventure. Even with the turn based gameplay there are some really fun memories, like if you play one character he basically had a roulette wheel so you could do 9999 damage to a boss or -9999 to yourself. The game has a huge sense of humor side of it. I think calling the turn based gameplay boring also overlooks the fact that this sick soundtrack is going on the background. I dunno, you’re missing out on FF7 if you haven’t very deeply explored what it truly brings to the table. I know, opinions can’t be wrong, but this is many people’s #1 of all time, for a reason.

    [Source 2] De_dust 2

    That was a lot better than I expected. I used to play an isometric shooter called Infantry, they can be a lot of fun.

    PlayStation 5 Reveal

    Now I'm really in trouble
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    E3 2019

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    It’s been a good minute since I loaded up Overwatch but I think it’s time to check out the last couple levels I’ve missed, this and Paris look absolutely beautiful!
  12. FMPONE

    What's going on with your life?

    So I guess from this list Japanese is one of the most difficult languages a native English speaker could possibly seek to learn? You guys are making me nervous, I won’t be an attorney until later this year, if all goes to plan. There’s a simple ethics test you have to pass and then you have to get sworn in before a judge (just want to point that out to people haha...)
  13. It’s possible that he left the starting areas basic WIP, some really good designers have advised doing the beginning last once you’ve learned more about your mod. I agree some of the stuff gets interesting later on. But I also see where people earlier in this thread were coming from, it doesn’t look particularly fun or exciting. The original mod still holds up, it’s awesome. (Just long AF)
  14. Wow, what the fuck? It’s like a really bad walking simulator. I think Neil Manke was a way better designer than that, there was no hint of walking simulator syndrome in They Hunger. He must have been hindered by something, distracted by his health, or something. It starts getting a little bit more interesting around the 15 minute mark, could be that the stuff before it was WIP.
  15. FMPONE

    Epic Games Store

    Cool post, but can I interest you in a digital trading card game? wait, where are you going