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  1. Its work for my, only on my content. I was make copy CS:GO folder and rename it to "game" (*//common/game/*) and change source folder for my source .qcs and .fbx files to "content" (*//common/content/*) and full recompile all my props. I think, if you want used original content, you must recompile it. Now i have a 2 copy CS:GO games: 1 - clear for play, 2 - for mapping. Then you need make a "*//common/game/csgo/scripts/hammer/spcombinerules.txt" and now you need a stub file in "*//common/game/csgo/scripts/hammer/spcombinerules/qc_templates/example.qc" it eazy file and now, need compile a map with Combine settings in VBSP -StaticPropCombine -StaticPropCombine_AutoCombine -StaticPropCombine_SuggestRules -KeepSources (for checking in hammer) -StaticPropCombine_ColorInstances (for checking after compile in game, it add random color for combined props)
  2. Swamp autocombine of props Hi Mapcore! Today, I want to show you, great stuff! I finally figured out the issue of auto-combination of props_static. I have a many props environment, tree, woods construction and others, and all built on a modular system. And I initially wanted that, as a result, they were clustered. But without the final problems and mistake at release.
  3. I heard that in the swamps people often disappear. I will be excited if you disappear in my swamp. A lot of work and a lot of things I want to do, before the first public playtest.
  4. I usually use Keyshot. But when it comes directly to the content for the game, there is nothing better than to show it in the game engine. So you can not fool the viewer. From situation to situation. For each model in different ways. UV models are designed to use one of the standard textures from the game. In case if I will be limit, I’ll just change the path from my textures to the textures from the developers. I used 2 layers. Base layer - it is water, similar material like the aztec map. And second layer above a first - it is a blend texture with alpha.
  5. Modular system for the Swamp project. Every day, we inspect hundreds of photos, think over ideas and implement them in 3d. The modular system is one of the principles of convenient use of content in large projects. And that first props.
  6. What is not prohibited is allowed. Yes, I am currently using content from the game L4D2, but in truth, I am currently working on content that will replace it. As a result, I will have my own set of trees, bushes and other attributes of the visual component of the map.
  7. Soon first alpha playtest (mb, i don''t know about rules, i can or not make a playtest)
  8. First concept scene from the Swamp map. Layout is still in development. As soon as we finish the first stage of the layout development, we will try to conduct a public test.
  9. Swamp will be a defusal map by me and @BubkeZ will create. We will show some design and layout soon!
  10. Future update [Gameplay]-Added ventilation connecting the old mid (bridge area) with mid.-Removed vertical ladder.-Corrected spawn point for T side. Balancing with the new changes.-Window on bombsite A is narrowed.-Removed crate on bombsite A.-Add bust near the exit from the pit.-Expanded connector to the MID from the bombsite A.[Optimization]-Adjusted the number of grass from the level of graphics settings.-Improved zoning of gaming space for better performance.-The range of drawing of a set of static objects was corrected.-Used new prop models of rocks, with a smaller number of polygons.-Used rock textures from the hr_massive collection to reduce the weight of the map.[Visual]-Added new textures concrete, paving.-Returned old models of pine trees from the Cobble collection.-Improved skybox.-New rock models.-Map now looks more morning.
  11. untor

    Residence Rescue

    Thank you About Soundscape i was fixed) Optimization and Bridge border in future update.
  12. untor

    Residence Rescue

    Hostage rescue mission 17 hours, before the Waterfall Residence incident. Subscribe now!
  13. untor

    [Wingman] Station

    Аnd again a couple of screenshots from the map. Now, you can play on the map! We understand that the map is not still ready to the visual ideal. We will try to release updates as they become available. In the near future, updates will be almost every day. We would appreciate feedback and search for bugs and glitches. Thank you!
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