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  1. Here’s a straight up version of the trailer Yeah, hopefully it’s typical trailer non-gameplay shit
  2. I haven’t spent much time in Source 2 yet. I’m very curious about: -Animating character models in Source 2 (Source Film Maker style?) -PBR materials in Source 2 -How accurate editor lighting is (are there compiles to finalize?) -Scripting/coding stuff Perhaps someone can enlighten me.
  3. Few things on Source are this simple, one reason why the engine is so time consuming to work with
  4. Also upon doing research about this game apparently the bad guy is a giant dude who sprints at you full speed shooting rockets from a fucking rocket launcher? Pretty ridiculous... can’t wait to see how/if they can make that fun because it sounds like a design nightmare
  5. Another remake. Never played the original. The 2 remake rocked my socks though so I’m definitely a day 1 for this bad boy
  6. I really doubt they will notice $10 million. Small price to pay to get this out of the headlines. Most cases settle for a bunch of reasons, courts encourage it. Less risk, losing outright can be devastating even if you appeal. You don't want to find yourself at the mercy of a jury/judge.
  7. Yes, this is another lesson from Source modding also. People straight up faked screenshots, Nuclear Dawn posed models to make it look like they were in game and animated. When the mod got leaked, a lot of the stunningly beautiful levels weren’t complete at all. Some were, such as Briscoe’s nice Russia level. But there was a lot of bluffing too. Don’t get too hung up on what other people are doing until you’re in-game and playing it, not all that glitters is gold. Even if it looks amazing the mod still probably won’t release. It’s really hard to hold a team together, and the more talented the team the harder it becomes unless everyone is getting a nice paycheck they’re happy with. It’s OK to take inspiration from the most amazing bonkers AAA quality mods but they’re probably doomed.
  8. It’s amazing what *checks notes* endless billions of dollars can achieve
  9. If you want to build something, do it yourself. Don't get me wrong! Teams are great. Teams are better than individuals... but the problem with Source modding is that people team hopped to the most exciting new projects they could find (this was me) and would leave when the mod looked dead from inactivity. Or life would get in the way. Or people would get hired for professional work. One way or another, if you want to build something, do it, don’t expect to spread the workload effectively because this generally didn’t work well from what I saw This should also help you scope better. If you have a team of 26 people, all the sudden you’re overestimating what you can achieve
  10. There are two people in this thread who are consistently annoying. You two are on thin ice. Be considerate. Stay on topic. Be constructive to a fault. Or we will show you the door. If you want to report issues with another user, go to the mods. The way it was handled here comes across as petty.
  11. First thing that came to mind: don't target multiplayer. This didn't really work out for any of the Source mods. Maybe Insurgency excluded. 99.9% of HL2 multiplayer mods that were traditional total conversions failed to sustain a playerbase
  12. It should not have come as a huge shock that literally adding camouflaged guys to CS would, uhm, make seeing them more difficult
  13. Oh God, everything that went wrong with HL2 modding. I’ll meditate on this one, think there’s plenty to say about it but it’s been so long and I made so many of the errors myself that it’s hard to put into words Definitely worth learning from
  14. This makes me very curious. I don’t really have enough space near my PC for room scale. It’s really a bummer because I almost, but definitely do not, have enough room. Barely missing the cut off. Hopefully the game isn’t going to be way worse if you’re standing or sitting...
  15. So don’t close until we get a sequel, not a prequel?!? xD
  16. Executive producer isn’t as interesting as, say, “director”... but it could be good Jordan Peele as a director is batting 50/50. Us was bad, get out quite good.
  17. Given the release of the Half-LIfe: Alyx trailer, this thread will be ceremoniously closed in 24 hours. It's now "Party Time"
  18. Absolutely hit me with that level editor, smack me square in the fucking face
  19. It looks SICK WILD NASTY lets go ! Hl3 baby!
  20. When VR = sunglasses you can put on, the entire world is going to be different in terms of media. I know Google Glass kind of tried to do this and sucked, but I just get the sense that's the holy grail. (outside of neural stuff) I kind of judge technology these days by what little kids use when they're bored in the living room. Right now, that's an ipad, and I think it's fair to say the whole ipad/iphone revolution was the last big "woah" moment for consumer tech. If it got to the point where they were wearing glasses that would be about the same convenience level.
  21. I'll drop the dough to get a new Index, hl3, etc. VR does indeed suck, I mean we can just be honest about this, we're all friends here. VR sucks. It's not good. It's bad. You're strapped to a computer, you might not have room for room-scale (doesn't sound like this one will be room-scale), it takes forever to get everything unpacked and ready to go, it's barely worth the hassle once you get "presence". All of this is objectively true. VR sucks ass. It's not good. It's very bad. THAT BEING SAID, it's a Half-Life game, it will probably be very cool. It will be, hopefully, the "best case scenario" for VR. I don't want to dismiss it outright because I hate VR. (but I do hate VR). I'm hoping it will redeem the entire premise of VR, which heretofore has only been cringe. It's obvious that decades in the future VR will be all there is, and I suppose we don't get there without these kind of necessary steps.
  22. Already know exactly what I'm gonna make when that sweet, sweet Quixel drops. How about you all?
  23. The alternative would be paying some individual to hand author assets based on photo ref There’s no fighting this so I didn’t want to sound too fatalistic or anything. UE4 is incredible, Quixel seems incredible. I just think that the whole Quixel suite in particular and similar tech generally speaking seem powerful enough to sharply lower the need for env artists across the board. I think it’s only “democratizing” if your definition of democratizing arbitrarily glazed over the likely job displacement caused by new technology. But, that’s pretty much where things are headed for most industries, so not a unique story there. Personally I can’t wait to load it up once it goes live. It’s very exciting
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