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  1. In 2 months I will start my first industry job as a Junior Level Designer at Techland
  2. I always admire people who want to learn Polish... Hope you are having a great time! Powodzenia
  3. Lizard


    I thought you already knew the answer... "You do not own the map, Valve does. You own the IP. " LMAO
  4. Lizard


    Can you answer why Valve bought mirage ? Or you gonna skip it because you know you said something stupid?
  5. Lizard


    Brest was ready few days before the initial deadline. We didnt whine about it and we took the opportunity to improve. Not like others...
  6. Lizard


    I really like how you skipped my argument. Also seek some help because with that attitude you will end up like this guy from DOI contest who had a breakdown because of deadline extension.
  7. Lizard


    That's why Valve bought mirage from bubkez right?
  8. Lizard

    Goals for 2019?

    >Get a job >Finish my master degree >Finish this one last CSGO map >Dive deeper into Unity >Propose
  9. Thanks for your hard work and time spent on making this video! Really appreciate it.
  10. Lizard


    Once I'm done with my thesis I will go back and fix some of the issues with the map. Glad you like it and thanks for your feedback! Thanks for the feedback. The main goal was to create two bomb sites that will feel way different from each other so I think the goal was achieved Thank you so much for this. I will update the map with minor fixes soon.
  11. Fnugz told me once that this is for headphones. You basicly put them there.
  12. Lizard


    Thank you for your work here. I will check the video once the holidays are over. Really appreciate it.
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