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  1. Game is looking crazy. If my memory serves correct you mentioned a while back that you were doing this entirely in blueprints. Is that still the case?
  2. Played the demo a couple weekends ago and finally bought it. I like the way the game is structured. I can play a level for a couple hours on a weekend then walk away easily.
  3. oh fuck yes. can't wait! Sat down with my partner to play Until Dawn at 7pm. We ended up playing the entire game in one sitting finishing around 2-3 am. That game is so good.
  4. Listening to a lot of German stuff lately.
  5. Cool, I've been learning a little bit over the years but in the last 3 months I decided to go to a group class and have a weekly private teacher. Not sure if you are interested in learning to read but wanikani.com is what I use for learning kanji. The first few levels are free then it costs. I kind of went a weird direction with my learning I only practiced reading kanji mostly so now I have a relatively advanced vocabulary and terrible grammar. After my first learning assesment the teacher wasn't quite sure how good I was at Japanese
  6. Thanks for the info The interest for me with analog vs digital for me is the general DSP concept of analog having infinite bandwidth. At the end it doesn't really make a huge difference but I wanted to experience it first hand. That said I'm trying to focus on the FM right now because I've already watched a few hours of videos. It's crazy you can partially reprogram the algorithms. Super interesting! I also managed to whip up a quick software synth the other night in an attempt to better understand what's going on. Actually calling it a synth is a bit generous... it makes a sin wave and that's it
  7. Anything you can tell me will help a ton. The korg stuff is WAY more complicated than the TE stuff. I have FM, Bass and Keys volcas. I just went to the korg page now to check the FM specs. I guess I thought that since the bass and keys were analog I assumed the FM was also analog as well. I do have to say I'm fairly confused now. I guess I need to do a lot of reading to understand the differences. I understand the differences between analog and digital signals from a digital signal processing standpoint but at an audio level I obviously have a lot to learn. The one thing I'm learning the more I learn about making electronic music is how much I can barely grasp or understand. So it's basically exactly like art or computer science edit : you have a cool girlfriend
  8. AlexM


    Lichess looks amazing. I need to practice up. Also I took a brief look at the programming code for it on github. Even the code is super elegant
  9. So I've always loved drum machines since I was maybe 8 years old but back then they weren't only hard to find. They were expensive as hell! So I finally decided to give it a go and buy a couple Teenage Engineering pocket operators which are small musical devices that cost about 70$ CAD which all have sequencers but deviate in function depending on which one you have. I bought a chiptune one and a drum machine one. These things are so addictive. I sat down on the couch Saturday morning when I got them with the plan of just playing with them for a few minutes and suddenly 4 hours passed by. Now I've gone one step further and bought a analog synthesizer (Korg Volca FM) and was immidiately hit by a huge wall of complexity. The good thing is every step of trying to figure it out is super fun. I only fear this hobby could get expensive...
  10. Just played it yesterday after not playing since season 2 started. Holy crap a lot has changed! Still so freaking fun, I have to watch myself or else I will lose my weekends :X I think I need to look up some videos. It seems like so much has changed since I stopped playing that I'm being a bit of a burden on my teammates unless I choose Winston who seems to have a relatively similar play-style to when I last played. Any recommendations for youtube channels or videos I can catch up on everything for 20 mins during my lunch hour?
  11. Awesome! That was pretty cool that the company allowed Keith and Dan to prototype some stuff for a while. That kind of opportunity is quite rare
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