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  1. Welcome back There is a Mapcore channel on Discord. Not sure how to invite somebody to it though ...
  2. I also earned Newbie, lmao. Been here since around 2001-2002, iirc.
  3. I still have a bit of NW stuff, although not nearly as much as I once did You could also check with @KungFuSquirrel,@Campaignjunkie, @Sa74n, @Mazy, @MagnarJ, @von*ferret, @-Stratesiz-, @Crackerjack, Adam "Who?Me?" Foster (just listing some people as a starting point, some of these will very likely be inactive accounts).
  4. It's currently free at EGS until June 17.
  5. The Steam store page previously listed that it's coming with a level editor, but it's gone now
  6. And 2007 was 1998 2.0? I'm seeing a 9-year cycle here
  7. Squad


    Weird, I'm not getting a request. What's your username on it?
  8. Squad


    Sorry to hear that, man. If you're ever up for a game, just add me. I'm down for the most casual type of chess you can think of. I've had the same thing happen that I can't find/add people even if I enter their exact username. Sometimes it works at a later time. But I can also try to add you if you give your username.
  9. Squad


    I recently started playing against some people from work on Chess.com. If anyone's up for a game (preferably daily chess games), add me (Squad85).
  10. Not counting down to it, as I'm still playing through Hitman 2, but I'll sure be keeping an eye on it [edit]So what's the deal exactly with playing the previous games in the third one? They ported 1 & 2 to the third game?
  11. Squad

    ROOF [How to build?]

    One reason would be that you want to avoid weird shapes for solid brushes (as opposed to func_details), as it'll create odd visleaves. Especially when they're angled on the X and Y axis. Sometimes this is unavoidable of course, but in most cases it's best to keep it as basic as possible. Another would be that it's likely that the angled brushes that make up the roof are turned into displacements, so you'll need a solid brush below to seal the interior.
  12. ... de_predator, de_recon, ... Whenever he'd release a new CS map that got me crazy excited. And then there was this one too
  13. Squad

    Goals for 2021?

    I binge-watched it in one sitting, which is very unlikely for me.
  14. Sure this ain't Inferno? Looks very cool!
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