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  1. The press looks and sound the same lol. Gives a weird deja vu ad if the companies were related
  2. I would agree that “3D” always felt a bit too wide concept for me, maybe Creative should be split in: mapping/level design, 3D (modelling), 2d (leave it). Not sure what kind of support the forum has for tags because I’d keep it a bit more general as above and then tag so that you can search HL2 and find the topics marked like that.
  3. Don’t let the blue checkmark crew see this, or else. ~ So is this an updated version of the original? A remaster so to speak?
  4. Really curious to see how long they can still get away with this. They have some sort of new tournament format i understand and many pro teams have dropped because of cost. It kinda feels they are killing their own game tbh but whatever…
  5. Awesome job @Ringel, first shot makes me think of Far Cry 4, the second really takes me back to the beginning of the bridge level in HL2, where you drive through the canyon before getting on the platform/dock
  6. Yeah, it’s a good benchmark. My friend that develops even more minimal games works/runs on an integrated card to ensure of the lowest common denominator
  7. blackdog

    Star Wars

    I haven’t seen it so I guess… maybe? His Thor was ok/good. At this point seems like most people could do a better job than the crapfest we’ve seen. But still most credit for the success of the serie should go to Favreau I think, he’s the creator… wonder if with Faige stepping up controlling both Star Wars and Marvel, Favreau will move to higher position as well. After all he has made Marvel and Disney all the money they have now by kickstarting the MCU, made it rain with Lion King and now this.
  8. I know, I was highly disappointed the topic didn’t pick up any attention!
  9. Makes me feel better that a veteran like you has my same GPU (I have the M version in my laptop of course). Thought to remember you were playing Resident Evil 2 at highest settings? That doesn’t work on mine. ~ someone’s getting fired?
  10. Thanks for finding this. I've archived for future reference... haven't planned on playing yet, even though i'll 90% end up just playing on PS4. Atm I bought the all-time Sony exclusive so already have some incredible back-catalog
  11. Now that the dust has settled... can I ask why you liked it? I know comparisons can be out of place, and I don't want to turn this into Witcher VS GoT, but everyone I talked to (and read here) says The Witcher is confusing. The only comparison I want to do is that GoT does a much better job establishing the geography of the kingdom(s), the factions... Just to be clear, the problem is not the timeline, that is much more linear than other movies/shows, but the unexplained lore. [test] why can't i edit the post?
  12. Been there for NYE2018, looking forward to see how this turns out when completed. I can recognise several shots locations, but main thing is bringing it together with a playable layout. Bring on the overview
  13. Watched that preview (while cooking), is the whole game set in Sardinia or just one of the adventures? Best of luck with the release anyway @Beck ✌
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