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  1. We just need to go back to Gameboy cartridges, then.
  2. Yes, even if there was wireless VR on offer, I don't think early adoption would be worth the huge risks. Anything beaming signal near your brain (or lack thereof in my case) is just not worth playing games with, pardon the pun. It's already a bit alarming to consider any potential long-term effects of VR on your eyeballs. I would love a wireless VR that was self-contained, but we're probably a long way from that tech-wise. Anyways, sorry if this has been a bit of a digression from Half-Life
  3. Wireless sounds amazing, but live transmission right next to my brain sounds pretty shite
  4. This is where quick turning comes in handy. I don't have any problems with the cable when I use it, except for how heavy the damn thing is Also, this game proves that VR basketball would suck terribly.
  5. This article cleared up a question I had https://kotaku.com/why-you-cant-use-a-crowbar-in-half-life-alyx-1842491319
  6. It just occurred to me that the chapter names don’t type out on the screen like they did in both prior Half-Life games. Sadface
  7. I have a Valve Index. Pros: The Index is a pretty heavy fucker, my neck gets a good workout from it... but I think that might be a feature rather than a bug, because I think it will probably give posture benefits in the long term building up those neck muscles. The knuckles are excellent to hold, very light, very comfortable, superb in that regard. Set-up was easy. I agree with Oli that the sound is incredible. I love the way the speakers hang, amazing work there. Cons: I agree that the Index is surprisingly blurry. I wear glasses with a very, very mild prescription, but I feel like a 90 year old man looking at my Index screen sometimes. Because my prescription is so mild I just take the glasses off, because I don’t notice an improvement with them on, and because it hurts to wear them. Perhaps we just aren’t there with resolutions yet to make things feel appropriately sharp and defined. For instance, in HL:A I took an old rotted apple out of a cupboard and held it up to my face to inspect it, and I started to hallucinate because it just felt so fucking blurry and weird. It’s like, good enough to give presence, not good enough to withstand close scrutiny. The cable is annoying, but since I have limited space I use the quick turn function and therefore don’t have too many issues with it. I agree that VR needs to go wireless ASAP. I also agree that the button layouts on the knuckles are pretty bad. The track pad is garbage, throw it into the trash. Who the fuck thought that was a good idea? The placement of the “start/select” type button is also terrible, makes no sense and is incredibly hard to reach with your finger tip. There are two perfectly good buttons on the controllers, but I think Valve doesn’t want people to use them because then it would just feel like you’re in a video game. Instead they want you to use the trigger or the bizarre track pad. I lose tracking sometimes, mostly when I get close to one of the base stations.
  8. I really like the combat in this so far.
  9. Just curious, what did everyone write? I wrote two four letter words, beginning in F and C respectively. Also, it’s interesting to see some CSGO textures and remade HL2 textures in there. It’s a really nice engine upgrade but I dare say if you’re really picky you can see the “optimizations” at work, how surfaces aren’t always meshed out that much, and are just nicely shadered cubes. I don’t think it’s exactly UE4 tier on the low end, on the high end it looks comparable. I also notice that a lot of the materials aren’t substance-driven (hi textures.com decals), not that most players will care, but people like us may notice. /end nitpicking
  10. I know this is not helping... but it's real good
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