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  1. PROTIP When sky is cloudy there is no hard shadows at all. He has a cloudy skybox with sun set which boost the "no shadows" effect since the angle from the sun is so low.
  2. You are totally right! This deserve some attention
  3. Hey man! This looks incredible. I should propably play it some time soon. Hit me up if you want some feedback from the guys that worked on DL 1 Maybe I will be able to forward it!
  4. Never heard about anyone disliking anyone who was in top 4 in latest contest. No idea which community are you talking about. Is it a csgo community in overall? I dont think they give a shit who the creator is. They just want to play the map. You talking about mappin community? I think mapcore has a very healthy community. At least the top guys who are working on maps and can actually deliver.
  5. You sure you dont have idea why?
  6. I think you are missing the point here. What makes map popular? Popular map becomes popular because players play it. Why do they play the map? Because they enjoy playing it. I really can't think of any other reason for the map to be popular rather than being a good map that players enjoy. I don't think you are in the position to say which map is good and which is not. It's the player base and their time spent on the map.
  7. If you don't think mapcore is a center of making csgo maps with 90% share in community maps that were included in CSGO across few years than I dont know what a "center for making maps" means.
  8. Get few people involved that know how to give a good feedback and hold on to them. Get it early on and basically on every stage of development.
  9. Mmmmm source 2 Really can't believe it! Another era of mods and games based on this will spark. Can't wait to see a fully working Black Mesa port for example
  10. In 2 months I will start my first industry job as a Junior Level Designer at Techland
  11. I always admire people who want to learn Polish... Hope you are having a great time! Powodzenia
  12. Lizard


    I thought you already knew the answer... "You do not own the map, Valve does. You own the IP. " LMAO
  13. Lizard


    Can you answer why Valve bought mirage ? Or you gonna skip it because you know you said something stupid?
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