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  1. I wanted to make this joke but wasn’t sure if it would have been well received
  2. What have you watched recently?

    Kick-ass Black Panther Kick-ass 2
  3. Metro: Exodus

    Game informer is doing a month special
  4. Altered Carbon

    Yesterday we were having a moral discussion at work with my boss regarding moving the conscience.
  5. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Seen Black Panther, it was… ok. Usually excessive over the top stunts that are not really exciting, too absurd tech as well imo. Very self contained, explains the origins of the character etc. I was also sitting too close to the screen which spoilt it
  6. [RELEASED] Realtime CSG - level design for Unity!

    Don’t we have a generic Unity topic? This is the more appropriate I’ve found Unity is including ProBuilder & co in the standard build/release of the engine https://blogs.unity3d.com/2018/02/15/probuilder-joins-unity-offering-integrated-in-editor-advanced-level-design/
  7. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Couple nights after the Scout clutch, I suicided to the losing side and found these kills with the Famas (while listening to a Jordan Peterson interview)
  8. What movie is this?

    Don’t breath?
  9. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Didn’t even know there is a futurama game out
  10. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Ah! Well, mobility above all, along being 90% sure all people were tagged. Also the pressure, you don’t want to be that guy that picks up AWP to then misses
  11. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Just fun but got my dopamine hit the other night
  12. Game Dev Job Aggregator

    Isn’t it similar to Orca -or something like that- there was a post in the jobs forum. Still good tho
  13. [CS:GO] Dawn

    Can definitely see the callbacks to Dishonored, even without final art, good job!
  14. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Nuke has been updated removed window in the hut removed CT catwalk not sure about this. They haven't even posted on the website about it.
  15. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Also 20th Century Fox