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  2. Did some more detailing. Will probably update it to the workshop today. Shoutout to @Sick_TwinN for the bar models.
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  4. Happy Sunday! More free texture images ready on these pages: TXR – Rock / Stone - Seamless https://soundimage.org/txr-rockstone-seamless/ TXR – Alien Skins https://soundimage.org/txr-alien-skins/ TXR – Abstract https://soundimage.org/txr-abstract/ Don’t forget my 2000+ music and sound effects tracks, too. Free to use with attribution. Enjoy…and keep being creative!
  5. Important: Please public the ratings this year. Only this ways the contest can be taken seriously. According to the main post you rate the maps, so there should be no problem to share the ratings with us. The most important about making the ratings public is to receive feedback as participant and to assure the judges work serious with caution. I took part at the Mapcore's CS:GO Mapping Contest 2017. It was also said the judges will judged like this. But no ratings were made public. It was told we can have feedback afterwards. I wrote every four judges after the contest has finished and I only received answers from two of them. One said they don't have made ratings for every map. This is what he wrote: "In our judging process we narrowed the levels down to 10 contestants , I'm afraid we don't have a numeric rating for all levels (around 100 in total)." And then he gave me two sentences of feedback. 'RZL made videos for me and everyone who wanted feedback. Very good! He also said he didn't gave ratings to all maps. Maps that were far from finished and had a quite a way to go to be considered close to finished. My map was not 100% done, too unfinished for the judges, thats why I received no ratings. So if you do the same this time, tell us beforehand. I truly understand that you don't give ratings for unfinished maps with no chance to get into the top 10. In this case rate it with "too unfinished". But still make all the ratings public. This has to be done if you want to have a serious contest. Thank you! Edit: Oh and if you decide to give maps no points who are "too far" away from finished. I made my last map cs_wetland within 11 days and I only worked on 9 of it. And it has quality. Ok it uses fog and is "just" like ~80% of a map without fog. But I still worked really fast because I was focused. And I started my new map I am currently working on at the 9th of this month and I will be finished with until the end of this month. If you see the end result you will be amazed how much I made within this three weeks and one day. So be careful with your decisions.
  6. Lizard always takes it too far. Hey Lizard, if you can't jump in Alyx, do you think that's like the new no AUX port for iphones?
  7. File bugs fixed Steam Workshop Link updated: New Steam Workshop Link
  8. While still not 100% finished, it's generally speaking complete-ish. There's now a working (if a bit rubbish) minimap, areaportals, grenade clips/clips wherever i could put them, and i've detailed some previously boring/bare areas. However the map isn't really as detailed compared to even older CSGO maps so it'll most likely suffer in the "visually pleasing" category (if not all of them), but i'm still happy with it considering that this is the first bomb defusal map that i've actually completed/published and to be honest i'm kind of eager to work on something that isn't this map. https://imgur.com/a/7CVFa0m There are still some things to do before the deadline. Those things being adding cubemaps, touching up the navmesh a little, detailing distant scenery, and fully compiling it. It's still also possible that some probs are missing but it should be fine for the most part. The newest version (26-1-2020) should be up on the workshop now.
  9. So, there will be another 1.5 years right? Real shame I missed this one, but I just can't help but hate my own LD work right now, and no one wants an environment artist who can't make custom models+textures good. :C
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  11. A new update has been published to the workshop. Soundscapes have been added. Visibility improvements have been made The optimisation has been improved. With the deadline looming, I'm not sure what else I'll have time to do. I'm hoping to update the art around T/CT spawn as well as Bombsite B; improve the clipping across the map, and add radar location names to the nav-mesh.
  12. Thanks to for report Fırst time seems this problem and i know probably reason (probably occluder cuting vision) next update i ll fix
  13. new problems emerged the map is also in need of a BIG clipping pass
  14. Looks like we might have to re-release
  15. I know i already released new update few minutes ago and it is fixed
  16. I don't mean to alarm you, but... you might want to VIDE compile.
  17. OMG this map is LITERALLY unplayable.
  18. Aren't you too old to think that you get assigned to a position based on how old you are?
  19. Well if my map matches your contest i would like to participate, if not, then i would like for moderators to move this to 3D section. because i do not have delete option in here
  20. You say that as if this forum has 200+ posts a day and most of them are people complaining they have to crunch. In reality mapcore gets pretty dead late into competitions since everyone is doing testing on their entrant and not posting other projects.
  21. If people spent less time on this forum and more time on trial and error there would be no crunch lol
  22. Aside from looking great this map has an entirely new vibe that I haven't seen yet. (like industrial, jungle, etc.)
  23. EU people can pull an all nighter and get work done, yup
  24. I'm a complete noob when it comes to timezones, but if I calculate this right, it means people in the region of Brussels/Paris actually have until 6am in the morning on the 2nd of February, right? I just want to make 100% sure this calculation right here makes sense: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/?qm=1&lid=5,2800866,2643743&h=5&date=2020-2-1&sln=23-24
  25. There are now six days left to enter this Contest. Some friendly tips: -Upload an early version today to avoid missing the deadline. -You can edit your entry this time around. Be warned: once the deadline passes, judges won’t be asked to overlook problems you may introduce by updating. Double or triple check your updates, run them by your friends to be sure. Have a great final week of preparation!
  26. Thanks mate! Yeah the issue is that there are trigger_hurts under the water, apparently they're too close to the navmesh so they think a lot of areas will damage them. Will be looking into a fix!
  27. M4 ported from HL1 HD pack and the animations were carried over. This weapon will be completely recreated, along with this hallway, everything you see is a proof of concept for my mod Max Underground.
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