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  1. Now playing - 2018

    Dragon Ball Z Fighterz open beta It's hot fiiiiire. It's going to be my secondary fighter next to tekken 7. Glad it's good. Traditionally I always play one solo fighter and one team fighter but Capcom really messed up marvel vs capcom infinite so I was stuck just playing tekken (and umvc3 but the community kind of died when mvci was announced).
  2. I need an advise.

    Is the game complete? If not there's a game WIP thread https://www.mapcore.org/topic/17616-games-wip-thread/?page=28
  3. Games W.I.P Thread

    I dont have a lot of time for my own projects these days but when I do I work on this little one finger/one mouse, one button shooter. It also has a built in level editor. here's a gif of me debugging it
  4. Goals for 2018?

    This guy pretty much sums it up
  5. Now playing - 2018

    Ok I'm now also addicted to Zelda. I played for at least 10 hours yesterday. I really wish I was still in school so I could have a 2 whole weeks off and no responsibilities to really go hard on this game. I'm still gonna try though!
  6. Now playing - 2018

    So I'm doing the switch thing now. I'm playing Mario Kart and Mario Odessey. My partner is playing Mario Kart and Zelda and woooo she got super addicted. I will go to bed at maybe 10pm and then wake up at 4am wondering where she is. Walk into the living room and it's Zelda time. Looking forward to trying Zelda myself. It looks super different than what I'm used to from that series. First thing I thought was "there's a lot of don't starve mechanics in this game"
  7. Goals for 2018?

    I just might do that, thanks I should see if I can find my old collection of Asterix comics
  8. Goals for 2018?

    Je droit prendre un peux d'ecole at nuit avant que je lis Voltaire
  9. Goals for 2018?

    I used to be fluent in french (in fact I knew more french than english as a child) but I haven't spoken it in 10 years so I need some refresher courses so it's a lot easier to get back to fluent than with Japanese which I've been studying lightly for a couple years now. I do study Japanese way more often than French. Usually reading a few times a week. It has however gotten to the point where I can read Japanese much better than I can speak or understand it spoken to me.
  10. Goals for 2018?

    For the first time in a very long time I'm not actually sure what I want. There's some easy ones like get better at Japanese/French or lose more weight (down 20lb this year so far ) but for the real life goal ones I'm not totally sure. I guess I have to think about it. 2017 has been kind of a weird year in some ways.
  11. Now playing - 2018

    Yes. I don't want to spoil things too much but I can tell you that despite there being multiple endings you won't be repeating the same things over and over again. I already want to go back and replay the game and redo all the 5 endings knowing what I know now. I rarely replay games too. Even though I beat it weeks ago I still think about the story pretty much every day.
  12. Now playing - 2018

    26 in total but 5 main ones. If you get endings A,B,C,D,E then you have played the whole game.
  13. Now playing - 2018

    Finally finished all the endings for Nier Automata. I can tell this is easily my game of the year (probably my game of the last 5+ years). Just recieved my switch and mario/zelda/mariokart so I know what I'm doing this christmas break.
  14. Now playing - 2018

    Nier Automata might end up being my game of the year. Did not see that one coming.