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  1. Playable version out maybe tomorrow, maybe in 2 days or perhaps 3 i dont even know but thats my estimate
  2. First version of a layout which I kinda rushed to finish. note: still missing crucial cover all around the map 3840 x 3760 units ish
  3. I couldn't stop myself from entering this to spend the next few months inside with the blinds closed even though my pale ass skin could use some sun this summer well here's my project DE_SENTINEL based on a croatian fort and north african environments EARLY SCREENSHOTS COLOR PALETTE MOOD BOARD
  4. Got back into hammer after a small break and gave Terrorist spawn on Morocco some eye candy Image Slider
  5. I wasn't really happy how progress was going for Delta, and the setting was a little difficult to pull off, so I've started working on a new Delta with a slightly different theme. It is now taking place in a desert, still inside a hidden military bunker/base with dangerous inventory for the terrorists to destory. Terrorist Spawn Middle (a lot of early AWP duels are gonna be fought here)
  6. MadsenFK


    yo are we back in 2012 but im sort of having this feeling that these supposed maps of yours, are not even yours and just some you find on page 47 on gamebanana... i could be very wrong though
  7. Ayo people, I've been making these 3 wingman projects since late last year so I thought I'd make this topic with them all included. Any kind of feedback is of course appreciated. Morocco ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set in Morocco after the events of Dust 2 Imgur Album Size: Large ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Luxury aka "the Yanzl art project" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set in a modern house somewhere in the hills of Los Angeles Imgur Album Size: Medium ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Delta ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set in a hidden military bunker deep within a desert The map is still very early in it's development Size: Medium / Small ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's see if I can finish atleast 1...
  8. MadsenFK

    Goals for 2019?

    Happy new years everyone I'm currently 16 years of age, and I figured I should probably start working out this whole entire year with a plan, diet and all that shit cuz I would consider myself the weakest man alive. Can't even do 1 fucking push-up, which is not just bad but also quite embarrassing. I'm 6'2 and I weigh somewhere around 190 pounds (been a while since I was on a scale so thats my estimate) so I'm nowhere near obese. I'm just in need of muscle. I have the first 3 months planned with what I'll do for morning exercises, and then my dad is gonna help me out with the diet stuff. So my 2019 will consist of: - Working out (Morning exercises everyday, go to the gym with some friends a few times a week and also run occasionally) - Hopefully not fail school - Finish the 3 wingman maps I'm working on - Push myself to learn more about 3D Modeling and custom content in general for CS:GO - and not die
  9. Current Wingman projects I'm working on, that's gonna play very differently. Morocco (DOWNLOAD) Luxury (DOWNLOAD) (Props and textures by Yanzl) Delta (DOWNLOAD)
  10. Hello again bois I'm attempting yet again to make a map hopefully without failing. I'm still working on my other Wingman map that I started a few months ago, but I figured I would just have two projects going on at the same time, to not feel burned out from working on one constantly. But on to this one, Morocco. I'm gonna put the Dust 2 stock assets to good use in this one, but still have some originality with a few custom textures and architecture etc. You'll probably also notice the map is quite huge compared to other Wingman maps, which is something I'm trying to experiment with. It's a pretty ambitious project, but hopefully I'll be able to finish it. DOWNLOAD IMGUR ALBUM
  11. Pretty cool stuff tbh and the trailer wasn't ass this time
  12. I just don't understand why they made the Battlefield 1 reveal trailer so damn good, and make this one so utterly terrible. - No epic music - Nothing big and exciting was shown. Just scripted gameplay with some cinematic cut scenes (Battlefield 1 trailer had the zeppelin, the train and the 20-something horses running in the sand etc.) - BF1's trailer definitely benifited from the jump cuts. This trailer basically had none, making it somewhat boring to watch (for me atleast) - Almost nothing excited me with this trailer, besides some cool gameplay mechanics. JackFrags uploaded a video on his YouTube channel right after the game had been revealed, explaining a lot of the features that will be in the game. I'm actually really happy that they've chosen to have more strategic and team focused gameplay. That's what Battlefield needed. Just sad that they chose to make this kind of trailer, that a lot of people are going to judge the game out of. woohoo for no premium pass though EDIT: found out that the guy who made the previous Battlefield trailers left DICE in 2016 after Battlefield 1.
  13. MadsenFK

    [CS:GO] de_Iris

    How much for 2 scoops of strawberry ice cream?
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