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  2. Thanks for the input folks! We'll look into all possible solutions, and more suggestions are always welcome. Let me give you a few examples of how Neural networks will change animation tools: Remedy has also been busy developing new solutions: There's also plenty more in other areas, which I'll post later. As you can see, at this very early stage, Deep learning can already do some pretty impressive stuff. Research in this department is rapidly growing and I've seen big game companies hiring bunch of researchers to make use of that potential.
  3. Dunno about bottlenecks, don't work in the industry but I've seen far too many UI/UX riddled with no clear coherence. How can this be that we apparently have to discover the same wheel every time it comes to this? There should be a standardized tool for that or at least a scaffold to build upon.
  4. de_icarus (former de_corp)

    WOW !
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  6. What's going on with your life?

    Absofuckinlutely dude. Sam Harris is also an incredible character, he introduced me to meditation and how to be mindfully open while leaving dogma at the door. As for peterson, take everything anyone tells you with a grain of salt is indeed a good life mantra, pretty sure even he would agree with that as well. Because if you're unwilling to question your beliefs, you will never know if you are following the truth, or lies. Both the above-mentioned persons actually had and keep having a huge impact in my life, last few weeks I've been devouring Peterson's lectures, it's usually some very thought provoking and interesting stuff, I can see why he's hated by the far left, we game devs and those in academia are sitting in ground zero for that kind of ideology, so it's important to balance the scale with a vaste array of knowledge, be it biology, sociology or psychology, so to keep your eyes open to the very interesting social and political environment we're living in. I tend to stay away from his biblical studies, and you touched on why, it's all stuff that is up to interpretation and open to mind masturbation, I can see why he thinks old wisdom can still be applied to todays world but I prefer to look ahead rather than backwards, maybe to a fault, time will tell. Ps. That Cathy Newman/Channel 4 interview is probably one of the most hilarious 30 minutes I've ever spent on youtube. Lol
  7. I wanted to make this joke but wasn’t sure if it would have been well received
  8. Anyone At GDC?

    I'll be out there with the Enhance team. Prolly not going to be hitting any sessions as I will be out on the floor, but I plan on hitting tons of parties!
  9. de_icarus (former de_corp)

    Final release Is nice finally be done (although Im sure there's plenty of mistakes I have to catch). I might make another map at some point with everything I've learned from this process. I plan to make a small release later of some of the custom props and textures to share with the community. Thanks to everyone who helped! Feel free to comment. Resources - TopHATTwaffle for realworld textures and tutorials - Rick_D for CS_Agency textures and props - Skybex for Stadium/Workout texture references and props - Shawn Olson and Orvid King for WallWorm - Textures.com Special Thanks - Benjamin "Aranha" Thorhauge - Roald - PvtJelo - Horderp - Zool - JimWood - Mapcore.org Community - /r/CSMapMakers Community
  10. There are people already doing research on that, but: procedural generation of content could benefit a lot from machine learning ( maybe use of the GAN techniques? ). You could also look into deep networks for aspect matching and rendering. (Aspect matching being about finding shader parameters to match the aspect of a material on a picture or more, and rendering about outputting pixels based on some parameters without having to render effectively the scene or one type of effect (there have been recent papers on cloud rendering using NNs and about denoising with neural networks (more useful for path tracers), maybe that could work for faster AA though (if you become millionaires with that,do quote me on that ) ) ). There is also work on animation and physics simulation, notably fast fluid simulation for games or hair simulation. ( it may be best fit for the first one though). (This is coming as a computer science and engineering student though)
  11. [CS:GO] De_PointBlank

    A couple more photos of the 'vista', as I spent tonight working on the foreground and background. Yet to make it blend seamlessely but I'll get there~ (Also still figuring out the best settings for nice shadows on props! They're being so difficult)
  12. What's going on with your life?

    Jordan is obviously valuable for many young men lately, but I take what he says with a grain of salt. His biblical interpretations for instance, you can invent any meaning from any abstract story. His interpretations seem to resonate with many, but the biblical backgrounds are redundant; they make his lessons sound more revolutionary than they are. Jordan says many things that have been said a dozen of times. Which of course doesn't mean they can't be said again. I just don't like how he brings religion into the picture, or how he communicates things more esoterically than they need be. I do love how Jordan shits on social justice warriors without breaking a sweat. Anyway, I feel more affinity towards Sam Harris. He remains level headed and breaks things down elegantly.
  13. Yeah, the part where I make levels is really time-consuming... Can anything be done about that?
  14. What's going on with your life?

    I recomended you a fantastic book, written by a fantastic professor, and try and stop for a minute to analyse your reaction. There's no magic way out of anything, only taking responsibility for who you are, what you did that took you there, and your own life, and own it. We all need to play with the cards we were dealt man.
  15. Hey Mapcore! This will be my first year attending GDC which is super cool, and I'm wondering if I might see anyone else there from these forums? If you are going, what talks/ workshops etc are you looking forward to? How many parties will you attempt to attend in one night? etc. Hope to catch you there ~
  16. [CS:GO] De_PointBlank

    Thank you both! Yes, I'm yet to learn how to increase the brightness of the outdoor areas 'in shade' sections, seeing as I don't fully understand how the engine's global illumination is calculated. I'm thinking my plan of action might just be a few carefully placed standard lights to boost brightness without losing the distinction between sunlight and shadow. And DRZ thank you, I'm now looking more critically at the brush work and the areas I would love to be lazy about and leave be, haha, but now planning ways I can break it up/ detail it/ shape it better into something more pleasing to the eye
  17. If you can make a machine learning algorithm that can successfully fix unneeded header includes (and possibly reorganize to improve compile time) that would be amazing. I think the issue is that it would take too long to run. I've only ever discussed it in releation to genetic algorithms though as I don't really understand deep learning.
  18. Last week
  19. [Source 2] De_dust 2

    WIP - 18.02.2018 I forgot to upload yesterday's screenshots, weekends and I still work) I hope that a beautiful spring will begin with the completion of my dust map! Here you can see original (default) and custom texture for the curbs:
  20. As promised before, here's the first short gameplay video in a series of videos I am preparing. The video (around 2 minutes) showcases myself running around some parts of the map, killing zombies and infected, and doing random things. I avoided showing any story quests as to not spoil it for the folks who will play the campaign upon release https://streamable.com/2l8tb (video is not embedding properly :/) The general concepts of level design will carry over regardless of engine such as game flow, encounters, chokepoints, pacing, detailing, scene composition. The tools themselves and the technical aspects are totally different and you'll have to learn them from scratch. The engine technology can be so different that you'll even have to forget concepts you applied in Source as they become obsolete in the new engine.
  21. What have you watched recently?

    Kick-ass Black Panther Kick-ass 2
  22. Metro: Exodus

    Game informer is doing a month special
  23. What have you watched recently?

    My gf got me hooked on Celebrity Big Brother. I'm not even ashamed anymore, just inject this shit directly into my femoral artery, fam.
  24. [DOI] El Guettar (WIP)

    Hey, guys, the alpha is out! It's still rough around the edges, but it's playable and you can get a pretty good idea of the overall theme. Give it a try if you want: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1304752352
  25. @will2k Just curious as I have no experience outside of Source myself, how difficult is it to pick up tools for UE or whatever engine DL uses? Did you find any of your skills learned through the Source engine to be useful, or was it completely new and different?
  26. [CS:GO] De_PointBlank

    Love the theme you have going here. You also have some interesting elements like the satellite dish and the "underground cache room". Just work on refining your brush work and lighting and keep play testing it. Good luck!
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