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    • MaCH

      please come check out my csgo map i need feed back on what to fix and change i have a server up tryin to get a 5v5 connect; password vhb8i  heres my map 
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    • mr.P

      its hammer time!
      congrats to the mapcore competition finalists and winner
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    • Klems

      · 1 reply
    • pulsar

      Being boring with the classic 15 puzzle? Wanna get more fun and challenge? It's the game for you!
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    • will2k

      Published a new article titled "Comparative fps study in Source Engine Optimization System". Cheers and enjoy the read
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    • zuzs980

      Hit over 400 hours in SDK go me lol =0
      · 2 replies
    • text_fish

      A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play.
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    • TCOTMansion

      The Case Of the Mansion is a thrilling Online Turn Based Murder Mystery Game.

      Set in the 1920´s London, it revolves around Strategic Investigation, Deception and Survival.

      With the players being randomly assigned to 4 different undisclosed classes, each with their own agenda, they must analyze and uncover the secret to each other´s identities in order to achieve their goals.


      In-Game Screens:














      Concept Art:



      Engine: Unity

      Platforms: Windows (initially)

      Background and Influences: This game was born out of my personal love for board games and Turn Based Strategies. I Wrote the Gdd for the project in august 2014 and started working on it by myself until January 2015 when i established a partnership with my friends of MonsterBED Game Studio.

      I wanted to create a TBS like no other, a competitive game in which you truly felt like a detective. In TCOTM, the players need to investigate and outsmart each other in order to win. You dont need to be a hard core gamer, all that is needed is good judgement and sharp wits.

      Key Features:

      - 6 Player Online Competitiveness

      - A Turn Based Strategy Game like no other

      - Investigate and unvail other players identities

      - Manipulate others in order to achieve your goals

      - Survive the night and emerge victorious

      - Rank up in the Royal Metro Police Leaderboards through your accomplishments.


      Made by:

      Lead Game Designer, Character artist, Concept artist, Interface Designer, Illustrations - Tadeu Costa Lima

      Lead Programmer - José Francisco Moreira (MONSTERBED - Game Studio)

      Music, Sound FX - Marcelo Rossas

      Environment Art, Scene Assets - Manufactura K4, Tadeu Costa Lima

      Animations - Kubold, Mixamo, Tadeu Costa Lima.

      Additional Game Design Ideas - Otavio Bilevic

      Current Info on The Project:

      The prototype for the game is ready and we are currently working on our crowd funding and Greenlight efforts. The game will also go on early Access Next Month along with the campaigns.

      If you enjoyed this project give us some love at the Greenlight concepts page:

      and our IndieDB page:

      Also Follow Us on Social Media.


      Cheers guys.

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    • Chirp-Chirp

      Sound Solutions (Custom Music / SFX)
      · 2 replies