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  1. Jesus... Thats cozy looking house Congratz!
  2. Lizard

    [CSGO] Paradise

    This looks really awesome man! Good job. Gives me dead island vibes
  3. Might sound stupid but ... Did you run vvis?
  4. Lizard


    Thanks! It looks off because it was adapted for gameplay purposes and it wasnt supposed to be a working real life quarry. It is a video game and some fantasy won't hurt anyone
  5. Lizard


    Thanks! We tried to escape "underground research facility" scheme with this one. And like you said I think it really fits the overall theme of the map. Sure it does. Far Cry 5 is a part of our reference folder
  6. Lizard


    Hello guys. New update. For the last month I was working on map terrain, bunch of smaller generic structures and underground areas. Terrain is almost done. Only one terrain patch that is still work in progress because Jakuza had some cool ideas for it Should be done next week. Right now I'm working on mine shafts that leads to bigger and more open underground chambers. Also some generic buildings to scatter across the map. Cheers!
  7. Well Im speaking tools not entire approach to addons vs mods.
  8. There are literally zero issues with the tools. You really need to try hard to get any sort of issues there
  9. Could you add mine? Techland - Level Designer
  10. LOL. Lets not trash this thread with someone being sad because they dont know how to run the tools. If you need help with that go to help section of the forum.
  11. Do you realise how much time it takes to learn new tools, workflow and to develop something interesting?
  12. I think you are the first person I heard had problems with launching the tools. It's pretty straightforward. You open authoring tools and you either check or un-check the box about vr mode.
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