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  4. I read about this some days ago, then forgot it. My SSD reminded me of it today, when it was showing red for space running out and I noticed Steam had paused Doom's update because it couldn't fit it.
  5. Yea actually i know , it may help me with some models in future. And i expect for Dust II Kasbah (Ksar) because it will fit to the layout of the map. Ksar is the old defense town (or like this). So my map based on Kasbah Hotels. Will hope that i wont get much similarity. P.S. My suggestion Dust II will take place somewhere like Ait Ben Haddou.
  6. You know dust2 rework is based on Kasbah?
  7. Not a big update. -Made some landscape for the map Actually working on B site now. Also thanks for the support on previous post.
  8. Okay thank you. I never played the map so it is hard to tell what's in it, the theme might be redone along with the name if I feel they are to similar.
  9. It looks like we might be seeing the end of map packs and split online communities. Bethesda doing this and EA getting rid of map DLC in Battlefront and I assume future Battlefields I think are great things. It was always annoying to me that as soon as a new map pack came out for Battlefield the number of players would seemingly half as a lot of people didn't have premium. Just keep paid DLC to cosmetics and single player stuff and keep the online community strong by not splitting it up between those who pay and those who don't.
  10. I think it's going to be an ordinary residential area, maybe a district of a bigger city. As you have seen maybe (if you were ingame), i currently use the Navy SEAL player models and the pirates (they should represent Cubans). But i still have no idea why they would blow up an ordinary suburb in their own country and why the Americans would actually care about this xD Btw thanks for your helpfulness
  11. Is it a village or an estate? Just thinking that knowing a bit more I might come up with a scenario for you
  12. There already is a well known map by the very same name and theme: If you still want to go for the theme I would advise to change the name to something different.
  13. Damn the first alien one looks like it has been made from alien isolation artworks!
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  15. This went EOTish pretty damn fast. lmao
  16. Quick look at some changes from the radar... will be quite hard to see them from the radar but will post screenshots of changes soon! Bombsites and spawns haven't been marked out but are the same as the older versions.
  17. What the fuck :-| this game actually costed me money They had them at 13-12 on an super eco and managed to lose the match. CS delivers close games just like my beloved basketball, where great plays can turn a game in 30 seconds. Incredible that Faze went from being finalists to last place... in the space of three weeks! BTW for the few games I've seen I haven't seen anything impressive coming out of Niko, which makes me question him being currently considered the #1/#2 player o.O
  18. About the empty spaces at the spawns. Its distracting. As a ct it feels u can go straight but u cant and for t spawn somehow it feels there is a path to the right but again nothing. Maybe there is a way to keep the space as u wish and increase the path flow another way. I didnt knew about the breakable window no u should definitly go for a playtest. It will provide u better info then people like me walking arround and guessing. I guess I played ur latest version. I espected something different with the latest overview picture but I guess thats just a drawing
  19. Some update, DLC packs are available for free now.
  20. Seems like a really cool map and solid layout! Dig the theme and the env ideas like the lift and the diorama at CT spawn. Although i would really love if i could sit in the lift and defend the bomb post plant B site seems really cool with the CT sniper position. Keep it up!
  21. Packaging can be a real nightmare because if there is even one thing that goes wrong it can happen and it doesn't usually explain why. Did you rename and/move move files very often? The engine can get very hung up on that kind of thing. In other words you have your material pointing to a few different files. Then you move or rename one of those files and you are not super ultra careful to right click => and clean up re directors it can cause the material to be confused about a file you have causing it to hang or fail the packaging process. Examine your folders in explorer to see if you have a lot of these weird 1k files hanging around that are the same name as older files you had before.
  22. Nice handwriting m8
  23. Here are some others for your collection:
  24. Thanks for your feedback! I have already started working on another version of the map that moved the upper site further from mid and I will include lots of your ideas into the new version as well. With the areas the you marked yellow in T spawn and CT I don't think is completely necessary to remove those because no action will happen there (more like saving spots I guess...) but I do agree with where u have placed them on other parts of the map. With the room you marked as purple on the upper site did you know that the brush inside the window is breakable? Just wondering out of curiosity to see whether that would change your opinion on that room. Also, with the lower site where you suggested moving the bombsite to the green area I think that would make the bombsite feel really cramped and wouldn't work well for after plant positioning... remind me slightly of de_canals A site. I will see how it plays out in a playtest to know whether it needs changing or not. With regards to the purple area on the lower site I wanted to add an area that was wallbangable and was an experimental idea that was just thrown in. I can understand why you don't like it, should I put a box there instead or just leave that area open or keep it but just close the entrance? I feel as though when pushing the lower site as a group of 4/5 Ts it would be quite hard to hold the site as a CT. When you commented above saying that you would look around my map I instantly updated the workshop version so I'm not sure how you would've got a outdated version, I will check again to make sure its up to date.
  25. I'm certain they did. I just feel like I have been in a rut for a couple of years now as far as 3D goes. I think you're right that I need to work on other projects to marinate this one. Thanks!
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