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  1. Lots of things aren’t clear though, I wonder is this gonna be open to everyone to apply, cos it looks like they are trying to find AAA first parties to get exclusives on their platform and compete with Steam. Also will you have the freedom to publish elsewhere or if you get the epic money you’re tied to their store
  2. I would wait the end of BCS before seeing Breaking Bad again (although the temptation was there many times)… I haven’t investigated if this is the last BCS season or there’s more before the stories join up. Anyway since we are talking about the genius of the show runners, in case people haven’t seen this analysis Can’t find one much older that was explaining the times the show teases placing indicators of things to come without the viewer’s knowledge of course. I haven’t had the chance to watch El Camino yet, we meant to watch together with friends and then the novelty passed, and I’m always too tired to watch movies by myself
  3. blackdog

    Corona Virus

    MAH. First of all, from my quick skim none of them seems to be an epidemiologist – maybe I missed something. I can agree on some points, but then, like @RaVaGe says, I think to the 1000 deaths per day in my country. Or the 2 deaths per hour in New York. When the fuck have these doctors seen fridge trucks outside the hospitals because morgues are full?? Also they sound a lot like this is a conspiracy and the rest of doctors are enjoying the attention they getting… if the economy goes to shit, nobody will be dancing.
  4. Much better looking than the one in 2016, but yeah in this kind of game pistols result a bit bland. I think they probably need to be very powerful and slow, hand cannon kind of thing
  5. blackdog

    Corona Virus

    I was trying to find the news about Boris Johnson being positive to the virus, when i discovered this
  6. Should we merge with the design videos topic? posted some of those on there myself
  7. Didn’t see this yday, tempted anyone played it on PS4? Runs well?
  8. Make it rain Tim anyone using the Epic Store?
  9. Just in case was missed the dev insight on new demons. Looking at the side by side comparisons I’m not that favourably impressed. Didn’t pay much attention to the Hugo video I guess, but lots of updates feel done for the sake of changing, look at those head plates on the Revenant, was much cooler in 2016. Feels like the time of the Doom/Quake clones (which were really mods/total conversions). I’d much rather see a consistency in the evolution, like the Mancubus face is completely different, is not the same demon anymore
  10. I assumed the controllers where for those wanting to keep their Vive and improve controls, but who knows.
  11. Not gonna read of course; read a tweet from @marnamai today, wasn’t explicit but I wonder if what I think it implies is the actual ending/spoiler
  12. Totally missed out on the Insurgency screens, good going @mr.P! I think I only tried the game in demo or free weekend, had terrible ping in EU plus the frame rate was bad on my laptop
  13. what GFX you have again? I remember we mentioned this for RE2, my demo wasn't as smooth as yours but they were similar if i recall (970m)
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