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  1. Abbey

    Looks really good. I like the color pallette, but it's lacking some contrast, as I mentioned in Discord. Those roofs definately need some displacement love. Focus on the top (ridge/crest) and side (white) lines especially. Bottom is usually most difficult to match and has least impact imo. Maybe you can also experiment with some different colored roof materials (current -> brownish -> orang/beigish).
  2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    A brief chat with the creator of Dust 2 on Valve's recent map overhaul
  3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    They got what they deserved. Really sucks for boltz and steel though.
  4. Offtime

    Thanks! Not sure what you mean with that last part. The picture is taken from outside the playable area though.
  5. Offtime

    Potential (angle for) thumbnail candidate?
  6. TF2 Jungle Inferno Update

    But totally worth it Who would want to miss out on hurg easter eggs?
  7. de_burg

  8. Not exactly HL3 related, but I think it fits in here nonetheless: HL2 voice actor passed away.
  9. Offtime

    Cool, I hope it won't disappoint you
  10. What movie is this?

    Seems like we could use another tip @phantazm11
  11. What movie is this?

    Sherlock Holmes?
  12. TF2 Jungle Inferno Update

    Congratz, Ravage!!