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  1. Van Allen belts are way closer to earth (1000km - 6000km)
  2. Its heading to asteroid belt, right now its on tranfser orbit between earth and mars I think
  3. Two boosters landing next to each other and the idea that there is a mannequin sitting in a tesla in outer space is ridiculous and I love it.
  4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Fnugz told me once that this is for headphones. You basicly put them there.
  5. Abbey

    Thank you for your work here. I will check the video once the holidays are over. Really appreciate it.
  6. Abbey

    @tr0nic shh But for real, we are aware of this but we won't update the map before the end of judging process @Harry Poster like I said. After the judging process I will fix most of the issues @fewseb No idea. Was it a sound or the round ended?
  7. Brewery

    Stil, you were able to submit
  8. Brewery

    Gratz on the release !
  9. Abbey

    Release time! We are very happy to release Abbey after months of hard work. Abbey is a defusal map set in french abbey near the city of Gordes. Screens: Workshop link: Link Make sure to check @Thewhaleman twitter and art station. Twitter ArtStation Also big shout-out to @Squad , @Vaya and everyone else who helped us in any way!
  10. Abbey

    Thanks! Right now we need to use this prop. We will replace few things after deadline.
  11. Abbey

    They need some fixing right now
  12. Abbey

    Bunch of new screenshots! Mid: A route: B route: CT spawn:
  13. Battlefront 2

    They also lowered the amount of credits you get for playing. So whole thing balances out...
  14. Abbey

    I left this for now because I tried the method valve used on inferno to avoid lightbleeds there but it seems like the issues is still there