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    Thank you!

    There's no way of moving this to 3D? even merging it with CSGO Empire thread!? Trying to consolidate the amount of space my threads are taking up' I could also just start an Empire 2018 thread and link to both the 2014 and 2015 threads
  3. Avalanche

    Taking a step back and looking at the map with a fresh set of eyes is definitely a smart decision, healthy pauses could lead into increased (lasting) productivity in the long run
  4. [WIP] cs_cult

    cs_maps don't get enough recognition Really looking forward to seeing how this compares to those late night cs_office / cs_militia servers
  5. WIP de_valiance

    Less is More; limiting the amount of different default csgo art asset libraries referenced within this map might help centralize a theme that's unique. Since most of the assets in csgo have been overused your next best step is to implement your own custom art work. If you're on a tight budget (this includes time) then narrowing the assets used during development will help drive the central theme. P.S. Right now I'm seeing D2/Mirage rugs, Italy windows, default bombsite decals, D2 assets right next to colorized Nuke assets, Plaster Stone Brick combinations I've never seen before, Cobble trims, default l4d2 utility pipes, decals seen in hl2, assets that are alpha colored lime green next to buildings that represent the complete opposite. Create your silhouettes first, then fill in the detail. Less is more and folks are more willing to play the d2_d3remake than they are d2_nuke_inferno_someofthoseHL2assets_aztec_decalsfrom_2004. Get your layout test played and go out of your way to create something original, your greybox is really important and working with a content artist/concept artist/ environment artists will jog your creativity to makes something original : )
  6. Avalanche

    Really excited about seeing this project come together, Roald should be an energy drink because he doesn't stop commenting/working
  7. [WIP] De_Glace

    You've done an excellent job of updating everyone with your progress and I think at this point having an environment artist help finish up the remaining tasks would really speed along the production process
  8. Tangerine

    @Harry Poster I honestly feel bad for your hard drive after occupying all that footage of you looking through a window There is a comfortable theme in this map, and some of us would really love to see some of those walls be broken down. Visually stimulate the players and create environments based on previously occurred events that would better help separate the constant flow of red that we see on our screen. I understand D2 could be used as an excuse but we've been playing D2 since our internet was available
  9. Sunrise

    This looks great, you created a context that we won't look past. As a fellow mapper who happens to be working on a map set in Tokyo I really appreciate the visual context these images present : )
  10. [WiP] de_fallen

    Jakobi that initial screenshot really sets the mood! First impressions are really important and threads where screenshots are missing are most likely to be skimmed over, so this thread really opened things up and gave us just enough info into your current work. This could be just my observation but it seems like you've come up with a layout then implemented a theme using the current available assets which is great I'd really love to see another screenshot tell the next chapter of the theme you've proposed. Where does the theme of your map go from your first screenshot, and how can you tell that story with the next one? We're all waiting patiently : )
  11. [WIP] Fiorina

    It should be fixed now : P Otherwise open up a new map and don't use phong textures!
  12. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    @GrillusRetardus Don't be afraid to open up the map! There must be a way to break down some of those walls into unique silhouettes while maintaining the original layout. Who said you couldn't adjust the original layout in favor of your theme : )
  13. Fatal error loading pixel shader phong_ps30 (08390140)

    Thanks Terri! It looks like an update went out earlier today and things should be back to normal : P
  14. [CS:GO] De_Grind

    Everything about his map is superb, the readability of the angles, the custom artset; reminds me of getting a new pc since i get about 70fps average : / The normals/details read really well across the map except I feel like the 3D Skybox behind T Spawn is a bit excessive in terms of budget Is there a way to disable the sound on the hay balls when shot! ?!
  15. [WIP] Fiorina

    This is looking really great! I haven't gotten a chance to play de_crossway but I remember de_trigger and its many unique areas. You're a natural environment artist in my opinion, wish you the best in the contest and really looking forward to seeing the progress you've made since the CEVO/Gamebanana 2014 Mapping contest