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  1. AlexM


    Just played it yesterday after not playing since season 2 started. Holy crap a lot has changed! Still so freaking fun, I have to watch myself or else I will lose my weekends :X I think I need to look up some videos. It seems like so much has changed since I stopped playing that I'm being a bit of a burden on my teammates unless I choose Winston who seems to have a relatively similar play-style to when I last played. Any recommendations for youtube channels or videos I can catch up on everything for 20 mins during my lunch hour?
  2. AlexM


    Awesome! That was pretty cool that the company allowed Keith and Dan to prototype some stuff for a while. That kind of opportunity is quite rare
  3. AlexM

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    I haven't been actively doing 3d work in almost 10 years and I've missed it a ton. I decided to enter a contest my city is holding to design a park installation that acts as a shelter for rain as Vancouver has a very large rainfall. As part of this I also bought a license to Houdini to make my submission so I was learning Houdini at the same time while I made this. I might have taken on more than I can chew but I vowed to have something complete by the submission date because I hate not finishing projects. I made it but I wasn't able to make a diagram explaining how to take it apart and put it back together again (think ikea instructions). Rendered in Unreal engine. Here's my submission with my design goals description.
  4. AlexM

    What's going on with your life?

    Correct, the lower down the list the harder it is to learn for an English speaker. It's interesting to see how high up Polish is. Just goes to show how little I know about languages :C This I find extremely interesting and this is one of the biggest reasons why I want to learn a lot of languages with different roots.. Even with what I know of Japanese now I find the way you say things changes the way you interact. They have some words that simply don't have an English analog so we have to explain the situation it's used rather than it's direct meaning. I found this also to be true with French but I'm struggling to find a specific example right now. I guess I could say broadly I'm able to express emotion a bit better in French than English (or at least I could when I spoke it regularly). German seems interesting too, with all the schadenfreude and words like that. One thing I love about Japanese is doing literal translations 皮肉 means "irony" but the meaning of its individual characters is "skin-meat". Lots of other interesting examples like that one, sometimes they really help you figure out what a word means even if you don't know the word (EX the word girl is made of the two kanji short/low-lady). edit : I'm gonna have to watch arrival now
  5. AlexM

    Now playing - 2018

    Also playing MK11, waiting for ranked to start! Also I started playing Clash Royale again. I hate that I'm playing this. I would pay 20-30$ for this game without all the bullshit.
  6. AlexM

    What's going on with your life?

    I'll make it language #4 if I'm ever able to penetrate Japanese. It's a pretty brutal language for a French/English speaker to learn. Interesting that Polish is so hard to learn for an English first language person. At least according to this website https://www.effectivelanguagelearning.com/language-guide/language-difficulty
  7. AlexM

    What's going on with your life?

    I feel guilty now. I'm Polish and one of the only ones in my family who can't speak polish Also I agree Minos. Krakov is great and if I'm being honest. The women are indeed crazy attractive.
  8. AlexM

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Once I finish the remaning 4 RE's I have yet to play we need to make a discussion thread on this because I have some thoughts! I'm so glad putting off playing this series for 20 years is actually paying off. FACK Apologies. I hope I didn't hurt the experience for anyone. I'm forgetting how to internet apparently :X In the options section do you have any specific options to look for. One thing that I never am quite sure of is if I am supposed to manually enable a ps4 pro mode or if it just kicks in automatically.
  9. AlexM

    What have you cooked recently

    Papas bravas type dish.
  10. AlexM

    What music have you listened to recently?

    Not a type of music I've listened to a lot in the past but I am loving Yelle. This song in particular I think really helps explain certain types of mental issues. And then here's total other shit I'm loving
  11. AlexM

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    This game is freaky as hell. I'm almost through.
  12. AlexM

    Now playing - 2018

    ^^ Funnily enough I'm also playing Dead Cells and RE2. You have good taste I just beat Dead Cells. The New game + is pretty hard. I'm kind of winding down on the game though. I played it at least 40 hours though so it's worth it. RE2 is stressful! All this high quality graphics and binaural audio really does a number on the ole ticker.
  13. AlexM


    Holy fuck this looks awesome. EDIT : And this is Vivi's game? Even more awesome!!
  14. AlexM

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    So I only just started playing the resident evil series in the last year starting with RE1 remake. Looks like I picked the perfect time to start playing these games RE1 to me felt great. Even today. Hardly had any old-game UX issues. I loved it. Gonna try to squeeze in REZero before this comes out. Also playing RE4 remake right now (hopefully playing them out of order isnt a huge deal). If I'm lucky by the time I finish RE2Remake RE3Remake will be in the works