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  1. Dunno if I'm more surprised that GameTrailers is still alive (thought was closed? Has it been relaunched recently?) or that they are still milking RE4. A bump in graphics could have been nice... they have mistreated this game so much imo. Like how is the Dreamcast version the nicer to look at, and the PC port uses the Playstation lower detail trees and stuff. I still have to play it been in my library for probably like ten years lol
  2. The logo is so close to what @Thurnip created https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/core
  3. Looks slick and more responsive on mobile, brilliant update! As for what Radu says, I imagine that section’s template is customisable/has options… I’d say deffo remove the preview text, and picker removal something to consider, if is a few people that does that activity doesn’t seem to harm. Maybe the avatar can be made smaller and overall simplify that section too.
  4. The meme is not mine, if that’s what you’re referring to. I’m annoyed about the hair thing
  5. Just discovered the new Rick & Morty Season 5 trailer has been dropped, with release date announced: 20th June. Love to see there’s gonna be an episode spoofing the mecha anime like Voltron/Vultus etc Hope don’t have to wait months to come to Netflix like S4
  6. Wow, I’m negatively impressed by how a show that is only 6 episodes long does nothing to establish the villains and their motives in the first two episodes. The only thing that is said is that the “baddies” want “a world United without borders”… since when that’s a bad thing!?
  7. This looks fantastic But just when, have you posted about this before? Is a big drop
  8. The second had an “endless” tail, I’m expecting it would use it like the L4D zombie with the chameleon tongue
  9. There is a WW2 shooter that has mapping support, I remember seeing advertised a mapping contest
  10. Trilogy? Thought there was a main game with one stand alone expansion
  11. You fucking kidding me?? https://www.gameinformer.com/2021/03/24/hitman-tv-series-will-give-agent-47-hair
  12. Apart from the fifth it seems pretty easy to imagine what all these do/are. That talks about the skill of the artists… they seem to bet everything on the variety of enemies, I wonder if that’s enough to keep people entertained.
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