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  1. It is "open world", its been announced as such for ages.
  2. Not sure how it was in the end, but atleast when i was working on it, if you did that in the tutorial we had some lines for that.
  3. Valve didn't create payload either, it was in Wolf ET as far as I am aware its the first game with such a payload. But even then the payload rules are just marginally different and that is all that would be needed to make a patent on a gamemode worthless.
  4. You can't trademark or copywrite or patent a gamemode.
  5. Just got deathloop and it takes two. Finished ghost of tsushima, its great tbh, very little I would change. Its just the right length for the depth of gameplay. The core gameplay is just right for what its trying to do. No dark souls combat but still lots of depth and some skill required. If anyone wants to play online let me know, been playing some of the story missions and coop.
  6. Hey, we are looking for a senior LD to join my team at Ubisoft Annecy. We are working on some very exciting announced projects (Riders Republic/XDefiant). The team is honestly awesome, one of the best I have had the pleasure to work with. Studio itself has had a great response to covid and is a generally great work environment. You get to live in the alps, on a lake and a quickly developing city (3 years ago it was a much quieter simpler place, now there are restaurants/bars/sports facilities all over the place). If you are interested and want to know more, feel free to message me here and I will answer whatever questions I can! https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/company/careers/search/743999750914468-senior-level-designer-f-m-nb
  7. Vilham

    Hello :)

    Wait Furyo (without doxing you) are you the person who commented on my post the other day? If so I had no idea you were on mapcore
  8. You can always count on Dux to come in with some positivity.
  9. Yep, looking forward to see where those last months of development took the game!
  10. Nice and atmospheric. Looks very cool.
  11. They probably don't want to give any kind of server code to players as that allows hackers to make hacks very easily.
  12. Sorry but Prey original was not a particularly good game. It was pretty mediocre.
  13. Finally played through fallout 4, got all the mods a while back so its been on my replay list. Installed some mods to make it better and just ensured i had perks to give me ammo so power armour is infinite. Working through the DLC now that I finished the main story. Was ok I guess, nothing crazy and too many irritating mechanics like all the secondary settlements that aren't at all interesting or unique.
  14. It wasn't an unreasonable question at all. The answer to it is pretty easy too. Its "yeah we will aim to do that in future". What a ridiculously silly take, but then again you have shown your hand a few times in the thread already.
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