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  1. What's going on with your life?

    In a way that's the mentality that drives people to become criminals too. If you live in the slums you basically have two options: You either go straight and get fucked all your life, working crazy hours at jobs that are 2+ hours away where you are treated like shit by the boss and get roughed up by brutal cops on the way back home, or you join the crime, and live a short life full of adventures and adrenaline where you get a chance to realize your material dreams. Sadly, the second option is much too appealing if you are living in that situation. Brazil is a really fucked up system that exists only to feed itself, at the expense of human lives and nature. It's a parasite that needs to be stopped before it's late!
  2. Max Payne... 16 Years Later

    Watched this last night. It's so inspiring to see what a small group of people can accomplish together when all the pieces fall in the right place, everyone on the team on the same page. It's one of those cases where the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. It's also a lesson on how you can get away with cheap solutions, ex the devs using themselves and their relatives as characters in the game. This stuff adds authenticity and a unique feel. I feel like these days we tend to complicate things too much, always trying to match AAA standards, when in fact, things in a game just need to be consistent to be immersive. No need to have the same actors as in every other game too, use people you know with no acting experience, that will make things more interesting I could be wrong but if I remember correctly Valve did the same for Half-Life 2 characters.
  3. Well what do you know! The Sequel!

    Congrats man!
  4. Max Payne... 16 Years Later

    This is the game that made me want to be an environment artist. I don't think any other game at that time had been so immersive as Max Payne!
  5. Fantastic work as always Love your style man!
  6. The do’s and don’ts of CS:GO level design

    Wow I missed this before, great guide!!
  7. What I'm Working On, 2014-Forever

    Brutal work, looks amazing
  8. Oh man, that sounds so fucking rad
  9. AoE IV

    The world could indeed use another AoE~
  10. Overwatch

    New map
  11. Really cool in depth video about how exposure and filmic color grading work in 3d graphics. I was very ignorant of this before and committed some big mistakes in past projects. On Sampa for example the exposure was so badly set up that emissive intensities of 0.1 or so were already overblooming, I just went with whatever looked "right" Even though this is using Blender as an example it applies to pretty much any modern engine or rendering software.
  12. Doom (4)

    this. The pacing in the game is pretty much perfect... I played it on hard and it was a really good challenge! Shit now I wanna play again too
  13. Doom (4)

    Doom is amazing, certainly one of the best games I've played in recent years.
  14. Saint Seiya Remake by Netflix

    Love the original, I was obsessed with greek mythology as a kid because of it Can't wait for this! If you like the original I definitely recommend The Lost Canvas series. It takes place 200 years before the original series and focuses more on the golden knights. The character development is solid, and the art and music are pretty amazing too:
  15. Chester bennington, dead.

    It's easy to think that just because one has a good financial condition he is somehow superior or inferior than others. Depression is a illness of the mind & soul and it doesn't have anything to do with material possessions, it can strike a white rich guy just as hard it can a blue collar mom. Anyways, this is really sad news. I also had my Linkin Park phase when I was 15 or something, when I spent most of my nights locked in my bedroom working on Half-Life maps. I find it really hard to listen to them these days though... makes me depressed as fuck now that I can understand the lyrics. RIP Chester and thanks for your art!