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  1. Interfearance

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    More like an NDA and a couple of bucks for each of us. Also the optimization would be bad. The terrain in the current map looks decently attractive but the devs could have like used the warehouse from assault, the dam from cs thunder, and so on. They are complete and individually optimized while being contained for the most part. Props for theme idea though
  2. Interfearance

    [Source] Flag models

    Did you use ncloth to make these?
  3. Interfearance

    [CSGO] Victoria

    Looks great try to retain readability in shady areas like under the overpass and on site shown if worst comes to worst I can imagine some cool lights can be implemented.
  4. Interfearance

    [CS:GO] de_Iris

    Valve took most maps from others actually even dusts
  5. Interfearance

    [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue

    I would love to see you model these they seem really complicated and 3d modelling is where I began everything! Good luck.
  6. Interfearance

    [CSGO] Victoria

    I want more content I'm exited to see where this map goes lol no pressure! Also can you share how you texture the arches when you do? My map will have allot and I can't find how they did it on inferno CT spawn
  7. Interfearance

    [Wingman] Station

  8. Interfearance

    [Wingman] Station

    Anyone remember the black ops 2 map where you could go through the derailed train to access other parts of the map? This reminds me of it somehow.
  9. Interfearance

    de_mine.vmm (dev name)

    These sketches look sick man.
  10. Interfearance

    [CS:GO] de_policeacademy

    I will have to check it out after I come back from vacation!
  11. Interfearance

    Reddit CSGO Wingman Map Contest

    Wingman is a really cool idea that allows for lots of interesting layouts. However, I have discovered that almost every wm map is CT sided to some degree. I'm not just talking about shortdust, cobblestone, etc. because those are a joke since they are extracted from de maps. I have an idea that might make wingman a little more T sided: a map where CT's only arrive one second earlier than T's. Almost like shortdust except they had a guaranteed plant if someone covered left side and you smoke site. Anyway I am excited to see how people will implement balance into their wm levels. (For me the exception is rialto as it has creative checks and balances for both teams apart from the idiotic spawn kill :P)
  12. Interfearance

    [FC5 Arcade] Rogue - Altitude

    Tidy work! Drawing is in many ways better then starting blind unless you have an image of the entire map in your head.
  13. Interfearance

    [CS:GO] Retail

  14. Interfearance

    [UT4] DM-Chamber

    Ah I always wanted to use Blender to be able to sell 3d models (Maya student is non-commercial). After learning Maya blender felt backwards and it was a difficult transition. I even tried remapping all the keys to make it feel more like Maya. Apparently they both have unique advantages and a lot of people prefer blender. I should really get into it..
  15. Interfearance

    [UT4] DM-Chamber

    Wow this looks great! The flowing curves looked really hard to make. Did you use maya to make the assets?