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  1. Dishonored II

  2. Site Changes and Feedback

    Hi, just noticed that the formatting bug of bigger font when you paste is still present. I thought was happening only editing a post but this is the result after pasting while composing the post: @Thrik I would be keen in helping out with the darker theme custom CSS, I understand is a bit in the back burner so I could play around on an offline/local version and see if is any good.
  3. Overwatch

    AS I don't play I don't follow this topic much and I'm not sure if this has been posted, but Amazon just suggested I buy the art book The Art of Overwatch: Limited Edition https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1506705537/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_GdbWzbPAPE863 there's a cheaper version as well
  4. [WIP]Tangerine

    I haven't walked around it, can't comment on scale/layout; just got back from holiday, I'll try to download this week. In terms of art @Vaya pointed correctly at the boxyness… I see you angled the window "roofing" but can't see what you did on left building 🤔 anyway, I think Vaya was suggesting to cut vertical corners (just look at Dust maps). Also streets could benefit from angling some buildings around, having a diagonal street etc (look at the difference that makes the simple angled doorstep in Mirage CT spawn or diagonal stairs to A). Also some (small) height changes of the street level would be good; think of Mirage mid, but of 32-48-64 units instead: that would allow you to use some trims to break up the view without impacting the gameplay as much as a 128 units change (make sure you clip the steps!). This should help, you have some height variation in the skyline but I think is still a bit boring, you should find space for a hero building to capture the attention and break up the sky and act as reference in the map for players, just look what they did with Underpass. Another thing I notice from last batch of screens is that you are in-setting many windows too much or none at all. Keep doing what you were doing earlier in August. Also those window "huts" in CT spawn seem to be hanging out too much (I mean they are disproportionate to their width, no underneath support, the second one down seems to be ending lower than the first – consider using different materials i.e. wood for those, look at Assassin's Creed).
  5. Well what do you know! The Sequel!

    Great news! Really happy for you mate Never heard about that cartoon, I'm pretty sure 😮
  6. John Wick 2

    Not too long to wait for the third! 😎 http://variety.com/2017/film/news/john-wick-chapter-3-release-date-keanu-reeves-1202559642/
  7. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    I think cities change name cos they normally contain sounds and letters not present in other languages. Stockholm is Stoccolma in Italian. You guys mixed Italian and English there Anyway is very hard to make a convincing environment with the wrong textures. Not sure it was ever disclosed where City 17 is… first time I hear Prague actually. There are several plaster textures in the HL2 set, maybe you can do something convincing anyway. Or maybe you can use CSGO/CSS textures? I also love the Kanals environment Valve created, I was supposed to create one for Riot Act (part two) before it went off a bit another way. Interested to see where it goes. What's the "assignment"/brief?
  8. Games W.I.P Thread

    Looking pretty good!
  9. Doom (4)

    Really agree with @text_fish on the bosses, I think I expressed the concept when I played the game. But for the rest I enjoyed the game throughout, I found the fights always quite challenging, despite using the same power-up "trick", I still died a lot... which is OK because I like to find the best way to kill the waves. Anyway thanks for the article @FMPONE!
  10. Site Changes and Feedback

    I just wanted say thank for the update, site looks fresh Regarding the dark theme that some are requesting, it is quite easy with CSS to do, but it is very much up to the forum developer to make it easy to maintain. Some websites switch to dark at night automatically, others let the user switch... if is not supported there's risk of having to update two themes at every platform update.
  11. Scorn

    Can't say I'm sold. the foley artist must have had fun on this.
  12. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    If you are talking realism, then you should be able to adjust throw strength in any situation, but the game doesn't support something like that, in fact this works when you walk backwards, clear indication of a physics glitch. We are talking of something completely counter intuitive, not something like this
  13. @Radu is that an aim/ar map? I remember seeing something similar
  14. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Like... have they fixed the stealthy jump crouch that was abused in the major? It's a glitch because a grenade shouldn't bounce that way. Fixing stuff takes time, the team have priorities already set, if is not totally game breaking just goes in the queue... that is if they even know about this. Use it until they fix it.
  15. What I'm Working On, 2014-Forever

    #laterotheparty, huge congrats for getting so far. It's impressive and inspiring that you went all out to make all your art while just until "the other day" you relied on artists. Surely there are bits of improvements like suggested above, but I can't judge by just looking at this on the phone.