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  1. I think the main thing you are misunderstanding Passerby is that maps are not "sent to MapCore", but instead most of the dedicated csgo mappers are a part of MapCore's community. And obviously the people handing the Twitter account like to help people get exposure. The MapCore FaceIt hubs were originally setup solely by mappers in the community, which has helped get eyes on maps. Lots of MapCore member's maps have not made it into the game, however yes, a large amount have because there are so many dedicated mappers in MapCore, but this is more down to the hard work of the mappers than the fact that they are "MapCore maps".
  2. They only "work" once players have spent hundreds of hours on them and become accustomed to them. There's a big difference between what is good level design, and what is accepted by the players
  3. This beats coming 3rd any day of the week. Don't bother sending my prizes, you've given us enough.
  4. I've also created a webpage, similar to the one for the initial release announcement, showing the changes that have been made since then and now. Take a look! http://www.jimwood.co.uk/mutiny-top10
  5. We released an update for the top 10 deadline! It mainly focuses on improving the art and optimisation, but also includes some minor fixes too. @TanookiSuit3 and @Huvaligen have done a great job with the art, and have given it the run down effect we were aiming for! It's been a blast.
  6. Thanks mate, this will be fixed in the next update, and will take the B site feedback on board!
  7. You completely skipped over my previous comment about how it clearly is not 3/4ths
  8. Here's some brief Mutiny patch notes for the recent update: - fixed T spawn ship lagging the server - improved optimisation across the map - removed skybox blocking grenades above B coastal side building - new building and raised platform at CT, replacing some rock - improved clipping across the map - added a mapcore logo, somewhere... - plus lots more changes I've forgotten Get playing, and please provide as much feedback as you can! https://forms.gle/jLQZmq4JtWwnNBpF9
  9. How the hell is polish based solely on visuals? Yes, it may cover visuals, but it clearly isn't solely based on visuals. It's based on sound, clipping, optimisation, and many more things.
  10. Congrats to everyone! Hopefully you all enjoy the forthcoming Mutiny changes
  11. We just released an update for Mutiny, mainly focusing on frame rates and clipping improvements, but there are lots of other minor changes too. Check them out! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1978052734
  12. Looks like we might have to re-release
  13. Thanks mate! Yeah the issue is that there are trigger_hurts under the water, apparently they're too close to the navmesh so they think a lot of areas will damage them. Will be looking into a fix!
  14. Thanks mate, will get them sorted! Cheers for pointing that out!
  15. Mutiny has been officially released! Check it out on the workshop here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1978052734 If you're interested in seeing some in-depth information about the map along with an interactive map, take a look here: http://jimwood.co.uk/mutiny We've also added a trailer, check it out below! Finally, here's a couple of the screenshots shown on the website:
  16. Thanks, we'll have to see what time is like for the skybox, but we should be fine so can look into that further down the line!
  17. Thought I'd show the progress to B Site: Here's a before/after image slider: Before/After - B
  18. This is very true, but the contest theme definitely helped reduce the chances of this. It was a good idea to combat it.
  19. Ahoy! Mutiny is a defusal map created by TanookiSuit3, Huvaligen and myself. Pirates have swarmed the island to find and retrieve some long lost treasure. The map is situated in an old pirate town, with a huge tomb close by. Here's some links to before/after image sliders for T Spawn: Before/After - T Spawn Before/After - T to Mid Some more images:
  20. JimWood


    Welcome man! Unfortunately I'm on holiday, so the best you're going to get is this lousy old screenshot. Best I could find. There is an angle for CTs in the back corner to look down to the lower floor from above which is very awkward, and it's incredibly hard to push up the stairs when having to check 180 degrees. This other staircase is similar to that chokepoint... However, in this situation, the staircase is flipped the opposite way, which is much easier to push, and there is no cover for CTs pushing. Any CT pushing is most likely going to be picked off. Having 2 main chokepoints being staircases is strange and different, but I think it would work much better if the first staircase was easier to push for Ts.
  21. JimWood


    I find the map is a fresh change to the normal style of maps, and is something that can work well for hostage. My main issue right now is that one of the choke points on a set of stairs allows CTs to hide in a corner behind the Ts, making it very difficult to push up the stairs. It's also very easy to get lost, even after playing the map multiple times, due to its unnormal design. Like FMPONE said, making it more obvious which floor the players are on, such as colour coded floors, walls or ceilings, would be a big plus. Other than that, I enjoy playing it, and am interested to see where it goes!
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