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  1. I think you should scale down that wooden floor texture.
  2. Released a greybox version for you guys to check out. DOWNLOAD IMGUR ALBUM
  3. I liked Brewery better, but oh well. Looks really nice though!
  4. More information will be coming when the level is fully blocked out.
  5. Remakes aren't allowed to enter, but I've been working on a completely rework (new layout) of a WIP version of de_Copenhagen which had been worked on for a couple of weeks. Is that considered a remake of an existing map, which had already been released to the workshop as a WIP version? Here's the workshop submission (this is the newest version of the map)
  6. F I N A L L Y ! ! !
  7. See ya Summer 2017 and good luck everyone!
  8. Update is out bois x) download
  9. Yeah, It's a very generic theme I chose. I've heard that wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much now actually, but I'm not gonna change it unfortunately. Bombsite A has been changed a tiny bit in the update I most likely will release tommorow. And that the half closed off room was actually a route you could go in the earlier versions, but I closed it off due to feedback I got. So thanks a lot for the feedback my ni🅱️🅱️a The clocktower has been risen in the update which I will release tommorow, to where you can see from almost everywhere on the map. Thank you for the feedback x))
  10. Well that's the map I'm working on now.
  11. Holy fuck, I actually finished a map? First time of being a little proud of myself, in my entire life time. But for real though, thanks a lot guys. PS. By finished, I mean that I'm absolutely done with it. No layout changes or anything like that, just small bug fixing. WIP Thread DOWNLOAD
  12. Thanks for the feedback my friend :))) I'm wayyyyyyy more confident in the new theme, since I have actual reference to base the buildings of. (Which I didn't have before). Also because people told me they couldn't figure out what place or planet that they were running around on. Although I can agree on the layout changes I made. Too extreme for sure. I have a few ideas on pathways to each bombsite and the connectors, aswell as bringing some of the old layout back. Thanks!
  13. I didn't hear anything either
  14. With numerous theme changes, I really fucking hope that this will be the one. Anyways, feedback is always appreciated DOWNLOAD