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  3. Love the theme for this, my wife and I had a wedding ceremony in Istanbul wedding last year and we went to Cappadocia for a few days after, lovely place. Looks like you're doing it justice!
  4. Hi everyone Feedback update is released. This weekend i release one more update for some minor bugs and issue of Hostage spawn. In the meantime, you can also give feedback. UPDATE NOTE Map file name changed to "cs_cappa" General optimization improved. Environment lighting boosted and long shadow issue fixed. Sun overley become smaller. Some props and brush shader build remake Rescue zone and surrounded area redesign. TSpawn moved to MainHall Main Hall as diveded into two side near the Ruins. Some areas (restaurant, heaven, left alley etc.) layout improved. Some place adapted theme. Map color theme become simplify. Unnecesary details removed. Added new props. Added new artworks. All soundFX(without plane i forgot fixing next update) sound level reduced. A hostage moved to Heaven A radar issue fixed Place name updated. Fixed minor bugs.
  5. Minor update: In-game it was pretty hard so shape the area, so i changed up the textures a little. Old New This results in lines on the floors and walls: Old New
  6. Corwin

    Corona Virus

    I've got a few contacts in hospitals in Paris from back when I lived there with my ex-wife and she was a nurse in the biggest hospital there. They're being hit pretty hard, some of them are posting about being scared all the time and hating how they're portrayed as heroes because it means they can't say how scared and panicked they are, about being given instructions by the government to not reanimate people over a certain age and help them pass away with drugs, etc. One of them (a male nurse) got the virus early on, and went to ER but he wasn't considered a priority because he's still in his late 30s so he had to go home and use an asthma inhaler when he had some trouble breathing (he doesn't have asthma, that's what the hospital gave him to use if it got bad) -- he reported the worse muscle pain he had in his life for a few days. The refrigerated trucks outside some of the hospitals to hold bodies temporarily is true in some of the most heavily affected areas. I don't directly know anyone who's confirmed to have gotten it besides 2 nurses (1 in Paris, 1 in Brussels), but my ex-wife knows a couple families that were affected not too severely but did report similar things as Izuno and others -- to them it manifested as a super strong flu that's kind of unpredictable (fine one minute, completely fucked the next, with some getting better then worse again) My hometown is fairly small for a city, and out of the ways, so we've not yet been too badly hit as far as I know and some patients from Paris got transferred here (since most trains do not run anymore, some got converted into moving clinics to transfer patients around to other hospitals). Still not taking chances to contract it and be responsible for deaths in or out of my loved ones, so I've only gone out twice in the last 3 weeks to get groceries for myself and my ex-wife/kids and take the trash out. My grand-ma is a 87 years-old cancer survivor and just sold her house to soon relocate with my mom here, and now she's freaking out and no longer leaving her packed-up home at all, living off of her poultry and garden as much as she can, so we had to organize for people from her area to drop off groceries at her gate. My girlfriend recently went through a major rebound from being given steroids to treat nerve pain (she has acute spondylolisthesis), which essentially fucked up her whole nervous system and led to lots of physical therapy and dry needling to try to get it back up, so there's no telling how she would react to the virus -- she moved out of L.A. a couple of weeks back to be in a less populated area in the californian desert at her mom's so hopefully we won't have to find out. My daughter gets epilepsy strokes when her fever gets too high and has to be taken to the ER, so I also hope she stays clear of it. Bleh, it's in times like this that you realize how fragile both our bodies and our societal systems are. I'm glad we're generally prioritizing people over economy in a time like this though, and hope that some of those intentions remain afterwards and keep some of the laws/systems under scrutiny for a while after -- if some laws could be lifted or softened, or if money could be found to support the crisis, it should allow those laws to be reviewed and some seemingly-impossible-to-solve-because-too-expensive budget problems to be exposed as possible but just not deemed important by the people making the calls. I feel like we're going to feel the effects of this virus for many years to come in trauma, society, economy, etc.
  7. Thanks to @CommonCrayon for reminding me of this map's existence. Now that I'm quarantined at home, and now that my exams are postponed, I thought I might have some free time to work on some old maps. I stopped working on this map back in July last year because I was beginning my first year in college and didn't have much free time. I might have also hit a creative block cause I found myself constantly switching themes and looking for new gimmicks to inspire me to continue with it. Now I am certain this is the theme I am going to stick with. And by this I mean a Chinese mountain village with rise fields surrounding it. I think I'm onto something with this dark atmosphere, cause I'm really digging it! Anyways I thought I'd share some screenshots. Purely for documentation purposes, if anything. Here goes: The story is that Riot games, terrified by death threats coming from the CSGO developers, have moved the development team of Valorant to a secret location in the Chinese mountains. The CSGO devs however managed to track them down with their very special computers, which have internet access, and they've now sent a terrorist team to bomb the location, along with the entire studio (which is hidden inside these conveniently shaped 72x72 crates), to halt development. This is only one location, however, I have 3 more maps coming with the backup servers.
  8. Yesterday
  9. some screenshots from my latest project, on which im working on in free time! It still needs some improvements, but it looks good in current state I think dz_Arctic!
  10. Hi all My name is Matt Dear, a Sound Designer, Composer, Dialog Producer and Audio Implementor based in London, UK. I’ve been working in the games industry for 5 years, both as a freelancer and in-house at OMUK, a world-class game dialog studio. During this time I’ve worked on many, many projects, from the smallest indie to the heftiest of AAA titles, performing a variety of audio roles. Using my industry expertise and wide network, I am a one-stop shop for all things audio. I am currently looking for new projects, so if you like what you hear, please get in touch. You can find my portfolio and more information about me on my website: https://www.mattdear.com
  11. I don't really mind, i like both. But in the end, you hands are symetrical and you use both sticks at the same time for a FPS for instance, it makes sense to have the 2 thumbs in the same position ^^ But on the other hand, the D-pad is practically never used as such so why have it at the resting position of the thumb and not the stick ! It's fine to me I like both ! I'm glad they are moving on a new design, it seems to me that it will be more comfortable (like the Xbox one and Switch pro controllers)
  12. Last week
  13. Yeah that's the one thing I never liked about PS controllers. Always feels awkward holding both analogue sticks at the same time... But then I wonder if its just because I'm used to the Xbox configuration.
  14. I'm kinda bummed they're sticking with the parallel thumb-sticks. I think the asymmetric design of the Xbox / Nintendo Pro Controller is much superior and much more confortable.
  15. little did we know the barrage of open world games we had coming our way.
  16. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2020/04/07/introducing-dualsense-the-new-wireless-game-controller-for-playstation-5/
  17. I was wondering, what is the oldest thread on this forum? In 2003 i made my first e-mail, i did not even knew what a forum is. . This is like a time capsule.
  18. First Greybox version out NOW! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2052077608
  19. Nah foot not meters my house aint that big haha
  20. and not a moment longer "We have ray tracing, it's gonna be dope!"
  21. Techland talks a bit about Ray Tracing in Dying Light 2, will make Dark Zones more intense https://www.dsogaming.com/news/techland-talks-a-bit-about-ray-tracing-in-dying-light-2-will-make-dark-zones-more-intense/
  22. ~ @[HP] quick google search says that’s only £35 on eBay. Well worth looking into, especially if you have the space like @dux
  23. Hi folks, This week’s new free MP3 tracks are: On my Chiptunes 3 page: PIXEL RUNNER – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/chiptunes-3/ On my Fantasy 10 page: THE ENCHANTED FOREST SMOLDERS – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/fantasy-10/ And on my Sci-Fi 9 page: ORBITING INDUSTRIES – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-9/ More developers have been reaching out to me about my Ogg music tracks. Please know that I’m in the process of creating them and uploading them to Gumroad, but it’s taking time since there are over 2000 tracks on my site. If you want an Ogg version of a track that isn’t available yet, just email me and I’ll be happy to create it for you and put it on Gumroad. Stay safe and healthy.
  24. I would put some spotlights integrated into the floor, that would look really modern and fancy.
  25. Izuno

    Corona Virus

    My friend in his 40s in Los Angeles is finally on the mend. He got a covid19 test after the fact and it came out negative but his doctor (over Skype) said he does not think the tests are as accurate as they should be in that he believes they overreport negative by a lot. It is also possible that it has been enough days since he recovered when he got tested that it should actually show up as negative. Meanwhile, this same friend also got a covid19 antibody test, but he was told the results would take longer by a few days to get an answer. It is possible he may indeed test negative for covid19 but positive for the antibodies, which would obviously imply he did indeed have it and has gotten over it...and hopefully immune to future infection but (again obvious) we are still early in the science on understanding all that for sure.
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