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  1. Confirmed catfood is NOT working on Kaizen
  2. de_kaizen currently in blockout, waiting for a response from catfood to confirm he's working on the map
  3. This gives me a reason to actually finish Kaizen, since it hasn't been released and hasn't been finished does that mean it's still eligible!?
  4. Notes after the playtest Mid feels really wide B feels really wide
  5. Congratulations to the winners!
  6. EDIT:
  7. The early hype followed by reality : P
  8. @Xanthi Currently the last objective in Offensive game mode seems to be disabled for all custom maps?
  9. I found something kind of odd, and maybe it's just me, Give this a try (@anyone) and let me know if it behaves the same way Create a map example.vmf add an env_soundscape(s) and assign "wwii_bastogne_church_belltower" or "wwii_bastogne_bunker_interior" (without quotes) to the Soundscape property. *Note the attached soundscapes_example.txt is a copy of soundscapes_bastogne.txt With the soundscapes enabled by default, or even with enabled through a logic_auto entity the darn soundscapes won't play!!! I had a couple of ambient generics that were hidden in the background and as soon as I toggled them visible the env_soundscapes work! The conclusion is that you have to have an ambient_generic playing from the start to have env_soundscapes work!? I'm really confused by all this soundscapes_example.txt EDIT: If you Compile the map with NO Vvis your soundscapes will not work, otherwise setting your Compile to Normal Vvis will enable the soundscapes! I've never noticed this before >_<
  10. @Xanthi Since there is no hotfix for the gloves, is it cool for us to recompile/ update the workshop with major updates/ bugfixes/ additions? We won't touch the Gamebanana file, you can use that for your judging but we really can't have people downloading the map and disconnecting because it's unplayable. Asking you for clarification on this issue.
  11. @Xanthi Absolutely, a quick fix from our end will be to simply change Commonwealth to Allies in the txt file, no necessary recompile is required just a repacking of content. This situation seems sensitive since it's past the deadline, and normally that would not be allowed. Not sure how you would go about fixing this on gamebanana? Is there a temporary hotfix you could upload where you either remove the Pink Error Static Mesh that floats when a prop is missing, or drastically reduce it in size? or change the color!? I'm trying to figure out a way where we wouldn't need to update any files, not make anyone upset, or have 2 different versions of the map (since some servers don't update frequently would cause errors for certain users as discussed earlier in the contest) Thanks again for the help, trying to figure out the best way this can be resolved before everyone leaves for vacation One last question for now! When will we all be able to release noticeable updates on the workshop!? I think we all crossed the finish line, though I think some of us were already budgeting time for future updates! Guessing once you download all the valid entries from Gamebanana we would be okay to start updating the Workshop?
  12. This is one of the first on location reference images that started the conversation of how Bure would initially feel. NOTES Bure has come a long way, we were able to achieve a few unique goals planned from the start of development. One of the biggest goals was to create a map where every building is playable and every windows is real and not a visual facade on a wall, this would naturally create a very open map and force the layout to be very carefully planned. At this time every building in the map is playable and 99% of the windows are open for players to shoot out of with the exception of the Church and the Final Objective Building for the Offensive gamemode After each playtest the goal is to make the map easier to read, and more enjoyable to play for both teams. This doesn't mean eliminating any particular area, but rather create an equal opportunity for the opponent. Before After (Removal of an entire row of buildings at the far left side of the map, increasing clarity with lighting and fog reduction ) Soundscapes will be added in the next update, along with what we hope is a fixed terrain bug With community support Bure will grow to reach it's highest potential.
  13. Thank you for a quick reply! @Xanthi would like to update as soon as possible or at least have a temporary fix so that anyone playing won't get a bad first impression.
  14. @Xanthi Your update broke Bure! Please fix this, or let us update our Map Players will see a Pink Error floating in front of them (I think there are missing glove assets) when playing as the Commonwealth in any map that is set to Cold (Map Properties -> World is cold = Yes) I tested this out in a custom map I made in 5 minutes to recreate the bug. It's unfortunate that our map happens to be the only map in the contest in which the Commonwealth is fighting during the Winter.