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  1. Thewhaleman


    After bubkez had to change it a bunch because CPL strike...right? He might be mistaking redistribution rights with ownership? I think he is out of his depth clawing on any logic to justify a point he doesn't even understand at this point. Mods should just lock this thread. No good is being done.
  2. Thewhaleman


    Love the fact you used those three MAGICAL words. Creative Commons License. Creative common licenses are set by the creator, there is no default.
  3. Thewhaleman


    Just going to throw this one out there, Valve, a billion dollar company, has been rumoured to cut a map from the first operation because they weren't sure of copyright issues with the map. Crazy right? Almost like they didn't want to take the chance, like the map, even though remade, was so much of a liability, it wasn't worth the chance. Kinda makes you think that you automatically own your ideas even though you post them online. Like almost as the creator you have the power to decide how your work can be distributed, used, and or remixed by others. Also like, you're responsible to defend your own copyright. Makes you go HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM... -Freelance artist that lively hood depends on laws that protect creators.
  4. How do I make a ladder?

    Also nice banner.

    1. TopHATTwaffle


      First you want to uninstall Blender.

    2. Thewhaleman


      Never mind, found a 3kliks video.

  5. Congrats to biome, map was solid.
  6. Thewhaleman

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    I don't know how this all shakes down of course.. but I'd like it if the hub was re-opened every once and awhile with a couple new community maps for short periods of time. Right now your map really doesn't have a chance to be played outside operations by a serious amount of people. It's been a problem for awhile. A map gets made, and then just lives on the workshop and if it doesn't get picked up by an operation, it dies on the workshop. The best feedback you get is from people theory crafting your map offline or playtests that you set up. Seeing these maps get played, not just mine, has been amazing, feels like a prize just to have your map played. Either way I've enjoyed the last few days. Good job on faceit and mapcore for making this happen.
  7. Thewhaleman

    totally random texture thread

    Designed for the source engine in substance designer.
  8. Thewhaleman


    I mostly did textures and assets for the project, but early on in the mapping process to figure out some areas I drew some quick concept art. Here is a couple of those drawings.
  9. Thewhaleman

    The random model thread!

    Some props I made for de_abbey
  10. Thewhaleman

    ITT: Post maps/scenes that never saw the light of the day.

    Concepts done for a deathmatch pier map that has collected a bunch of dust, would be aimed to work with csgo's weird game modes like am_maps. Maybe one day. Based off the famous Santa Monica pier. The layout was very v1, had a lot of problems, and was never fleshed out or finished. Exterior of game building. It works! some props More props. layout roughs with some quick drawings to get ideas out of my head. Sushi shop was also going to have a sticker and gun skin release with map. This is mock up. One of the game roughs
  11. Thewhaleman

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Is the drapery a separate model from the window?
  12. Thewhaleman

    The random model thread!

    Keeping busy...(Might tweak the rocket ship, add some wear to that red paint..)
  13. Thewhaleman

    The random model thread!

    IT WORKS! Sorta....I might make the scoreboard work, but it seems like a nightmare that can easily sink a lot of time into and get me no where...
  14. Thewhaleman

    totally random texture thread

    Messing about with some workflows, made a wood texture.. In source In substance
  15. Thewhaleman

    The random model thread!

    Random stuff I am working on, need to redo the rock texture....but man, I'm diggin messing around with hand painted stuff. EDIT: I ported it into source for shits and giggles...