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  1. I think the little light scattering across the incredibly detailed geometry is what seems really promising from a photorealism standpoint. The fucking scary thing is, to be photorealistic, it still seems about half as detailed as it would need to be. Photorealism feels *close* in 2022, like. We're almost there... Looking at this shot for example, parts feel photoreal and other parts feel like a phony mess asset quality almost seems to differ in the shots, I find this whole rock set pretty unconvincing
  2. gotta love announcing in January that you will delay your game to December lmao badass move
  3. It's been a really fun project to watch you iterate on. Spotlighted x2~
  4. A delayed game is eventually good - Mario Man
  5. I feel like we are one Unreal Engine away from photorealism, based on these screenshots. They’re close but you can still tell it’s computer generated
  6. Picked up Hades thus far it reminds me a *LOT* of Dead Cells. I eventually got bored of that one, but I can see myself returning to this when I'm feeling like chilling and killing stuff
  7. No, no new weapons. Just new story and levels and animations. Honestly even though people seem to want to see the trailer in advance, I’m worried that we won’t end up converting as many eyeballs to downloads as we would with a day of launch. Valve’s social media game is seemingly non-existent outside of CS:GO, so there won’t be any support there. Ultimately my priority is to get workshop downloads and people into the game
  8. I think it is in line with what the image suggests it would be. It's fairly awful
  9. I’ve never seen a more perfect image
  10. We're looking for guidance on whether we should release our official trailer in advance, or on the day of release. Would love to know peoples' preferances
  11. Watched Pig. Jesus Christ that was incredible!
  12. Just saw The Last Duel. Holy shit this movie got ruined in the editing room.
  13. Just saw the new Spiderman, a lot of fun. Definitely recommend seeing it in theaters. Only complaint would be that the second half dragged a bit.
  14. I'm more interested in that Matrix demo than the shitty movie, that's for sure
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