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  1. This is one of those movies that I couldn’t tell what was going on in the trailer and it would either prove out that it was good or confirm that it made no sense. Seems like the latter! Luckily for Nolan, I think this was the best possible time to release a dud of a movie into theaters, COVID is the ultimate excuse.
  2. I’m curious to see how it plays. All I know is that there is an imposter, and people vote on who it was. Seems like people are really enjoying it
  3. Pure modding creativity right there! I love the Spanish influenced architecture mansion
  4. I believe in VR now more than ever. Pancake games are boring in comparison
  5. Quite a good trailer. Let’s go!


    I didn’t realize he did Arrival. That one was solid I would say, pretty good for sure.


    I for one think this looks badass. I never saw the new Blade Runner and didn't hear very good things, but maybe it's worth checking out now to prepare for this guy's work a bit more. How is that any different than normal? srry
  8. maybe if we use letters from the word SEX a lot in the name of our console, people will think we're COOL


    We're just a couple of bros sitting around pressing eachother's orgasm buttons, it's totally normal. I'm sorry your mind is stuck in the last century.
  10. FMPONE


    HP, I'm pressing your orgasm button. lol
  11. FMPONE


    I can't wait to shit my pants because someone hacked my brain's wifi
  12. If this is how they taught every subject, I would have done much better in school.
  13. exactly. i'm counting on this game not sucking, so much depends on it. and i ain't clicking SHIT!!
  14. I can’t remember disliking Spark from a geo standpoint, I remember it being highly decent and had fun with it. But texturing sucked with it, once you get used to hotspotting in Source 2 you will understand that it’s not just about ease of creating geometry but also ease of applying textures to that geometry.
  15. There are many many annoying changes to adapt to with Source 2. However I am now fully adapted, and can honestly say none of it is that big of a deal. I will concede to you that being able to launch Hammer directly would be nice. You can create planes but it consists of deleting 5 faces of a cube. Not being able to resize the f9 menu is some kind of annoying bug. I remember feeling extremely cramped in Source 2 at first, but I got used to it. Overall you’re noticing normal stuff to be annoyed by, it goes away after a while.
  16. I can complain about everything in my life. And NONE of it is my fault, actually. 1 disagree = 1 block
  17. Show you some screenshots? How about show us some screenshots of the issue you’re having? That’s about all we can do for you.
  18. I think we should report Oliver to the police for simply balling out of control
  19. Maybe if you explain the issue people will help? I use these tools everyday, they open fine.
  20. Hope you got a Facebook account, boomer I love having a trustworthy fella like Zuckerberg looking over my shoulder at all times. Also the sensors don’t run out of batteries dawg, they plug into the wall. The controllers run out of batteries but pretty sure any controller does(?)
  21. This looks really confidently constructed from the screenshots, nice stuff
  22. If you don’t want to take out a second mortgage to play vidya games, I’m sorry but you’re a jerk. It’s important to sell your organs every once in a while, you don’t even need half of them. This is finance 101.
  23. Fucking incredible. Spotlighted
  24. “A third said they and their partner stopped talking about having kids because they knew they wouldn’t be able to afford it.” Stuff like this really bums me out. Having to choose between the reason many people feel we are really put on Earth, or chasing your own personal creative dreams. Dark stuff.
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