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  3. Ok guys ! Huge work on A since last time ! The CT spawn is near the ladder and the T spawn is on the sea. What do you think ? I plan to add an acess from apps T sided. The view on the first picture is from above CT and this area won't be acessible but I wanted to make a light shaft to indicate a "subliminal" path to A. The path is really easy to follow and positions are really clean even when someone has never seen the map. I tried to make it really natural. Map on steam will come soon, I'm just finishing clipping See you !
  4. I have mixed feeling about bugs like the stuck bomb, but I’m leaning toward the idea they should reset rounds where the bomb is lost in geometry. They have referees in the pro matches anyway.
  5. To be fair, this mode is inspired by a mode from Modern Warfare 3 (can't remember what it was called, haven't actually played it). I am pretty hyped for this game. The gunplay looks tight and fun and the game seems like a return to its roots. Hooray.
  6. Hopefully that will give people more incentive to play csgo's wingman mode. But this is a good example of how awful valve is at promoting their content. Come on, valve, fucks sake
  7. If you wanted to play it, go ahead Requires Counter Strike : Source, and Source SDK 2007 & 2006. There are two builds, one from 2006 (seen on the video), the other is an april 2008 build + list of commands and a map for the forest level (it's pretty big and confusing). It contains new zombies with new animations, more detailed maps, more maps too, new textures etc. It also contains a bug - the fire doesn't render and the first map is literally unplayable because of the broken vehicle, but it doesn't differ from the 2006 version. Judging from what i've played, it isn't half as bad as i thought it is, especially the 2008 version. It feels bland without any of the story implemented, the radios give out a generic static, tape recorders are just a prop, it would've been nice to see any story behind it. There are many nods to the original, the levels are actually nice looking, zombies are well modeled. BUT I can see why it was described as nothing nice to play, sometimes the level progression is confusing and i mean confusing, the game also has those moments when it throws a bunch of zombies at you, and without modifying the skill.cfg it's a madness.
  8. New Update, I've fixed issues with the map, and I have improved the maps layout based on feedback I have received. I have also added Clip Brushes to the map. No major changes though. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1800132839 Radar:
  9. blackdog

    The Walking Dead

    Not long has gone since rumors reported Rick Grimes to return in a movie... ComiCon brought the tease that confirms it.
  10. I'm surprised how excited they are about pretty much copying CSGO's Wingman format
  11. Kokopelli


    Neighbors Bomb Defusal Domestic terrorists storm a northern Virginia community to locate the home of a notorious hacker and destroy his trove of stolen data. Objective A - Destroy the hacker’s PC Objective B - Destroy the backup drives in the hacker’s car This project began as an exercise in capturing a real life location and re-imagining it in a way that's conducive to CSGO gameplay. You might call this the "Canals approach." Creating was a great learning experience and I'm pretty happy with where I landed given the inherent constraints of the location I was trying to capture--particularly the fact that it was a fairly open environment. The biggest challenge was figuring out ways to reduce sight lines in ways that made sense thematically. The result is a map that strongly resembles the source inspiration but with plenty of necessary departures for improved gameplay. It's also my first completed map and entry to the CSGO workshop. Looking for feedback on layout, gameplay and visuals. And please let me know if you find any bugs. Hope you enjoy! Special thanks to Yanzl for various assets. Workshop Link
  12. Realizing that it's been some time since the last update, just making a little one to wrap up some concerns. - Yup, I've done some rework on the lighting so it isn't burning your eyes out. (Always make sure the lighting looks good in a normal compile instead of the fast option) - The Radar is fixed after some odd bug messed it up slightly Radar: - And I've detailed 2 parts of the map so I can get an idea of how the map will look and feel Chokepoint at B: Chokepoint at A (I'm too lazy to compile the map and wait 2 hours to get a few screenshots): So not that exciting of an update... ... But! The workshop version of the map will be updated very soon, so you all can play without getting your eyes burnt by the lights! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1802024714 Here's the workshop =-]
  13. Thanks for the info The interest for me with analog vs digital for me is the general DSP concept of analog having infinite bandwidth. At the end it doesn't really make a huge difference but I wanted to experience it first hand. That said I'm trying to focus on the FM right now because I've already watched a few hours of videos. It's crazy you can partially reprogram the algorithms. Super interesting! I also managed to whip up a quick software synth the other night in an attempt to better understand what's going on. Actually calling it a synth is a bit generous... it makes a sin wave and that's it
  14. Yesterday
  15. Progress has been very good so far, I will be using this to build playable maps very soon. Is anyone here interested in joining in on some multiplayer level design sessions sometime in the near future?
  16. Hey everybody! I work for a startup called PolyPort that specializes in 3D asset protection. We are solving a $300bn digital asset theft problem by transforming how the creative market protects, collaborates and distributed high-value digital assets. We enable 3D asset creators, VR/AR developers, collaborators, internal and external studios and brands to protect and control their 3D content wherever it travels, for its entire lifecycle. Our unique and trusted platform provides you with the ability to securely outsource work and leverage the best talent across the globe. PolyPort analytics provide a digital story of where your assets have traveled through their entire lifecycle, as well as the ability to revoke access to those assets in real-time. Most importantly, PolyPort is completely transparent to your existing workflows and processes. We are currently in Beta, but have received some wonderful feedback; we won two consecutive SXSW awards for privacy & security and we’re thrilled to have NAB invest in our company after winning the NAB Pilot Pitch Contest in NYC this past fall. It would be great to get some additional feedback: - Is the security around 3D art an issue in the gaming industry? - Is working with external vendors challenging due to security issues? All feedback in greatly appreciated
  17. A somewhat accurate representation of the current layout, How it plays, attackers: How it plays, defenders: General timings to objectives/rotations falls within the current standards
  18. Played a bit more and got more nice feedback, change the general routing of T spawn to make it more intuitive regarding what site to runto, and visibility generally. Minor tweaks all around. Started to learn basic of 3d modelling so we can get custom assets, it's gonna be a long journey but it's gonna be fun! Some positive feedback on the layout lately so i hope it's gonna be good in the end! Album: https://imgur.com/a/0YKlxIq Layout:
  19. Based on some feedback I got, I reworked the lights a bit, got rid of some overly bright glass, focused the view on the path. Feedback is always welcome! Thanks again.
  20. This is giving me Inferno vibes. Probably because of the limited entrances to one site, and sprawling corridors to the other. Which I like.
  21. I think I've decided on the lighting. So apparently bamboo trees do grow on red soil. Here's my little bamboo tree: And here's my super dope, duper exotic 4-way blend texture: I still haven't made up my mind on whether the village is gonna be abandoned or not, but I am starting to lean more and more towards the latter, for nothing else but my laziness to make things look old. Either way, there's gonna be a bit of moss over the buildings, otherwise they just won't fit in the color scheme and that's bad. And because of how much I like to document my development process, here's a screenshot from the lake: It's gonna have lanterns like these: floating in the water, unless of course someone can confront me with a flash of cultural wisdom about how inadequate it would be to place them there. P.S. I realized the wood textures on the houses was too dark and I've tried several different ones, but none seem to just Whoa me, maybe because of the messy blend of greybox visuals and prototype art that surrounds the buildings. Or maybe I just need to find an actually realistic looking wood texture that's not super dark. bye
  22. [HP]

    Top Gun: Maverick

    Nods in excitement. That was a surprisingly well made trailer.
  23. Finally got the workshop link setup! Please take a look if you are interested! note: lighting is wack, and there are some ares which have poor vis because of this. Some detail has been played with just to add some intrest in play, but it is still heavily WIP. Most of the layout is there! There are tons of grenade options, and alot of height variety. WS link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1748296130 I also had some fun with the radar.... its still a WIP as well. Pink is the lowest and the blue light blue tends to be the highest. but check it ouuuuut!
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