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  1. Yes! Another opportunity to make another greybox
  2. What's going on with your life?

    Yeah, that's the one! Thanks I realise the car makes you feel like you're Ken Block but no way am I going to be doing any silly business... At least not just yet Cash injection from the untimely passing of grand parents so not minted, just fortunate. It's not like they were cash purchases.
  3. What's going on with your life?

    Hi guys, I've been away some time and thought I'd share some stuff. I married the love of my life Became a house owner (mortgages, woo yay!) Started a new job Got a new cat called him Luther. Misty is the grumpy bag on the right. Got internet in said house 6 months later (ISPs, woo yay!) Got my dream car This year has also not been without its upsets, namely we lost a dear old Cockatiel of ours to illness at 16 years old, and his mate not long after to what we suspect was a ferret (long story ) who was sadly only 3. I hope no one takes this post the wrong way. I know I'm very fortunate to be where I am, and I would just like to share that happiness with friends and peers. The new job runs a slightly tighter ship than my last so mapcore time has tanked, but I'll hopefully be getting a bit more into the swing of things from now on. See you around guys
  4. [CS:GO] de_stupa

    Thanks @Vaya I fixed it now, no idea wtf happened there.
  5. [CS:GO] de_stupa

    Life's been busy and it took 6 months to get an internet connection after moving, but Stupa is still limping along: de_stupa_e5
  6. Tips on creating my map layout?

    Don't forget to try and incorporate balance into the map. If one bombsite is particularly open maybe make the other bombsite more enclosed to give variety to the gameplay. Again, balance long sight lines with short ones so sniping and shotguns both have their chance. Also balance height: One flat level isn't fun and on a 2D surface it's harder to make gameplay more interesting. Experiment with increasing or decreasing the elevation of certain areas and then converting the floor to ramps to meet them but being careful of how steep these ramps are. I think a good measure is for every 2-4 units forward, go up 1 unit. Other things include making sure you're always "moving forward" toward an objective, you don't want to be taking turns over 90 degrees that make you feel like you're walking back on yourself. This is from the perspective of counter strike mapping, but I would hope this generally covers other games.
  7. Want Help Building / Upgrading a PC?

    What do you need to know?
  8. Brest

    Brest is best
  9. Art & Design roles at Splash Damage

    Just looking over the setup you've got going on there and it looks like a truly enviable place to work! Good luck to any applicants from the core
  10. What's going on with your life?

    It's been nice to have a quick read and catch up here, it's been a while guys When I'm back properly I think I'll do a teeny update as I've been quite busy, but the real limiting factor is that I'm now into my 24th week of having no internet! Go find some fucking hipsters, I'm sure Edinburgh's full of the fuckers <3
  11. What have you purchased recently?

    What spec did you go for?
  12. EU Referendum

    I wanted to write some rant about how politicians making power plays and serving a shotgun referendum has fucked us, but as rick said, it won't change anything. I'll just post this:
  13. [CS:GO] Incursion (formerly 'de_docks')

    Mid was pretty awful to play as CT. It was so strong for T that it was just easier to separate team and play each site. I'll give you my scribbles soon. Take them or leave them, but I'll give a summary explanation as well based on what I noticed. One thing that doesn't need annotation is the issue of boxes not being flush with walls. Whoever is behind the can be seen from distance but they can't see anything. Also, please see above ^^^ some of my previous feedback still stands.
  14. MapCore CS:GO Playtesting 4.0

    iirc the events are created and go live simultaneously, they are not planned in advance for the steam group.
  15. [CS:GO]

    Lighting is always important and at this early stage is really not very hard to fix. Getting the lighting "acceptable" will help you see what you're doing and give some good shadows. If you can't even accept feedback on light or put the minimal effort in to fix it, it doesn't give much confidence in listening to much more important feedback.