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  1. Incredible initiative, well done!
  2. https://kotaku.com/playing-nothing-but-half-life-alyx-in-vr-made-me-hallu-1842473637
  3. Last night I dreamed that I had an Oculus and could play this
  4. Minos

    Corona Virus

    99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says The Rome-based institute has examined medical records of about 18% of the country’s coronavirus fatalities, finding that just three victims, or 0.8% of the total, had no previous pathology. Almost half of the victims suffered from at least three prior illnesses and about a fourth had either one or two previous conditions. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-18/99-of-those-who-died-from-virus-had-other-illness-italy-says
  5. Oh man the hype is real for this game! Hope they have a screenshot mode, would love to take my time to appreciate these environments
  6. Minos

    Corona Virus

    Cool pics! Last week I had a case of cabin fever and had to go for a walk on the bike path near where I live (it has a lot of bushes, trees, a small creek etc...). It was a Wednesday afternoon and I had never seen it so crowded before, so many families and couples walking around. Was a bit surreal. I went to Laguna Beach on Saturday and saw many people acting like nothing is happening, playing volleyball and basketbal, waiting in a long line for milk shakes... While I appreciated we could go to the beach and enjoy a nice walk on a sunny day, I also don't believe that authorities will allow that to happen much longer...
  7. Judging from what everyone is saying here I'll wait for a sale
  8. Minos

    Corona Virus

    Started working from home this week. I'm very fortunate to be able to do so, so many people can't afford that (must suck to work at groceries or restaurants now...). Let's see how this goes, so far it's not bad, reminds me a bit of the Half-Life modding days when we stayed in touch through IRC
  9. Minos

    Corona Virus

    Some good information here: Not a good idea to bury ours heads in the sand now. If we are lucky it's not as bad as it seems, but that doesn't seem very likely. Events like this happen and were predicted before, and the world simply wasn't prepared for it. This disease first showed up 3 months ago, and now it's almost everywhere. Hopefully after this is over, we will have systems in place to stop something similar in the future.
  10. Minos

    Corona Virus

    Corona is an acronym for Racoon... just saying
  11. Minos


    Still waiting!!
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