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    Now playing - 2018

    Playing Hollow knight on the switch. It’s really difficult and frustrating at times, and overly grindy. But it keeps earning my respect... fuck, it might be a masterpiece. Definitely a love hate relationship right now. Game is hard.

    What have you watched recently?

    Just curious but has everyone watched this? It owns.

    Level Design 'Side Hustles'

    This show has some pretty good ideas for a lucrative side business

    The Door Challenge - 2018 - Winners!!!!!

    Congrats @Klems ! Well deserved. And to everyone else who participated, this was a fun one.
  5. NS2 was fun but the commander part was overly complicated and I never even learned it at all or ever played it. loved the FPS combat tho #controversial #risky post I think if the FPS had been better (big deal) and the commander part was more rock-paper-scissors basic, the game could have been 10-15% more successful
  6. All of this is true... but really, no interest in revisting NS? Cold bloooooodeeeedd

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  8. Never understood why Valve felt the need to charge for using their weird, awkward, difficult to use engine. If people wanted to take advantage of the targeted strengths it had, what's the point of charging them out the ass for that? The only people who ever really showed interest were former HL1 mods/aspiring commercial modders, anyway. Just seemed like artificially limiting the growth of the engine/ensuring that resources wouldn't be put towards engine improvements. Worked out pretty well for Epic...

    Bloodline (Netflix)

    Someone will take my advice and watch this show, it owns hard
  10. I think this is kind of lame. The cool thing about Half-Life is that it was set in the 90's era, maybe very early 2000s. All this tech looks brand new and stylistically generic.
  11. FMPONE

    Bloodline (Netflix)

    A bit of old news, but I'm really enjoying this one right now. It's very relatable to me as a Florida Man, they go full-bore with that Florida shit (alligators, jorts, flamingos, dolphins, the works!), but the cinematography on it is so great. The casting is absolutely top notch, all the characters are super super compelling.
  12. FMPONE

    What's going on with your life?

    Looks hella fucked (that's a medical term). Very best of luck to you with your recovery, keep us updated.
  13. FMPONE

    [TF2] Ctf_frosty

    Looks quite polished. are there any other snow maps in TF2 worth mentioning? This has to be one of the best. Love the normal maps on the snow!
  14. I remember this really, really bothering me when I went to use UE4 and to a certain extent when I first started out with 3DSMax. It's probably hard for people who haven't used Hammer a lot to relate, but you and I know that Hammer really does make the process of creating/placing geometry and props feel so precise that when you remove that grid, it tends to create a lot of frustration and anxiety about how things are fitting together. Anecdotally, a lot of UE stuff looks really sloppy upon close inspection, you can see it in old Bioshock games for example, that sense that things aren't really placed symmetrically or cleanly, they feel slapped together and stabbing into eachother. I would have to go back to UE4 for a bit to comment in more detail, but good Hammer work has a crispness to it that is exemplified by that precise workflow, IMO. One thing that helped me overcome this is that 3DSMax essentially *does* have a grid, it's the coordinates on the bottom and I believe that helped me to stay grounded. Overtime I got used to aligning things more along the axis I'm working with, keeping my geo neatly along the axis functions a lot like the grid that I desperately missed. Maybe people are missing that aspect of using Max, it's something that maybe has to be sort of explained to users coming from a Hammer background. In the long run being free from the grid is liberating, but it's something like a large grid is your "training wheels", the you move down to the 1 unit grid and feel very clever, ultimately going off the grid completely allows for so much additional freedom that you don't really want or need when you're just starting off, all it does is overwhelm and confuse. It probably doesn't help that the last time I tried to use UE4's "brush" BSP system, it was complete and utter dogshit, the worst ever system for creating simple cubes. Anyway, feel free to leak that whole Overwatch editor anytime now...