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  1. Computer graphics, my journey to understanding

    Would love to learn more. Images are great.
  2. Post your favourite movie scenes ever!

    Rewatching Lynch stuff, forgive me
  3. ECHO

    Purchased Now to play...
  4. Gearbox Software- Level Designer

    Sounds like a great opportunity. Bump!
  5. Importance of music in video games

    Music is so important. Noticed this a lot in Twin Peaks, the new season literally begins with "listen to the sounds" and David Lynch personally did the sound design. Most of the cool SP games I love have great art design, but it was always really obvious in the older games like on the NES and SNES, N64 etc. Now I'm listening to the Super Metroid soundtrack >.> and it's fire
  6. Well what do you know! The Sequel!

    Thank you for contributing to the gene pool, and congratulations! You must be a great father.
  7. Site Changes and Feedback

    Good idea!
  8. Really inspiring stuff. I just love the bulky architecture and colors, you guys are not messing around.
  9. What have you purchased recently?

    Steel Series Rival 310. I really like it! Comfy fit.
  10. lol i'd finish this one for free! Can't stop.
  11. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Looks awesome but where is that red light on the right really coming from? Even if it's rotating it's not obvious enough IMO for that large an amount of light
  12. Those assets were (very generously!) released publicly. As such, anyone including yourself is free to use them in our contest! The relevant standard is that the map wasn't released in a state beyond Greybox.
  13. Climbing DOOM's Argent Tower

    I didn't look for secrets. Not sure how that would change my interpretation of the level, but it would be interesting!
  14. [CS:GO] De_Grind

    Really cool! I enjoyed playtesting this one with you guys, can't wait to run around the finished version as soon as possible