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  1. It's always been an attractive map, but I think you've dialed up the noise a bit too much. Reduce by 25% pls In the center area of those screenshots especially. + always have a third spice color pls.
  2. Hyped! Well, except for Jared Leto.
  3. Wow! You need to write a book about your life, dude.
  4. Best attitude EU, keep on trucking bro
  5. Just watched it. Found the plot kind of weird but was able to follow it. Some of the sets were cool. Overall not a great film but lots of cool ideas and parts.
  6. Eraserhead is awesome. I was a big fan of Lynch who had somehow skipped over Twin Peaks. Think I watched a few minutes as a teenager and found it depressing. I also dismissed Mulholland Drive as a youngster, might have just been stupid, now I need to go back and watch that one as well. SO excited to begin Season 3. So glad it's happening.
  7. Just watched Fire Walk With Me, ok, I think Lynch is a genius
  8. Hit the space bar and you can move again, perhaps.
  9. You can't have concave shapes (a box that goes in on itself). Cut that brush horizontally everywhere you have it going inward using the cut tool. edit: concave, not convex. How embarrassing.
  10. A bit of a derail of this thread, but it's not even clear that the Workshop needs a downvote feature. Who gathers the most up votes would be sufficient.
  11. Hey, don't worry about that. Workshop ratings aren't really important. Try to get views, subscribers, etc.
  12. Congrats! Can't wait to run around this one.
  13. Yeah it's better this way, but I'm still going to longing for a WOOOO role for Mr Crews
  14. going to sound like a fucking lame normie but I'm unironically disappointed that Doomfist isn't just Terry Crews shouting all his lines...
  15. Interested to see you take this further! Keep it up. Edit: nice video of the Source2 stuff.
  16. This guy fucking owns
  17. LMAO Happy for you both!
  18. Echoing things others have said. Please understand: -Excercise -Diet -Sleep If you're not taking care of these things, don't expect to be happy. If you're taking care of these things and you're still not happy, eliminate people from your life. You will know whom to eliminate based on how you feel when you are around them. Lastly, make positive thinking your default. If you start to have a negative thought about the future, immediately think of a counteracting positive thought, even if it's ridiculous. "What if GabeN descended my chimney like Santa Claus and handed me a bag of puppies." Take care of yourself and remember you only get ONE LIFE. One chance at this stuff, so make it yours and own happiness. And for God sake, take care of your physical structure or else you are fucked.
  19. Now this one I cannot fucking wait to watch
  20. Really feels like I'm lifting a mountain with Sub-Zero, now that it's (kind of) wrapping up, the scale of it is very daunting. It's been quite a ride...
  21. Technically this is a game, just seems more fitting for an off-topic. Thought this was a cool video, there's going to be endless videos like this obviously where the intelligence of a computer just fucking smashes the human brain, and I love watching them. edit: he did a sequel to the above video
  22. Trying to watch Season 2 of Better Call Saul after finishing Twin Peaks Season 1 + 2.. this is really hard. This is not as good. I already miss Twin Peaks could be the music. I notice BCS has almost no or very little ambient sound
  23. Goodluck in the contest :kappa: no, seriously, looks really cool!
  24. Almost done with Twin Peaks Seasons 1+2. Still have the movie, and the new Seasons to go. What a weird ride.