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  1. AlexM

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    So I only just started playing the resident evil series in the last year starting with RE1 remake. Looks like I picked the perfect time to start playing these games RE1 to me felt great. Even today. Hardly had any old-game UX issues. I loved it. Gonna try to squeeze in REZero before this comes out. Also playing RE4 remake right now (hopefully playing them out of order isnt a huge deal). If I'm lucky by the time I finish RE2Remake RE3Remake will be in the works
  2. AlexM

    Mapcore Job Census

    So I decided to leave the games industry for a while. I'm working with the Unreal engine though so it's not a HUGE change. I'm in medical tech now. Senior programmer at PrecisionOS
  3. AlexM

    Unreal Engine 4

    Interesting stuff about UT. I hadn't been following the internals of its development. When it first came out I wanted to get involved but my job involved me working on another custom engine and working on 2 AAA engines codebases at the same time is too much for my tiny brain. Regarding the questions about how they are making a bunch of money and why they can't just move people on to other projects. In regards to Fortnite. The game is super live now so the workload is insane. It's looking like even the general engine has taken a hit and development has slowed down a bit. There are some signs that some engine developers appear to be doing more fortnite focused work these days. They are trying to rectify development issues but the main problem is you can't solve game development and engine problems by throwing money at the situation. Besides all the logistics of finding the right candidate they still have to learn the engine internals once they are hired. Unreal engine is one of the best documented engines I've ever used but it's still massive and in some cases a little weird since it's moving so fast.
  4. Interesting thread. I can give a bit of information on this. Floating point precision issues tend to occur after repeated math operations on a float. I don't think float precision would be causing issues directly when using the grid because I would assume that when you snap to the grid it sets the position to some integer coordinate and then casts to a float which locks it into a form that a float can represent without issues. It's been a while since I've used the unreal engine but I'm going to a new job soon where I will be using it so I'm looking forward to getting back into the engine source code.
  5. Congrats. All gorgeous entries!
  6. UX is probably due to opinion. Scaleform is no more so we're in a bit of a weird time. There's not a really good solution right now (scaleform wasn't great but it could at least accomplish the job).
  7. If you can make a machine learning algorithm that can successfully fix unneeded header includes (and possibly reorganize to improve compile time) that would be amazing. I think the issue is that it would take too long to run. I've only ever discussed it in releation to genetic algorithms though as I don't really understand deep learning.
  8. Oh man that editor takes me back so much. I constantly crashed it or ended up in some sort of subtractive/additive brush hall of mirrors nightmare Looking forward to reading this
  9. AlexM

    Mario Odyssey

    I bought a switch for this, zelda and mario kart. I got about 100 moons and have not gone back to play since. I find the game to be whimsical and looks really nice but so far there hasn't been much challenge so I kind of got bored. I've been told the game doesn't really start until you beat it though so I do plan to give it another try. Maybe once the difficulty picks up I'll start to really like it. Definitely not planning on giving up on it! Now that I've beat breath of the wild I can go back.
  10. AlexM

    Games W.I.P Thread

    The main reason I was going to suggest a thread is that over time it becomes like a history of the games development. It's cool to look back at the original post and see how far you've come Totally cool to keep posting here though. It wasn't meant to be a complaint or anything.
  11. AlexM

    Games W.I.P Thread

    I was thinking the same thing! EDIT : What is the deal for that anyways? Do you just make a thread in the 3D forum for now. I wonder if a game blog forum makes sense. I guess the downside is it could spammed up real bad if people don't keep an eye on it.
  12. AlexM


    A programmer at my work has been telling me for months how much he loves Subnautica and asks me why I haven't played it yet. For the longest time every lunch hour he would take out his laptop and play. I bought a copy but still haven't tried it yet. Hoping to in Feb when I get a bit of time off. There's definitely a bunch of fans at Relic
  13. AlexM

    Now playing - 2018

    Dragon Ball Z Fighterz open beta It's hot fiiiiire. It's going to be my secondary fighter next to tekken 7. Glad it's good. Traditionally I always play one solo fighter and one team fighter but Capcom really messed up marvel vs capcom infinite so I was stuck just playing tekken (and umvc3 but the community kind of died when mvci was announced).
  14. AlexM

    I need an advise.

    Is the game complete? If not there's a game WIP thread https://www.mapcore.org/topic/17616-games-wip-thread/?page=28
  15. AlexM

    Games W.I.P Thread

    I dont have a lot of time for my own projects these days but when I do I work on this little one finger/one mouse, one button shooter. It also has a built in level editor. here's a gif of me debugging it