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  1. Read is as "You really want to make a good quality map that plays well" Case closed.
  2. Of course I can. - Biome and Sub-zero added on 9.10.2018 - Season and Abbey added on 24.01.2019 - Workout and Ruby added on 25.04.2019 - Seaside and Breach added on 31.07.2019 - Jungle and Studio added on 18.11.2019 - Anubis and Chlorine added on 1.04.2020 Majority maps added by valve were not a part of mapcore contest. And even if they were. Its obvious they have the highest quality out there so it is a good decision to add them.
  3. Hi guys I have pushed an update today. - Boosted up ambient lighting to make map brighter - Toned down red color on environment light - Added wooden plank on CT mid main to make players more visible - Added light source on route to A from CT spawn to make this area brighter - Updated radar image with new colors
  4. Oh... I used the laugh emoticon because of this sentence "And where is the pro players who actually knows a thing or two about how a map should be built?" just found it funny and I'm sorry if it hurt your feeling. Also if you would be that kind to use your GREAT experience as a 1.3 player and point out some problems on my map? I always strive to make my maps better.
  5. Try using instances
  6. Contratulations to everyone who participated. The bar was set even higher this time and the ammount of quality maps is incredible. This time I couldn't even put my finger on top 6 yet alone top 4. I guess the judges had a very hard time with so many great maps. Thanks to everyone involved with organizing the contest, people that took care of the faceit hubs for the entire contest (you guys are the quiet heroes) and everyone who helped to deliver great maps either with their feedback, running playtests or with words of encouragement
  7. Lizard

    Corona Virus

    Sure You did I was mainly referring to Poland. In terms of food and accesories like soap and toilet paper we are not dependent on any other countries that were struck by the pandemic.
  8. Lizard

    Corona Virus

    Imagine a vision where you could be forced to stay at home for a two weeks. What do you use on daily basis? Water, food, toilet paper. People don't think straight sometimes. Water? Worst scenario you have tap water. Food? In worst case scenario you can order (which doesn't help when there is virus spreading there). It's just how it goes. People see others buying shit and panic. They go and buy too. You don't need to panic at first but if you see shit going out of stock quickly you just want to buy for yourself. Thing is stores are not prepared for a surge like this. The problem is not a supplier running out of resources because of virus. It's the stores that didn't expect this kind of demand. Actually a demand right now is close to the one they experiencing near christmas. Food and toilet paper will be back in few days.
  9. It's not a speculation. It's literally in the video Also barnacles really strangle you as shown in video. Your screen gets slowly darker.
  10. The way barnacle is snatching the builders hat from her head its just ... WOW, got to love it .
  11. Hey thanks for your feedback! Working on visibility issues right now.
  12. Hey! Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it. The reason the wall is there is to force CT trying to hold A upper to get out of the small room there and expose themselves to possible A site lurker. Might be too deep of an angle to check? Will investigate. On B bombsite there is an easy way to pop flash and smoke bombsite from sneak area. I don't think people use that often but it helps a lot since the bombsite itself is a big open area. We are also working on making the map a bit brighter Thanks!
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