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  1. In dooms case I dont think that is the intention, good pacing should never drop completely off a cliff every 10 minutes. It only drops off to allow for the exploration for upgrades. If you ignore the upgrades im sure the pacing is great. But the upgrades are a core part of the game. Don't get me wrong I love the game, but i wish they had replicated the pacing of Wolfenstein a little more.
  2. Can't agree about the pacing tbh. The combat pacing is great but the actual level pacing is very weak at times, as FMPONE says the foundry is a great example of this. The save points are all over the place and once you have cleared the area you just spend time running around this empty area. Too much exploring empty areas for bonus stuff which halts the pacing. You can go from 100 to 0 in 20 seconds and stay there for 10 minutes before its back to 100 again.
  3. Congrats bastion
  4. Say hi to Patrick Payne
  5. Better be good chris!
  6. Son of a
  7. Whats the house price over there like?
  8. Honestly at the beginning of my career I would take the job that makes my CV look as good as possible. It will give you more possibilities later in your career.
  9. Wait, what does the hate have to do with the video? How is it anti-feminism? It barely tells you anything.
  10. Wheres the boner emote?
  11. That must depend on what you do, didn't happen for me.
  12. That ending you son of a bitch? The mod is great, really enjoyed it all. Shame it was so short, I want more. Don't blame you for keeping it short, the amount of work required to do a full mod is crazy.
  13. Dat metro though
  14. Well half the game was outsourced, not sure what IO were doing after that. I imagine trying to make a new game/IP.
  15. game sounds terrible but is he playing a pc fps with a controller or keyboard only or something?