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  1. Anyone watched this? One of the most badass things I ever watched! it brings to the surface some deep rooted memories of experiences our ancestors had to go through so we could be here today
  2. Great progress! Are you using the full range for the lighting? There's an option to unlock the full range: You could make this pop even more by using physical lighting values, so you would have a bigger range of values between bright and dark areas (right now the values look a bit clamped in the middle :)) (Here's a great start for physical lighting, if you have trouble setting this up let me know and I can give you some pointers, the information unfortunately is all over the place for this)
  3. Yeah, I got a Series X + 3 years of game pass (did that trick of buying 3 years of Live Gold at Costco then converting to gamepass for 1 dollar ). Amazing deal. As for the game, while the gameplay is solid it felt similar to other games I played before. I had a hard time getting immersed too... the initial environments looked very kitbashed and unbelievable. With so many other quality games to play, I just preferred to play something else Definitely give it a try if you are interested though, it's really impressive what the team accomplished!
  4. Need 106 more points... time to flood the forum!1
  5. I'm glad to hear they were successful! Awesome to see indies doing great They surely put a ton of work in the game. I gave it a spin and it just didn't click for me
  6. Blackdog, your posts fill me enthusiasm, you deserve the badge Nice work!
  7. I watched about 1 minute of the trailer and was sold already. Doesn't look like a nostalgia fest (ala Disney Star Wars) but a proper reboot/continuation/expansion Looking forward to seeing where they will take this, lots of potential!
  8. I really hope I'm wrong, but there's a high chance it's gonna be just a nostalgic watered down remix of the old movies, like every other reboot these days
  9. Looks fun as hell Gimme!
  10. Quake Enhanced is the shit! Playing it on Xbox now, and yes, it works super well with a gamepad
  11. Glad to hear you find some peace and happiness my man Enjoy!!
  12. I recently got into comics again when I got the Jodorowsky/Moebius bundle on Humble bundle. IPad + YACReader is an amazing setup, very easy to use and everything looks so crisp! I'm now going over the complete X-Men Age of Apocalypse. It's been a blast to go over this in one go... very dark and gloomy series, love it The art is very hit or miss, some stories look awesome, while others look like something out of Deviant art But the writing is very consistent and top notch all around! And great news: There's a new Spawn series coming out next week, the first one since the original series debuted almost 30 years ago Pre-orders already broke half a million. Incredible to see Todd McFarlane dominating even after all these years
  13. Can't stop posting... need to hit grandmaster!!
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