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  1. I don’t see how he’s in any way persecutable; in fact If 2K has any legal base they would have slammed him with a lawsuit, which they haven’t. They sent PIs to one’s dwelling and this should be persecutable. I dunno why the fuck he didn’t slam the door in their face and called the police. The point is not that the information was supposed to stay secret, the point is that someone else leaked it. He wasn’t under NDA. By agreeing with what just happened, you are basically saying that it would be fine for every company to intimidate reporters. Just think of all the shit that has come out over time regarding malpractices. Also why nobody showed up at Shrier’s door when he penned those articles about the well-being of the devs? This is the classic two-standards method and corporate being bullies toward the defenceless.
  2. More shit surrounding the Borderlands 3 road to release... 2K games actually sent PIs to a YouTuber's home to question about his published content and sources. IGN covers the events as if the youtuber is a criminal that's got what he deserves. https://uk.ign.com/articles/2019/08/16/take-two-addresses-investigation-into-borderlands-3-streamer-leaks Such hypocrisy: when woke urinalists like Shrier cover stories of endless crunch game devs all is good, but if an independent covers on the material of public knowledge (he collated information available) then it's bad. A publisher behaving like this is outrageous.
  3. Yes a few months ago they teased the next game https://www.vg247.com/2019/07/08/new-art-playdeads-next-game/ we are going to space(?) baby! Also it seems to me there are still plenty of AAA-indie coming out… Like, I forgot to mention –I guess it’s still too far away– one of my top awaited indies is (the controversial) Last Night It reminds me of Flashback and captures lots of imagery of a short story I had started to write when CPUs had 120Mhz, so this gets me particularly excited. But I mean there have been other very high quality releases. I guess that many of the studios that made the games you mentioned @FMPONE have banked on the success and stepped up further, so they don’t feel like indies, at the same time there are so many releases that you hardly see any breakout stories unless they are heavily backed by publishers for marketing. I mean technically speaking stuff like A Plague Tale is indie and it’s a success –at least in terms of critique.
  4. @FMPONE @[HP] can you ban this fake profile? Messaged me one of those “my husband is dead take my money” messages https://www.mapcore.org/profile/37169-thomas-anne/ also can we pin this topic?
  5. blackdog


    Those are of course concerns, but that’s why I said players need to understand from the start (spawn) which scenario they are in. If done well you can still have lineups… just of course you’d need to learn more. Also prefire you’d have to learn more angles but it would be doable. Of course I imagine most people would be against it players are somewhat lazy when it comes down to this PS: maybe with the unraked matches there’s a bit of space for more “brawl” maps
  6. blackdog


    Just checking since you were talking about randomization. I could see carts switch spots every map load to give a couple different looks to choke points. I would at least like to try and see how some (slow) moving cover would affect the gameplay. I know most CSGO players like things set in stone, although I remember good ol' Havana: it worked really well imo. I was thinking back to it as well, and I think that if randomization is kept to a minimal, and players can see from the very start what version of the map was loaded, it is possible to play even competitively.
  7. Think the indie that stuck with me the most in recent years was Inside: brilliant 2.5D adventure-platform by the makers of Limbo. Such an unexpected ending I liked Firewatch but I think it loses itself a bit and the tension it builds. On my "coming up next" list I want to play Rime (above), The Witness, Abzu The ones I'm most waiting to be released are: The new game by Hello Games, The Last Campfire Dead Static Drive Beware and our very own Prodeus, first game I ever kickstarted Very eager to find out what gameplay Europa will have @[HP]
  8. blackdog


    Looks great! do some of the carts move? I was trying to imagine recently how moving bomb sites would be like. Guess was because I looked at some TF2 screens
  9. Yeah going meta for this one really worked. I think in the main game felt forced, but here it’s self-referential within its universe, so it’s fun. Also the upgraded graphics were nice. i played many many hours the wave mode challenges… think its still installed on my Xbox because I might have an achievement or two to unlock “Discount Jake Gillenhaal” love this guy
  10. I realised this too late, I wish I jumped in when the first season came out and played along.
  11. I discussed Fist of the North Star with colleagues couple weeks ago! I never watched it properly, as a kid I wasn’t into it… but is funny to see the generational disconnect of all these anime that I’ve seen or know from my youth, and ten years younger people that are/were into a new set of shows. Also distribution of anime seems to be so different between UK and Italy. In Italy they were all considered kids stuff, they would dub and censor the explicit bits
  12. This is better than Game Informer’s specials
  13. Have a Alice in Wonderland crazy golf set somewhere in the map, so you have the flamingo connection
  14. Just want to point out that the reference you are using is not exactly Naples: that's a shot of Procida, one of the three islands just in front of Naples. ~ the layout reminds me a lot of Mirage, with swapped sides
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