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  1. My 1.5 years old was pointing at my tshirt last night, so she can now say Doom almost perfectly #goals #gamerdad
  2. A seemingly micro-team is making this horror game that to me looks already more interesting than Scorn and others. Bit too much bobbing/sway imo, makes it feel like it's VR... but look at that dismemberment. Bit weird that they are going with a Patreon for this at the moment.
  3. blackdog

    [UE4] [WIP] Ryokan

    Good point from Fmpone regarding the simmetria, especially when you compare to the blackouts that didn’t have such a strong accent on it. Although I understand that Far East => zen => symmetry it’s a bit too artificial at the moment. Can you get one of those Unreal templates/plug-ins and make a ninja mini-game? I want to jump and run around this
  4. It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission. Most of the sales must be on PC (there was some data released but I don’t remember) and they must have edged their bets on that account, that the (low number of) requests for returns would be acceptable loss.
  5. Not sure how it works, I would hope you just need to own them and they download like a DLC. I watched a bit of this, skimming a bit after a few min. I haven’t seen anywhere how mechanically is supposed to work. Tried to tweet months ago and IO never replied.
  6. Oh seen this before but I never commented. It looks great, it’s very interesting… what I’m wondering now is: aren’t you gonna hit some engine limitation that makes this not as viable?
  7. Anyone counting down? By listening to a couple other videos, I finally understood the deal with the old missions: if you own the previous games, those missions are playable in the third.
  8. While I imagine that, with the talk about file formats, you could use your tool for any game (granted coding an importer that reads these files), are there games you can map for, out of the box? Can you use it as an alternative to Trenchbroom and make Q1 maps?
  9. This popped up, not sure if on my twitter or yt feed, nonetheless interesting... good timing since I played it only two months ago. What I like is that this is an affirmation for what I was doing last time I was trying to map for CSGO: being uninspired for a grand vision for a map, I started creating small map chunks of little area that seemed interesting, and that started to put together like LEGO.
  10. blackdog


    @That50'sGuy this is from the area just inland of Venice Sardinia, caused by mining and refining that being said, at least you can see it. Much worse, in a way, when the problem is invisible... ever seen Erin Brockovich? There's also Dark Waters that came out last year on the subject.
  11. PS: lolz the shoulder tap @ 1:25 PS: just found out there's a playlist of the Game Informer's exclusive content
  12. Completed Uncharted 3 a couple nights ago. I feel it was easier than the previous ones, had a better ending/boss fight, slightly… but I think Uncharted 2 is the best in the trilogy for me. This third felt formulaic, plus the adaptations from Indians Jones. Anyway I came out of it thinking… would be cool if TT Games made Lego Uncharted based on the trilogy, considering how much time you spend with a friendly NPC should be possible to figure out how to make it work.
  13. I binged on the whole 4 seasons of The Strain to take a break and prolong Mr Robot in the last month and a half. I really liked it started as a modernised Dracula tale, giving it a pandemic twist. Maybe I liked the start so much cos I genuinely didn’t know what the show was about, except for a contagion phenomenon. Then it goes all over the place, quickly becoming TWD with vampires, and then Falling Skies with vampires. I’m still convinced they should have never shown the master vampire in season 1, makeup and props were so ridiculous it turned the thing from serious to comedy in an instant.
  14. blackdog

    Corona Virus

    @Minos just wanted to comment on the passage regarding humanity surviving this… yes of course it will, we are way too many on this planet to disappear for a fortified flu. The issue is that nobody wants to go. Nobody wants to be part of the statistics, especially not because you are out of luck and the last ICU was given to someone else.
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