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  1. I believe the last shot would benefit from a more contrasting sky color as things look unbelievably white/bright. Looks pretty luxurious otherwise!
  2. My grandpa died in hospital presumably due to the virus or usual negligence, my left neighbors wife got cancer and my right neighbors husband got the virus. A close family friends father has died to the virus as well. It fills me with anger every time I see groups of people without masks. My view of this country has pretty much fallen apart over the past few years. People are living paycheck to paycheck and irresponsible corps are getting bailed out for their mismanagement of billions. We now have to choose from two horrendous candidates that had their campaigns funded by a handful of the 0.1%. We have 25% of the world prison population and one of the highest re offending rates. Crime is exponentially higher than similar countries. I can go on for days like this. Every developed country has issues but the US takes it to the next level, thinking it is the best all the while. It seems like it is too late to do anything and we have been falling down pretty much every social progress index since the 90s while disparity grows. I need to get out of this nightmare by 25
  3. these fuckers had the nerve to make stylized games on the ps5. if there arent at least one million tris on the opening screen I am not going to watch the rest of the trailer...
  4. The map was very enjoyable to play in matchmaking, but almost everyone in my matches was complaining about the ambient noises which can be quite distracting. Also, the room with the broken wall was very hard to spot for me and my team at first as it was dark and under the stairs and it created some confusion as people thought the "a long" swamp area was the only way to get to A. The map is leagues better than the first version I played
  5. Interfearance

    [CSGO] Engage

    I would enjoy this map, but as soon as I saw the enemy's playermodels the effect was ruined and I was no longer immersed in the hyper realistic world of csgo. Soon after I noticed that you failed to replicate a vehicular assembly line that would function efficiently in real life. Additionally, there were several violations of workplace safety regulation that I spotted throughout the factory that made it difficult to aim because my whole body was convulsing. I understand that you care about "gameplay" and all that other soft crap but I would like if you recreated a real car factory with local workers and special forces (preferably a night mission). Good day
  6. Every minute of this movie was memorable!
  7. Formula E is sort of a different animal and it has some evolving to do. I don't wanna go full into the details, but it definitely has potential. In terms of fia rules, people have always complained about the rules being too strict/ unfair, similarly to fifa and other sports. Regardless, the racing and formatting is quite entertaining as it has been refined for decades. And you always have those crazy moments, everyone who watches knows what I mean.
  8. The visual style has shaped up considerably and there is still more room for trims and other details.
  9. X1/X1X had the best designs. Minimalist, to the point.
  10. Interfearance

    [Wingman] Paro

    I always wondered why nobody used 2 hostage rescues. It solves a big rescue zone camping problem with most hostage maps.
  11. That girl painting thing reminds me of the Bladerunner 2049 hologram...
  12. I am not a fan of the visual style. It feels like utterly utilitarian crap that we have seen from every soulless chinese imitation company before. Hmm, looks familiar... Also, if you put some time into the maps you will know exactly where to aim. Immortal in this game is basically mg from my experience.
  13. That's pretty much what everyone making their own docs is doing, don't sweat it
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