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  1. What have you watched recently?

    My gf got me hooked on Celebrity Big Brother. I'm not even ashamed anymore, just inject this shit directly into my femoral artery, fam.
  2. Routine

    Good news I guess? Doesn't seem like they have much to report. Pulling for them!
  3. Overwatch

    I would be the DPS that refused to change. Sorry, not sorry.
  4. Nintendo Switch

    Yes, I agree. The software could have been good, but I think it was just the fact that they made the games so impossible. They just overshot the difficulty in many of the game designs. It was really hard to even get past the first level of this. But the fact that we went from that to this is amazing.
  5. Nintendo Switch

    I only had Shinobi, Sonic and Mortal Kombat. I love Sega but those games were straight junk lol I used to play it attached to the wall. “Portable system”...
  6. Nintendo Switch

    DAE feel kinda freaked out holding one of these in the portable mode? I grew up playing the original Gameboy and the shitty ass Sega GameGear. The amount of power and stimulation this thing offers in portable is so weird it’s almsot scary. It’s like holding a tiny little world when I play Zelda, like that makes it feel heavier? Technology has gotten crazy.
  7. What I'm Working On, 2014-Forever

  8. Mapcore Job Census

    Thank you for all your hard work both as a LD and for Mapcore, really happy for you because this couldn't have happened to a better guy. Congratulations
  9. What have you watched recently?

    I should watch this, it was a great show first 2 seasons
  10. Subnautica

    Congrats on release!
  11. Expresso Exporter

    Awww Hell yeah Boi. Now THat's Whats uP AWww SHiieet you can't do custom exports. I want to do .vtfs. Rip
  12. Mario Odyssey

    The post-game is really hard IMO, so if you want a challenge that's certainly one place you can find it.
  13. Fortnite (new game by Epic Games)

    Paragon looked so good that I loaded it to try and play it, and was like... wtf? It was terrible, sadly. Still, awesome gfx.
  14. Never played this game, so can't comment too much, but the screenshots look nice and seem to convey a nice open-ended adventure Promoted for others to see.
  15. https://twitter.com/mapcore/status/956595497392852993