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3 hours ago, Prec1sioN said:

This looks really nice... the only issue is that ofcourse I want to win but I also want your map to win at the same time :P it looks really damn nice tho 


Good Luck :)

Haha thats sweet! good luck to you aswell sir and happy mapping!

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18 hours ago, Interfearance said:

You are the only reason I started using ref b textures, there is no point in scaling and messing around with measure wall textures to look good when they will be replaced later anyway. 

Thats a really good move! It will allow you to focus on the geometry only and you know, grayboxes can be very beautiful! No need to worry about nodraws, alligning texture faces and having no worries about consistency in colors. Its super nice. 

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Very good progress so far @Roald @Momoderator, happy to see you're starting to get some art in there too!!

I ran through it real quick, looks like a solid layout, I really like the bombsites in particular! 😊

One thing I'd like to point out, I see a lot of similar 90 degrees corners and corridors with similar width, which feels a bit repetitive.


I know visuals are gonna help making them feel different, but I strongly suggest injecting some variety in there early at blockout stage. Some corridors could be tighter, angled while sticking to the grid, have a volume (pillars, what have you) in the middle of them, etc. Some of those corners could have a different shape, like a rounded or 45 degree shape in the corner either by changing the blockout or by using props to create a volume, like vertigo here:


Notice how this could totally have been just another 90 degree corner, but instead they made it a lot more unique (I'm strictly talking about the layout, here)

Great example from your map:


(althought this one has an impact on gameplay because of the cover, and I'm not saying they should all have a thing like that, but you know what I mean...)

Again good progress, can't wait to see the next update!! 😁

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Calling it now, the top three is going to be a fight between Anubis, Everest, and whatever thewhaleman is doing.

Edit: Forgot about Mutiny, that map is also probably going to be up there.

Edit2: No one will see this, but I completely forgot about @untor and @BubkeZ's swamp. That map will definitely be in the top 2.

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Realized I am a stupid idiot dum dum

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