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  2. Pure modding creativity right there! I love the Spanish influenced architecture mansion
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  4. In case you want to keep peeking at the game, third episode
  5. In the lead up to the movie it might be interesting to watch Nolan's trilogy behind the scenes. WB just posted it a few days ago and came up on my YT last night, so I haven't watched it and not sure if is just a mash up of the videos from the original disc releases... I only bought The Dark Knight so I wouldn't know
  6. Damn, that's pretty much on par (or better) compared to Bethesda's own in house production. Modding FTW! I'd wish that they could get Bethesda's blessing and charge a little bit for this.
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  8. Hi everyone, Here are a bunch of cool new images…free to use with attribution. You’ll find them on these pages: TXR – Brick - Seamless https://soundimage.org/txr-brick-seamless/ TXR – Ground – Seamless https://soundimage.org/txr-ground-seamless/ If you’ve been using my assets in your projects…especially my music…please consider making a small contribution to support my website. Donations can be made through the PayPal button on my site. Any amount is very helpful and much appreciated. Keep being creative…and please stay safe.
  9. Digital Foundry hosted a panel with the guys from id
  10. FB currently has the most competitive VR hardware on the market for a very affordable price. They're going to discontinue the Oculus Rift once they get the Oculus Link performance fine tuned. I kind of like their vision of an hybrid headset that can adapt to many use cases. Carmack recently said PCVR isn't going anywhere as the biggest constraint for standalone VR is thermals. This also happened: I believe if anyone is capable of pushing VR to mainstream, it's FB.
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  12. Been working on a new environment thing for a few days
  13. Daniel_S

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  14. New file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YkZuPrQqfLiIxi3H_QLo2N1lZ7pFuFRc/view Changelog; (yea it lists some v minor things but this was kinda just my checklist as I was editing the map) east hallway: added doorway on end right east hallway: entryway ceiling/texture east hallway: back wall new texture east hallway: display case side textures west hallway: ceiling/window textures west hallway: arch1 texture improvements west hallway: ceiling arch texture parallel hall: ceiling/window textures parallel hall(way): arch1 & arch2 textures wing hall: wall/window texture main stairway texture improvements upper bridge texture improvements main hall second floor: new mesh for stained glass windows main hall second floor: new stained glass projection main hall second floor: goat gate unique texture & mesh main hall second floor: moa room stained glass mesh main hall: new window textures main hall: improved / added more floor textures fixed ''inside'' textures on all arches (maybe temp idk yet) adjusted cubemaps & remembered not to rename bsp Since it's relatively small changes all over the map I feel like new screenshots aren't super warranted right now, they're still meaningful changes though so if you're interested in the map please don't hesitate to get the newest version. [edit] got some new screenshots anyway but I decided to replace the ones in the main post rather than put them here I'm kinda hoping this'll be my last upload before the ''rc1'', so if any of you *do* experience a crash while running this map, please let me know sooner rather than later. I've still yet to have issues on my end with these files but it wouldn't be the first time I'm getting some weird behaviour so honestly idk maybe my editor is just cursed. Full release / rc1 will mostly mean colour correcting all the textures and adjusting clip meshes here and there, but since there's at least ( * glances at materials folder * ) like a hundred unique textures that's not necessarily just one afternoon of work. Also my texture editing folder's like 23GB and entirely not sorted so that's not gonna help speed things along ( ._.) Either way yea don't sit on the edge of your seat waiting for it and please download this release so I can fix some of the inevitable glaring oversights
  15. Update on the upcoming mod, Fallout: Miami
  16. blackdog


    Epic store exclusive https://www.destructoid.com/stories/maybe-your-pc-can-run-crysis-remastered-but-steam-can-t-601241.phtml
  17. haven't tried the game at all but the editor was the thing that interested me as well, just curious to see how it's designed for starters.
  18. When playing stealth games I always reached a saturation point for which I needed to go ballistic to release the tension, it felt like cheating, but it was helpful in games like Hitman cos I would start to understand the map better, discover areas I hadn't been able to reach before. I feel like Deathloop leverages on that, takes all the ingredients from Dishonored and Prey and blends them with chilli and action for a spicy formula.The retro vibe then justifies the crazyness, makes me think of acid trips and such. Looking forward to this. [I really need to prioritise the previous games, haven't touched them yet ]
  19. Some of the character design looks kinda off, those guys in a fox mask for example, doesn't look like it belongs on a 70s action movie at all, looks out of place? Would love to see some dudes with an afro and brown leather jacket, sporting a badass revolver and nunchucks... they need to include nunchucks in there somewhere, c'mon man! Ahah I am sold on it though, it feels fresh enough with a good dose of familiarity from the arkane roster of games. Also, assuming this is executed correctly, it could very well offer the most replayability we've seen from a game in a long while, since it's up to you to find ways to kill those 8 guys WHILE being hunted yourself. Fucking cool idea man.
  20. Does this game have a workshop on PC?
  21. I know i'm late, but i wanted to say i love your map, came across it today and downloaded it on a whim, really cool design decisions going on here, i love the path you can take from mid overlooking A site, and T spawn
  22. Our latest trailer that showcases how we're doing stuff with the timeloop Hopefully it helps to understand the concept of the game !
  23. VR has a long way to go however HL Alyx was a leap ahead of time for sure... it made me hopeful for a VR, but It'll all going to depend on whether or not people wanna develop games for it. This cheaper Quest will be enticing for a lot of people, we'll see what the future holds but I really hope the tech keeps getting better, faster and lighter.
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