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  1. I played only 2-3 session as soon as was out. Mostly curious to see if my old laptop could run it… which does at low, but the upgrade is still very visible. It’s quite surprising to be honest, I wouldn’t want to play games at low details ever, but Source 2 has this weird effect that still looks pretty. I think I’ve seen it in the FC3 editor for Xbox360… but I was personally thinking about it way before that. never touched Fortnite
  2. I have picked up The Witness after I don’t even know how long and did some good progress… I think I hadn’t even turn on the first laser, despite doing lots of puzzles across the whole island. Made lots of progress and turned on x2, very close to turn on a third. I had to look solutions for 2-3 panels I was really stuck (despite reading the principles of how to solve certain puzzles categories – it’s the goddamn Tetris I’m finding harder, I solved some at first myself first but got to a point…). The thing that has brought me back to it the most was discovering the bonus(?) puzzles based on perspective. I hadn’t seen them myself, but looking at the guide for those hints I saw a picture and understood immediately this perspective meta game. These are really fun to find! ~ I also started Sifu but literally only played two sessions. It’s not as immediate and allowing short sessions as I imagined. I did get to the first boss already first session though. You realise how clever is the level design once you have to replay the chapter the second session, with lots of alternate paths. I mean you see them straight away, but you then discover how you can make following runs to the boss shorter.
  3. That’s fantastic! So are you creating plugins for Unity/Unreal? I’m a UI designer, so I’m a bit biased in liking wheels as a gizmo. Objectively, wheels are the best type of menu in terms of limiting mouse movement and clicks. But apart from games we don’t really see them, and there are reasons for that. Personally I have given some thoughts and I can imagine a level/game editor using wheels and minimalistic UI. I would bind the wheel to TAB and be contextual to what is selected at that moment in time. That should work at least for the most common actions, then other stuff could still be docked away the traditional way. But ofc I haven’t tried to mock this up let alone implement it. I’d be very curious to see what you’re doing @NikiOo
  4. Is this in relation to the editor?
  5. Hey @0kelvin is that your portfolio or you have another website? I can’t find a “maps” section that just shoes the work. But I think to renege you posted in the past?
  6. I actually found the Eagle One playlist accidentally myself recently. I don’t have Alyx, but I started watching the vids anyway to get an understanding of the new principles. Very good series!
  7. Ah uh, been so long since release I would have said Bioshock was UE3… which is what they also report as a quote on the Wiki page. ~ Last week I 100% Spider-Man Miles Morales on the PS4. Game kinda feels more like a DLC than a stand-alone game. It’s a bit weird cos afaik was sold at full retail price, story is quite long but overall there’s less content than the first game. It is a smoother experience though, which can be a “less is more” thing. The game also feels much easier, maybe because of the special powers Miles has… but I set it at “Amazing” (or Spectacular? ) and got in the groove very quickly; when I put myself to do the x100 combo I managed in two sessions… whilst I still haven’t beaten all challenges in Spider-Man 2018, which I tried so many times! Anyway great game to get on discount for the “todoist” gamers. ~ I started The Order 1884 that I got on offer, after watching a video that was suggesting to reconsider that game. Also always wanted to experience in first person one of the flagship games of the PS4. It’s incredible what RAD managed to squeeze out at the start of the generation, the game still holds up very well! The UI could be a bit better and the controls are probably the thing that is not up to par to the production. The other big annoyance are bloated cutscenes followed by areas where you still can’t do anything(!), at least for the beginning chapters of an action game.
  8. I'm happy that you've reposted it on YT as well, will be interesting for sure.
  9. In the past weeks I went through the whole Rocky saga, all the way to Creed 2, to get ready for the third installment. Went to see Creed 3 last Monday. A lot of the marketing hinges around B. Jordan directing this chapter, and I think it shows. It's not that is bad, but you can see he worked to differentiate it from the rest of the films. Way more noticeable after watching all the others back to back, or if you rewatch Creed 1/2 after 3. Unfortunately I don't think this entry hits the right spots and I found it a bit underwhelming. I wholly agree with this analysis, without spending time typing spoilery content. I can't remember if it's mentioned, but I don't think the film is not as good because Rocky/Stallone is missing (I think would have been a somewhat different story with him), just the beats/pacing. The whole film feels rushed and cut for Gen-Z attention span. Is like they felt the need to speed it up to compensate for all the early sign-language scenes. Anyway this run through the saga as given me a renewed appreciation for Stallone, whom I knew had written the Rocky films, but I hadn't realised he also directed them... I think it's pretty amazing he got the chance to write and direct right after his debut. Also he's accomplished and all, but it's annoying he doesn't have more control over the franchise he created.
  10. I don't know what you're talking about Austria was already a really good map. Have one of my personal 1vX highlights on that, and was working great in DM too. There are people that didn't get their map officially in CSGO that have a job in the industry, so I hope you can give it another try @Radix. I don't know what you have already done, but there are other editors that don't require as much building time as Source. Big studios don't even require you to have all the knowledge you have in the env art side either, and there's plenty of indie titles that don't have people with your skills behind. But, if this has to be the swan song, then what a tune this looks like!
  11. YES! It's finally a thing!!! Fantastic that the first video they posted they already talk about mapping The smoke nades are really impressive
  12. Is that rice to be eaten warm or cold @0kelvin?
  13. Just seen the highlights of IEM Katowice and… @Roald how does it feel to see Anubis played by the pros in the top tier? (i assume this was the first tournament that was played?) also, this giving you much upkeep work for fixes etc? anyways
  14. Ace! How did you do the camera movement @Edude?
  15. I only use frozen spinach because the fresh baby has such a short shelf life @0kelvin Totally agree on the mindfulness of cooking, always enjoyed it. Doesn’t work for everyone, my partner prefers if I cook for sure, she started doing more to have a break from the child lol the rice you’ve done we’d call it “rice salad”, although would normally add würstel or tinned tuna too
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