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  1. Who said games are not educational? As soon as I saw the lockscreen the other night, I knew it was Halstatt (tbh I memorised the name thanks to pictures a friend posted on fb a few years back but hey, my first thought when i saw this was de_austria!!11)
  2. First trailer for Wonder Woman 1984
  3. After all these trailers I’m less hyped than when they announced the project, but I guess we’ll give it a try for a couple episodes
  4. https://www.gog.com/ is starting their winter sale by giving this away for free.
  5. It would be a bit not fun? I mean the Predator is OP and you can’t kill it before the end of the game so… you just shoot the air, like in the movie? They already made the Alien game where you can only run away as well…
  6. Fingers crossed, I saw it and I started wondering if they were featuring it because they are adding a first person option…
  7. Sorry I like the official channels "can't see shit captain" kind of trailer ~ they also have a special message
  8. Sorry I can’t find a dedicated thread of the show so https://www.gamespot.com/articles/twin-peaks-vr-trailer-escape-the-black-lodge-and-e/1100-6472009/?TheTime=2019-12-09T00%3A25%3A33&ftag=GSS-05-10aaa0a&PostType=link&ServiceType=facebook_page&UniqueID=6A1DDF1E-1A1A-11EA-846A-D27696E8478F
  9. Good for you guys, this kind of work it’s useful, especially if you are interested in food/cooking. But in general, low level stuff builds confidence, life skills… and motivation to aspire do something else. it also keeps you humble and lets you appreciate people that do these jobs for you once you move on. Funny I also applied and was offered a position at deli/fishmonger counter once I worked as a cafe/bar waiter as my first summer job, summer postman to pay uni; when I moved here in the uk I ended up working four years in hospitality and catering, went from cleaning rooms and toilets and be a cook’s aid to manage the department. It was quite hard with the incredibly long hours and living on-site to get out of there but I managed to get at least back into web design (for now )
  10. Could easily replace the footsteps sound with the original by copy/pasting the file I’m sure?
  11. Wow, the american teams keep their choke attitute, both Liquid and Evil Geniuses got two-zeroed today. Mousesports even 16-0 EG on Nuke wish I had put more money on Mouse now
  12. Well technically speaking, it has been a while, the Halo PC porting is one of the first projects Gearbox worked on if I remember correctly I’m confused on why they have ported Reach over more recent chapters? I don’t remember a particular love for Reach from the fans even in the original Xbox release, I mean not to the level of all other chapters? I dunno, I’m ignorant on the matter, haven’t played Halo… but what I read even on the MS Store doesn’t make it clearer. I remember there was already a Master Chief Collection released like two years ago, allowing to swap in real time between Halo 1 graphics and remaster? Now there’s another collection that starts from Reach going forward? Boh.
  13. What I meant is that Amazon, despite the available cash in hand, was very conservative in terms of strategy, stingy I’d say, with all that “season of the pilots” business they had going on. They just delayed getting into serious business and their option wasn’t as enticing as the other services until basically last 12 months.
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