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  1. I guess @Freaky_Banana that’s just the nature of things for testing community content… unless you’re in a studio environment or a very well known creator, you’re gonna bump into that wall. Maybe you can get someone prominent to feature your map (which looks dope for theme IMO) or try getting in touch with those that manage servers with custom maps anyway, like 3kliksphilip.
  2. I remember replaying Alan Wake from start for both DLCs, was great way to experience it. For Control I have the complete experience and they’re already out so won’t be exactly the same. I also wonder and kinda expect them to mix in the original experience like I’ve seen other games do (like in Just Cause 3 the flying base full of mechs is just already there before you finish the full campaign). For the cards… seems like the only way to get something is to resort to pre-built PCs
  3. Really a weak E3 as far as I'm concerned, this was the most interesting presentation I've seen of them... my interest in Sable has gone a bit down, love the art but not sure about the game itself, I only saw a few gifs on twitter and was expecting an action title really. The stop-motion-like game is the one that I haven't seen mentioned by anyone but that struck me the most. It's done so well, and for a team that seems to be doing all in-house (acting and voice acting) it's a work of art.
  4. Why are people obsessed with continuity?
  5. Don’t think my GeForce 970M will do it justice. I figured if to play decent I have to lower the settings might as well play on the console.
  6. I feel I can’t tell the difference between the cinematic and gameplay trailer lol.
  7. This is basically how my brain was interpreting Another World and Flashback in the 90s
  8. George Martin finding every possible excuse to avoid completing GoT’s last book uh
  9. Mmh… is all this game has to offer, a reskin of L4D? Can’t imagine people getting that hyped
  10. Oh I was just thinking this morning I need to check what’s free this week. I have it on PS4 and will play it on there first, but if is good as everybody says I would enjoy replaying it once I have a new machine that can run all the fancy stuff. I was actually thinking if to start this again, I tried and did like the very first but when you meet first survivors, but was so shattered that night I was actually falling asleep pad in hand. Maybe after Uncharted 4, I should be very near the end of that one.
  11. No, was just thinking if it could be something that would work across the board. I would say “if the devs want to emphasise lights”, but then thought that any game looks nicer with better light control. Dunno, stuff like this I was imagining
  12. Thought we had a topic on Boreal Alyph, anyway project is being shelved and possibly assets will be made open source
  13. I’ll pick it up when it’s 5 dineros if it has a SP campaign
  14. Worse than alone in the dark (remake)? I’ve put a sad face on the post but should actually be happy I can erase this from memory and not worry about adding to my bucket list
  15. New game being unveiled shortly Edit: back to the future (setting)
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