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  1. I've nearly complete my battlestation. This would be heaven for a young me. Will post photos later
  2. Yeah 3 more projects plus homeworld 3 I think. The studio is quite large and is still 100% independent. They have some awesome benefits such as paying you to do research and prototyping a certain amount of time per year. There's about 10-15 of the best people I've worked with across a bunch of studios that all ended up here which is one of main reasons I joined. Some of my favorite managers, one of my programming mentors and a whole lot of other great people. For the medical stuff, there's a bunch of reasons but the main thing is I finished my 2 year surgery simulation/training project and it was a good time to move. I try to never leave a company mid-project so that I have the smallest impact when I leave. If you're even in BC again give me a ring
  3. Starting as a senior technical artist at blackbird interactive next week. I'm excited to move a bit more towards the art spectrum. Holy shit DCC's have improved in the 10 years since I actively used them. UV unwrapping is so much easier now.
  4. AlexM


    I've been playing a lot of 5-0 blitz. It's great since games can't really go over 10 mins. Basically each player has a bank of 5 mins and it drains during your turn. You lose if your bank runs out of time before someone gets checkmate. Kind of like action chess
  5. That sounds amazing. The thing about those 8 million houses is they are in very small towns. Very little of the free stuff is in the city. My understanding is that part of the reason this program exists is there were people who died who were the last of their bloodline so the property went to the government. The other motive is to bring people back to small towns that are losing population. I guess there's some similarities to Italy's program. About a week back, we did see a listing where you can inherit a large onsen ryokan (traditional japanese hot spring inn) but part of the deal is you have to agree to run it for at least 5 years.I wouldn't be able to pull that off Btw : love those Kirsten Dirksen videos!
  6. Just wanted to say your music is really great! You are really skilled and talented I particularly like the song "Recovery"
  7. It sounds like you've really been using your time well. Spending 2 months biking around France sounds amazing! Balzac also sounds really interesting, I should read that some day. Maybe in French. Post a link to the podcast! Quand j'etais un enfant je pouvais parler plus Francais que Englais m'est je n'avais pas parler Francais chaque jour pour 20 ans alors c'est jours mon Francais est merd I'm also heavily struggling with the city vs country thing. My partner is Japanese and the Japanese government is currently giving away 8 million houses, sometimes they even give you extra money to renovate them. We've thought a lot about maybe moving there and possibly having some sort of cafe or business. Either way, Japan is WAY cheaper than Vancouver. Since I'm a programmer I can pretty much work from anywhere and stuff is relatively cheap in Japan compared to where I live. I'm Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do Here's an example of a cafe started by some game developers close to Tokyo. They run the cafe and work on their games at the cafe at the same time. Sounds amazing https://picopicocafe.com/index_en.html EDIT : I found some more photos of the cafe with people in it https://placehub.co/articles/2911580594
  8. Playing spelunky 2. Supper addictive. Also great co-op!
  9. You might consider making a dedicated thread of your map with screenshots to get more traction.
  10. Right now I'm pretty much buying the PS5 for the demons souls remake. It's like my favorite series. Hopefully there will be a bloodborne2 or something too. With the way MS is going this gen it will be interesting to see how many console exclusives end up on PC as well. That said PS5 is sold out everywhere I've looked so I guess I probably wont be playing it until next year.
  11. AlexM


    Haha yeah, game makes my brain into a pretzel. I'm off for another 2 weeks so I got all the time in the world I'll send you a long term game too. Sort of like those games where you leave a board on the desk and whenever a co-worker walked by they would take a move.
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