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  1. Nexus is still working on that apartment complex level from 15 years ago ...it’s going to be so good when it finally hits
  2. The index is heavy enough to be slightly uncomfortable. I don’t regret buying it, but there is no reason to lie. It’s not comfortable as a device. There is real room for improvement on the weight side of things. And the sooner we yeet the goddamn wire into the sun, the better. That shit has GOT. TO. GO!
  3. On a serious note, most people I respect do seem to have positive things to say about this game. It must be annoying to release a huge game and for the rubes to set its “reputation” before its even released, based mostly on leaks and/or politics, and then turn that itself into a meme. But I have a feeling the sales have been very good...
  4. The original Jumanji is a stone cold classic!
  5. It’s a game about a global pandemic and rampant conspiracy theories. While it would be fun to remake it, I’m just not sure it’s *relevant* to our times
  6. People like remakes tho I think it would be easy to market
  7. This makes me think, why don’t they just remake this game? It’s got awesome design still, they could keep all of that complexity 1:1, all they would have to do is update the graphics and remake the soundtrack. Sounds a lot better than a sequel...
  8. It’s really moddable. I didn’t play it originally but installed a bunch of mods that made it look way better. It was pretty dope and I got why people liked it Thing is, the shit graphics are exactly why no one has made a game like this since. It’s too complex, and it’s not really possible with modern game budgets to all the little intricate bullshit they did, not to mention the length of this game. For those same reasons you can expect a remake to cut corners heavily and almost certainly suck. If you want to experience this one, I would load it up with visual and bug fixing mods and expect something dated in some ways. The cliche about this game is that your choices matter, but it’s true, they took that idea further than any other linear FPS ever has.
  9. Lmao, nothing like knocking pictures off the wall because you can’t see shit
  10. don't think i'm gonna click that shit, i've seen enough
  11. I don't use my VR kit much but I enjoy having an excuse to boot it up. Alyx was a good one. Hoping this thread can help!
  12. FMPONE

    Corona Virus

    Lmao. We’re so fucked
  13. True. That’s why I love this move. They already know they’re going to make a bazillion dollars, might as well get great reviews too.
  14. FMPONE


    Agreed, text can be really challenging. It makes things seem more cold and less friendly for sure. But I think Mapcore is a friendly place regardless Good luck with your project dude!
  15. FMPONE


    They risk of doing this, is that people will think you’re arguing with them. That’s what I’m trying to explain. Simply thanking someone for their feedback and then crumpling it up and throwing it in the trash, means they will still be willing to give you feedback long into the future. If it seems like you’re arguing with someone about that person’s opinion, it comes across as really hostile and makes them less likely to take the time to give you feedback in the future. Unless you think someone’s feedback is just dog shit, it’s usually not a good idea to come across as not being interested in their feedback. Someone can make a dumb point one day and a great point the next day. You want people to be willing to give you lots of feedback, everyone knows it’s up to you what feedback you take or do not take. All of this is just my personal opinion.
  16. FMPONE


    My experience has been that when someone says something about my level that I don’t agree with, I either have to admit they’re right a few months later, or it ends up being totally wrong and it’s not something I ever think about again. I don’t usually say much about it to that person though, because I find it’s best to keep the door pretty wide open to their feedback. The reason? so that if they made a few stupid points this time, next time they’ll maybe say something smarter. So that’s what I was getting at with “argument”. After our discussion, I still feel the same way I did about County at the beginning
  17. FMPONE


    Sorry but you do seem argumentative. I wrote a lot of stuff and I think I was sincerely trying to be constructive and also express my opinion about what I was seeing. The missing link here is that you can not convince people they’re wrong when it comes to their own opinions, that’s a waste of time and not what the feedback process is about.
  18. FMPONE


    With all due respect, taking feedback is a skill. Read what the person has said a few times, think about it, and thank them for their feedback. It just seems pointless to argue about this stuff in this manner, no one is forcing you to do anything. It’s food for thought.
  19. FMPONE


    Just about every good CSGO level does what I’m suggesting in terms of a tight theme (Vertigo, Train, Nuke) or a specific place on Earth (Inferno-Tuscany, Cobble-French Castle, Dust2-Moroccan Town, Anubis-Egyptian Temple, Overpass-Berlin Sewer) so I’m not sure where you’re getting the idea that it’s not important or that it’s a frivolous concept. The US is one of the largest countries on Earth, and it would be helpful in my opinion if you picked a specific area to focus on rather than the current scattershot approach. There is no “USA architectural style”, there are thousands of sub-cultures and sub-styles. I think a little research here would be helpful.
  20. FMPONE


    Suburbs are pretty sprawling sometimes. I get that this might be somewhat repetitive, but that’s where modularity + a subtle dash of an overarching theme (military simulation, post-apoc, cordoned off area) and one or two of your other ideas could work without throwing too much away. IMO the suburban home idea you presented seems really like the most compelling and the only one we haven’t seen explored in CSGO, so I would go deeper with that rather than cast a wide net. If you felt really strongly about keeping all of this different stuff, I would pick a place in the US to focus on specifically. Just saying it’s set in a rural area in the US doesn’t do much to carve out a theme, because there are a lot of different flavors of rural in this country. Is it in the Deep South? The Pacific Northwest? The Midwest? They all have a very different feel. Maybe that would help tie everything together. But to me as it stands there isn’t anything glueing the areas together, and not all of it is equally interesting. That’s why it seems important to either 1) go deeper on one concept that is truly generic in the US (suburb) or 2) tie it all together somehow by picking a specific region of the country to help focus the theme. You're free to say “this is set somewhere in the US” but then I don’t think it will resonate with people as strongly as if you limit your research to one location, find reference, and dig deeply into it to bring lots of personality forward.
  21. FMPONE


    It might be a good idea to focus the theme a bit. It seems focused on Americana, but a bit all over the place. I get that it's a Danger Zone map, but just because you have a big space to work with, doesn't mean it needs to hit 10 different themes at once. I personally am fond of the suburban setting, and I think of the themes you highlighted it's the most apt for CS:GO and the best realized here. I think it would be smart to combine the police station, suburbia, church and sawmill while cleaning them all up a lot to match the suburban idyllic theme. Given that a lot of the Danger Zone levels seem to be artificial spaces, perhaps it would be a simulation of a suburban area, sort of a training ground. I don't think the haunted house really fits in logically, and I'm not so sure about the trailer park either (maybe that would be by the sawmill?). Danger Zone levels seem to have quite focused themes (jungle, laboratory island, desert island), so I guess I'm just looking for something that binds these together in a simple, overarching way (military simulation/deserted area)
  22. New Pokémon Snap https://mobile.twitter.com/pokejungle/status/1273241341187817472 https://pokejungle.net/2020/06/17/watch-the-pokemon-presents-presentation-with-live-coverage/ oh my god fam
  23. I’m sure some people are pumped about that list, but I’ll probably just be enjoying Cyberpunk on the PC. Seems like not the strongest launch lineup. When Rockstar did GTA launch titles and cucked PC gamers for a year+, that was a major incentive to buy a console. Maybe that’s what will happen once again, I don’t know. If it doesn’t, I don’t see what would be a “must buy”.
  24. Original Day-Z arma mod is still probably one of my best gaming experiences ever. It only stopped being fun once the cheaters got involved. I’ll check this one out if the reviews are any good.
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