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  1. [WIP] de_prophecy

    Contest Rules 3.Remakes (maps of the same name and design of an existing map released for public download), sequels (e.g. de_dust3), and spiritual successors (new name for an old layout) can NOT be entered. ?
  2. [WIP]Tangerine

    After some work on mid
  3. [WIP]Tangerine

    @blackdog Thanks i will try this changes. Also workshop layout haven't got the final form since some of the parts of map were done and contest allows just greyboxes.
  4. [WIP]Tangerine

    I'm starting to lose objectivity about my map and downgrade my opinion about it. So i need some criticism. (Compile is Fast) - A site - CT spawn - WIP mid - Remaking T apps (Lighting is about to change)
  5. [WIP]Tangerine

    Thanks for your suggestion. I'm trying to make map with dynamic enviroment, but i cant show what i mean now. Let's say plot is like "start of revolution" but i can make some broken walls because i'm making old poor part of city. What i'm trying to make dynamic - ropes moving by wind, dynamic skybox like people and cars and etc. I will show it later.
  6. [CS:GO] SDK bugs and errors

    I have same problem with SDK since today, i still able to open small maps but when i'm trying to open bigger maps or decompiled official maps it crashes. Also i have a problem with cubemaps, whenever i put command in console it says "Can't load vtex_dll.dll" I've tried to reinstall game, delete vtex_dll.dll and then verify game files but its useless. Waiting for SDK fix atleast.
  7. [WIP]Tangerine

    R.I.P ? Anyone knows how to solve? (Can't open large maps even decompiled official)
  8. CS:GO 's smoke bug

    For my map i'm making a lot of foliage and other models with alpha texturing. But in game model can be seen through one side of the smoke. What problem behind it? .qc compilation or .vmt properties?
  9. [CS:GO] De_Grind

    Looking good, keep it up guys! Some not important crits : Not sure if this an error or test thing Fading tunnels
  10. [WIP]Tangerine

    Some of you might remember a difficult jump spot for CT's that brings you some advantages with mid control. But now i've made it even harder! My own trick jump. Watch my pain attempts -
  11. [CS:GO]Endless Hours

    Thanks, but music isnt in-game ,this music is just to make video easier to watch. I will hsve my own soundtrack in future.
  12. [CS:GO]Endless Hours

    Custom survival mode for CS:GO. While i have a little rest from competitive map (de_Tangerine) i've made an early concept for this map. In this version included - Day/Night dynamic cycle (Made half year ago and still improving (credits to flyguy for skybox model)) - Dynamic fill world with snow - Bed (To skip the night, in multplayer will work like in minecraft) In plans: - Inventory - Player status (hunger, temperature) - Big world - Storyline with cutscenes (I can make animations for CSGO) Ideas and feedback required. For now thats all. Usually i gave up on most projects (That's why i'm paused with tangerine, to not give up it) and i hope that topic in mapcore will motivate me. (Sorry for long waiting while sleep)
  13. [WIP]Tangerine

    -A site chokepoint -T spawn -T apps Changes: -Added fog -Moved T spawn a bit -2nd T way to mid changed from stairs to window
  14. [WIP]Tangerine

    Rubric "News without screenshots" I've saved the walls models but cutted cobblestone. Also came with an idea for story. ' T's have to destroy their drug stash. One is on market hidden in tangerines. (A site) Second is a crash place of their truck with drugs. (B site)'