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  1. They could stream it without releasing scores. First impressions are hugely important, and seeing the judges' would be very beneficial.
  2. I wouldn't touch it until judging is over, as this is where they will be downloading the bsps from
  3. Brewery

    Cheers man! Although I wouldn't call it so much a "release", more of a "shit we need to submit this unfinished"
  4. Brewery

    Cheers lads! Much appreciated
  5. de_burg

    Sp00ky Halloween map
  6. [RELEASED] - Studio

    Stolen from COD, bad map
  7. I'd prefer the contest finished at some point!
  8. [Portal 2] Refraction

    I always plan to play your stuff and never get round to it. Today's the day!
  9. Offtime

    More speed = more power... Right?
  10. Brewery

    Don't we all. Except me, I can't stand the stuff!
  11. [CS:GO] De_Grind

    The art is insane boys, and a pat on the back to Maanman for a solid layout
  12. Brewery

    Beer is finally here!
  13. Brewery

    Brewery received a moderately large update today ready for the Reddit playtest. Mid to B has seen the biggest change, along with alterations to some other minor routes. Check out the changes below! Screenshots: See More: Current Overview:
  14. Brewery

    After further playtesting, Brewery's layout is almost finalised. Detailing has begun! I'll be sure to post some updates as progress continues. Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=870651384