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  1. The visual style has shaped up considerably and there is still more room for trims and other details.
  2. X1/X1X had the best designs. Minimalist, to the point.
  3. Interfearance

    [Wingman] Paro

    I always wondered why nobody used 2 hostage rescues. It solves a big rescue zone camping problem with most hostage maps.
  4. That girl painting thing reminds me of the Bladerunner 2049 hologram...
  5. I am not a fan of the visual style. It feels like utterly utilitarian crap that we have seen from every soulless chinese imitation company before. Hmm, looks familiar... Also, if you put some time into the maps you will know exactly where to aim. Immortal in this game is basically mg from my experience.
  6. That's pretty much what everyone making their own docs is doing, don't sweat it
  7. Sorry this is my dumb way of saying your map looks official/ really good (LOL)
  8. @Snusmumriken The theme seems doable, but I would push it in a more extreme direction to set it apart. Maybe it is extremely vegetated or whole areas have collapsed. Perhaps there are tombs and skeletons. Layout-wise, it seems like this map also needs something more to set itself apart. It uses too many corridors in places where they serve no purpose. The only true corridors on dust 2 are the one between the long doors and the one between B and upper tunnel. They are narrow and designed to consolidate players in to one area to focus action and make defense manageable. The placement of corridors around your map should be deliberate and does not even need to occur at all contact points. Flow is also an important factor, because it naturally guides the players aim and movement throughout the map. Pathways that snake around for the sake of delaying movement throughout the map can cause problems: For this reason you almost never see such an instance on an official map. There are more points to be made, but I think these are good places to start improving your map.
  9. While the flipped spawns idea can go either way, the thematic idea is really strong and I would like to see the final map.
  10. Interesting thematic ideas and shapes. However, the design may be too complex to be enjoyable. Several of the paths drawn are redundant and easily removable, making the map easier to understand. Here is an example of such a revision: If you keep your paths to the bare minimum, you will see what additional paths are needed as you playtest the map (if any).
  11. Damn and you had me thinking there was no way to improve on the previous rocks
  12. Those rock textures are making me ERECT
  13. Haha tbh the game keeps me invested in the map editor. I guess its different for everyone.
  14. @The_Virus I believe that your steps are the wrong scale judging from the screenshot. Usually the steps are not too much wider than the players foot.
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