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  1. Minos

    Corona Virus

    The Matrix is glitching harder and harder each day @RaVaGe what pandora box? fill me in pls
  2. The new Resident Evil CG anime on Netflix, I really liked it, it's much more Resident Evil than anything they made after 3
  3. Minos

    Corona Virus

    Lol, that nerd Zuckerberger needs to and get the hell out of the internets
  4. Minos

    Corona Virus

    This was a great podcast, with excellent and clear information:
  5. I actually picked it up again (after trying it before and not liking it), but second time, I actually quite like it Love what they do with the gameplay once you unlock a few abilities. Can tell they put a lot of love in this game!
  6. omg yessssssssssssssssssssssss!!!1
  7. The remake could have been a masterpiece (it's from the same director as Elite Squad, the dude knows how to make gritty violent movies). However, the studio interfered creatively a ton, and mandated that the movie be PG 13
  8. More like Start New Game Excited to try this some point in the future! Glad to see you can port UE4 projects to it. + 1 about brush modeling. I tried a few options for Unity and none of them work as well as Hammer. They are either a bit laggy, or just weird in general (liek in ProBuilder I keep losing the pivots and weird shit like that). And there's also other really stupid shit, like you can snap translate and scale, but not rotation with ProGrids! (And Unity default rotation snap gives me fractional numbers sometimes). It's hard to believe how they spend so much time and wor
  9. I was thinking about why our maps are so replayable the other day too, compared to other games I've played. This is a completely subjective answer, but I think one of the major reasons is the amount of themes we have in maps. For example, in Hanamura you have the city (which is made of just a few reusable buildings), the dojo and then the temple. Basically 4 or 5 different main themes (city, garden, dojo, temple + futuristic city in the backdrop). For Numbani, it's even more uniform, with small variations here and there. In a way, this makes these maps less overwhelming to take in, since the b
  10. Watched another one of Adam Curtis' gems on Amazon Prime. This one is about how we gave away control to machines and adopted theories that see everything and everyone as just agents in a system, a system that supposedly can be tweaked to try to achieve stability. But as history and science shows, nature isn't stable and is constantly changing and human psychology is inherently chaotic. Attempts to control them, even if well intentioned, often lead to catastrophes in the past. Anyways, nice history lesson with amazing footage from the past. It's hard to believe this guy has so much space at BBC
  11. Damn, I've been looking for a tool like that for ages! (Even worked on one of my own, tho not as fancy as that one )
  12. Minos

    Corona Virus

    Sorry to hear times are tough for you. If you get tired of UK gloom, in California there's someone that loves you... (saw that on my way to groceries lol)
  13. Look up Dragon Ball Z Kai, it's an official recut/remaster with all the fluff removed. The pacing is soooo much better DBZ is even more watchable now than before imo. It made me appreciate how it's such a deep and consistent world!
  14. It really depends, what's the quality level? What's the team's experience level? What tools are they using? If they are using Duke 3D editor you could literally make a map per day, but if you are aiming for PS5 graphics you will need a big team and tons of time to make just one map...
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