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  1. Honestly they would "win" more by investing more in the actual software and maybe a little less on the free games. One of the reasons Steam is the go to for consumers, its largely due to features.
  2. How do they decide which and how many maps to make for OVerwatch, Apex, Fortine, CSGO, etc? Mostly through market analysis. This is a business/creative director/executive producer level decision. Say a game is aiming at WWII setting, how do you decide which cities or places to go? How is the creative process? You general create pitches for a whole load of locations based on how they work for gameplay, general thematics/narrative themes, landmarks, etc and then pick from the best pitches to move forward with.
  3. The gameplay video literally has hundreds of units and the unit cap per player is 200, which is the same as aoe2.
  4. Not really, looks super faithful to the originals
  5. Ok, change my view. Doom eternal DLC is dreadful. Its a bunch of fights in terrible environments and poor AI compositions (its just more of all the enemy types with zero complimenting fights). Examples: 2 doom hunters in the same room, where they have very specific vulnerable timers to hit doesn't work. Fighting a cyber demon in a LITERAL hallway doesn't work. Fighting multiples of the strongest enemies in an environment with lots of edges to get caught on and 15 or so small adds to get caught on doesn't work.
  6. You should try things like red orchestra, squad, insurgency etc
  7. I think the best way I can describe its gameplay loops is non blocky minecraft.
  8. If you have a uncovered hole above your fire it will go out if it rains. You need to have a sideways gap at the top.
  9. COD 1 Chateau vibes are strong, was one of my favorite TDM maps.
  10. Games I played this year no idea when they came out: Deep rock galactica Control Factorio Ori 2
  11. Bought it a while back, still need to install and play but yeah, ive heard its very fun.
  12. Ah cool, didn't know it was being marketed and sold on toasters
  13. I'm with Dux, how dare the guy who paid for the game expect it to work.... Bad take Dux.
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