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  2. Won't be hyped until true gameplay.
  3. Woohoo! We get to enjoy the early access Alpha in 2020!
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  5. Haha WAT
  6. They're going for Star Citizen here
  7. The way I see it, games should accomodate to their story and setting. Metro 2033 as an open world would have been absolute ass. They would never be able to sell me the idea that a young man without military traing would aimlessly roam radioactive streets and catacombs, filled with mutated and aggressive bears, gorillas, flying demon things, militant extremists snd natural anomalies, just to do what exactly? Find a couple of extra military grade rounds? The story and pacing of it was great in the first game, I hope they don't change their formula.
  8. Games should tottaly support it and vice versa. It's really striking to see HDR in 4k, when the price goes down a bit and more games support it I see a world where it just becomes standard.
  9. Yesterday the map received an update that fixed 2 important issues: fixing fall damage + smoothing out bottom ramps. A final update will improve some minor gameplay elements, optimization, and additional detailing with some texture improvements. A radar will be included as well! ill update here when it does
  10. that was one of hte most unhinged things i have ever seen posted here (lucky for you you had to compete with white supremacy). just to your point of no other words existing for prejudice against religions thus islamophobia doesn't exist, 'antisemitism' exists. okay i'm out fuck this too many crazy people here
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  12. Still working on details for Scepter.. I'm kind of dragging it out at this point. Soon(TM). Here's some handpainted stuff.
  13. My UE4 game is getting closer and closer to being a full game demo. I am hoping that if I can pull this off I will be able to have an indie game. I still have not talked to epic about this yet. I imagine I need to be thinking about that soon. Project Stray - Lets Talk About Ammo I think its time to do something new with ammo as a game mechanic. I have an idea that might be pretty cool! Follow and upvote me on Steemit! (Up votes equal Crypto!) https:[email protected]
  14. Do testers need to download maps in advance or server would distribute like I'm used from good old days? Just tried to join and is stuck on "Initializing world" with a bare minimum progress bar visible, and not moving. Ping was 112 when I tried to join :/ but on other public servers was indicating as good as 42 from the browser Subscribed _manor anyway and retried. I see the server full, but opening the detail window says not responding
  15. Wanted to point out anyway
  16. Um, it's not fully indoors anymore.
  17. 30% off on NieR, better than what I had expected. Been told great things about this game. Probably the only game I'm getting this sale. 34% off SD6 is a great deal, if anyone's on the fence, just get it now ( @will2k? )
  18. Thanks for the comments! The downward arcs are only placeholders since I lack proper tall arches for now. I used them to have a longer straight pillar before the actual arc. I will create custom models for that. Yes, we are testing on the MapCore server starting at 9pm CEST (1h from now)
  19. I think this looks interesting. I miss some good de_chateau, so much I have been thinking of doing a similar map since CSGO came out. Bit weird the downward arcs, never seen anything like that but need to see how it fits when more detailing is in. You testing on mapcore servers? I've been totally out the testing since I moved here, my connection is terrible (shared+wifi) but recently was decent enough, I had a couple sessions on DoI, I was thinking of trying CS again.
  20. cs_workout is fully indoor and has been included in the operations Agency as well I would argue is an indoor map, as the spawn for CT is not really a big play area (in my experience players were all dead before getting back) of course there's loads of vertical space so doesn't feel claustrophobic, you can lob nades etc
  21. This looks very good already, you're moving very fast! congrats and looking forward to updates
  22. You seen Interstellar? And Gravity? Also, Life is not like it seems from the trailer but still sci-fi-horror fun. ~ i just went through Better Call Saul S3 almost always two episodes at a time. Season finale a bit underwhelming but otherwise I really enjoyed it. Dunno if I said already but seen Wonder Woman and was a pretty decent movie. Not as good as reviews are saying to me, but a honest 7/10.
  23. Thank you a lot @DirtyG! I appreciate it
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