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    De_cache WIP (new version)

    Hey guys, so after my last map I spoke with someone who encouraged me to make a current competitive map (de_cache) pretty. It felt like a good fun, brief project to work on after two pretty strenuous original maps which had their own set of balance needs and weeks-long adjustment period. This one we know is fun, and I could just have some fun making it look nice. The creator Volcano is one of the most famous CS players in history~~ (his kdr>yours lol) and he's cool and totally supportive. Only problem now is I need like 2-3 custom models and textures to replace some of the placeholders I'm using, but the idea of adding a third person to such a project is not ideal. This shows me a place I definitely need to grow as an artist, unfortunately I'm a bit overloaded with projects to learn to model or texture, but the need is now pretty glaring, I should be able to handle something like this on my own... still, I may attempt to make the textures we need, learning to model would take too long for this one project. Old: New: --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Anyways I'm taking a weekend vacation now, but I look forward to hearing what you guys think. Take care.

    [CS:GO] dz_junglity (Danger Zone)

    Looks nice but very detailed. Not sure that is going to perform well given the size of Danger Zone levels

    Joker (Joaquin Phoenix)

    Guess I will refrain from re-reading that anytime before the movie, then

    Joker (Joaquin Phoenix)

    I guess Batman won't be in it at all? Should be fascinating.

    What's going on with your life?

    [disclaimer voice] I’m not yet an attorney. there are several more steps. Although this was a hard part, so thank you! [end disclaimer voice]

    What's going on with your life?

    still plan to #learntocode. We all should, I guess. Just had to do this first, or else risk forgetting everything... no immediate plans to wear a suit

    What's going on with your life?

    I want to be this one

    What's going on with your life?

    Found out today I passed the Florida Bar Exam

    Epic Games Store

    its literally one of the best platformer games I've played since the latest mario.
  10. FMPONE

    Epic Games Store

    Within two seconds of going on Itch I found an amazing game that I just spent a few hours beating. ez pz https://dustinbragg.itch.io/yo-noid-was-ahead-of-its-time
  11. FMPONE

    Epic Games Store

    I’d really like to, super curious to check out some of the smaller projects out there.
  12. FMPONE

    Epic Games Store

    CDPR probably are one of the few companies that can guarantee a very, very successful Steam launch nowadays. The platform is so bloated that for most companies it probably makes more sense to take the sure-fire cash injection from Epic. Even then, if Epic offers enough, it’s just so much better from a risk perspective to take their upfront cash. I wonder if Valve will start being very punitive with companies who dabbled with the Epic store and try to come back to Steam after their deals expire? Valve says they’re going to try to fix Artifact... it’ll be interesting to see whether that’s sincere, or they call it quits and realize whatever logic lead them to make a card game, wasn’t logical at all. Artifact is a really tough one. As a Valve fan, I would have rather seen that game succeed so that they would feel more secure venturing back into game development. Now, I can totally see them turtling up and refusing to do any more game dev for a while, bringing us back to square one. Agreed on the flat structure. It’s like a lot of walls closing in on them at once as a company, fighting so fiercely over a minuscule VR market, getting broadsided by Epic in the publishing game, having their most recent game launch do so poorly. Feels like the flat structure has been Valve’s problem for the last 10 years, but now the dam has broken and there are legitimate challenges that can’t just be ignored or handwaived because “hey, Steam is huge.”
  13. FMPONE

    What have you watched recently?

    Started watching The Expanse on Prime video. seems pretty cool. Had to turn on Closed Captioning though, because the audio mixing is not the best.
  14. FMPONE

    Epic Games Store

    it's not a big deal and competition is a good thing. the only chance we see HL3 is actually Epic big dicking Valve and exposing them for the hollowed-out publisher they are. hate to see it come to this, it would have been a lot easier for them to just stick to high quality game development. But the exclusives have to come from somewhere, if you need to make them yourself, so be it. Worked out pretty well for Portal 2.
  15. FMPONE

    Epic Games Store

    some gamers want Steam to be a permanent monopoly because Steam has a lot of great features and because managing multiple launchers isn't that great. Some pretend to care that Epic is "buying" exclusives, but I really doubt your average gamer gives two fucks about that business side of thing. Some pretend to care that Tencent is involved, like it's the Chinese government spying on them or something. Not saying there is no truth to it, but again, I really seriously doubt people give a fuck about that. Meanwhile, a billion kids are obsessed with Fortnite and a lot of the big AAA releases are moving away from Steam, so I don't think the crying stands a chance of changing anything.
  16. FMPONE

    Epic Games Store

    I really feel like if Cyberpunk goes to the Epic Store, that's gotta be the big turning point if it happens... if I'm Epic, I'd pay them whatever it takes for that exclusive. Whatever the cost. As for Borderlands 3, Pitchford literally said that if HL3 was released he would reconsider launching on the Epic store. People act like Valve NEVER had first party exclusives, and it's not true. Steam was built on first party exclusives. What's changed is, they're no longer making exclusives, and Epic is buying the third party titles and making them exclusive. Maybe Epic will run out of money, but they have the high-tech engine that built Fortnite, they can keep pumping out hits, while all Valve has is an aging Source Engine. Possibly, developers will begin to over-leverage, asking ridiculous fees from Epic because they know Epic wants the exclusives. That might end the bidding the wars. I'd really like the narrative to change here, obviously being rather invested in the Valve side of things. But they're not really the same company that made Portal 2, it's not clear they still have the talent to do big projects like that. They're investing big in VR. Only problem is, no one cares that much about VR... The big title they invested in to show that "hey, we still make games!" was Artifact, and it bombed HARD. You have to fail to succeed, so it's a good sign in a way, but it's kind of ironic that Valve says "we were really wrong about what our players wanted!" once Artifact failed, but then they said for years "actually, our fans don't REALLY want HL3". It's like, hey uh, your sense of what your fans want seems pretty dogshit. Definitely seems like Epic is winning this fight, and is going to win in the long run.
  17. FMPONE

    Cyberpunk 2077

    watch Epic Games steal this and make it exclusive LOL
  18. FMPONE

    Battlefield V

    EA is just competing with themselves when Apex is doing so well. Strange stuff.
  19. If graphics get crazy enough such that hardware manufacturers can't keep prices low enough for the average consumer, or developers can no longer afford to optimize what they're making, or consumers get sold on the idea of "hyper-realistic" rendering that only Google data-centers could provide I can see this taking off. Not sure America's shitty infrastructure could handle the streaming aspect. Ultimately this being successful wouldn't be great for anyone except Google.
  20. FMPONE

    Apex Legends

    This video, I think very convincingly, ties the success of Apex Legends to the worsening and widespread income inequality we see throughout our society. The central thesis touches on a lot of topics that seem especially relevant these days, such as the ongoing "race to the bottom" of game development, conversion to parasitic F2P/spotify models, handing over industry-wide promotion to monopolies like Amazon via Twitch "influencers". It seems like quite a fun game and I obviously think it's great that Respawn has a bonafide hit on their hands. But on the other hand, it's hard to imagine the business model it pushes and normalizes being sustainable in the long term once the concept of "microtransactions" has less novelty to consumers, nor healthy for the industry at large when BR games cannibalize eachother's success so rapidly, and games that aren't chasing the BR trend hardly stand to be profitable.
  21. FMPONE

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Hey guys, so not sure everyone is aware of this, but our Mapcore FACEIT hubs have been out-of-control successful. We're currently testing the CS:GO Contest Finalists. Here's how YOU can join! 1. Register at FACEIT.com 2. Join our HUBs NA: https://www.faceit.com/en/inv/V7NHmTG EU: https://www.faceit.com/en/inv/AeDqw2Z Current numbers (day 2):
  22. FMPONE

    True Detective - TV Show

    Heard this in a few places. Sounds like it’s on the list!
  23. FMPONE

    Now playing - 2018

    Playing Dead Cells currently. I like the gameplay (sometimes) and the visuals are mostly OK and not bad. Not a big fan of the gameplay gimmick or the repetition. However, I just keep coming back to it during downtime. It’s very addicting... Think I’m ready to move onto RE2
  24. FMPONE

    High Life

    That was a very good trailer. Andre 3000!