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  1. Squad

    [CS:GO] de_border (W.I.P.)

    Don't see any need for a new topic. Just ask a mod to rename it if you want it to have its new name in the topic title.
  2. Squad

    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    Cool idea. But instead of a hole in the floor I would go for something like in the picture below (not the best reference though). Make a catwalk following the outside wall and the wall with the paintings (edited picture above), this way the walls where grenades are most likely to hit will be clean and free and it eliminate the chance of grenades getting stuck on the upper floor. I think it also makes more sense thematically
  3. Squad


    Yeah, they were removed to simplify the paths/areas. Sorry about that
  4. Squad

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    They're prohibited symbols in some countries, so your safest bet would definately be to not include them. That being said, it'd probably not be a huge issue, as apparantly plenty of WW2 games have used it so far (and swapped it for an Iron Cross depending on what country the player is in). I guess it also depends on what the goal of your map is: A scene? - Doesn't seem like a huge issue to me. MP map? - Iffy, as it means one team will be the "Nazi's". SP map? - I'm guessing you'll be battling the Nazi's in that case. Absolutely no need to be terrified. This is looking great
  5. Squad


    Some serious necroposting here. It's pretty dated since it was first released, especially compared to recent maps that keep pushing the bar higher. So the map is getting a visual update, as well as gameplay adjustments/improvements where possible/needed. Already wrote down a list for this, but I'm open for any feedback and suggestions.
  6. Squad

    Mapcore Job Census

  7. Squad

    The random model thread!

    Now make it slippery
  8. Squad

    awp_natural [CS:GO]

    Should be possible to fix the cubemap issue though. Have you applied an env_cubemap to both water volumes?
  9. Squad

    Forcing LODs as default for lower settings

    It would help if you specified the game/engine.
  10. Squad

    [CS:GO][Wingman] Pitstop

    Checked out the final version. Unique theme and executed very good Great work!
  11. Squad

    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    The beach area sure does Nice work, OB! Love the new vehicles, especially the classic VW van!
  12. Squad

    [Wingman] Turnpike

    Thank you, guys, I really appreciate it
  13. Squad

    [Wingman] Turnpike

    Ah, not familiar with it. It's just a coincidence
  14. Squad

    [Wingman] Turnpike

    You're welcome! What are you talking about though?
  15. Squad

    [Wingman] Turnpike

    Thanks! The only accessible outside areas are CT spawn and the platform that is visible in the last screenshot.