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  1. The lighting looks really awesome! Everything looks super cozy too.
  2. Like you know what I have experienced throughout my life dude. Cut it off. Please go back to the topic of this thread.
  3. This is just nonesense for me but maybe someone else will have a different point of view on this one. Stay strong man.
  4. Then maybe they should look for a stable job instead of trying to winning a lottery ticket with steam workshop. If you are in a bad financial situation and think that creating a skin will help you then you should rethink few things. You need to realise that every finished project is a value added in many ways. Not a wasted time.
  5. Do you know that they have hired level designers yet they pay us to create the maps? Exactly what high cost the current system has?
  6. They are not forced into making skins. They have full knowledge that there is a good chance their skin wont make it into the game and they still do it because making a skin and having a chance of earning big ammount of money is better than not making a skin and having 0 chance of earning big money. Thats how life works... You can't expect Valve to pay every single skin creator. They were great enough to allow some of the people to profit from what they been doing for free.
  7. Great job guys! Map really improved a lot visually.
  8. No we don't need to. When we plan our next sprint we plan it for 6 hour work day so it leaves 2 hours of meetings, editor loading times, calls, and mandatory breaks each hour. But on home office is a bit different. When we have a boring meeting I know I could spend some time in the editor and it leaves me with a feeling that I need to compensate that later.
  9. Wise words dux... wise words. thanks for the answer!
  10. I worded my question in a wrong way You dont feel bad about draggin out your 8 hours of work with all the small breaks in between work burst? Don't you have a feeling that you work whole day? Thats what bothers me the most when doing breaks mid day for example and I'm trying to find a way to not feel guilty about it.
  11. How do you cope with a "not yet done with my 8 hours" feel? Does it bother you at all? Or there is some clever way to trick my brain?
  12. It's a rollercoaster for me... Some days I can wake up super early and work for 8 hours straight without getting distracted and some days its 12 hours of constant struggle to keep my hands on the editor... My brain is kinda hard wired to learn while at home so some days I'm constantly trying to find something interesting to watch/listen while working. Then hour later I realise I paid zero attention to it... It's also tiring to think in this way - "Ok If I wake up at 8am I will be done at 4pm" but then something happens and I need to leave the house for hour or so and my work time expands and I get anxious that even tho I wake up early to do my job I will be done with it late in the evening... Some people work in late hours and have free time in the morning. I tried that but getting messages, meetings and supporting people with information while you should have fun and rest is not really that fun for me. I think the entire HO situation looks a bit different if you work in smaller/ indie company where you don't necessarily need support from leads/ game designers/ producers and you can manage your schedule more freely. Also having a small flat took a big toll on me. Studio apartment - you sleep in front of your pc, you wake up in front of your pc, you eat near your pc, you have fun in front of it ... Some days I would wake up, do my job for 8 hours and then... switch to my PC and work on csgo map for another 8 hours. Everything in a single room in the same place... Really killed my productivity at some point. I love that I don't need to spend an hour a day in traffic and in some cases just leave my apartment and do whatever but it comes with a price. Overall, I still prefer to work from home but it would be cool to get back into office for some time to meet coworkers etc.
  13. Jesus... Thats cozy looking house Congratz!
  14. Lizard

    [CSGO] Paradise

    This looks really awesome man! Good job. Gives me dead island vibes
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