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  1. @NikiOo So I am a causal? Are we going to have a problem here? But seriously, Nuke is my most played map, but outside is an atrocity. 3 smokes are required to safely make it to secret, and 2 if you have a ballsy awper. The overall size is not the problem, rather the ridiculous sightlines from the CT area (heaven, ct stairs headglitch, hell, below heaven, etc). On train, the problems are pretty obvious if you have ever watched a 1v1. There are an infinite amount of spots to check on and around the trains after plant, and the 1v1s usually devolve to aimless circling around the train cars. On B there are also too many huge sightlines from back yellow, and it doesn't help that the visibility is a joke. I'm pretty sure the only thing making them competitive is the fact that they are in the pool.
  2. @blackdog I for one am not really too opposed to the platform because the old one was pretty hard and more of a novelty than a reliable route. It is a good part to experiment on. This iterative mapping based on feedback reminds me: Why is stopping Valve from trying to find ways to balance unpopular maps like Train and Nuke?
  3. @MikeGon My take on competitive: -The game is inherently well balanced with minimal luck involved. -There are viable and varied ways to react to the enemy's movements (abilities, utility, flanking, etc.) -Collection of important information is possible at some level (audio ques, visual ques). -Tying into the last two points, tactics could be the difference between winning and losing -The game is fun to play and watch and is popular. There are more game specific traits that make them competitive, but I think this represents a large number of competitive games. Easy to play and hard to master usually covers quite a few of these bases if done in a fun way. As for Project A, it is pretty audacious to say your game is competitive before the public even touches it. It feels like having flying abilities might ruin the pacing and turn it into the arcade that is overwatch. What are they bringing to the table?
  4. @blackdog As devil's advocate here, does adding the platform not remove the skill needed and necessity to complete the old jump? What was wrong with the previous version?
  5. @PogoP but the teddy bear's stitching pattern is not genuine Soviet work? How can you play the map and live with this!!!
  6. I was thinking of doing this so here are some refs for you: I might have a bunch more still on my PC, but there is a chance I deleted it. Look up white cliffs Australia. Oh and coober pedy
  7. @fewseb I have found acceptance of companies being extremely anti consumerist to be rampant here. Of course companies will act like this anywhere, but there really are Americans nuts enough to think that capitalism is a balanced economic/political system. It's come to the point where billion dollar companies are paying less taxes than delis because they do things like pay wages in company shares.
  8. My point does not even involve motivation. Whether they are wrong are right, we are not going to change their business model or actions through words. Losing players and sales is the worst thing that can happen to them; EA got voted the worst company in america and still rakes in healthy profits. Bad pr is pretty much a joke for these big companies. Also Americans have a disease that involves rationalizing putting customers second claiming "business is business". Like apple keeping an inferior proprietary port just to squeeze out a few million more.
  9. This stuff does not surprise me anymore. People will bitch for paragraphs about a simple moneygrab. They are not going to change because their games are irreplaceable. I mean how deep are you going to look into this shit. They are not going to change unless they have to. Indie devs are the future of good games as far as I'm concerned.
  10. I am not even going to watch it. Even as a millionaire I would not see myself buying a home console.
  11. @H1PP0P0T4MU5 What about the nuke facility scene. He wants the missile to be pointy.
  12. I wonder if it's possible to optimize a map so much that what you see is pretty much what is rendered.
  13. New fork is good but new truck is so awesome holy fuck. Maybe I just really hated the old one.
  14. Yeah like I said it's super fun. The design is pretty wild and I wouldn't say it's very competitive. Maybe well balanced?
  15. When you find out that cyberpunk is PS4 exclusive in 2020
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