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  1. @Serialmapper I agree. In my opinion, playing maps with similar design and different nuances will get boring eventually. The movement patterns are the same, and the same areas are connected to each other.
  2. Interfearance


    I love blender
  3. That's a good point. It is also sad, because they are much more interesting than what does survive today, and they obviously work.
  4. In the bicycle I trust. I do a marathon and don't feel it because they are really efficient!
  5. Enter: California every summer (I know people whose houses have burned down) Big cities like Melbourne were untouched. Funny bc Melbourne got highest standard of living 7 years in a row. It's second now.
  6. We definitely have more than a couple thousand cases if celebrities including NBA stars are getting it. Our testing here sucks and they refuse to close down the schools because kids will starve. It really is time to move to Australia already...
  7. Our favorite orange monkey banned travel to and from Europe... excluding Britain. Its okay no one lives there right?
  8. No, an anagram. You absolute buffoon. I have lost all respect for you as a mapper and human being. There is no going back. Sincerely, Rando
  9. I played this map a while ago and I forgot to say: clip the tree on B site. You can inch up both sides to a head peek like the box on A ramp dust 2.
  10. At risk of sounding stoically unimpressed, this is fucking dumb
  11. I would say all of the examples on mirage were contested areas
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