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  1. MadsenFK

    [CS:GO] Limestone

    zastels is stuck in time and contradicts himself after getting sent proof, but anyway, I can't wait to see this map detailed with beautiful props, displacements and the newer source engine lighting so it really reflects the real place of Valletta The layout isn't going to be functionally different if you detail wisely, keep that in mind
  2. MadsenFK


    I'm gluing things together
  3. YoU nEeD GoD i N yo UR LifE Man and You NEED love !!!
  4. WARNING: its addicting once you get started
  5. Acres (Wingman) Gonna try and learn some more about custom assets and materials with this project
  6. Throwing together some new ideas for a 5v5 map i was working on last year
  7. "Get to the choppa!" A man is being held hostage in his mansion located in the Swedish skerries. Secure him and bring him to one of the TWO rescue zones to call in the chopper. Keep the landing zone clear and extract the hostage! Made for the 2020 Source Engine Discord Wingman Contest TEAM Fnugz | Gameplay MadsenFK | Art Andi | Models SHOUTOUTS Yanzl | Mapping hotline ZooL | Grand vscript wizard Terri | The People of Mapcore. Additional Credits Yanzl | Making and sharing the majority of the assets used Skybex | A few assets WORKSHOP LINK MOOD BOARD
  8. As Roald said, you should make a topic of your own in the 3D section. The amount of updates you post here kinda feels like spam in this thread
  9. RELEASE Luxury is a Wingman map situated in a modern house complex near Los Angeles, California The residents of the contemporary-style house had held a house party the night before and woke up to the sight of dangerous ammunition crates near the pool. They called 911 and left the residence without hesitation. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDIT Most assets and materials used on the map is by Yanzl Quoting helped with playtests as well as ideas for the map
  10. Luxury is close to completion, this the first art pass (no color correction yet) The setting is somewhere to the west of Hollywood Hills
  11. The CT's really did pull up in a one-wheel vehicle damn
  12. Radu said “See you back in a year”, but it’s been 45 years and I’m happy to announce that Sentinel is finally done
  13. (if a mod can move this thread to the 3D section I would appreciate it ) Radu said "see you back in another 4 weeks", but its been 5 months and I did nothing in that period which means it won't be done before the deadline But with that said, I'm happy to say that I recently picked up the project again so if any modeller/texture-dude who would be willing to help with custom content, shoot me a message somewhere
  14. new problems emerged the map is also in need of a BIG clipping pass
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