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  1. Here are some others for your collection:
  2. My 2cents is that by ignoring her you became a more valuable target in her mind, now she's probably thinking about you all the time trying to figure out why you are so distant all of sudden. By ignoring her you are likely driving her crazy since we desire what we can't have Whatever you do just don't be an asshole... if she's getting too crazy you might have to deal with her. Remember that you started all of this by pursuing her so hard before... You are only reaping what you sowed!
  3. Yes! I haven't seen the movie yet but Dune is much more than a simple sci-fi story set in a desert planet... in a way it's a step by step guide on how to awaken our own innate psychic powers. It's a looong haul but totally worth it!
  4. Watch Eraserhead if you haven't already, that movie screwed up with my brain a bit. Rewatched this classic, one of the best dog movies ever for sure:
  5. ur only solution now:
  6. While it's true that it's not necessary to have something playable as an environment artist, it helps a shit ton to think of your environment as a whole, not just one corner but a place where the player can explore. It's more fun that way too!
  7. Sometimes it's necessary to take some time alone to reevaluate life so we can slowly build the future that we want to live in. Read a lot (we are all hardwired the same way), take one step at a time and don't be too harsh on yourself when you inevitably fail
  8. Been home sick and watched a bit of Attack on Titan season 2. Starting to grow on me again, this series doesn't fail to intrigue
  9. Make some games pix, boy!
  10. haha that's so awesome. The music in Twin Peaks is so good~
  11. It's not UE3, it's the Inhouseâ„¢ Engine editor
  12. I watched the first episode but it was really slow, House of Cards usually takes a few episodes to pick up, hopefully this season won't disappoint
  13. Batman Great movie (y)