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  1. Minos

    What movie is this?

    Well I don't think anyone will get it, it's called La Jetée, take 28 minutes of your time to watch it if you post-apocalyptic time travel stories https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0056119/ Since no one guessed that, here's another try:
  2. Minos

    What movie is this?

    Blackdog, you know, there's more to this world than Marvel movies Next hint: This movie influenced many things, from 12 monkeys, to the fallout intros to a David Bowie song! One more still: I wont be around for some time, so feel free to skip or google it in case no one guesses great movie, highly recommended!
  3. Minos

    What movie is this?

    This short french movie made of still pictures expanded my mind more than any psychedelics have ever done...
  4. Minos

    What movie is this?

  5. Minos

    Fallout 76

    So this basically Fallout without any of the things that made Fallout good? Long are the days this IP actually felt like a concise believable world
  6. Minos

    What have you watched recently?

    Strange movie but the cinematography is insane. Lots of ideas for lighting and sets on this one, and cool soundtrack by Goblin
  7. Minos

    Stephen King's Pet Semetery

    Lol, looks kinda cool, the original rules! That fucking truck
  8. Minos

    [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)

    Damn that looks excellent, great job with the set dressing and lighting! Map looks really cozy and the scale is spot on
  9. Minos

    What movie is this?

  10. Minos

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    All I can see is a blue 17 logo and two bright squares that look like windows! Picture is waaaaaaay too dark!
  11. Minos

    What have you watched recently?

    Mandy, if you like trippy movies with great soundtrack, interesting aesthetics, bold ideas, badass shit and Nick Cage go watch it! Instant classic for me