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Hi everyone,

As you may remember, in the past we sometimes did donation drives to raise funds for keeping Mapcore online. Although this hasn't been done for some time because some costs have reduced due to reduced traffic, others such as the forum license have started to become quite expensive, and I have a child nowadays so putting my spare money into Mapcore isn't quite as trivial as it used to be!

I have created a Patreon page that allows you to donate a monthly contribution if you wish to do so. This will include a little recognition on the site (Soon!), and will genuinely make a difference to paying the monthly and annual bills. It will also ideally build up a bit of a war chest that will not just keep the site paid for well in advance, but perhaps even be used to power new content that could bring renewed interest to the site.

If you'd like to donate, check out the Patreon page.

It's not lost on me that the Mapcore forum isn't as bustling as it used to be, but there's a rich history here that I think is important to preserve while any of us are still around to enjoy it, and I'd love Mapcore to always be here so past and current members can pop in to catch up. We also of course have our Discord community where the spirit of our old IRC channel lives on, and if we can do anything else to bring level designers together we are up for trying. That has always been the point of Mapcore, really. :hurg2:


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    • silverty

      I have finished my map, Syber.

      There had been many changes since the map's release back in mid-April. This post will detail all of them.
      - Previous patch notes:
      Update: 5 Aug @ 11:16pm
      - Full design implementations, including 3D Skybox.
      - Requires more testing for balancing purposes, but design wise the map is complete
      Update: 29 Jul @ 5:09pm
      - Place names added to map (both overview AND in game)
      - Slight update to bot nav-mesh
      - Floating model in Broken Wall/Connector adjusted
      - Tightened up clipping on B Electrical
      - Fixed bombsites being flipped
      - Fixed some missing decals
      - Changed texture of mud to fix flickering overlay issue
      - Adjusted clipping around B ramp
      - Added additional grenade clip brushes around water barrel models to make grenade bounces off them more consistent
      - Changed location of lamp in Back Yard so it doesn't interfere with gameplay as much
      - Updated clipping on models to make them consistent with gameplay
      Update: 21 Jul @ 5:48am
      - Broken update where I forgot to actually put the new file in at the time.
      Update: 21 Jul @ 5:23am
      - Many visual changes
      - Bot navigation update to reflect past updates to layout and cover
      - Various minor changes to cover to make it more elaborate where you are covered and where not.
      - Optimisation update
      Update: 19 Jul @ 8:26pm
      - Removed overpowered self-boost spot near A Yellow House
      - Added prop bucket near A Snowman
      - Changed colouring of boxes on Bombsite A
      - Added barrels to A archway to make A Snowman take one smoke to block off
      - Added a box to remove harsh angle in A Snowman
      - Slightly pushed back wall on A Snowman to allow for a cleaner angle
      - Added more barrels and adjusted sandbags at A Graveyard to clean up the angles and make clearing site easier
      - Many adjustments to A side of A Graveyard to allow for smoother movement
      - Added extra box to Bombsite A to clean up a nasty angle
      - Narrowed A arches to allow for one smoke to block it off
      - Removed metal at B water to make angle less of a hard clear
      - Removed boxes at bottom B water to make clearing it easier
      - Added snowpile at top mid to allow for more variance in positioning
      - Adjusted ice overlay over ground in Mid
      - Fixed up pixel gap allowing sight into middle
      - Added even more-r aesthetic changes
      Update: 4 Jul @ 4:16am
      - Added wooden cover in CT spawn
      - Added even more aesthetic changes
      Update: 19 Jun @ 4:21am
      - ACTUALLY added Wingman. Oops.
      Update: 19 Jun @ 4:11am
      - Added Wingman as a gamemode, where 2 T's and 2 CT's will battle it out on a closed off section of Bombsite A.
      - Added wallbangable wall next to B Squeaky
      - Made B red room open walls allow for grenades to bounce off of them more consistently
      - Patched glitch spots and lips on various models around the map
      - Changed railing in A Office
      - Added more aesthetic changes
      Update: 17 Jun @ 7:10pm
      - B red room crate lowered
      - Helicopter replaced with crates
      - Multiple aesthetic changes made around map
      Update: 9 Jun @ 11:33am
      - Minor adjustment to squeaky to allow for easier and more elaborate B site clearing
      - Visual additions to B site
      - Made coil of wires in A office that was previously tangible to be non-tangible
      - Slightly adjusted lighting in some areas
      - Fixed a pixel see-through issue on CT entrance for B
      Update: 6 Jun @ 2:28am
      - Minor tweaks to map design.
      Update: 3 Jun @ 3:59am
      - Cosmetic additions to map.
      Update: 27 May @ 10:54pm
      - Fixed the broken textures (sorry!)
      Update: 27 May @ 6:22am
      - Removing the drop in middle.
      - Updated nav mesh.
      - Fixed invisible floor bug on CT entrance B site ramp
      - Minor bug fixes and design additions to map
      Update: 21 May @ 3:59am
      - Updated cubemaps (because it was not updated)
      - Updated nav meshes (again, because it was not updated)
      Update: 21 May @ 2:38am
      ...Forgot the new cover.
      Update: 21 May @ 2:34am
      - Finalising name to Borlange. Changed from Syber
      - Replaced fences in middle to tarps
      - Added multiple aesthetic changes to many areas of the map (snowy map woooo)
      - Raised Green to make it less accessible to many players.
      - Replaced burning car with more playable and theme-fitting Ice Fountain
      - Narrowed B entrance for CT's to extend timings
      - Changed middle wall facing towards B to allow for utility play and wallbangs
      - Updated competitive spawns to be more consistent
      - Updated windows to allow spotting players to be much easier
      - Deepened water on B site
      - Removed clipping on T spawn building to allow for players to stand on top of it
      - Removed Arms Race gamemode as it has broken Deathmatch.

      Update: 14 May @ 12:25am
      --- Completely remade A site.
      - Changed main site structure to One Big box and one small box
      - Pushed back Green to right near A main
      - Changed scaffolding to extend to Green house
      - Added table to Yellow to allow for more complicated play from inside Yellow
      - Changed the jump-ups in Graveyard to be a ladder coming out of Mid and a ramp coming out of A
      - Added barrels to site to block overpowered Graveyard angle
      Update: 13 May @ 7:02pm
      - Reverted position of window
      - Removed headshot angle on A site
      - Removed self-boostable wood on Graveyard
      - Added wood wall in middle
      - Adjusted CT mid ceiling height
      - Adjusted length of Drop's walls to allow T's to throw easy utility
      - Clipping fixes
      Update: 13 May @ 1:13am
      - Fixed nav mesh
      Update: 13 May @ 1:06am
      - Enlarged CT and T spawn B and Mid paths to increase rotation times
      - Added boxes in CT spawn to break up line of sight
      - Enlarged middle
      - Updated the length of Tunnel connecting mid to A
      - Updated the length drop down's room
      - Updated the length of surf ramp in T route to A
      - Added barrel in mid cubby to allow for more mid play
      - Added Garden to Mid
      - Added forklift to T mid
      - Changed position of A Heaven and added a drop into water
      - Blocked off right path on CT main on A site
      - Added more lighting
      - Changed T's arches and apartments for a more theme-appropiate office complex
      - Added Toilet room on T route to B
      - Updated lineups to be more fitting to map size changes
      - Added Arms Race gamemode
      Update: 7 May @ 2:30am
      - Clipping fixes
      - Bot nav pathing fixed
      - Added destructable glass to B Skylights, so get shooting!
      - Simplified pathing up to A Green House, A Graveyard and A Tunnel
      Update: 2 May @ 3:05am
      - Fixed middle so you cannot avoid making sound going to CT through the middle connector
      - Corrugated metal above Graveyard/in-between A and Mid has had its size reduced
      - Graveyard has been enlarged to allow for players to run through
      - Graveyard has been properly clipped to make it seamless to drop in and go through
      - Garden has been added to A site
      - Changed opening for A Garden to make taking and holding Yellow House simplified
      - Moved sandbags on bombsite to Graveyard to provide some cover
      - Changed textures for many areas to help differenciating sounds better
      - Added sandbags ramp to middle for CT's
      - Fixed clipping in A Graveyard, T mid and CT mid
      - Added more optimisation to map
      - Blocked off line of sight from the side wood plank on B site
      - Slightly pushed back T spawns to be a little back
      - Adjusted CT spawns so mid spawns are a lot more better
      Update: 1 May @ 1:30am
      - Added Graveyard and Tunnel to A site to connect it to mid.
      - Made it not silent to go through CT mid
      - Extended middle to allow for quicker and smoother rotates
      - Cut out back of B site to allow for more space on site
      - Minor changes

      Update: 30 Apr @ 6:15am
      - Properly clipped up B bombsite to prevent self-boosting
      - Closed off lip at back B
      - Added wallbangable-destructable wall at T A window to improve timings but not too dramatically
      - Drastically lowered water barrels size on T B route to improve visibility and to stop hard angles
      - Fixed missing textures under scaffolding under A window
      Update: 30 Apr @ 1:56am
      - Widened main T route to A
      - Narrowed connector to B
      - Added trash to B connector for more versability in location
      - Added more space to B water's fencing
      - Removed blocks in CT spawn to keep ramp to A smooth
      - Slightly widened T mid
      Update: 26 Apr @ 5:41am
      - Massive map optimisation
      - Slightly changed CT & T spawn positions
      - Added little ramp to A Greenhouse sandbags to make getting up smoother
      - Fixed some map bugs
      - Door now makes the correct metallic sound instead of sounding like a wood door
      - Updated radar to a newer colour scheme
      Update: 19 Apr @ 9:45pm
      - General bug fixes
      - Flipped bombsites around
      - Added more clipping around map to stop overpowered positioning and boosts
      - Added non-wallbangable box on outside of Yellow on A
      - Slight reduction in bombsite plant size
      - Extended the scaffolding on A window
      - Added walls under scaffolding to prevent players from camping underneath
      - Added barrels to CT mid to help AWPer's beat B timings
      Update: 17 Apr @ 11:59pm
      - Added decals to help with lineups.
      - Changed Hole to be alot more cleaner.
      - Blocked off long line of sight from Hole to T B entrance.
      - Completely redesigned B bombsite.
      - Added barrel to B Water. B Water is no longer a one-way.
      - Adjusted walls to help with lineups while also blocking off overpowered sightlines.
      - Added crate at T spawn.
      - Moved position of T van and CT swat
      Update: 16 Apr @ 10:59pm
      Closed up a wall near window.
      Update: 16 Apr @ 10:48pm
      Released for Testing.
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    • silverty

      Ah yes, Syber - my latest creation. It is something that I still am actively updating and adding whenever and wherever it is needed.
      Syber got multiple playtests and with them came many changes to layout and indicators.

      Here are some of the changes I have made and believe me - I made plenty:

      That brings me to explain the biggest one in my opinion. The addition of Graveyard and Tunnel that links A to mid, which looks like this:
      Syber had two glaring issues at that moment. Rotating to and from A and actually holding A. A lot of playtests shown that the players would hold A from CT and not play on site. The back left was scarcely used due to lack of escape options. Playing on A was a trap to many. This lead to the introduction of Graveyard and Tunnel.

      By the addition of Graveyard and Tunnel (which used to be a crawling space before another playtest shown it needed to be a run-through space) A could be played from A Yellow House (which was reformed to be a lot more committal) and even site finally.

      Middle was also an issue that used to exist. T's could just crawl up mid and head glitch against unsuspecting CT's all without a smoke. That could not do. An adjustment was then in order.
      I'm not entirely sure what else to say really.
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    • silverty

      After I was able to get some playtests with my last released map, Ename - I and many of the testers were very unhappy with it. The map generally wasn't a lot of fun to play on and even with a lot of the changes that had been made - the map was still very T sided where they would just take B and hold with little that the CT's could do. Not to mention the main elephant in the room; the map was too goodness-danged claustrophobic. Holy sugar on a sweet pea, just use shotgun. That's it. It kinda left me feeling less enthusiastic to actually map + school was also catching up to me at the time. This lead me to creating a new map - one that wasn't going to be super claustrophobic like the many that I have made and decided to play it safe, while also creating it within a matter of days, to get it ready for a big playtest. Before this - I took the approach that 3kliksphilip did with his maps - and that was to play each area individually and then try to connect the parts together.

      Speaking of the map that I am now working on, here it is:

      I started new work on a map called Syber (name WIP). It's a rather small map. T's spawn at the bottom of the map and must head upwards to get onto sites, while CT's must defend these sites; as you can tell, really original. I don't actually have a theme yet - I want to finalise layout THEN start detailing.

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    • LARD

      I am looking to Collab with anyone! Hit me up and I can help in your projects for free!
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    • LARD

      Introducing verticality to aim maps for a more consistent aim in all axes?
      A problem in all "aim" style maps, with a potential solution?
      After playing to much and many aim maps, I realized that my flick shots were only accurate horizontally; so I tried making a map that made your opponent spawn on a different vertical level than you. This not only to increase vertical aim and muscle memory, but also to increase complexity with having to visually keep track of more potential angles from above/below as well has horizontally. However I think I made a shocking discover, most of which is anecdotal since I don't have enough time yet to make a numerical statistical comparative study. However after practicing on my map for comparatively similar amounts of time to another similarly sized standard aim map, I feel my aim is much more accurate. I will be starting to collect data on this, Ill publish it here soo. Anyways for mapping I then made it even a little more complex by having it spawn you on the same level as you opponent 25% of the time, to increase constant "looking up and down". Which should hypothetically increase even more vertical movements. I even added: ladders, stairs, cars, trains, colorful lighting and much more. In it's current development it's only good for 2v2, 3v3, 4v4...
      I believe for this increase in uniform range of comfortability in all axes of shooting could influence more of a demand for vertically emphasized maps in the base game! Please let me know what you think and any improvements I should make!

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