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  1. I stan TOEM, play it now as a demo on Steam NextFest
  2. Could end up being very cool but those trailers are pretty underwhelming. They should have waited until they had a bit more to show.
  3. Sable’s artstyle is really unique but it also somewhat distractingly reminds me of the television cartoon Rugrats
  4. Holy shit that trailer was epic. I know it’s somewhat of a derail, but I was surprised at how little love this game got from the Summer Games thing
  5. I have literally never played a Dark Souls game but this just seems dank to me. That last screenshot of the guy in the mask wielding a mace is a work of art
  6. Looks insane! seems more interesting on its face than the prior games from FROM
  7. I might actually buy this one. Only thing is I never enjoyed piloting the vehicles in Battlefield, they always felt super awkward to me. The massive infantry combat is so tight tho
  8. What’s the deal with pc parts right now? Just totally out of stock because of COVID/crypto and the situation isn’t resolving? I want to upgrade soonish
  9. It looks interesting. I like it when they don’t shy away from the inherent gloom of the setting and the theme. Some parts look a little funky/jank, but I think I’m a customer.
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