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  1. Yeah guys I think this is it. Since Yanzl made a map with a remotely similar theme, players will be confused and hate the map.
  2. If people spent less time on this forum and more time on trial and error there would be no crunch lol
  3. Aside from looking great this map has an entirely new vibe that I haven't seen yet. (like industrial, jungle, etc.)
  4. Okay I'm going to end the retarded opinion chain on this line. -----------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Interfearance


    Ngl those doors do be colliding with the floor
  6. Imagine playing I was hoping for something like District. God damn that map had a vibe.
  7. Interfearance

    WIP de_noname

    I'd recognize that carpet anywhere...
  8. Just make the map and its details as a single model in sketchup and then manually copy and paste each vertex coordinate into a vmf.
  9. Looks pretty nuts I ended up watching the whole thing. I wonder how they handled level streaming or if they just omitted it from the demo. I also hope the button spamming doesn't make it into the final product, it was annoying as shit in the last of us.
  10. You put a lot of time into making textures and it seems like something you enjoy. If you divert your efforts into learning substance designer and making pbrs, you could get really good and possibly even sell them.
  11. Maybe more lush vegetation in areas can add color?
  12. Corporate profits are looking up lol. Red dead was...
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