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  1. Wow. This show is fucking hilarious and crazy. Between this and Squid Game, I've really been enjoying the last few months of television.
  2. Still sort of enjoying it... still kinda tedious. Not a huge fan of this game side by side with Hollowknight, for example. I struggled with that game but it always felt like there was something interesting and aesthetically pleasing to enjoy about it. It feels like a poor man's Hollowknight in so many respects, and kinda ugly and sterile in comparison, with little in the way of intrinsic beauty (music, visuals) to appreciate. The stealth mechanics are cool but so underutilized thus far. It *loves* to dangle 1000 abilities you don't have already in the level design, which is fine if it's a couple of things, but they completely overdo it, making the player feel constantly at the mercy of the designers. Obviously, they want to re-use these levels, but opening new areas with more stable progression would be more satisfying in my opinion. The impression I get is that, instead of the levels feeling well designed, it seems like they added lots of bullshit to the levels to pad the game's length on the back end. In terms of being a Metroid title, it is running away from nostalgia (old-school sound effects/music are completely underplayed), but offering something amorphous and ultimately boring instead. It doesn't feel like innovation so much as stripping away the good bits. The only moment-to-moment innovation so far is a counter feature, that reminds me of Hollowknight, but nowhere near as satisfying. In terms of the storytelling, absolute dogshit so far. It's amazing how low-effort it feels. Basically 0/10 Nothing impressive yet. It's really just... fine
  3. The first hour and a half of this game is honestly pretty bad and tedious, but as it finally gives some abilities I’m having a lot more fun with it.
  4. Dumping a couple of grand into Coinbase into Bitcoin is probably the most vanilla, sane thing you can do in this space, which is a fairly whacky space. Most people just let the money sit there for years, so it’s not really an active trading situation, you’re just hoping Bitcoin will go up a few thousand while you held It’s quite speculative, but that’s maybe what you’re looking for if you’ve got excess cash that isn’t earning interest and you don’t feel like putting it into the stock market
  5. Squid Game! Highly recommended!
  6. I think the key here is that you’re 17. Those are hard years for everyone. You Will look back on things and realize how much easier it gets as you age, well, easier in some ways, more difficult in others
  7. Watched this, Cure (1997), Japanese horror flick. Such a great lasting feeling of satisfaction from it. One of those masterfully directed movies in my opinion
  8. I’m no expert on the literature, but tendencies of movement, I’m sure it’s one of those things that conforms to predictable patterns.
  9. I can give it up for that key art, that's pretty dope.
  10. As a Florida resident, I'm just going to be honest here, that looks nothing like Miami. I guess the idea is they want to convey like 1950's Miami, but before cocaine, Des Moine was probably more interesting than Miami, some old Art Deco buildings aside. Here Fallout is a series about the pre-1970s, and Miami is a city that became 100x more interesting after the 1970s.
  11. Yeah I’m happy they’re having sustainable success, but I saw the screenshots people were saying looked so great, and they didn’t do much for me. I agree with the kitbashed sentiment, quite like the top of a Star Wars ship but using a cyberpunk city theme. While Cyberpunk 20forgot-the-digits may have let people down, it truly looked the part of a big exciting game, and it had that art direction on point. This game seems to be pleasing people, but it looks very much like an aimless indie game to my eyes. I never played Disco Elysium but even that comparable indie game seemed to have a lot more visual appeal and art direction with the isometric idea.
  12. Looks fantastic but I think quite dark relative to the skybox
  13. I have my qualms with the visual style and well, pretty much everything else, but I bought it. The reviews are good and I want more games that take wild chances
  14. Congrats to everyone leveling up
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