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  1. Corvus

    [UE4] [WIP] Ryokan

    A Japanese styled environment I've been working for a few days. Looking forward for critique on the proportions and composition
  2. Corvus

    [UE4] Spanish Courtyard

    Made a little cinematic to show off the environment. Nothing special pretty simple stuff : D
  3. Corvus

    [UE4] Spanish Courtyard

    Thank you ! It is textured though But i guess i need to add more contrast to materials.
  4. The project that I've been working on from on and off. It started off in Unity but then I've moved it to Unreal. Its pretty close to completion, thinking of a night setting aswell
  5. Been working on a new environment thing for a few days
  6. Played around a bit more with the proportions. Does it feel better now ?
  7. It looks like they're adding dynamic gi ontop of the pre baked one
  8. Been working on a modular building set for a few days
  9. No i dont think its gonna be something like that unfortunately .
  10. A project i started a month ago. The idea is to make a playable island environment. The ocean water i''ve used https://github.com/UE4-OceanProject/OceanProject/tree/4.18
  11. A level in ue4 i'm working on . it all started with making a few palm trees and then it went from there. The ocean water is a community project water from ue4 forums.
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