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  1. I just remembered there being some plane wreckage props in L4D(2). I'm sure you're planning on making a custom one, but could be helpful as placeholders perhaps.
  2. I believe you mean cs_downed_cz.
  3. I guess we're in the honeymoon period. Safe to say progress won't be constantly as fast, but that's naturally fine. It's not a sprint, but a marathon Thanks for showing interest!
  4. I'm sure this has been shared before somewhere on Mapcore, but couldn't really find it. Optimization in Source: a practical demonstration And an interview with Iikka (Valve) about designing CTF_DoubleCross (includes some nice sketches). Impromptu Interview: Iikka Keranen
  5. Wrong topic. You also didn't specify what game.
  6. Terri's Radar Generator Making radars was never faster and easier.
  7. Squad

    [FC5] Moonshine

    Looks pretty cool I haven't played FC5 myself, nor am I familiar with FC modding, is the Stealth Mode stock content or did you implement it yourself? Some feedback after having watched the playthrough: I only watched the playthrough, but I'm assuming the level is non-linear (at least to a degree). I think what was lacking overall was (a) point(s) of focus/direction. There's hardly any contrast in lighting while a night theme would be especially suitable for this! The mood is nice overall, but overall little stands out to guide the player.Since it's an escape scenario, it would be helpful to give the player a glimpse of roughly where the extraction point is in the beginning of the scenario (for example, a distant guard tower with searchlights next to the entrance/exit of the compound). Keep it up!
  8. Almost 16k solids. For reference, Blacksite has around 11k.
  9. I've been collecting the comic book series since forever, but never played the first game based on it. Consider me interested in this remake (hoping for a PC release though)
  10. Got it earlier this week, but haven't had a chance to check it out yet.
  11. I haven't myself, but this article about it should give you an idea.
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