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  1. the clipping weird invisble clipbrush has been fixed in today's update. The visibility issue (the bench behind the fountain) will be tackled in the next update!
  2. We have released our final update to de_Studio for the top 10 qualifications. We will to continue to update the map in the meantime where we seem necessary! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you André! Rotation times are similair to Cache from what I was told. If there is normal communication between teammates you should have more than sufficient time to rotate to either site
  3. Thank you guys so much! It means a lot to us! <3
  4. Thank you very much! We'll get those fixed as soon as possible! Thank you very much Andres! Really apprecaite it ♥
  5. We have not decided upon the factions you'll be playing with. It'll most likely be the tuxedo guys for T-side tho
  6. I'm sorry Jules, we'll get you a new pair of pants in the next update
  7. Studio has just had a teeny-tiny update to the upper route leading from T-Spawn to inner site. We are starting to fill in the area with props and materials after being stuck a bit on the art style of this route. Some materials and props are there to stay and some are just quick placeholders. Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=810842743 Images of most recent work (01/07/2017):
  8. Haha thanks Blackdog! We are some busy bees who like working on the project
  9. Thank you a lot @DirtyG! I appreciate it
  10. Thank you very much @NikiOo. The truck is not a custom asset as far as I know Edit: It consists of 2 models, 1 being the actual truck and the other is the container. Combing the 2 results in a complete truck
  11. Obviously take the word 'finished' as in finished the general art pass. Details and everything will be added after the entire map has received it's general art pass
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