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  1. Vilham


    How many of those later changes are driven by art vs ld? Seems like it changes alot after blockout, often changing the gameplay massively. Like entire routes being closed off or high ground changing position. Also a bit of drama from Paladins using a screenshot straight of Tiagos art station: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/N8YgP
  2. Vilham

    Fredric Grapensparr - Level Designer

    Top downs are far more important than a video tbh, you should always show a top down where you can.
  3. Vilham

    Rage 2

  4. Vilham

    Yanzl's Source Emporium

  5. Vilham

    Corwin's house renovation adventure

    Looking nice clem
  6. Vilham

    Dirty Bomb

    Honestly you don't have to spend any money at all. The daily missions give you more than enough credits to buy all the mercs and you can just play with default loadouts as they are normally the best.
  7. Vilham

    Dirty Bomb

    Sup glad to see some other level designers on here playing it.
  8. Vilham

    Dirty Bomb

    was out before christmas
  9. Vilham

    Dirty Bomb

    Finally have some content out since I left CIG, working off another designers initial work I remade the first objective of one of the old maps to fix one of the worst full holds in the game. https://www.dirtybomb.com/chapters/the-hunter-update/
  10. Vilham

    Site Changes and Feedback

    Only just noticed that. Those things can effect people being able to get a visa for other countries. Talked to Sprony, he just missed me off his message and let me know the situation.
  11. Vilham

    Altered Carbon

    Are you actually debating a sci fi show where premise is based off alien technology?
  12. Vilham


    I've been playing it and its a really good version of system shock basically. Not quite like bioshock as in that fighting is pretty much your only option, it feels more like dishonoured crossed with system shock. The start is a bit rusty as I wasn't really sure what kind of game it was, took a while to learn to avoid fights as early on health items are rare.
  13. Vilham


    Just finished it, took about 30 hours according to my save. Fantastic game, getting magnetite got a bit annoying at the end as I could only really find it in the jelly cave. But otherwise I loved it.
  14. Vilham

    Mapcore Job Census

    Onwards and upwards to Lead Team Lead Level Designer