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  1. Is it a village or an estate? Just thinking that knowing a bit more I might come up with a scenario for you
  2. What the fuck :-| this game actually costed me money They had them at 13-12 on an super eco and managed to lose the match. CS delivers close games just like my beloved basketball, where great plays can turn a game in 30 seconds. Incredible that Faze went from being finalists to last place... in the space of three weeks! BTW for the few games I've seen I haven't seen anything impressive coming out of Niko, which makes me question him being currently considered the #1/#2 player o.O
  3. Is working now, maybe was that I had just passable coverage
  4. Not loading for me :/
  5. This looks interesting, didn't notice the topic before. I'm thinking the different areas are ticking most boxes good CS maps have. Not big fan of the custom tile texture, looking forward for future updates
  6. Randomly found this: hope they do well or at least find a way to come around stronger after this tournament, cos for some reason I have much sympathy for them. I'm watching matches and I don't have real favorites, I watch for the enjoyment of the technical act, like I mostly did when I used to watch NBA... but for some reason I have a soft spot for them Also really annoyed I didn't manage to bet on the tournament, wanted to do through a prepaid card (hopefully to not affect credit score) but I didn't have it with me over the weekend so I missed out. Expecting SK to win this as well... would have been a £400-500 win... would have repaid for my flights to Canada
  7. I saw this when I was a kid! It was terrible, is one of those few movies where Bruce Willis is not an action hero! Death Becomes Her
  8. Interview with Marc Laidlaw
  9. Ogni come on! Just came to post it and already nervous cos the internet is too fucked here to let me watch it
  10. Not saying I didn't like it @Sprony @Beck, just that I was expecting a bit more… I guess pacing, more adventure, because all the hype I got about it. I guess my rationale got the best of it and found a bit jarring the portrayal of a North American town with a Spanish treasure ship (when there were no Spanish in those areas). Dunno if the mastering for digital streaming wasn't great but I didn't understand who left the hints for the treasure as well. Is definitely a great kids adventure movie, still probably enjoyable for kids today and their parents
  11. I was expecting a more violent epilogue to the quiz cool stuff was just thinking on my way to work today to make some space (delete Doom) for the first game and start playing it
  12. Awesome, thank you @Squad. Were you able to camp in the parks with the camper? Also you had to take special care in terms of risk of bear breaking in
  13. Yeah really good video, glad popped up! I was thinking instead of the video game aspect, I would imagine we have release in that as well Thanks for clarifying the math, never heard of such thing, and definitely thumbs up to evolution... or was it? 🤔
  14. Flights booked! I'm getting into Toronto the 10th august, and flying back the 15th September from Vancouver. Not sure how I'll travel eat to west yet (flight, train, coach), but thought that with the time I have I must see at least Niagara falls in the east. My gf arrives in Vancouver the 29th august, then we should get a camper like you did @Squad… her dad suggested to rent it there cos should come for less (taxes etc). We'll pretty much do your same drive were the parks free? I've seen a visit Canada video that because of the 150th anniversary all national parks are free… @Dark @AlexM any suggestion for buying a Canadian SIM card to stay in contact with people over here, data etc? I looked into roaming options for my current provider and since it works like a top up (giffgaff) people in their forums were suggesting to get a card there… but saying that coverage is quite poor. I feel a bit down that I'm wasting a week of holiday to come back same day with her, all of a sudden my 7 weeks holiday looks so short
  15. Well when you watch other stuff like Mulholland Drive you might just scratch your head :/ Oh this is on my list! Put it just because of the name and synopsis… gotta say the weird trailer is a bit off-putting 😅 ~ watched Despicable Me 3 last week and also The Goonies for the first time – was expecting a bit more from the latter as its such a famous movie. Now You See Me 2 was a sequence of nonsense last night, bah. Wish my gf wasn't suffering the hay fever and we played Lego Batman instead