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  1. House looks very cool Clem, congrats on the move.
  2. That is true if your gamemode switches teams at half time. In something like traditional domination or capture the flag where there is no half time team switch being balanced 50-50 is generally important.
  3. Yeah, not understanding the number of bombsites directly correlates with the number of players, the plant times, the bomb time, the round length, etc is really misunderstanding how and why the gamemode works.
  4. Nah that final encounter isn't great, I got the platinum which I think required playing it on the hardest difficulty, required cheesing some many encounters. Finally got around to installing my launch day copy of Red Dead 2.
  5. I played on PS4, got it 20 quid in the covid sale.
  6. Just got round to playing this. And o boi. You. Need. To. Play. This. It is fantastic, easily one of the top games this year. Has so few features that detract from its solid core gameplay. 9/10
  7. Yep, terrible affordance = terrible design
  8. Yeah, im having to avoid absolutely everything about it to avoid spoilers.
  9. I'm still wondering if they went full GTA open world with similar pedestrian rules / living city feel or the original vision of more hub based areas connected together. I hope the 2nd because honestly it makes for better gameplay.
  10. Commiserations, its just a bad version of Ghost Recon Wildlands. Every core gameplay system is worse and it literally mirrors the games structure entirely. Super disappointing game. So far I got: Remnant from the Ashes (havent played it yet) Basement (cool concept but forces you dont a particular solution a little too much for an eco sim) Out of space (havent played it yet but like Overcooked) Biped (havent played it yet but got for coop) The colonists (pretty good eco sim) Darksiders Genesis (havent played it yet but got for coop)
  11. Wow. She's Queen of the United Kingdom, don't think you are getting out of this!
  12. I mean avengers movies might have lost you, but in viewing figures they only increased I think. God of War worked as it was a complete reset, new theme etc, only similar thing was Kratos. TLOU2 takes place a few years after the last one. "As I said in my first post, the writers have to balance between the story they want to tell and what the customers expect, and that can be hard." I think that is exactly Radus point,. Anyway I have yet to play so I shouldn't be commenting on the specifics of this game, I was merely highlighting I don't think Radus point is a bad one.
  13. Not sure I buy that first bit. I mean you can take it that the Ellie Joel story ends with Last of Us, that it was somehow final (which evidently it wasn't as they are both in this game). But using that argument I could say well God of War two shouldn't involve the relationship between Kratos and Boy as it would just be fan service, boring and predictive and very safe. Its a poor argument to make about a sequel. I think Radus point about consumer expectations is a very important one and is often the downfall of lots of games/IPs. Story or gameplay, making radical shifts in a sequel is a bad idea. Haven't played this yet and still looking forward to playing this.
  14. "what else are people looking forward to" are you crazy bro!? Ratchet and Clank for one Spiderman 2 for two HZD2 for three The next god of war whenever that comes out Days Gone 2 whenever that comes out
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