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  1. Apples and oranges. I thought this was about the skin workshop and not skin gambling/loot boxes? That's a whole other topic.
  2. Seems to me like you're talking about a "problem" that doesn't exist. At least not for anyone who's got their priorities more or less right. What about the map workshop? I just checked and there's 118000+ submissions there. If you don't enjoy creating content for what it is (skins, maps, streaming, whatever) and are only in it for the money, why even bother doing it? We should be glad a thing like steam workshops even exists.
  3. TLOU and Uncharted 4 came with it and whatever is installed on the HD. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but I know P.T. is on it, so I'll be checking that one out for sure
  4. I just bought the PS4 from a work buddy, who got himself a PS5. This is my first console since the Xbox360 and it kinda feels like I've been living under a rock for 15 years console-wise Time to catch up on some TLOU, Uncharted etc!
  5. Never heard about it before. It immediately reminded me of Blacksad, they both have some (superficial) similarities: animal characters, gritty background setting, noir adventure. This looks really cool too, the voice acting seems great. I might give this a try later when/if I finish RDR2 Edit: Just noticed there's a free demo. That's so uncommon these days unfortunately. I love it
  6. Squad

    [CS:GO] Jinja (Wingman)

    Congratz! Looks infinitely times better than my first finished map
  7. What a weird thing to say. It's not because some people will make Dust2 and other CS maps that the devs are required to put it in matchmaking or support it any other way.
  8. Very cool. How does one read a game though?
  9. Squad


    Very cool, Lizard Got a rough overview of what the entire area is looking/could look like?
  10. I also never played the original (possibly same reason), but as a big fan and collector of the comic books it's based on, I'm looking forward to this. I actually like the shift in visual style personally, maybe cause it's closer to the (original) comic books.
  11. Better to embed some pictures in your post. Even if it's just one click away, most people won't click it.
  12. Awesome. Thanks, Untor
  13. Oh yeah, that may have been a thing in (early days of) goldsrc CS. I remember having to learn to type qwerty on an azerty keyboard, lol.
  14. What do you mean exactly? I've always used a non-American keyboard layout and don't recall ever having any issues when playing CSGO. But not having the option to change key binds in S2 Hammer is what annoys me most at the moment. It's especially weird since it seems like you can edit keys (the key bind options have an "apply" button). I have Z instead of W and so when I press forward in the viewport I enable/disable "fly toggle". The way I use for navigating in the viewport in old Hammer unfortunately doesn't work anymore (which includes space bar, LM/RM and scroll wheel), I'm guessing because space bar has been assigned a new use.
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