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  1. Quick update. I'm working on remake but at the same time I make test updates for the original version. For playtests thanks to Mapcore HUB. Focus of the remake is reducing paths length, visual improvement and optimisation (which can't be done properly in current version). Also with a remake I will release "vanilla" update for original workshop that will return it to the original state with few improvements. And from now official name of the map de_Tanger (not Tangier). Have a nice day.
  2. Can't keep secrets. Working on Tangerine remake, any layout changes are welcome! What I'm already working on: - Smoothing corners - Deleted alternate way to B site from CT spawn. (The annoying one) - Risky B and safe B ways
  3. Agreed with polemin, but I'd give some of my advice. I was using this method in de_tangerine until I made everything in displacement. Make these brushes the "func_brush" entity, set ''Disable Shadows' to yes. Don't worry, it won't delete shadows completely it will only remove this kind of black shadows, this works well with foliage props too. This works in 80% so I hope it will help you.
  4. Workshop The final link, it all started on 28 August and will end on the same date. Of course, I'd like to work on it more, but some limits just don't let me.
  5. @MikeGon , Yes it's strange how Valve managed to do something like that. But anyway for a defusal maps I'd recommend using soundscapes instead. Good luck!
  6. Logic_auto fires only once map is started it means that sound will stop playing. logic_timer with low delay will keep sound playing in fake loop.
  7. @MikeGon, Hi Mike this problem is around 6 month in CS:GO for now. The problem is that any ambient_generic with cues will not work in game! That means that any looped sound will not play. Solution is to delete cues from sound file or use soundscape instead. I've tried to contact Valve through @FMPONE but nothing happend. Hope you will find this informarion helpful, cheers!
  8. Link is coming soon. I had to update my monitor for some 16:9 screenshots. With the new monitor, a teaser is coming too. Whats new? - One of the most wanted (by me) features. Fireplaces that can be set anywhere! Finally, I got this. The fireplace can be set via special kit, kits are hidden better than other resources. - Some bushes now have berries. 'Berries' restore 40 hunger points. (max 500) - Working on bunker's visual update - To prevent map crashing while waiting in the lobby now map will take 5-10 seconds to load itself and only then a player can start the map - 'Bramble' models were replaced with 'Grass' models to help a player identify collectible bushes - Now you can see what have you found during searching process on your screen - As seen in bunker screenshot it has water, added 'Wetness' debuff - All puzzles in the map will lead to the only way to complete the map but first who will do that will get a prize from me To do: - Preview picture - Teaser - Ending to all the puzzles - Bunker
  9. Small update. Due some problems map's link is hidden for now as I'm not at home to fix it. But I have an idea of making map more interactive, I'll make something like like treasure hunt fo prizes (reward is skins ofc). Anyway new link likely coming next month. Some more detailed overview of latest map changes:
  10. Upd: link will be updated soon Some updates:
  11. The first playable version of Endless Hours is out for public! I'm excited to share this alpha with you and hope to receive some feedback. This version includes: - Day/Night cycle - Survival - Fishing (Early build) - Max sized world - 2 players coop Hope you will enjoy it! Steam Workshop Contact me if you want to provide me any help. Bless ya!
  12. - Added localization opportunity. Now map supports 3 languages: English, Russian, German. If you want to help me with localization or just want to see your language in map contact me. Steam -Valve's player animations have been cut and replaced with my own. I've got a few bugs and trying to fix them. Animations are shown in the video. Smaller things: -Added world map's picture instead of the placeholder -I've changed the system of how the knife works -Several multiplayer bugs fix -The main world is now ready
  13. Small update -Made some buildings -Working on foliage -Added World Map and Compass - First Alpha tests in a few weeks
  14. The latest version of Day/Night cycle
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