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  1. Now that I think about it. Dark souls 1 is the exception. Demons souls, Dark souls 2/3 and Bloodborne all have HUB's.
  2. I realized a long time ago that the real reason GTAV is so amazing is because of the pause music. I can't believe the music is a selection of stems from a rejected Tangerine Dream song :X https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlJNx5ueUCA
  3. AlexM

    Hello :)

    I'm still alive
  4. I'll catch up with yall big dudes some day
  5. Gabe looking like a financially successful Richard Stallman
  6. Sorry for the delay on the Lumen analysis but next week my work is sending me to attend SIGGRAPH and Brian Karis + the Lumen developers will be giving a talk! Hopefully that will be enough of a kick in the butt to gather my notes and see what comes up.
  7. AlexM

    Corona Virus

    That's one of the most interesting things for me from this whole covid thing. The differences between individualist and collectivist societies and how it played out in regards to the virus.
  8. Is that one game or the whole series? I really need to replay/play this series. I don't think I've played it since deus ex 2 was released.
  9. The more I play Returnal the more it grows on me. I need to go back and play some of Housemarques older games!
  10. I already boycotted them a few years ago after that hearthstone crap (among other things) but they still seem to always find a way to do worse. I'm glad I got the opportunity to let their recruiters know they are not a desirable place to work over the last 5-6 years. I imagine it will be even harder to recruit now (especially since they also don't pay particularly well).
  11. So I got my ps5 a couple days ago. Some people at my work sent a notice saying best buy had some. I got mine reserved. When I went to pick it up there were a few other guys there also picking up ps5's. At first one guy said "congratulations!" then I said it to someone else and by the end of it everyone was saying congratulations to each other
  12. Finally got a PS5. Played demons souls for almost 9 hours straight Also playing Returnal and Astro's playroom. Both really good games.
  13. Spent a good 2 full days in my underwear on the couch playing Tropico5 during my vacation. It was as amazing. Surprisingly good controls on console. I actually prefer it to mouse/keyboard. Never thought I would say that.
  14. Pretty much only been playing guilty gear strive for the last couple weeks. For some reason it seems way more accessible than Xrd and the previous ones despite still having some pretty crazy systems like 4 different types of cancels and a burst mechanic.
  15. I'm a crazy miyazaki fanboy so I can't wait!
  16. Looking forward to watching these this weekend!!!! Will report back to mapcore ASAP
  17. Ah I see. I think for this particular example, the art director probably wouldn't want the Lumen indirect lighting because it looks to me that they want a high contrast, comic book type shading. Personally, I think it might be at least worth a try but I can see an art director being against introducing indirect lighting to a game with this look.
  18. I think it varies per-game. It would depend on how they are stylized. For example, maybe a toon shaded game doesn't want indirect lighting in their game. If that's the case then maybe Lumen is not a good solution. Do you have a specific example of a highly stylized game you think might benefit?
  19. That topdown view of the beach is nuts!
  20. So I've watched the whole Nanite presentation and am about halfway through the Q&A but I wanted to point out some interesting notes about it. GOOD : With Nanite you no longer pay a rendering cost for the overlapping part of two meshes. So what this means is imagine you have 2 very high poly rock meshes. Each one 1 million triangles. Now you place these rocks so they are 40% overlapping each other. In a traditional renderer you pay the entire 2 million triangle cost to render the meshes. If these meshes are Nanite-enabled then it's able to cull the overlapping triangles so you only pay for the non-overlapping, visible portions of the mesh! You no longer have to feel bad about having too much mesh overlap when doing kit bashing or cliff modeling! GOOD : Auto-LOD via triangle clusters If you take the above example you actually pay even less triangle cost than what you save from the overlap because Nanite essentially works in a way where they never want to draw more than 1 triangle per-pixel (since there's no point in having multiple triangles per-pixel, that's lost detail). So you actually save more than the just the overlap cost, the geo that gets rendered is roughly 1 triangle per-pixel MAX (if there's a flat surface then you can have the same triangle across multiple pixels). BAD : Does not work well with glancing or geometry that's close to other geo, but doesn't overlap So what this really means at the end is that Nanite is bad for stuff like grass and leaves where you have lots of small planes that are near each other but don't intersect. In fact in the UE5 example project everything is Nanite EXCEPT the foliage for this reason. Apparently if you make a big grass mesh, it has a chance of screwing up the LOD decimation that can cause your grass to look like a spider monster.
  21. I ah see. Gotcha. I still have hope that if you remove the old GI solution and replace it with Lumen that maybe you can hopefully get something close but you are probably right, it won't hit full parity performance-wise but it should hopefully look much better (otherwise what's the point ). I guess the question I want to answer is how much of a performance difference will there be. Anyways the truth is, I have a LOT more testing to do before I can be sure of anything, I'll keep posting back here with my results though. I have a modular scene I made in Unity that I want to finish so I can bring it into UE5 and see what happens with a more real-world scenario. On a side note I gave the Unity screen space GI solution (probably the closest thing they have to Lumen) a try on the weekend. It tanked my framerate from 80FPS to 20FPS Maybe I should do a Unity SSGI vs Lumen comparison next haha.
  22. Scene I made so I could do some real-world(ish) render batching method tests. Everything is built from a modular set of about 8 or so pieces.
  23. Technical talk on how nanite works. It's quite fascinating and it's fairly high level too
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