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    Corona Virus

    Got my vaccine, this thing hurt my arm like a motherfucker. Low level flu symptoms the next day, I can only imagine what Covid really feels like
  2. Mediocre ass graphics. AoE2 is beloved because it was polished as hell for the time, and the graphics were incredible for the time. This is just hollow, hollow stuff. It doesn't withstand inspection and I honestly fail to see what they have brought to the table that is new, other than the golden ghost people spamming around when you build something. That ain't cutting it
  3. Fixed that quickly. Badass~ @Thrik
  4. Some of the screenshots from this are absolutely beautiful. It's working its way onto my playlist I think
  5. You don’t like seeing my avatar six hundred times? Maybe we can adjust this area @Thrik
  6. looks kinda meh, animations seem to suck. also seeing some obvious lag, hopefully they'll sort it out before release. I really enjoyed AoE 2 back in the day, nothing I see here makes me reach for my wallet, but I guess it could be fun to see big battles. Just wish it had more of an epic feel
  7. Since Godzilla vs. King Kong was so good I decided to go old school. Godzilla vs. Destroyah, apparently it's a classic (100% on Rotten Tomatoes)... it was definitely dope. You can see where Evangelion stole most of its ideas, and the special effects while hilariously bad in some parts are also rock and roll as fuck in other parts. Overall very fun
  8. Godzilla vs. King Kong baby. Kicked ass
  9. I really like this version of the scene, the night lighting really pops. Going to watch the whole series, but damn you went ham! These are long af
  10. Yes, agreed. I think most people would feel this way. There is no need to reinvent the wheel in this instance
  11. There was Stalker, Stalker Clear Sky, and Call of Pripyat. I can't remember which, I beat them all at the time, but after I replayed the main game and very much enjoyed it, and after replaying Clear Sky, which I also enjoyed, I tried to go back to Call of Pripyat and didn't enjoy it. This is a bit contrary to what the reviews said, as I think Pripyat reviewed better but they changed a bunch of mechanics for the worse IMO.
  12. Lol Everything I’ve seen looks dope, but yes I agree the way they are promoting this it seems like it will take one hundred million years to complete. So closer to a mod timeline than a real commercial product. The tooth modifier is classic mod scope-creep bullshit. But also, everything looks awesome?
  13. FMPONE

    [UE4] [WIP] Ryokan

    just zoomed in on this. Im not sure to what extent you are going for stylized vs realistic, but I wouldn’t describe that wood or that wall as particularly realistic. It’s basically (from my perception here), some normals on a single-color albedo. If you look at that corner wood plank, it’s looking really much more like plastic than wood. I think that may be a case of an albedo being too clean. This is not too dissimilar from how Valorant or Overwatch handled similar materials, heavy emphasis on normals to fake or emphasize bevels, very light on the albedo, but you’re going for something f
  14. FMPONE

    [UE4] [WIP] Ryokan

    Looks great but IMO the tree leaves need some additional internal contrast (and less saturation). The trees in your earlier screenshots felt a lot more satisfying. I also think you are really overloading those flower beds, the flowers won’t pop and look as pretty without some dirt/rocks/less amazing ground to contrast with. In general I think you should explore ways to introduce some dirt and grunge, if only to make the pristine parts of your visuals pop (the building facades also seem unrealistically pristine). Photographs of real places will provide imperfection inspiration. The interio
  15. The first and most crucial step is good taste...
  16. Aliens rules but it didn’t make the action look like a zombie wave shooter. I always remember the first Alien where one literally took down a dozen people using cunning or whatever. It still needs to not trash the IP by making the aliens braindead
  17. So we go from a single Alien is the world's most intelligent, deadly prey that makes you feel like a powerless n00b and ragequit after five seconds in Alien: Isolation, to shooting down waves of mindless Alien hordes and getting bored after five seconds in this game. How about just a moderately paced, narrative singleplayer game in the Alien universe. They clearly have no idea wtf to do with this IP other than run it into the fucking ground.
  18. I'm gonna buy this because it's a high resolution version of a good old game, but man this has the worst lighting. "Using every color at once" is not art direction...
  19. FMPONE

    [CS1.6] Dust 2 2020

    I gotta run around this, looks super cozy
  20. probably not an articulate description on my part. Just not a fan of the art direction, it seems mish-mashy in a bad way
  21. Looks repetitive. The weird 2d/3d mix-up artstyle isn't really working for me, either. The song in the first trailer was good though, old skool cool
  22. I played some Prodeus last night and it was pretty fun.
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