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  1. Interfearance

    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    You seem really good at displacement usage. I am working on my map, and the mountain it is based in and around has several 90 degree turns, but I can't sew the displacements around corners to give it that soft look. How do you do it?
  2. Interfearance

    [CS:GO] de_reich (W.I.P.)

    @fewsebmy bad I thought you were only talking cs games.
  3. Interfearance

    [CS:GO] Morocco, Luxury & Delta (Wingman Projects)

    So I was flying around Delta and I noticed a few potential issues. The first is that the "long" choke point may be T sided as T's have the stairs angle, the vent angle, and the main route to shoot from. I feel like this might be too many for one CT to cover, especially with coordinated peeks by the T's. The angular block to the left of the vent leading to site seems overpowered because you can see over to the opposite site entrance, have a really hard to fight angle on the entrance its near, and also cover vent. (Also you can boost to see through the nade slot if both players went vent; not really too viable because of where players will be once either side can access it). I do like the T vent boost although like I said not sure whether it needs to connect to long. The brush work is fantastic, and I like the rocky features you added because they give it an industrial but expensive and well kept feel. Also the map was unexpectedly breathable for an indoor map. Probably the most of any indoor map I ever played when I think of it.
  4. Interfearance

    [CS:GO] de_reich (W.I.P.)

    @fewsebIn other words valve doesn't generally accept fictitious themes or ones linked to Nazi germany. Weird historical flex but I digress.
  5. Interfearance

    The random model thread!

    I have a strange feeling that whatever you are doing is working. But I can't identify it!
  6. Interfearance


    I would pull a mcskillet if that happened and I lost my progress. This is why I frequently upload to workshop, and have cloud backup.
  7. Interfearance

    [CS:GO] Morocco, Luxury & Delta (Wingman Projects)

    I do the same crap with defuse maps. I must have milled through 8 grayboxes so far trying to find the perfect combination of unique layout, cool theme(s), competitive potential, and excuses for things to be where they are. Your bunker idea looks super sick and I hope that is the one you complete, if not 2 or all of them.
  8. Interfearance

    Apex Legends

    I got a win on my first game. Hitscan is kind of a joke in br. Also some of the abilities are really aggrevating to play against. I like that there are unique locations, no fall damage and rough pathing instead of pubg style open-ness. Also the lense effects are really annoying. I'm so tired of br it's so easy since the majority of players will be bad cuz there are no ranks and the game is demanding.
  9. Interfearance

    Apex Legends

    You are overestimating ea. They ported titanfall 2 guns into a new game mode and released it as a standalone game that already has microtransactions. How fast can they milk it dry ??
  10. Interfearance

    What's going on with your life?

    I actually found it first in Europe in the form of F1 car gummies. I am probably the number 1 haribo purchaser and fan in the world
  11. Interfearance

    Apex Legends

    @blackdoghaha one time I bought titanfall 2 on Amazon, and when I redeemed it on origins I couldn't run it because it said I didn't meet the minimum requirements. My old PC had an i7 920 and a 1050ti. What a braindead platform.
  12. Interfearance

    [Wingman] Villas

    @pylacsucks that no one responded looks like a lot of work. I will try to review it soon
  13. Interfearance

    Site Changes and Feedback

    @blackdogyeah I was really about to delete my comment. Throughout the week I learned a lot more about the site's system. However, the notifications still have flaws. If you follow someone to see their posts you are shown a notification every time they react (is there a way to change this?). Also the actual creator of the thread is surreptitious compared to the last commenter in the list view. I don't really see the rationale in this as opposed to badges with numbers for unread replies like the bell. Their pfp takes up a good space on mobile formats. Rest of what I said in the last post was really stupid when I reflect on it. I am still learning. When I first came to mapcore I asked people for feedback through messages cuz I thought the community was like 100 people
  14. Interfearance

    [CSGO] Victoria

    But unlike inferno it makes mid con the most viable rotation every time which leads straight on to site, whereas speedway which is fastest on inferno leads to arch side, library and truckside (if you so choose)
  15. Interfearance

    [CSGO] Victoria

    What is that blank Dev texture you used? It looks so clean