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  1. RELEASE Luxury is a Wingman map situated in a modern house complex near Los Angeles, California The residents of the contemporary-style house had held a house party the night before and woke up to the sight of dangerous ammunition crates near the pool. They called 911 and left the residence without hesitation. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDIT Most assets and materials used on the map is by Yanzl Quoting helped with playtests as well as ideas for the map
  2. Luxury is close to completion, this the first art pass (no color correction yet) The setting is somewhere to the west of Hollywood Hills
  3. The CT's really did pull up in a one-wheel vehicle damn
  4. Radu said “See you back in a year”, but it’s been 45 years and I’m happy to announce that Sentinel is finally done
  5. (if a mod can move this thread to the 3D section I would appreciate it ) Radu said "see you back in another 4 weeks", but its been 5 months and I did nothing in that period which means it won't be done before the deadline But with that said, I'm happy to say that I recently picked up the project again so if any modeller/texture-dude who would be willing to help with custom content, shoot me a message somewhere
  6. new problems emerged the map is also in need of a BIG clipping pass
  7. EU people can pull an all nighter and get work done, yup
  8. Found a few bugs on the first run around
  9. Recent progress on a wingman map, DE_MOROCCO
  10. Played wow for 4 weeks straight, so I had to dust the SDK tools off and get back at it. big new update out now
  11. HUGE update... so huge that it became a new map RADAR BEFORE & AFTER
  12. spend 5 minutes in photoshop but the idea came from early versions of battlefield 1 maps These are the rough timings I took
  13. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1774562513
  14. Playable version out maybe tomorrow, maybe in 2 days or perhaps 3 i dont even know but thats my estimate
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