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  1. @Radu I ddosed that dude pretty bad: IP phishing is my middle name
  2. Interfearance


    @blackdog Having thought of every uncompetitive idea at least once in my life, this was a thought I had as well. However: -Prefiring is killed, especially if randomization is at choke -New players might be very confused when learning the map due to its key battlegrounds changing each round. -Many smokes and other nades lineups are rendered impossible due to lack of certainty of cover placement. I actually enjoy these ideas, but a good rule of thumb is to keep things predictable and controllable by the player. Randomness is very tilting to play with in a competitive environment (think uno).
  3. @JorisCeoen minus the whole historic aspect and plus a more industrial feel in some areas. And also hopefully completed lol
  4. I didn't make any kids... but I finally upgraded my cpu. Bundle was only 340 with mobo. I was thinking of getting an i9 9900k but it kinda seems shit for the money since I game and use gpu heavy programs.
  5. @P0TAT0 I was talking in a general sense. I never played your map lol
  6. If you want a quick playtest grab some friends. They will remind you that your map is garbage and always give real feedback without holding back. That's what friends are for. Makes me think back to my first ever playtest... Edit for justice warriors: the word garbage is used ironically to emphasize the harshness of friends' criticizism. This is not an attack on the map maker.
  7. IMO the map would still have a unique feel if you swapped the blue lights for their real colors.
  8. 0 341 0 -35 201 211 224 45 68 72 115 100 Its for a night effect
  9. Interfearance


    I bought this tutorial to try to learn the ins and outs of blender modeling. However I have run into a problem. When working in ortho views in xray, the back of the mesh shows up and it becomes difficult to determine the depth of the mesh. Creating the overall form has been really time consuming because of this. If I turn xray off the reference is blocked. Is this something I just have to get used to or is there a workaround?
  10. @H1PP0P0T4MU5 Just focus on gameplay and scale. Make sure you don't have insane sightlines. Change based on feedback. Only start detailing and texturing after you finish the layout and know what everything will be. You got this
  11. I'm not sure what is so thrilling about AAA game studio discussion. The bottom line is that they do what will result in the most profit for themselves whether it be in the long or short term. There is not really anything new on the table anymore, and game features are starting to actively feel manipulative even though they were ages ago, just not as intrusively. The same community that complains about microtransactions and unfinished games is the reason they exist. High budget publishers have found their boundaries and they are quite forgiving. I think the gaming industry was a place of innovation and excitement every year, and it saddens me to see how monolopolized it has gotten. I don't think consumers will come out and change this... It will take a serious threat to big publishers business to change things. Lettuce pray
  12. Does the tower on the left of T spawn have a use (like snipers nest on zoo)?
  13. @P0TAT0 I convinced him to rework the pathing and sight lines so I think he is actually still working on it. Not sure though.
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