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  1. Do you have someone you can talk to easily outside of class? That's generally the main reason I go to classes. That and forcing me to practice grammar I'm too lazy to do at home
  2. Axiom Zen is in Vancouver! They are a pretty interesting company.
  3. The new twin peaks. Pretty good and remarkably, I think I understood it.
  4. I wouldn't say it's really bad. Depends on the team. The one thing I would say about Unreal is it has a way bigger initial learning curve. So a small team that already knows unreal will probably be fine. If no one has experience they will probably have to paint themselves out of a corner a couple times as they get a feel for the engine. Arguably that's true for almost any engine but I feel with how opinionated Unreal is about development it can be more of an issue.
  5. Heh yeah, I looked at the code, when I say some day I'm leaning towards around 2027
  6. The synth addiction and need to not look at a computer screen has lead me to this and I absolutely love it! Also I think I can use it to control my volcas which have a great sound but a really anemic sequencer. It's a synthstrom deluge.
  7. Just got my copy in the mail. Need to carve out some time this weekend.
  8. 4.24 preview just came out They are finally releasing the mesh editor. I noticed in the last year or so they had a module called EditableMesh, I tried enabling it locally but couldn't really get it to work. I wonder if some day they will have a mesh editing suite good enough to compete with a DCC.
  9. After hearing giant bomb gush about this game I think I need to get this. It sounds like they took a typical obsidian rpg and distilled it so much you can bear it in 6-15 hours which for a working person like me is awesome. I simply can't dedicate 80 hours to an rpg anymore. This sounds perfect for me!
  10. EDIT : Update I found another way but suddenly out of nowhere Blizzard is having network issues and I can't delete my account. They contacted me acknowledging the issue and saying they have no ETA. meanwhile......
  11. I tried to delete my blizzard account today but they want me to send them a photo of my ID in order to do it
  12. When they say haptic do they mean the same haptic feedback you have on modern VR hardware? Or is it somehow better?If so then I didn't realize there was even a difference between rumble and haptics. Is the difference that you have control over the frequency and amplitude of the signal? From my searches it appears the clock speed is 3.2ghz. I would hope it would be higher. I guess I need to compare the actual workload difference between ps4 and ps5. I've always wished a console company would make a console where one of the cores is clocked way faster than the others. So many game engines that exist now would benefit massively from it and it would make development easier.
  13. Southpark still manages to have impeccable timing after all these years
  14. Going to Japan for a few weeks! 2 of those weeks I don't really have much of a plan. The best kind of vacation.
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