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  1. That's correct everyone. Break has everything but an AMAZING power source. And we found it, with the myth and the legend that is Power-Fusion. Call your local power plant and tell them we stole your source of electricity. Cause fuck 1.21 gigawatts, we about the take the Sun's job in giving you all the light which is known as the map Break. Hope you have universal healthcare, cause I'm hearing all y'all's necks break.
  2. Just ran a playtest, I know what you are saying. "CSGOJohnMadden why do that, you said FMPONE said it was the most perfect layout he's ever scene". And your right, how dare I test it. Well I'll tell you it wasn't to test it, it was to allow some cool mappers to see into the eyes of a goddess for the first time since they laid eyes upon dust 2 since 2001. 18 years is enough time for everyone to adjust to greatness again. And I'll let you know the map has it's vaccines so don't @ me. Also it's like the earth, my layout isn't flat. All the surface's are slightly curved so players can feel like they are playing something from the actual earth. Also don't forget to join my discord, where you can buy shirts of my layout before the map gets published. #SourceEngineMansion #MsJim
  3. Of course I did, the name definitely alludes to the theme very well. Closed captions coming soon. Layout Picture atm. More to come. I don't have screenshot working. So just imagine that this is the radar image.
  4. The theme is pretty self explanatory, so I don't need to break it down for you.
  5. Yeah this is going to be the layout to beat
  6. Yeah haven't touched this dirt pile in a millennia, ever since FMPONE said I had the bestest layout in town. So it looks like I'm cracking this shit open again, and changing the best Layout FMPONE has seen in ages, and completely changing everything. You can see the picture I posted below shows how beautiful it looks. I got a team working on it with me, but you'll meet them soon, when I post our meet our team trailer. But honestly I'm just posting so I don't forget to enter the contest. If anyone want to help, still looking for a modeler. Anyways hopefully I won't forget to post back when I have made some progress. #TanookiSuit3.nudez
  7. It would be the thing to do. We do need to get some well known players on the hub, that way there's an allure for players, until the hub is constant. It being a hub, makes it difficult since most of the faceit players are there for comp matches since the valve matchmaking system is booty. Maybe if we hosted a mini tournament of some sort.
  8. Definitely a good idea. Would be awesome if we could get the guest judges to participate, or any csgo pros.
  9. It's Time! It’s finally time to declare a grand prize winner in our exciting Counter-Strike: Global Offensive mapping contest. DE_MyNameJeff

    [WIP] de_break

    So finally had some free time this winter break, and worked on the major layout changes for my map. It needs a playtest to see how the new routes effect gameplay. If you have any feedback, don't be afraid to share! Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940498445 Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/1ZHHg
  11. At the moment I have a small list of maps, that are moderately polished, I've gone thru a good chuck of the maps, and was basically grading them if they have potential to be played on the hubs. That way we aren't grasping for straws for when we set up which maps to run. Graphics can be easily done, its a simple photoshop job imo. Should someone configure a dropbox or gdrive that we can use to throw files and such?
  12. Is there an incentive we can offer or faceit for participating in the faceit hub? Because I feel like we could hold tournaments or something for faceit points or skins to motivate people to pursue the hubs more often. We need to get the players in the servers more in order to build a community that wants to play community maps be it old or new. This is still a very new thing for the mapping community and I can see it as a BIG step forward for everyone.
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