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  1. The random model thread!

    Some new stuff for kaizen: I tried doing some fancy displacement with the sakura tree, but ended up with these nasty seams cos I don't know what I'm doing @ItzOmega Love the shapes but I'd take the noise in your rust way way down to start, and I don't know if it's the lighting setup but I think a warmer color scheme would complement the cartoonish geometry a little better.
  2. Kaizen

    youch Thanks for spotting it, missed it during our clipping pass I suppose. Was pretty hectic those last couple days... @Minos (and @Tokit, sorry can't tag you for some reason) agreed on the skybox. It's uncanny, especially with the hard shadows. Will need to work on this before final submission
  3. [CS:GO] Riverside

    Excellent work. My only gripe is that the detailing looks kinda mathematical and perfect, like you allocated one piece of clutter to every square meter or something. I know your objective is probably a clean competitive map so this is fine, but I think a bit of environmental storytelling could really elevate it. Couple other small things:
  4. Finally managed to actually load the map today. Just hoping for the best gameplay-wise right now, because I really only started playing online today. So far it feels like a smaller-scale Insurgency with a lot of the same really fun chaotic fights. Is anyone else struggling to figure out a location or battle? It seems like all the best ones on the western front are already in.
  5. [CS:GO][WIP] de_sanchez

    Please don't use that rock wall like that! All that dense geometry under the surface will be rendered and wasted. If you decompile the model and pull off a few pieces, you'll have a lot more control over the overall look as well. You could even recolor the texture to match the ground. Really love the look though, can't wait to see more
  6. Jeffy Zachariah - Level Designer

    Hello, not an expert by any means, but the animated backgrounds and that Michelangelo quote as a header rub me the wrong way. It feels a little like you're overselling yourself. Your work is great, and I think it should be the most exciting thing on the page. Everything else just takes away from it imo.
  7. What's going on with your life?

    Okay then. Here's what I'm up to. I am now a little more than halfway through a 3-month contract with Gearbox. The office is awesome, everyone is nice even to us lowly contractors, and the work itself is just really fun. If it weren't for the heat here in Texas I would probably drop out of college and try to stay. I do miss home but I guess moving around is a way of life for level designers so I might as well get used to it. The weirdest part is coming home every night and not having a hobby anymore because now it's my job. Time to look for new hobbies I guess.
  8. What have you watched recently?

    Yeah, watched Stranger Things too. Really liked it, but I don't have any lasting impression like with Twin Peaks or X-files. Also,
  9. A question about slopes in Valve Hammer Editor

    But it doesn't really matter, does it? It's more of a time sink to calculate things than it's even worth. I suppose if it's for vvis than it's important but for things that you're rotating off grid that should be a non-factor anyways right?
  10. [CS:GO] DE_LITE

    Great job with the lighting! Seems like you really nailed the balance between readability and style.
  11. I loved Beauclair! Organic and lived-in, but leaning toward fantasy. The verticality was implemented very nicely as well. Fantastic work, thanks for contributing to this great game!
  12. [WIP] de_pharaoh

    The color change in the gift shop is good, but could you maybe tone down the noise and/or add some inlaid decoration/trimming? I think the mall in L4D2 is a good example of how you can cover large surfaces with the same material if you don't attract any attention to it. In Squad's recolor, he put a solid color on top (I think) instead of just rotating the colors, which has the effect of reducing contrast and making the important high-detail bits pop. And everything else looks great btw.
  13. WIP de_bay

    True, it did get more complex, I should focus on making it trying to make it as intuitive as possible for the next iteration. A is a mess. I want it to be a sneaky alternative to B, but for the moment it takes far too long to fake. Here is what I'm thinking to simplify A: Maybe not exactly that, but something similar.
  14. WIP de_bay

    Finally back with an update. Workshop link I overhauled A site and changed around mid, as well as other various layout tweaks New overview: Other screenshots in spoiler I really want to start detailing, but I can tell the layout's not right yet. So, if anything jumps out as wrong or bad, please let me know. I will probably not playtest for a few weeks, too busy for the moment. Thanks as always for checking it out
  15. What I'm Working On, 2014-Forever

    Saw this under 3 different subs on reddit already Very cool video, really like how you defined the structure details before adding materials and clutter.