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  1. Minos

    Prodeus (Doom-like)

    Agreed. I did some tests with this shader on Unity before, and while it sounds cool on paper, it ended up being just a distraction. My feeling was that it didn't work well because the underlying render was still generated in 1080p, then downscaled and upscaled again, instead of actually being rendered at a lower resolution from the get go. Devil Daggers has this same effect but it works perfectly there. I suspect that since it's a custom engine, it renders at a lower resolution and then upscales to 1080p, instead of rendering in 1080p and lowering to the target resolution, and upscaling again (like the unity shader does). Or maybe the guy was just really smart about how he used the effect and made it "feel good". These are just suppositions, I could be talking out of my ass here! Anyways, this looks really sick Proud of Vivi
  2. Minos

    Now playing - 2018

    Hadn't heard about Dead Cells before will need to check it out! Seems right up my alley!
  3. Minos

    I'll Pay to recreate The Specialist on Source properly

    For a second, I thought this was EOT Hall of Fame material but then I noticed you are (probably) serious Good luck... I hope you can turn all that rage into a kickass game, the world could definitely use another Specialists
  4. Minos

    Wrath: Aeon of Ruin

    I watched this with a huge grin on my face FUCK YES
  5. People are hating this game so much that I kind feel like playing it... out of curiosity... but I'm not paying $60 bucks for an early access game It will probably be a really good game in about a year or so!
  6. Minos


    Looking great!! One thing I noticed by watching the video is that every area feels a bit similar, which makes the map harder to navigate for first time players. One way to solve could be by color coding some areas, or having strong themes in specific areas, restricting specific props only to those areas. Let's say, CT spawn has majorly blue signs/lighting, Bomb sites are mostly red/orange, maybe the middle of the map has a lot of vegetation, the subway could have green walls etc... so you know exactly where you are without having to think about it. You have an incredibly solid base and with some minor readability/navigational/lighting tweaks, this map will be really special! Here's an example of how we did this in Lijiang Tower in Overwatch:
  7. I can vouch that this office is AMAZING and the team is super cool
  8. Minos

    What's going on with your life?

    Sometimes I dream that the world would be a much better place if Twitter was nuked from existence.
  9. Minos

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    If I can give you one tip is to blockout the whole map before you start making the actual buildings I used to make this mistake all the time and because of that I finished like 5% of the maps I started haha.
  10. Minos

    Mapcore Introductions Thread

    Lol, I was just wondering where the hell you went the other day Glad to see you back, and can't wait to see some of your side projects!
  11. Minos

    System Shock 3?

    Such a cool style Someone finally turned what was cool in the 90s into what's cool in the 2019s
  12. Pretty cool blockouts!
  13. Minos

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    It's available for the Zeebo as well if you have one