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  1. When is your bday? Maybe we can gofund you
  2. Dude other maps have already been playtested… for what they have shown I’d say other maps are in a more advanced state. Then, since the talent of the team working on it, Everest will do very well.
  3. Can’t believe they are actually talking about Keanu’s casting as a band-aid to cover up on all the discrimination CD Project is supposedly doing… ~
  4. Thank you! Yes first baby… so much to learn
  5. Any reference from Namibian locations? This transports me back to my stint as tour interpreter, been in a good number of lodges Also in case you want to add more custom props, these could be interesting There was an interesting bomb proof APC in Future Weapons that I remember being South African as well but can’t find right now
  6. Ah (despite probably knowing the answer) one thing I was wondering after the podcast you were on: you moved back to the US or stayed in EU?
  7. Regarding what Izuno said this video doesn’t really show anything new compared to stuff seen already a year ago, but the lookout is most definitely positive. Still have to play the original and still planning to.
  8. You gonna convert to models down the line?
  9. Good luck with putting the finishing touches, you deserve a lot of attention for such a massive job. I hope Techland can find a way to highlight your creation too!
  10. Finally unveiled, the new game by John Romero. And is not a shooter as you might have expected, but an X-Com-like mafia-themed game: Some info from the man himself... which reveals is actually mostly Brenda's design guess that's why I knew something was coming, as she said they were announcing soon at the EGX talk.
  11. That’s interesting, if you go back to interviews with GabeN at the time of the Episodes announcements, he was praising Blizzard for the subscription model for WoW. As a company that’s of course the best model to have, as gives more margin (that’s why gyms have very restrictive contracts and so on). At the moment they don’t seem to have the IPs to do a Valve subscription, but maybe they can come up with a scheme for Steam.
  12. blackdog

    John Wick

    Keanu at the handprint ceremony Fishbourne spoke before him
  13. I’m all over “more of the same” for certain games, but I wasn’t impressed last year, and the new media didn’t do anything for me. Just like i was more into the original DOS Doom than Doom 2. I don’t like the blade. The environments just look messy rather than arty like the previous game. I don’t even like the added bit on the logo. That clip of the new mode looks like something out of a mobile game or by some weird mod team.
  14. Now don’t go out and think we’ll allow you to remake your campaign on the new engine
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