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  1. blackdog

    DC's Cinematic Universe

    As expected, Netflix has announced they’ll be bringing the DC Titans TV show in europe
  2. blackdog

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    I’m imagining something a-la Spec-Ops The Line, and desert around just to justify not being able to go there, but guess anything can work. ~ @FMPONE had an after thought regarding the potential competitive mode with resources… instead of having it fixed according to the mapper’s design, an in-between solution could be showing on the map at load time where stuff is gonna spawn, so you keep the dynamic aspect of randomisation, but teams can decide what to do from the start. I feel in such a bigger environment there should be some sort of randomisation, so another solution could be allowing the mapper to set where resources are, but must design it in several configurations that get randomised at the beginning of the round. Think of the classic de_havana where certain paths would be open or closed, just resource spawns would change (and again, indicated on the map at load). Now use your Valve connections to give us exclusive access to the SDK so we can spin a studio off Mapcore just like early Gearbox did
  3. blackdog

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Ah meant to say, as I was chatting with the others while playing: I believe there’s a lot of freedom in themes for this mode, and you don’t need islands. City/part of a city was a first, I was thinking how it would look a post-apocalyptic NYC theme, sort of copying The Division. But other ideas I had just during load times are a peninsula closed on 1-2 side by cliffs, you can have a desert map, a mountain top(!). If we could figure out a way to collab I’d be interested, as my problem with mapping until now has been creating overall layouts, but small areas I could create. ~ @FMPONE reading here the additional explanation I understand what you meant on Twitter, and I can kinda see what you mean, would be a bit like RTS maps, where everybody knows we’re resources are and rush which depending on play style. Could be interesting. I wonder if they could keep the 5v5 formula on an even smaller map? Would a competitive mode be two teams or a brawl of teams? You could basically have the early elimination aspect of current tournaments in a few rounds on like 3 maps of the official mode was teams of x2 or x3. ~ Not sure if you guys had figured this out, but watching a Warowl video last night I found out that the drones follow the tablet, you can order a delivery and drop the tablet to sneak around whilst someone follows your drone! He loses the 1v1 to someone using that strat
  4. I Not sure how such a small studio managed to find the resources to create a new game whilst developing major updates to a game like No Man’s Sky, but they did. It’s an adventure-puzzler game by the looks of it. #cuteoverload as well ~ On Twitter Sean Murray says this was made by two people
  5. blackdog

    Far Cry New Dawn

    Seems like all the aftermath/post-nuclear apocalypse games nowadays are tinted in bright colours, you could almost mistake one for the other. Not sure how they managed to churn out another FC so quickly, other than it seems to be using the same setting as FC5.
  6. blackdog

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    I was kinda thinking back at the game mode today and my complaint is that it doesn’t feel “CS” enough. For a new player coming into the game now, because it’s free and there’s battle royale, there’s very little they can learn and take to the classic game modes. I wish there was more shooting, the fall damage seems too harsh, maybe we should spawn with the knife and have the tools be an upgrade, bringing back the classic feeling of “knife rounds” from pre-CSGO. (There should also probably be a zip-line (maybe will be added as was mentioned in some leak for HL3/HLVR) and some other kind of environmental interaction to use.) Where I see CSGO going now is: it either blows up, gaining users thanks to BR, but create essentially two communities due to the differences from the base game (see above), or numbers will dwindle quickly, and Valve will have to make some radical changes to bring the BR mode closer to the CS core. See for reference this trailer for Dying Lyght: you can instantly recognise it as that game, and does seem to play on the core gameplay/strengths. Remove the UI and Danger Zone could be any mod or indie developed BR game/mode. ~ On another note, thanks to 3kliks video I realised you can throw the tools! (Great first win demo he has there as well)
  7. blackdog

    Just Cause 4

    basically more of the same, I can’t understand if the reviewer says there are no grenades?? ~ im playing JC3 at the moment and one of the small changes that I don’t understand from JC2 has been the removal of “hanging” from the side of vehicles. Was such a cool system before. Would have made sense to keep it considering the special grenades like booster ones that you can attach.
  8. This really gives me more of a Rage meets Bioshock vibe, than a Fallout influenced game… but considering all the criticisms to the latter, maybe it’s a good thing.
  9. blackdog

    Unreal Engine 4

    I might have missed it before, but I feel the greatest news of all is that Journey is not a PS exclusive anymore and is available on the Epic Store
  10. blackdog

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Enjoyed the first session. Main problem maybe a bit laggy, despite the amount of things to learn it pretty well implemented (haven’t played any other BR game). I wish there was more armour and ammo so to shoot a bit more. Haven’t got used to the fact that you can regenerate health I got a chicken dinner with @jackophant, one solo, and one with @esspho and @Squad. Got the recordings but I’m not sure how to edit to make it interesting, is not like watching a competitive clutch. Anyway great fun, thanks for playing guys!
  11. blackdog

    Unreal Engine 4

    I dunno how much was planned for UT, to me “hiring” community (weren’t they just volunteering?) was just crowdsourcing and a display of non-committal. To me looked like “let’s try and get our own CS” (read: a game for free we can then profit from and if goes badly we didn’t spend money on it”). They surely had more confidence in Paragon that was being developed by employees and the engine had as-hoc features. A bit like “let’s go fishing see what happens”. Fortnite got the upper hand (important to say: not in their original design!) and now they are raking the money. on top of that they have the passive income of the half of the whole game market using their tech, and now will have the store. hopefully this will lead to invest in some dev team again, hopefully they don’t turn into Valve. I’d be just happy if they acquired some indie teams and gave them proper resources to succeed. Would like to see a single player Unreal again, or just an SP game from them.
  12. blackdog


    Agreed, good looking map. I would add that the whole stairs indicated here are a bit weird, I think the steps are a bit tall? Unless is just perspective. The other red door under the vent is locked, shouldn’t it be another colour to not distract players? In general I think the theme is not at its full potential, you have some weird contrast like clean textures and ivy on the wall in the same room (plus ivy hanging in a room with ceiling?) I think if you take the time to refine these aspects it will look even better.
  13. Did you have a topic already? Name rings a bell… would be nice to see some screens. I never finished D3 and planning to pick it back up, having extra maps seems a good motivator as well.
  14. blackdog

    Unreal Engine 4

    At least it’s confirmed, it recently came up, I remember looking up their YT and find the last live session was a year ago. I wasn’t playing it, but it’s a shame because it’s the only UE game one could map for, without having to buy a separate game… or create one theirselves(!) I’m not sure what games offer modding, none comes to mind really.