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  1. This reminds me, how heavy is the Index? Is it lighter than the quest? More importantly is the weight more evenly distributed?
  2. Google earth has some pretty cool VR specific stuff. Besides that I like a lot of those art programs. There is one that's like a kind of stripped down ZBrush for Oculus. I can't remember the name though. It was super cool though!
  3. Addicted to Nioh2. So far it's my game of the year.
  4. You know how often games look worse than you remember. XIII looks BETTER than I remember. I also think the remake is moving too far away from the originals visuals.
  5. I may have posted this before but as someone who had to write streaming installers for open world games this harddrive tech is so amazing for me. It would have made something that took me months to do a trivial problem. If I can program a loader system for a game assuming that the PS5's harddrive is the lowest common denominator I can't tell you how much that would make my job easier. The only other thing I would like to see in a console is having one of the processor cores clocked WAY higher than the other cores. This would probably help a lot of smaller indie teams because there's always a cost to properly parallelizing a game/game engine. It would also help AAA developers because ultimately it's a time sink properly parallelizing various subsystems.
  6. The lack of proper resistance is one of the biggest problems. There is hardware out there that helps alleviate the problem but it's far from ideal. Here's an example : https://haptx.com/ In some countries that typically cremate their dead it can be extremely difficult to procure practice bodies. So hard that sometimes a surgeon performs their first surgery on a living patient. In those cases you could say that VR training is better than no training. Of course I'm no medical professional so take my opinion as such I definitely do feel VR is more suited for non-gaming stuff than gaming stuff. I often play games for more than 30 mins at a time and that's just too long to wear a headset. Also a lot of games I don't feel are necessarily better in VR. It's kind of like going to an amusement park. You love the rollercoaster but you don't want that rollercoaster in your back yard every day of your life, it loses its appeal. I think just about every experience I've enjoyed the most in VR were not games (painting, meeting, google earth, etc etc). In the case of training or an online meeting you most likely won't be spending large amount of time with the headset mounted so it certainly feels like the better direction for VR. One other thing to note is the current hardware also is just too bulky for the mainstream IMO. Especially for non-tethered solutions. I'm looking forward to when they can get a headset that has a comparable feel to a pair of glasses and has no cables or computer required. To get there ARM or someone else really has to push a lot harder on mobile processors, they have been stagnating the last few years. Apple seems to the only company really making moves on that front that I know of.
  7. Oh man, I've had to watch so much surgery footage as research. At first I could barely watch and now I can eat a hamburger while watching most surgery. Unless they are pumping the patient full of saline, human water balloons still freak me out
  8. I was lucky enough to be working on my home office for the previous year. Now I'm actually using it. I must say for my line of work WFH makes more sense. Ideally I'd go into the office once or twice a week for design meetings and my general sanity though. Anywhoo. Epic just did a video on our company. We use the unreal engine.
  9. Thanks for the info. I had a co-worker tell me that I need to decide after novigrad. I will definitely go that far
  10. Started the witcher3. It's cool but it's not really keeping my attention so far. Is there a point where it's supposed to hook you? I'm about 6 hours in. Not to say it's a bad game in the slightest. If anything maybe I'm being too impatient.
  11. AlexM

    Corona Virus

    My company is now working from home too.
  12. AlexM

    Corona Virus

    So next week I'm going sans-public transit. Monday I will be walking about 25 km to work, school and then back home. That should be fun.
  13. AlexM

    Corona Virus

    So I have to ask. Why toilet paper over water? You can wash your ass with water but you can't hydrate your body with toilet paper.
  14. AlexM

    Corona Virus

    Here's an explanation on exponential growth in the context of corona virus.
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