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  1. This is very true, but the contest theme definitely helped reduce the chances of this. It was a good idea to combat it.
  2. Ahoy! Mutiny is a defusal map created by TanookiSuit3, Huvaligen and myself. Pirates have swarmed the island to find and retrieve some long lost treasure. The map is situated in an old pirate town, with a huge tomb close by. Here's some links to before/after image sliders for T Spawn: Before/After - T Spawn Before/After - T to Mid Some more images:
  3. JimWood


    Welcome man! Unfortunately I'm on holiday, so the best you're going to get is this lousy old screenshot. Best I could find. There is an angle for CTs in the back corner to look down to the lower floor from above which is very awkward, and it's incredibly hard to push up the stairs when having to check 180 degrees. This other staircase is similar to that chokepoint... However, in this situation, the staircase is flipped the opposite way, which is much easier to push, and there is no cover for CTs pushing. Any CT pushing is most likely going to be picked off. Having 2 main chokepoints being staircases is strange and different, but I think it would work much better if the first staircase was easier to push for Ts.
  4. JimWood


    I find the map is a fresh change to the normal style of maps, and is something that can work well for hostage. My main issue right now is that one of the choke points on a set of stairs allows CTs to hide in a corner behind the Ts, making it very difficult to push up the stairs. It's also very easy to get lost, even after playing the map multiple times, due to its unnormal design. Like FMPONE said, making it more obvious which floor the players are on, such as colour coded floors, walls or ceilings, would be a big plus. Other than that, I enjoy playing it, and am interested to see where it goes!
  5. JimWood

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    The main issue right now for me is the total downtime of the servers, which can become quite frustrating, especially for newcomers.
  6. JimWood

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Scheduling them on the discord and tweeting out times may be a good idea.
  7. JimWood

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    There's a good chance guest judges may want to play the top 4 on here and could bring a lot of players in with them
  8. JimWood

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    One for the future, maybe.
  9. JimWood

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    I've been thinking about an idea for running competition on the hub. Rather than competitions for players, my thoughts are competitions for maps. The basic idea is an elimination style playoff for maps, whereby players can actively choose their favourite maps to keep in the competition. Each day, two maps are played, the map with the most votes (or matches played on?) progresses to the next stage of the competition. This would allow for players to keep maps they like on the rotation for as long as possible throughout the competition, and would hopefully allow for mappers to get new insightful feedback on their maps. Rather than the usual "I like/dislike this map for this reason" I feel that it would introduce a more unique style of feedback, such as: "one of the reasons I chose de_grind over de_breach is due to it's unique style of Mid, which allows for each round to introduce various different playing styles, whereas i do not feel de_breach has its own uniqueness" as an example. It would allow players to judge maps compared to others. This could even be introduced to old operation maps, which would allow people to play old maps they haven't played in years and would be unable to play otherwise. I feel that this may also introduce many more players to the hub.
  10. JimWood

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    I feel that just ensuring the tests happen when listed on the tweets would get users coming back. Constantly changing the dates due to issues may cause players to not come back
  11. JimWood

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    I feel that connection times should definitely be upped, the time shouldn't be the same as it normally is when players are playing valve maps they obviously already have stored on their drives. Currently, it's hard to start games due to player's downloading the maps on game start and aren't downloading them in time. It may also be useful to suggest users to download them before hand when they begin searching for a game.
  12. Yanzl's VMT Editor is a great resource to make use of.
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