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  1. fabE

    [RELEASED] - Studio

    On the point FMPONE made, I will say I am one of the people that experienced FPS issues, it more so felt like "memory leak", i.e. the first 5 minutes would be fine, the longer I went, frames would drop massively until it felt like I had 20-30 FPS. In part, this can be due to my abysmal internet connection, however I didn't have the same issue on de_biome, for example.
  2. fabE

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Good point, we'll see if we can get this implemented. For now, I've edited the rules on the Hubs to highlight the current map pool by pushing that info to the top. We have a (platform global) Steam Workshop Collection that our servers use to grab the maps, find it here. Keep the feedback coming guys!
  3. fabE


    Lizard & thewhaleman, Congrats on a well-deserved (close) second place. Abbey plays very smoothly, been enjoying it a lot so far. Find some minor feedback attached here, the main point being the narrow doorway from T spawn towards A. Additionally, I feel some skyboxes may be a bit too low. Otherwise really enjoying the games on it :-).
  4. fabE

    [RELEASED] - Studio

    Hey ZeLzStorm, TanookiSuit3 & Hollandje, Congrats on the map and placing top 3! After finally getting a chance to play it on the MapCore Hubs on FACEIT, I've got a bit of feedback. The two most important points I feel are: The "fake head" on the non-accessible catwalk on bombsite A The ledge on the ground surrounding bombsite A that requires you to jump I added a few more points that aren't super crucial but can be considered. Find the feedback here. Cheers, fabE
  5. Congrats to all finishers and especially the top 4. They're gorgeous, and I'm happy to see de_studio up there, too, think it's super sick aesthetically! De_abbey feels like a map that could really be viable for competitive play, would love to see how that plays out. Biome...I mean not much to say here. Super unique concept and gameplay like no other map I've played, and masterfully polished. Well deserved! Kaizen...I need the night time map :-p Let's make it happen Andre & jakuza! Just want to say big word of THANKS to all you guys, you delivered at a level that I usually only see from maps that are already in the game! Hope this competition helped shed some light on you and the community. It was a blast, and I can't wait for the next one. And now...let's play some CS on these new maps! You can play them on MapCore's Hub on FACEIT. Click here for the EU Hub Click here for the NA Hub See ya ingame :-).
  6. Hey Vaya The maps are loaded from the workshop so it should always be the most recent version that you have updated it to. This is my understanding, if anything changes I will let you know :-).
  7. Quick update regarding play-testing next week. From December 18th - 22nd, we will have two maps playable per day. The pairings are as follows: 18 Dec - Berth & Tangerine 19 Dec - Sirius & Studio 20 Dec - Offtime & Apollo 21 Dec - Asylum & Biome 22 Dec - Kaizen & Abbey I will let you know how and when to join the Hubs in the following days. Cheers, Fabian
  8. Hey guys, fabE from FACEIT here! On behalf of the entire team, I wanted to congratulate everyone for participating and submitting some awesome maps, and in particular the Top 10 for some super interesting concepts and top notch execution. Really very impressed and can't wait to play them some more :-). The next big milestone for the contest will be polishing and re-submitting the Top 10 maps by January 10th, 2018. For this, we would like to contribute by offering the FACEIT platform, in particular a recently launched product feature: "Hubs", as a tool to the MapCore community. The MapCore Hub will serve two purposes Short-term: From December 18th - 22nd, MapCore and FACEIT will organise playtesting for the Top 10 Finalists of this contest. Per day, two maps will be playable on the Hub. We will update you which maps will be scheduled for which day, later this week. Long-term: As a community, Mapcore has a lot to offer and churns out quality content on a regular basis. The Mapcore Hub could become the outlet and platform for maps to be playtested, various sub-Hubs set up to cater for more casual or competitive users, special Hubs (Aim Map, 2v2, etc) created, and more. In the end, the direction for this can be decided by the Mapcore community and FACEIT will try to fulfil as many wishes as possible :-) For those interested in learning more about Hubs, please check out this and this article. I'm happy to answer any questions you guys may have, too. If you want to DM me directly, hit me up on Twitter or Discord - I'm on the Mapcore server. Cheers, Fabian
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