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  1. Show looks good but they gotta let the Mendel “Mendel it up”. We’ll see if they let him stretch his legs
  2. Basically photo-real, as far as I’m concerned. Man that is some insane tech!

    DE_CACHE (new version)

    DE_CACHE by FMPONE and Volcano A bomb defusal map set around Chernobyl. Terrorists are bent on destroying the evidence of a massive weapons-cache in the shadows of Chernobyl. THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING (amazing) PEOPLE!: MAPCORE.ORG, Robert Yang, Lenz Monath (penE) +++ Comparison Sliders: FMPONE.com/cache +++ +++ +++
  4. Watching the Righteous Gemstones, it's extremely good.
  5. This is partially my fault. I thought it might be a good idea to do a “black and white” old Cache in that video, but they just turned saturation down 50%. Then when you see the new Cache it’s like “omg”, but the reality was it just looked like the colors were messed up. We need to take saturation down but yeah, gotta take some responsibility for that one. I also should have unbuttoned my jacket on the desk, looked pregnant at times o.O oh well, no do-overs in life. Still pretty happy with how stuff went, and still a bit of work to do before release
  6. Yeah, it's obvious this will just cause industry-wide shift in how pricing works, it's not acceptable to developers to completely lose control of pricing their own games. The market will be flooded with insanely discounted re-sales which the developers see $0 from. So on paper it's similiar, but the PC market has heretofore been completely insulated from the console GameStop re-sale stuff. There's also a difference between digital items being resold and physical items being resold, such as a disc. A disc most likely isn't going to be going far from it's current location and likely not going international on re-sale, there are shipping costs associated there and currency differences. I don't know if it would be super devastating but it's hard to argue it won't hurt developers of PC games. Not remotely an expert on this, but IIRC there is already a lot of currency manipulation going on with the sale of game keys, it seems likely that would flourish in this kind of environment. It's good for consumers in the short term who get cheaper games, but in the long run that just means worse games.
  7. Yeah I have no idea how this becomes workable. Only going to reduce the value of games across the board
  8. Looks pretty good to me? Seems like a solid trailer

    Doctor Sleep

    Damn they put "final trailer" on this as if I'd seen the others, had no idea this movie was so close.
  10. Welcome back to Mapcore dude!!!!!!!
  11. Just watched Vampire Hunter D the movie for the first time. Owned
  12. Doom Guy is hot, actually. He’s sexy.
  13. I forgot that this game is a thing, that is going to rock, and now I’m excited about it again
  14. If neither version was publicly released you’re fine.
  15. watched the Ninja Scroll movie. fucking owned, its metal as fuck
  16. I love that we're getting some great space movies. Interstellar and Gravity rocked, hoping this one can get on that level of quality too.
  17. Great idea. I wonder if @Thrik could make that happen?
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