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  1. You put a lot of time into making textures and it seems like something you enjoy. If you divert your efforts into learning substance designer and making pbrs, you could get really good and possibly even sell them.
  2. Maybe more lush vegetation in areas can add color?
  3. Corporate profits are looking up lol. Red dead was...
  4. That ladder looks really dangerous to go up because they see you before you can completely get off at the top. Otherwise, it is really nice to see a different layout for once. That being said, I think the map could use some more flare to stand out like a beached tanker or some other interesting landmarks.
  5. Never have I seen these levels of fallatio over a simple rock
  6. The fuck are you guys talking about? Valve never learns. Additionally they only have balls when it comes to inventing ways to generate revenue (case in point).
  7. Valve is finally lifting a thumb and it's not a card game (hurray!). Vr is really not a bad user experience. I just like balanced some bases on random furniture and everything working in like an hour. Set-up time is a non argument, it takes me around 2 hours to build a new pc. After that there are no delays (for a month and a half and going). It might not be fun for you if you don't have the space or the budget for it. Its basically like Wii with more immersion and higher prices.
  8. Invest in a room and wireless mod Also stop buying the quest or Oculus anything really. Most of it is pretty sub par, and they made the wrong sacrifices. My only problem with the Vive has been that the resolution can be better. I didn't really want anything else, it's good fun and pretty seamless imo.
  9. Vive gang? I have 3 motion trackers too, wonder if you can do anything with that.
  10. I dunno if "exotic" really did this, but apparently the purpose of the comp is to be a spotlight for maps and encourage their completion (which is fair enough). The only major advantage indefinite time has over 8 months is that you can juggle a lot of fundamental layouts around, but I found that with a solid set of broad goals, maps are easier to shape up to be what you want.
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