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  1. blackdog

    What's going on with your life?

    Following up on this trend I wanted to see how quickly Twitter would act. My second tweet with the #learntocode hashtag got my account locked for “harassment”. Btw my tweet wasn’t directed at journalists or anyone in particular, I was just following up on the recent Activision firings with a post intended as satire, but does seem that people are overly salty about an hashtag, and/or Twitter mods don’t bother to look at things in context. I cant shake the feeling of how fascist this “ultra progressive” platforms/discussion groups are, when you challenge them just a little bit. This really bothers me, would someone get flagged for promoting their own course for example? The full podcast can be found here and it’s enlighting and enraging at the same time to hear about the hypocritical stance the platform holders take on subjects like these.
  2. blackdog

    What have you watched recently?

    This movie is fucking A - Fargo 2 pretty much
  3. blackdog

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    You live in London @Terri?
  4. blackdog


    They already posted ads to hire again https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6498211445602390016 i wonder if there’s any senior that is keen to apply after what they just pulled.
  5. blackdog

    Apex Legends

    Well they sort of are tiered, since same class guns (eg: AR) can be both light or heavy ammo. Plus you can find the epic ones completely kitted. From my experience it’s basically useless to have any light ammo gun, unless you are at the very beginning, facing unarmed or just pistol-armed enemies. Although I managed to kill two armed guys whilst I only had the throwing ninja-star-looking thing, and one with melee only (from behind). I understand the attachments/armour colours.
  6. blackdog

    Apex Legends

    If it’s referred to me is kinda annoying after making I think many valid arguments. Maybe the post is just too long… I haven’t asked/suggested they should change the BR formula to make a different game. Yeah I got that… after reading Gamespot’s guide. In all seriousness I was just listing a few things, my concern is broader and I’m referring to the fact that is not immediately clear the effectiveness of a gun/its tier. Not that I didn’t notice the colours down there… but everybody knows you can’t convey information just on colour. Plus in the training is not explained. You have to make split second decisions on what guns to pick, you should know before picking up something what’s gonna be like, imo. Deffo you should know it once you are handling the gun, but for eg you have assault rifles with a blue ammo counter, which work with light ammo, if you want to colour code shouldn’t every aspect of the gun scream at you what’s their tier? I’m a simple man and in a game like this I go on the assumption that a bigger gun is more powerful. If I think of CSGO there’s basically no situation where you wouldn’t pick an AR over the SMG you holding on, if the deciding factor is the damage dealt alone. But here there’s the P90 lookalike that is heavy ammo so I’d hold on to it vs a scout which just gives away my position. ~ Anyway got my first win last night, had a good team. I tried the medic for the first time too and managed to save the ‘mates twice. Felt impactful for the first time.
  7. blackdog

    The Outer Worlds (Obsidian)

    Why people like this friggin damage bubbles so much?
  8. blackdog

    Apex Legends

    I do agree that the game (genre I guess*) is flawed, but some complaints there are pretty much fictitious, I mean why are you even alt-tabbing man? You sound like in deep ADHD, no offence intended. There’s no progress bar at the end of a game, unlocks *afaik* are completely cosmetics, you can just hit “play” again without any sub-menu navigation. Doesn’t take long to get into a new game, way less than CSGO competitive. That being said, I can’t say I’m loving the game, I’m playing it because I have a colleague to play with and want to understand a bit more the mechanics, given I have missed on all others BR games except CSGO. First thing for me is the art, I wish it was more stylised and look more like the cinematic trailer and the menu/load screen, cel shading would really suit this. I keep getting fictional errors at start (“can’t connect check your internet/there’s an origin update”). I don’t like that there’s no screen showing global stats per-player, I’d like to see how I’ve done across all characters before digging into which one I’m doing better. This doesn’t make me feel achieved. Ive done the training and still feel like I dunno how to play the game, there’s no explanation and experimentation about the attachments for example; it’s not very clear which ammo I should pick up (except for shotgun) as the guns look pretty much alike. They only teach you the special skills of the medic, I’d like to practice them before being in a real match. I haven’t used any special skill yet cos I don’t understand what my character can do and how can be useful. No wonder a site would come up with articles like this: https://www.gamespot.com/gallery/everything-that-apex-legends-doesnt-tell-you-tips-/2900-2553/ it just confirms to me they don’t teach very well how to play. I understand they need this giant treadmill for monetisation, but unlocking shit for the single heroes instead of allowing to kit the one you prefer is annoying. The whole map system is implemented way worse than CSGO’s tablet, the way the enclosing circle is displayed could be better. I feel there are way too many buttons, to play a game that appears very simple. I do appreciate the way you can swap items tho. Also I like the middle-mouse button commands, but the targets seem to small, I’ve found hard to even agree with teammates, never mind pinging an enemy. Matchmaking seems completely broken/non-existing, how the fuck you get matched to people with 100+ kills when you have 3? Also the “champion” selection at the beginning seem ridiculous or is just poorly communicated: I’ve seen champions with 3 kills and in their teams there were players with 50+ kills. I don’t understand, am I playing against a noob like me or is a pro just trying a new hero? I dunno, I guess it’s not much the game for me, makes me feel useless just like Team Fortress 2, makes me feel I dislike class based games (although Day Of Defeat has always been my fav game). I would prefer everyone had the same player archetype, and then have some sort of evolution tree to pick from to “create your own class” as you play. Ive read today that the success of Apex is having people return or try Titanfall 2 multiplayer, and that for me sounds like the best news of this whole fad, as T2 is in my list of games to play next, hopefully is discounted enough that I’ll buy it soon now that I have Origin.
  9. blackdog

    Apex Legends

    I’ll add you @TheOnlyDoubleF and then see what we can do. Might play tonight some more with my colleague, at like 9pm UK. Otherwise you know what, I do play games often on weekdays so there will be plenty of occasions. best we did last night was place 2nd.
  10. blackdog

    Apex Legends

    Apparently the game it’s too successful or they effed up something, and it’s down on ALL platforms. Say what you want but I find ridiculous that you can’t even get in the main menu because servers are down or something, you can’t even do the training and play with settings? Now that I’m finally in the main menu, I can’t even fix the settings, that for some reason have all changed. game keeps saying matchmaking… starting… matchmaking…
  11. blackdog

    What have you watched recently?

    Finally was in the mood a few nights back and watched the new IT It’s probably best enjoyed by people that haven’t read the book, or read it in their youth. Having finished it not long ago I was a bit that guy that notices everything is different from the book
  12. blackdog

    Apex Legends

    Origin is a pile of crap. When Apex finished downloading an error was returned. Installation failed and I had to restart the whole computer to make it try install again. “Obviously” it started again from 0% . Also until I restarted the whole machine, it wouldn’t show me the friend invite from my colleague nor the games I added via redeem while the game was installing. Let’s see if overnight it had more problems installing…
  13. blackdog

    High Life

    But Interstellar was the highest concept sci-fi we got in a while (I’d think before that was Moon), not a horror. are you confused with Life?
  14. blackdog

    Now playing - 2018

    @Radu I've played the shit out of FC3 and FC4 and no, there was no problem in acquiring weapons. I dunno, have they changed the looting system? I would mainly make money by looting bodies and crates littered around, you fill the inventory, get to the shop, sell the stuff and restock. It seems they wanted to make it a bit more challenging and rely more on stealth? Because I never had a problem with money, rather had too much loot. Max Payne 3 I was recently itching again to replay it… it's a memorable experience in terms of narrative, I feel like playing it the way I feel like rewatching John Wick. What always stops me is the incredible amount of unskippable cutscenes (which disguise the loadings). It's just so slow in that sense, they unfortunately made it a very un-replayable game, despite including those game modes that make you want to replay. ~ I'm still grinding through Just Cause 3. I only have the last story mission to complete, I'm going through all the competitions. Mission-wise though, I like there's more "meat" than JC2, but feels too many missions are just an indoor shooting grind, for a game that doesn't excel in weapon handling. The best bits of JC2 where the mad chases, assaulting a motorcade and then sending enemies flipping by blowing tires or anchoring them with the grappling hook. in JC3 happens only a couple times. It's also crazy they reduced the player movement on cars: you can only "surf" them, whilst before you could hang from the back for example, that way having rocket-mines would have had more sense. Coming in way after release, I like how they weaved the DLCs in the main story (although it's so weird they went for a comic-book style cutscenes for these, plus the first DLC has really ugly illustrations compared to the rest), I just think they push you to get the jetpack-wingsuit way too soon, I basically didn't learn the skill of grappling-wingsuit flight. On one side I appreciate you can finish the game without doing side activities, I only did stunt-jumps and driving races frequently, leaving most of the rest to the end. They did a terrible job with the grappling hook challenges, I dunno if there's a bug on PC but I was never prompted or noticed what button to press to activate the "magnet" so couldn't work it out. On the other end I can only compare to, say, Far Cry, and say that game had side-activities that I enjoyed doing and not felt to do just to fill the progress bar. The thing I understand the least is the completely utter shit driving physics/mechanics. Clearly Avalanche can make driveable vehicles, I played Mad Max and loved it, but in Just Cause 2-3 the vehicles are purposely bad except a couple. Motorbikes are plainly undriveable, instead of drifting over corners, the bike flips. I dunno if the problem of bad cars is accentuated in the PC version or specifically on my machine, as I can see the framerate is unstable. Everything else moves fine though. I do really like the location, Mediterranean islands portrayed very well and I talk from direct experience, but feels absurd that in Just Cause 2 there was a wide variety of environments (desert to jungle to snow) and here is one sunny location. After reading the very bad reviews Just Cause 4 is getting, I have the feeling Just Cause 2 is still the best in the series.
  15. blackdog

    Apex Legends

    Totally out of the blue release (Zampella teased something at the Game Awards but who knew). I only saw some ravenous tweets about the announcement and today of the game itself, I'm down to try it, hopefully runs well on my machine (haven't played Titanfall 1/2). I'm not super excited at the idea of the heroes despite that's the differentiator, I was always interested in Titanfall because of the free-running movement… I like more the idea of a level playing field. In case you wonder where to get it: playapex.com I'll repost the trailers since the embed didn't work on topic start - the second really explains all you need to know; the stream is a farse, starts like 4hrs in and they only show the trailers and a featurette with dev comments about the game.