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    Corona Virus

    In the United States, the government owns your body. Not saying that morally, but practically, they can enact a draft to take physical possession of you. They can subpoena you, put a warrant out for you, arrest you. So they already have control. The new vaccine argument elides the fact that failure to take the vaccine at all increases your chance of contracting a deadly virus. So it’s like driving without a seatbelt, or smoking at a gasoline pump. Eventually that shit will catch up to you, and the only hope you’ve got is a vaccine. In my opinion it is clear that this thing was create
  2. Curious how we should handle this... did the spam bots basically break this idea? I've updated with a new link to see if it will work now
  3. I missed the whole fake plates scandal. Were people saying Jeff uses them? Are his muscles fake too?
  4. Never feels great or safe to have a room full of probably 200-300 people booing you and some dudes with authority on a stage mocking you as well. I know we’ve spent a while on this tangent of the blizzcon panel, but people seem to think it’s a useful window into what other women, who were in the company, faced from some of these same individuals, so it might not be a waste of time to look at it carefully I agree with @ElectroSheep that the whole vibe is off because the panel seems to be about these dudes’ egos instead of what everyone actually came together for, which is the games. It’s
  5. I did dumbell benching for many years because I didn't have a bench setup and my gym only had a free bench with no safety bars. Moving 80-100lb dumbells around is just kind of insane though and not very practical for a home gym. It's nice benching now with safety bars, there's really no risk except perhaps to the shoulders, but I just don't see it happening. Might break out the dumbells again to do some farmer carries, that was a super fun and effective exercise that I stopped doing a while ago for no real reason. I was seeing nice benefits from them
  6. It was a critical question, not rude. It’s bad enough you’ve got a million sweaty nerds booing her for asking a critical question, then they had to yuk yuk instead of taking a minute to answer her.
  7. I think these QA sessions are a bad idea because these aren’t trained media people or from the looks of it, very bright dudes when it comes to speaking with the public in person. I would have a simple ground rule: just be sincere in your answers, don’t try to be a fucking comedian, that’s not what we pay you to do. ”Great question, we will pass it on to our character design team” — all his dumbass had to say
  8. It’s a shitty, evasive answer to her question using humor to deflect, but it’s easy to fall into that when you’re trying to deflect attention away from a person asking a question which implicitly includes a potentially tough criticism of your game. Unfortunately for those chucklefucks, they ain’t comedians, and it wasn’t effective. I’ve definitely used humor to try to deflect when I’m a similar setting of someone asking you an awkward or unpleasant question and it genuinely does come across better to take five seconds to actually think about how you’re going to answer. People will laugh a
  9. I think it’s a combination of my old max being well over body weight, trying to lose some body weight, and also just having terrible leverages for the exercise (long arms). One of the reasons I was focusing on it is, it’s a struggle lift for me
  10. Great skills in storytelling relative to the rest of storytellers in video games, yes. Poor management skills I think is clear by this point The thing about when these big auteurs in the gaming industry get critiqued (people can be pretty critical of Kojima as well)... dude has made some classics. I always like to remember that part.
  11. lost 40 pounds from my benchpress from taking a couple of weeks off. going to the gym really is like a korean mmorpg
  12. Most likely ruled unconstitutional if it gets in front of the conservative-majority Supreme Court. However, as spa mentioned these are boards, not typical workers, and furthermore if you wanted to conform with this literally all you would have to do is add a person to your board who also happened to be a woman. Not some kind of onerous burden, by any stretch. You can tell that there is no “quota” system because still only like 30% of the company is even women. In California the relationship between the company and the state seems very frayed at this point, but it could also just be
  13. Damn. Alright, fuck ‘em. I’ll watch the play through on YouTube
  14. What’s so bad about this? I never played the original so it could be fun to experience
  15. Also how the fuck do these state attorneys not know how to spell “Bill Cosby”? They call him Crosby twice, just to make it clear they don’t proofread what they’re filing. Isn’t he like one of the most famous living Americans, one of the most notorious sexual harassment litigants in recent history, and you work in that field? Ever heard of google/spell check? Doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence moving forward, the victims can’t catch a damn break I assume you’re joking but it’s not quotas. There are laws that say you can’t discriminate on hiring, which is how you end u
  16. Bioshock 1 was the best, 2 was pretty good, by 3 I think Ken Levine... well, I don't know what went wrong exactly. but something went wrong. On paper that game should have been fantastic, and it had a lot going for it even on launch. It seemed like either the pressure got to him, or the management was really fucking things up. Something gummed up the works. I've read a few articles that try to attribute the "failure" of Infinite to Levine and they seem really disingenuous. There is no Bioshock without him and it seems much more likely that they didn't balance him out with someone very pra
  17. Blizzard be like “oh we’re the bad guys? ok, we’ll move out of California. Bye!” Reading their response it looks like leaving the state in the next couple of years is a guarantee.
  18. Started The Boys on prime. was quite hesitant to watch it because I'm sick to death of everything being superhero related or adjacent, but it is good
  19. It’s important to remember that video games are a creative industry and not derivative at all
  20. It says "Your expected order availability: Q1 2022", but I heard otherwise on Twitter? dunno. Hopefully it really is Q1
  21. They don't ship out until 2022. In the case of the 512, not until Q3 2022. le sad face
  22. Sick website. Not Honestly surprised I managed to get it
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