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  1. Do testers need to download maps in advance or server would distribute like I'm used from good old days? Just tried to join and is stuck on "Initializing world" with a bare minimum progress bar visible, and not moving. Ping was 112 when I tried to join :/ but on other public servers was indicating as good as 42 from the browser Subscribed _manor anyway and retried. I see the server full, but opening the detail window says not responding
  2. Wanted to point out anyway
  3. I think this looks interesting. I miss some good de_chateau, so much I have been thinking of doing a similar map since CSGO came out. Bit weird the downward arcs, never seen anything like that but need to see how it fits when more detailing is in. You testing on mapcore servers? I've been totally out the testing since I moved here, my connection is terrible (shared+wifi) but recently was decent enough, I had a couple sessions on DoI, I was thinking of trying CS again.
  4. cs_workout is fully indoor and has been included in the operations Agency as well I would argue is an indoor map, as the spawn for CT is not really a big play area (in my experience players were all dead before getting back) of course there's loads of vertical space so doesn't feel claustrophobic, you can lob nades etc
  5. This looks very good already, you're moving very fast! congrats and looking forward to updates
  6. You seen Interstellar? And Gravity? Also, Life is not like it seems from the trailer but still sci-fi-horror fun. ~ i just went through Better Call Saul S3 almost always two episodes at a time. Season finale a bit underwhelming but otherwise I really enjoyed it. Dunno if I said already but seen Wonder Woman and was a pretty decent movie. Not as good as reviews are saying to me, but a honest 7/10.
  7. Liked it. And this popped up on fb
  8. All true. Although I would imagine there is some interest growing for 4k+HDR? I mean I got a 1080p tv almost two years ago, after seeing the 4k+HDR demo in the shop, I was thinking I would upgrade. I won't as like you say there's no really content, I would be happy enough with games supporting it tho
  9. Congrats @TheOnlyDoubleF! now you just need to get your info updated on the topic
  10. There's a proper gameplay video for Hunt
  11. Don't be tight and buy Furious Angels
  12. Since we don't have a container for this kind of thing, I thought we might as well? Was tempted to post this video in Quantum Break's topic, but there are several very enjoyable series on YT like the "All your history" so thought we might as well collect it all
  13. This should pretty cool
  14. Just watching this from cinical brit i didn't investigate after the E3 announcement, but sounds like content from the club is pay-to-download, and Bethesda is gonna pay developers for their efforts when reaching milestones… but no/is not clear if creators will get any percentage/rev share. Thoughts?
  15. Is there more that can be written?