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  1. Hi Mapcore! We are make Swamp update! What's new? Performance! And new screens from map:
  2. You can change a binds \steamapps\common\Half-Life Alyx\game\core\tools\keybindings\hammer_key_bindings.txt
  3. Hotkeys do not work if you used a different keyboard language. (For example Russian). It's funny, but in other software everything works well. Solution, change the language to English on you're keyboard
  4. We will soon released a hotfix. Probably it makes no sense to write about the latest changes on the map. I will say one thing, they carried a polishing character. I was lucky to work with Michael, because he understood of idea for a water and was able to help realize it, and in the future, protect our interests by explaining the idea to community. We had a great time these half a year, it was fun sleepless nights. Thanks to the organizers. Thanks to the community. Thanks Michael @BubkeZ Hull.
  5. i think, that problem inside Source engine (not in the map)
  6. The second deadline is drawing near. And it's time to tell you about what we did, and what we failed to do. What have we done: - A community work was done with the community, a lot of demo records and streams were watched. -Improved overall visual quality. -Improved performance. -Improved balance and perception. What we will do: - Performance. At the time of building the basic geometry, we noticed that open spaces are detrimental to performance. We wanted to preserve the unique layout and unique gameplay tools and do everything to make the map work better. What now does not a
  7. I think it's silly to sort things out. You can spend a bunch of hours and more discussing the top 11. What I think - I have always been taught - it is important to be able to present yourself and your creativity. And no matter what brilliant thing I would create, nothing matters if it is not done accurately and presentably. At the university, I was deprived of a scholarship, from just one small spot, on white paper. It was a shame, but I save it for me, and think it was important to do accurately and on time. I think this quality is not enough for many artists. Regarding the layouts an
  8. 10 days have passed, we had feedback, thank you all. What will be in the next update? - Many fixes for overlaps, gapes, and more. - Update timing for CT Side, and changes spawn position. - Add some new details for navigation voice tag. - Replace old displacement waterplant blending to prop overlay - New boat for T side and A bombsite (yes, re-model from canals boat)
  9. Thanks for feedback everyone, we will now fix that, will come in next update!
  10. 1. you map will be in ...csgo/maps folder - done? 2.are you used -lowmemworkshop launch command (note - if not, try it, but you must include all youre file, like .nav .kv .dds .txt because thats command will not included all file)? 3. try uploaded with other source internet (if you used home internet, try to used mobile internet, or go to near cafe and used public wi-fi)
  11. Welcome to the outskirts of Louisiana! A bomb defusal map set in a swamp where the wood industry once glowed with enthusiasm and joy but then was forgotten by man. The sound of machines and humans silenced just as quickly as the water rose, the greenery grew and the animals took over. However, passing boats have recently heard the sound of man again and large shipments of goods appear to be coming to the old sawmill. Housing near the swamp has been in contact with the police... what looked like a routine mission became a struggle to survive, they were not equipped and ready for a f
  12. You can walk (not running) on water. You can not make a noise (at step).
  13. Every night - compiling Every day - found some issues and bugs Soon we can play - every night and every day! New radar and some new screens from spawns and bombsite B!
  14. i think need fix smooth groups. For example remove smooth on wooden planks, and make smooth only on rope. Try to make it :)
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