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  1. Great work man! Btw is this tree just huge or is it the perspective?
  2. Hahaha I knew I had seen these somewhere before: https://polycount.com/discussion/98091/best-practices-for-creating-3d-trees-for-games
  3. jakuza


    The dense ones are each ~2.5k, the dead ones are ~1k and the sapling is about 500. I am a little worried about that since it's danger zone but I've just got to wait and see.
  4. jakuza


    I'm pretty pleased with how these trees came out, finally. Haven't touched anything for about a month but I'm back on this now.
  5. Sure thing. I still have some cleanup to do but once that's done I'll package them all and post them here or in a separate thread.
  6. Got this done just in the nick of time. I guess this is the rough draft, since the map contains basically no detail as it is. But it was a fun project and worth the crunch. Pics below: Thanks @Roald for making such a cool graybox. And good luck to everyone in the contest!
  7. jakuza


    For all the natural land features this is definitely the kind of setting I'm trying to emulate. An outlook tower is a great idea btw, thanks! Somehow I was so focused on our FC5 references I completely forgot about Firewatch.
  8. Right, I forgot to put a screenshot in. @Roald thanks brotha
  9. Hey everyone, Here are all the assets from Anubis + a zoo file. Unfortunately some of the models aren't complete or really useful. I meant to clean everything up a bit before doing this, but I haven't gotten around to it and I figure it's better to just put it up now than keep delaying. Hopefully I find the time to come back and fix some of these up later on. Anyways, here ya go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ryx5i5ssab1d569/anubis_source.zip?dl=0 Also, please let me know if something in the zoo is missing from the files and I'll upload it asap.
  10. Thanks, I think. I don't really know who you're aiming your frustrations at. This is a community of people that make maps because it's fun, with an extremely slim chance of compensation. If actual pro players would like to volunteer their critique of countless grayboxes that will in most cases never be released, I'd applaud them for it. Maps don't get exposure unless they look good, and only then do they have a chance at receiving the high-level feedback you're talking about.
  11. I had some time left after finishing this blockout for a design test, so I took some time to decorate. I'm still figuring out everything in UE4, but the default fog looks pretty damn good. Here's an actual level shot to justify being in this thread ?
  12. Are you using any phong? I think it's a more interesting direction, but the shapes bug me slightly because there are lots of wavy surfaces that aren't supported by the normal map. I would also try using object normal to put a different looking surface on the flat parts + maybe a small bevel? Really nice work, looks like it's all coming together
  13. Yeah I think you should go for a lot more blue ambient light. If you can't get enough from the light_environment maybe use some strong spot lights to fake it.
  14. Rocks are looking really cool. I would revisit those containers you showed in the 2nd shot though, the shading on the frame and panels looks messy.
  15. Completely agree. His work really blew up in the last year or so and I wonder if he wants to capitalize on that or just continue making great art like he has been doing. At the same time, I'm finding it harder all the time to draw the line between being inspired by and just lifting other people's creative work. If the game does well and Avalanche never made an agreement with Stalenhag, I can imagine there might be some hard feelings.
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