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  1. @Karthoum Ohhh that makes sense. I thought they were imported with materials baked into them. RIP Oh also, mid is gonna be two lanes with the left train line seemingly going from T entrance 1 to A conn. To solve timing issues, a train will block T entrance one for ~3 secs and then stop, conveniently on the empty platform car which player can jump over.
  2. @csWaldo It could work. The farthest left site approach lets cts see Ts before they make it to A. T's taking the right side passage to A are easily sandwiched from site and mid conn. Maybe he could cut off the left side of the B fork and B's mid connector to spice things up.
  3. @Karthoum Thank you for the kind words! Mid has taken on a different shape since the screenshot. Gray is train rails and the arrow head is the higher part of the ramp. The gray box is playable, but I want to add more definition to several corridors as well as make temporary mountains above the bunker I just posted.
  4. I did some really basic lighting for B to make it playable: \ So far I'm learning a lot about lights! The dots on the ceiling will emit weak light to cover the dark spots.
  5. Maybe true. I'm starting to see how the cover placement can work. Also the diagonal angle to the left connector is cool. It looks worse for the Ts than it is I guess.
  6. Maybe add ladders/stairs in the water and make it playable?
  7. @SUMOSUPREME Thank you! Things are really shaping up. @text_fish HA! BLIND! I'll slap in A and magnify the thumbnail.
  8. Interfearance


    Maybe this will fix mid timings while maintaining flow. You can even make the stem of the "T" parallel to the left side of it to increase timings (in blue)
  9. Yeah things are starting to look like a 3D moba instead of a slash and shoot. This kinda offput me but I didn't wanna say it in fear of having an unpopular opinion.
  10. Isn't it funny how AAA studios have become the Hollywood of gaming. They use time tested formulas (that were created when major innovation still occurred) and produce a decently enjoyable experience, but nothing to write home about. Of course there are some counterexamples but they are growing sparse by the year (Doom 2016 is one of the few that stands out. I wish we saw more competitive games that are easy to enter hard to master. However, it seems like devs are just going for fun but not really competitive to maximize their demographic and milk profits. Fortnite gradually closed the skill gap as it went on to "nerf" veteran players. I don't have to explain why that is bullshit. Before this idea we had COD which had an infinitesimally small skill gap and appealed to everyone, resulting in maximum profit for Treyarch. I can't seem to find any mission based games that don't involve forcing the player to pay for everything to spare themselves hours of grinding. Sure you can play mobas for a mmo competitive experience, but its not really my cup of tea because of epilepsy inducing effects, lack of mechanical game play, and level up systems that allow players to have an edge on you. I could go through every genre denouncing some aspect of it but this is really just a criticism of major names in the business and their checklist/handbook approach to game development and lack of innovative effort. One thing is for sure; the industry does not punish them one bit. These guys know what makes money.
  11. Did you use zbrush? Also, oxidization effect is
  12. @Roald Thanks, this will be useful. Also I just found a temporary way to change to pivot point. You just have to duplicate the object and essentially mirror it across the point you want to rotate. Then select both and rotate and the rotation point will be the average center and therefore your desired pivot. This is kinda temporary but I feel like it has potential.
  13. I don't have much time to work everyday (if at all). Cant wait till summer. Anywho, graybox will be functional by Friday hopefully definitely.
  14. This is going to be really fun to play; if you have a playtest I will try to make it!
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