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  1. Just beat Nioh2 and am considering trying to get platinum on it. In the mean time I've started playing monster hunter world and tony hawk. Man I suck at tony hawk now but the game is great! A well done remake As for monster hunter. The game is gorgeous and it's quite interesting but I'm not sure I want to make the monster hunter commitment.
  2. You can remove me from the list. I've left my job and I'm planning to take a fair amount of time off
  3. Ultimate Mahvel vs Capcom 3 baby! Ever since corona virus most fighting game tournaments aren't happening. As a result all the high level sponsored players are choosing to play the games they enjoy the most (rather than the newest ones with the prizes) and that has lead to a HUGE resurgence of people playing UMVC3 online. It takes me on average 1-3 seconds to find a decent connection match! That's way better than pretty much any modern fighting game I've been playing! I love this game so much. I've been playing it since 2012 and I still suck but I love the game. There is no other fighting game I can think of where I'm STILL seeing people come up with new tech all the time. The Dr Doom combo in the below video I've only ever seen executed ONCE and I have watched probably thousands of hours of marvel tournaments (it's great to watch on the treadmill).
  4. Started playing a game called Yomawari night with my partner. I expected a kind of cute anime game. It's actually quite horrifying.
  5. I was just coming here to post this There's a video now :
  6. I started watching third rock from the sun on amazon again lately. Last time I saw it was 20 years ago. I'm finding it way more hilarious but I think that's because I'm older now and I find dad jokes way funnier. The true sign of aging....
  7. AlexM

    Corona Virus

    That's all the experts are really asking. Take the recommended simple precautions. No research/advisory group in a professional qualified capacity and in a position of power has advocated a lockdown that I know of. The only case of increased sanctions I can see is for areas that flaunted the original guidance. Even in that case, the people ordering these mandates aren't WHO/CDC/Etc. It's the people originally who flaunted expert advice and suffered the subsequent outbreaks (for example, the governor of texas). In regards to your statistics. I don't really want to get into that too much but I want to make the point the real debate is far more nuanced than a simple 1-2% death statistic for a certain age group.
  8. It would be cool to see the sony dev tools even better integrated with Unreal (specifically their file system overlay stuff, makes development so much smoother when you don't have to redeploy the entire game to test something). Actually it's been a couple years since I work on PS4. Maybe that feature already exists..
  9. If anyone interested, the person behind the micro-geometry technology has been keeping a blog about rendering research for like 10 years now. Some is a little technical but overall it's quite accessible. https://graphicrants.blogspot.com/
  10. Dude this is gorgeous work. EDIT : I shouldn't have shown this to my partner. Now we're having furniture/renovation conversations
  11. AlexM

    Corona Virus

    First I want to say that I believe you are misinterpreting the OP's comment (correct me if I'm wrong OP). Saying that you disagree with Sweden fully opening doesn't implicitly also say you believe the opposite extreme : that the solution is to fully shut down. The issue is they are acting like the virus doesn't exist and with that ignoring the medical expert community wrt to wearing masks, taking extra precautions if you run a business with a high risk such as a restaurant or amusement park etc etc. EDIT: This is what I've heard from talking to some people in Sweden in the last couple weeks, Swedes, feel free to chime in Second counter-argument is that not taking precautions can potentially be worse economically than taking the advice of the medical community if too many people get sick then collapse the healthcare sector or can't work. In the case of scandanavia the results so far are that Sweden has seen no economic advantage for being open over its neighbors who have taken a more stern approach. Ultimately with to the amount of discourse and varying opinions no one knows the answer. Although it's starting to look like there's a possibility we'll be able to compare the results of ignoring the medical communities advice vs taking precautions in the near future if things keeps spreading like they are now in some of the southern states in the US.
  12. This reminds me, how heavy is the Index? Is it lighter than the quest? More importantly is the weight more evenly distributed?
  13. Google earth has some pretty cool VR specific stuff. Besides that I like a lot of those art programs. There is one that's like a kind of stripped down ZBrush for Oculus. I can't remember the name though. It was super cool though!
  14. Addicted to Nioh2. So far it's my game of the year.
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