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  1. Second shot gives me a cross-eyed vibe
  2. That’s not a condition, that’s how women naturally are #sexistjokes aside, that’s really interesting. There’s all this bunch of interesting research and tangentially interests level designers, I remember @FMPONE (if I recall correctly) mentioning about right and left turns? (I think something from mall navigation?)
  3. Seems like we've run out of names for game companies But seriously, great trailer, got me really interested.
  4. Can't remember if this stuff was in the Collector's Edition I have
  5. Wait waaaaaat! Unexpected (for me) drop of a new operation. Congrats to the Mapcore crowd monopolising the “new maps” section of the update @Yanzl @rzl @Oliver @[email protected] @jd40 @Quadratic @Quotingmc @[email protected]@andi @Oskmos PS: hopefully I haven't missed anyone, and in case apologies
  6. Cool haven’t played CS for an long time, DZ even longer, but still I’m curious what are the differences from the standard meta you were alluding to
  7. [EDITED] Noclip has done a design focus on Deathloop
  8. What are the differences @JimFKennedy? Seems to not have the raised central area like other maps but can’t tell much from the shots
  9. Didn’t get the chance to test almost anything recently, despite the couple of events where they had demos on steam (great initiative btw). I don’t understand why they take the demo down after these things tho, some devs keep it available, so is not a steam limitation.
  10. Gemini Man (now on Netflix) wasn't as bad as I expected. I was expecting total crap but it was meh. The story is the usual "agent hunted by the agency". The premise of pitting the hero against his younger self feels dated, I remember catching a comment by Ang Lee that "only now we have the tech to do this film", but I would tell him this would have felt innovative back in the late 90s*, now it seems everybody does this sort of thing and you can still discern the CG anyway. The film actually seems often filmed against a green screen when there would be no need at all (like first restaurant scene), giving a very artificial feel overall. Young Will Smith rendering is impressive... I guess they have loads of imagery to source from, but I would imagine if you shown to someone that didn't know Will Smith, they would be easily fooled*. Illusion breaks when he talks, still looks robotic/gamey in facial animations... but what they skimped on/didn't manage to sell is action stuff: the final effect is still very "CG Neo", action doesn't get that crazy so it's not as heavy on the eye as Black Panther or Neo, but people like us will notice it. What I don't understand is why they used the CG character for some background animation: it's bad. When the clone is stalking the original he does stuff that would have appeared much better if performed by a free runner. And that reinforced my feeling that many scenes where on green screen for no reason, it feels they done it to ensure consistency when they had to insert the clone. *I feel they basically put themselves in a lose-lose situation: by choosing a very famous actor (everybody will know the clone is fake) and because they couldn't do the CG any better than the competition... hence why it felt dated from the announcement.
  11. Sable is out in the next couple days Twitter embed seems messed up
  12. I was convinced there was a topic for this game, being released Septeber 30th i had seen some videos from Twitter and found it interesting enough to mentally archive it in the "will give it a try". PC only at this time
  13. Yup is a good point on the kitbashing… I had the same feeling of visual noise/repetitiveness in the videos, and I was wondering how much different environments they would be able to create with such a small team. In the podcast they explain they used Substance a lot to generate variations etc. Hopefully they can do a GDC talk like they say they’d like (lots of people apparently asking them of their technical implementation). The result makes sense in the perspective of the small dev team.
  14. I already dislike Christmas enough
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