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  1. Level Design in Max Payne: Roscoe Street Station

    Thanks for this great article and read, as I've never played Max Payne I can't wait to experience this level first-hand and then compare to your thoughts and observations.
  2. Just started watching this, it's great. Pretty much exactly what you'd want in a TV show thus far.
  3. [CSGO] de_ruby

    I think this is your strongest work yet. The sparkling ocean effect (sprite?) is really fun. In the past you’ve maybe not had the most realistic style, but you truly made it work here without losing any of your charm. Interested to play it soon!
  4. Simon Stålenhag

    This is pretty cool, always nice to see an artist get their due in the “mainstream”. A film of visuals inspired by his work could definitely be striking to look at

    This looks great Jon, please keep us updated with your progress!
  6. $mapquality "{10 10 10}"
  7. Nintendo Switch

    I took a break from Zelda, which became an extended break, in order to savor it like a fine wine. I’m back and I’m loving it! Such an adventure, such great music.
  8. What movie is this?

    50 shades of grey
  9. What movie is this?

    lmao, turns out it was Jackie Brown. In my defense, this woman really does resemble Uma Thurman... Is it John Wick?
  10. Effect and Cause - Titanfall 2 Level Breakdown

    I really appreciate the idea of layering levels on top of one another, but it sounds like a ton of work! You really showcased that well, strong article with lots to think about.
  11. What movie is this?

    I know this is wrong but it reminds me of Pulp Fiction where they're making the protein shake
  12. A Way Out

    Oh, I can deal with that. Not the end of the world, I should get on Origin anyway...
  13. A Way Out

    Sounds pretty interesting. LEL. Epic fucking phail
  14. Tried to find They Hunger on steam and it's not listed. This is some bullshit, I must kill zombies.
  15. Mapcore Subreddit

    We now, rather unexpectedly, have control over r/Mapcore (thanks to @Utopia for this.) Let the fun begin!