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  1. Spotlighted. This looks sick.
  2. First maps I ever made. I was about 14.
  3. Yeah, you shouldn't really be able to do this. Would be very problematic, possibly trouble/against the rules in a major.
  4. Pools closed, everybody out
  5. HAHAHHAA oh man... "welp, I'll never be asked to do this job again..." damn that poor guy lol "this guy just got his own name wrong"
  6. Technically this is a game, just seems more fitting for an off-topic. Thought this was a cool video, there's going to be endless videos like this obviously where the intelligence of a computer just fucking smashes the human brain, and I love watching them. edit: he did a sequel to the above video
  7. Politics is a hell of a drug
  8. You can now post your Twitter, Steam, Battlenet and other contact options in your profile page. Should make it very easy to add friends/promote your other contact channels.
  9. xbox one x. wii, wii u. what is up with the completely inane console names we're constantly subjected to? /FMPONE out. "true power" hmm wonder what aspect of their console they might be insecure about
  10. That sounds odd. Try verifying your game and SDK files.
  11. Lmao, so true
  12. Looks interesting, but no idea what it is
  13. CDPR does not negotiate with terrorists 😎
  14. everyone on discord is mocking my skinny body. think its time to inject some horse hormones directly into my nuts (or just eat more)