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  1. What printer you got? I should read! CR10S is a really good printer. Awesome print quality you got there as well!
  2. Hey All! I know I probably won't get too many responses as many of you are "across the pond" from me. But Hey, why not ask. I'm going to DreamHack Austin 2018, as well as Atlanta 2018 for BYOC. Anyone from here going?
  3. Level looks neat. I really dig A site more than B site. B site has 4 different entrances (2 from middle alone), which may be an issue but you'd have to test it with people to be sure. The redundant pathing from middle to A makes the level feel very large. The large loop around near T spawn is something I'm not a huge fan of either.
  4. Should be noted that cuebmaps were not built in these screenshots, don't know why. But they weren't.
  5. I've run testing on it for a while over at my testing service.
  6. This should be cool. I'd be concerned about the 2 month time limit. That does not leave a lot of time for people who have day jobs.
  7. Google Music supports HTML5 - you may have to enable it in Labs.
  8. ISSUE RESOLVED. I purchased a Nvidia 970 GTX. Although it preforms as well as the R9 290x, it has fixed the hammer issue. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xu57myt5dlq3ibo/20150107_165138.mp4?dl=0
  9. I got Hammer set up on my older laptop with a Nvidia 330m in it. It runs flawlessly. Seems to be a AMD related issue. Going to try a nvidia card in a day or so.
  10. Ah yes - I should have mentioned. It does happen in the SDK 2013 and CSS Hammer. Since I've also recently formatted my computer I was able to test it with only Steam and drivers (new and old) installed on my machine. The issue stills happens. My next test is to install Windows 7 and see how that works out.
  11. I sadly don't know when it started. I really should know but I don't. If you use Hammer - Might I ask if you experience this issue on either your win7 or win8 install?
  12. Hey Everyone, I feel quite silly coming to ask about a Hammer issue when I should know how to fix it. In ANY level that has stuff in it. Even dev levels that are full playable layouts. I get an issue where selecting an object will stall Hammer for about 1-3 seconds, depending on how annoying Hammer is feeling. Here is the glitch: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5kku2crx7nc9982/20150105_012317.mp4?dl=0 I hold down the forward key so you can see that it skips once I click and then jolts forward. I'm on Windows 8.1 with an AMD R9 290x video card. I've had some kind people test this on Windows 7 with Nvidia cards and they DON'T have this issue. If anyone with Nvidia on 8/8.1 OR AMD on 7 can test this, I would be super grateful to you. If anyone else has any suggestions please let me know. What I've done. Re-install Windows. Update video drivers Roll back video drivers EDIT: changed video to better show issue.
  13. Nice work man, I'm completely jelly of all of season and grace! Why do I even open Hammer when I have this to compete with!
  14. How did you get the little cuebmap spheres?
  15. Beat me to posting my own tutorial!
  16. I can't wait to begin my 3DS max adventures after school is over.
  17. I got 2 things recently!!! First being my 27'' WQHD (2560x1440) monitor! (He is the one in the middle) And the other is my Ducky Shine 3!
  18. Hello everyone! I had a post about this when it was "de_whatever" but screw that post! My partner and I have been hard at work on our level! I'm finally ready to post it up here for some feedback. The overview pathing seems a bit hectic, but it actually plays fairly well. I'll have to schedule a play test soon so you all can give proper feedback. It's very much a work in progress and many areas are lacking detail. I'd say its about 80%-90% complete. Anyways, here are the screenies!
  19. Yo, this may have been answered, but do any of you guys track your progress at the gym? And if so, what do you use?
  20. Yeah, chat is broken. How else will I waste my time? *gets back to work*
  21. My friend list gets purged every once and a while, sorry about that.
  22. This level is honestly just too open for Source engine to handle. It looks like you'll need to either put up some walls to prevent visibility, or add some fog (Which would look stupid). Start by making sure all props have fade distances...
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