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  2. Happy Start of Summer! To kick things off, this week’s new free music tracks are: On my Action 3 page: THE PIXELTOWN GRAND PRIX 2 – (Looping) – More wild fun! https://soundimage.org/action-3/ On my Chiptunes 5 page: DOWNTOWN PIXELTOWN – (Looping) – A nice, happy-go-lucky track that might sound nice in an upbeat 2D game. https://soundimage.org/chiptunes-5/ And on my Funny 8 page: CARTOON CHAOS – (Looping) – That’s some of the best kind of chaos! https://soundimage.org/funny-8/ Fun stuff! So if you find that my 2000+ free tracks of music and sound effects are helpfu
  3. Last week
  4. Bluezone Corporation releases 'Invader - Alien Creature Sound Effects' a new sound library featuring 152 carefully designed and rendered sci-fi sound effects and textures. All sound effects are royalty free, instantly downloadable and delivered in 96 kHz, 24-bit. Created using hardware synthesizers and field recordings, this pack contains a vast selection of studio-ready elements: Mysterious and dark ambiences, futuristic user interface sounds and data transfers, transmitter crackles and radio noises, sci-fi gun shots and weapons, debris and impacts, as well as loud explosions and dest
  5. Lol, some companies just do everything they can to go under.
  6. Wow I feel I’ve never seen a team moving in such unison like this Gambit team #blastpremier
  7. Hey everyone, Brand new free texture images are waiting for you on these pages on my site: BARK (Artistic) CONCRETE (Artistic) GROUND (Artistic) https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ Please consider these to be building blocks so feel free to edit as needed, generate maps from them, etc. CUSTOM WORK Does anyone need some original music created? Give me a shout here: https://soundimage.org/custom-work/ If you’re curious about what others are saying about my website… https://soundimage.org/praise-for-soundimage/ Enjoy and keep creating!
  8. Yea, pinterest is great. I spent years being mildly annoyed at how they won't let you scroll down without an account, but once you sign up you'll be astounded by what you've been missing out on
  9. Follow on social accounts that post architecture, like there’s one I remember called Abandoned Places, then you can find many Pinterest boards managed by designers where #reference #inspiration shots are posted. I have been collecting scraps of paper from tourist leaflets and magazines as well. I look at couple shots from different angles and I try to figure out what’s the real layout and if it suits a map, or how two locations in the same town would connect and make for interesting gameplay. You could also start by actually copying someone else layout and then in the process you’d
  10. celery


    Looking really cool. Reminds me of old WWII games in a good way. Mainly DoD:S, which always had pretty maps.
  11. celery


    This map is turning out awesome. Can't wait to see more implementation of the theme in further art passes.
  12. I've pushed a new update to the workshop (hopefully gets approved tonight). https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2392048922 Mainly I've removed a slice of the plantzone that was on the Terrorist end of the bus as well as the possibility for self-boosting into the window from the street (by insetting the number plate). Also there were tiny fixes and adding more believable cover/detail, for instance these doors for the houses or an electrical box on the side of the train station. And @blackdog , I agree on that approach. For now I am a little bit hesitant t
  13. Version 0.32 For versions 0.31 and 0.32, I decided to overhaul the appearance of Chamber A and the mid-to-A connector to give them an even more of Asian/Japanese look. Here are some GIFs of the changes: As you can see from the GIFs, I installed a couple of engawas in the chamber, added some furniture in the connector and changed some of the lighting. Some of the assets added in this update were taken from Jingshen. While I think the chamber looks better in this update, I also feel that the engawas might have made Chamber A a bit more cluttered. Would like to hear what
  14. I took the liberty of doing this and found an interesting location. Now to port it into a layout. To me, coming up with the ideas is more time consuming and frustrating than actually making the map. One of the big problems I have is finding interesting locations in google maps or earth. The problem being that you have the whole world to work with.
  15. Why do you think a 3 lane layout is not interesting? Most defuse maps follow a very similar four square pattern. That doesn't prevent them from doing a lot of original things within individual areas. Also, I think you'll have better luck coming up with interesting ideas if you play around with it in the editor rather than on paper. Here's something you can do - take a cool real life location that you would like to make in the game (this will motivate you) and think about how you can design a wingman layout around this location. You will find yourself solving interesting architectural
  16. That's the longest joke I've ever seen and I applaud you for that. All jokes aside, I've been working on a top-down layout for about 4 hours, and I've only come up with an extremely simple 3 lane layout that I don't think will play very well.
  17. 1) yes...it's derivative...but so is everything. 2) They put thought into their art design and ran with it. Personally, not my thing. However, I can't deny the level of effort and respect for the medium on display. 3) Seems like familiar-ish enough gameplay concept...it's from FROM afterall...so fuck yeah sure. Overall impression: this isn't really what I'm into but I can see the potential. Hope it delivers.
  18. OK so I'm totally bumping this with no pictures again but hear me out - several things; firstly, fuck april-me, prior-to-april-me was fucking right these floors are thick as fuck, everything else was just wrong addendum to first point: ok so basically I got inspired to start working on this again and went to look for some more sources, turns out there's a heap of architectural drawings to be found in publicly available maintenance reports - you just need to know how to look for them I guess. Still no surplus of vertical measurements but I can work well enough off what I've found. T
  19. I'm a crazy miyazaki fanboy so I can't wait!
  20. csWaldo


    It's been a while since we posted a proper update here but a lot has changed in the last two months. - B site has received a full rework - rotations are faster and simpler - mid was reworked to make it fair and fun - outside A now has a tunnel connecting it directly to B site The version shown here should be live by tonight and we are hoping to finalize the layout soon. Feedback is, as always, very welcome and maybe I'll see some of you in the next playtest Radar: Screenshots:
  21. I wonder how different the game will feel from running on Unreal instead of xray
  22. Slowly resuming work on my projects after a LONG hiatus
  23. Earlier
  24. been playing in full rtx glory, really enjoying so far
  25. I stan TOEM, play it now as a demo on Steam NextFest
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