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  1. It is explained, at least in part. The Gravity Gun is a tool not a weapon, you accidentally get to hold on to it because of the combine attack. It is also very logical to imagine they don't have the resources to mass produce it anyway. Seemingly I'd imagine that the Resistance doesn't have the resources to make more suits, they could also be very well made to custom fit the operator. Of course the "cool stuff" will almost always available only to the player, but is a matter of how you present things that make it immersive.
  2. Yeah but you do choose where to play the game, nobody forces you to stream it. What does it mean to you end user if the servers you are streaming from are nVidia or something else? Also Valve's solution seems open to whomever comes forward with a compelling solution. I think it's more interesting to understand if you can simply stream games you own on Steam, it does seem like it...
  3. Yeah, birds are basically the only thing there is. Not even rats. How you justify something so peculiar as monkeys when there’s nothing else around? And I’m not simply taking about a zoo, but why would all animals die except these. Also I’m not talking about traps, I was referring to the magnet gun and all the other crazy inventor stuff like the leaf-blower to double jump. Why would Grigori build or have something so effective available and not use it?? We are also talking about a priest… you can sell me on a priest being very good at shooting and surviving, but he’s also the next Tesla-level guy?
  4. I have an ageing gaming laptop, has a 970M which the nVidia app says is not VR ready.
  5. Ye, all this praise, and other info I had in the running up to the Alyx release, tempted me about the Oculus, I could pay that price... problem is I would also need to upgrade my computer. This whole workshop business though is really exciting and tempting, feels like going back to the first times post HL and HL2 release. One thing I wonder is if is possible to use your own headphones with these headsets... when you shelled out for decent ones you just want to use those, the ones mounted on the headsets don't seem able to put out the necessary punch for great enjoyment.
  6. I would love a more open systemic HL game, the premise of this was legit, you could make it kinda sandbox as well. But the weapon selection for example is very weird: how would it be at the player’s disposal considering Grigori just uses a shotgun, why would he research or stash special and better weapons and not use them? The plot twist of Grigori mutating (and becoming the boss to get rid of) I saw it coming as soon as they showed he was injecting alien fluids… I think it would have been bad to make his fate finale from a narrative standpoint. The monkeys make absolutely no sense considering there’s no fauna in HL. It makes me think of the crazy scientist in South Park and that Simpsons’ episode where Burns has flying monkeys. Children’s traces is a bit sketchy as was completely removed from HL2 (and it’s explained why), so needed to be treated carefully/explained.
  7. I haven’t followed much but they haven’t been dominant this year and last part of last year. I would like to see them back and competitive just on the basis that Thoorin was moaning and criticising them skipping tournaments, and had already declared the Liquid era… guess what them guys started chocking hard and (as I had my money on) they came back big with Vertigo. having them win a fourth would cement the status without this kind of stupid arguments
  8. Wow the Astralis team is being shaken as of late: hope they can return in time for the next major
  9. To be honest though, it looks too out of place in the HL world, feels over complicated in terms of story… layers upon layers to give a resemblance of substance. It would be cool to revisit Ravenholm, maybe Valve or a partner can tell the story of the fall of the town, or just some other story set between the time of HL:A and HL2. I can see it being very interesting to play in VR, with all the interactivity of the traps, using throwables…
  10. Achievement unlocked: you kept the baby alive for 1 year
  11. @Squad at least with Italian layout, the keyboard would not recognise the chars assigned to our layout, so you open the chat to message and you have to know/remember that question mark is underscore for eg. They basically always had an hard coded override of the layouts or something, which make no sense.
  12. Ridiculous, but not surprising from Valve. I think even CSGO was switching to American keyboard layout until last year. It's something they never cared about, and it's so basic it's infuriating.
  13. Been up most part of the last three nights and completed this! Outstanding game, shoots at the top of the best narrative games. This alone was worth getting the PS4. Any Mapcorean worked on this? I realised there actually is a chapter unlock, I’ll definitely replay the winter section, the sandbox maps on the shore are so beautifully designed, it was incredibly fun to predate on the scavengers. ~ I can’t shake off my head the parallels with HL in terms of level design, might just be the choice of locations… I guess we’ve seen it “all“. I dunno how this is possible, but it also felt the infected AI was less consistent two-thirds if the way in, with clickers suddenly detecting me from further away sometimes, despite being sneaky, despite having got past the very same ones without a problem on previous attempts of the same section, with them even almost colliding with me at times.
  14. I remember at the time of the first (or maybe second) it was praised for the graphics (quake and clones were all brown, this was detailed and colourful)
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