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  1. Just ran through it real quick and I like it a lot, especially the overlapped areas, and the varied elevations! There's also a good mix of interior/exterior, and areas are already distinguishable without art!! Feels super solid overall, but here's a few things I noticed: omg is this the sweatshop where the Mapcore shirts are made??? Either way, great progress @esspho, I can't wait to see where this goes!!
  2. Looks neat!! Seems like it's going to have some verticaliy too which is awesome! Be sure to drop a workshop link once you got a solid playable version! I say Vatican
  3. My point overall is this: Valve is stuck in a position where they can't just make drastic changes out of the blue, no matter how beneficial it would be. I guess one solution would be to release a new separate iteration of the game, and with it comes those kinds of changes (CSGO 2?? Counter-strike: Origins??) Sorry that metaphor didn't quite land, this is what moving up/down stairs in this game feels like by default What I'm saying is it shouldn't be as shaky as it is, even without clip brushes. When you step on anything there's zero transition between the 2 heights, it's like a binary 1-frame thing. Sorry but as of 2019 that's just really outdated... That's why it feels terrible, and that's why instead of being a subtle polish thing, clip brush slopes are pretty much mandatory in this game. Look at any modern shooter game with decent production value, and you'll see that none of them have that problem (excluding Bethesda games unfortunately, but hey what kind of reputation do these games have for their controls again?) One major side effect is that it reduces our possible choices when it comes to setting. Wanna make any dim moody interior? Nope. Wanna add any subtle rain/fog/atmosphere effect? Nope. Wanna make any exterior setting that takes place at night? Forget it. (I'm exaggerating but you get the idea) To clarify, I'm advocating for fixing bugs that have been glorified over the years, not changing what CS is fundamentally.
  4. Very good progress so far @Roald @Momoderator, happy to see you're starting to get some art in there too!! I ran through it real quick, looks like a solid layout, I really like the bombsites in particular! One thing I'd like to point out, I see a lot of similar 90 degrees corners and corridors with similar width, which feels a bit repetitive. I know visuals are gonna help making them feel different, but I strongly suggest injecting some variety in there early at blockout stage. Some corridors could be tighter, angled while sticking to the grid, have a volume (pillars, what have you) in the middle of them, etc. Some of those corners could have a different shape, like a rounded or 45 degree shape in the corner either by changing the blockout or by using props to create a volume, like vertigo here: Notice how this could totally have been just another 90 degree corner, but instead they made it a lot more unique (I'm strictly talking about the layout, here) Great example from your map: (althought this one has an impact on gameplay because of the cover, and I'm not saying they should all have a thing like that, but you know what I mean...) Again good progress, can't wait to see the next update!!
  5. To be fair I think that like other old+popular games CSGO is in a condition of being held back by a lot old dumb issues and exploits that shouldn't be there anymore but devs can't even fix because purists are gonna riot... Movement is stiff and feels like you got a 2x4 up your ass, player collision snags and sticks to every surface from blades of grass to fckin air molecules, bunny hop, boosting look/feel dumb and were obviously never intended, walking up stairs/sidewalks feels like you're surfing on a plywood in a mosh pit... we wouldn't be here if they addressed this long ago, but now they can't do it without getting backlash so it's a huge risk I don't see them taking. I don't want to disregard the emergent gameplay and "$$$Pro Trixx$$$" that came out of this... but "unintentional" means it's underdesigned, so there's likely work that needs be done. I think there's a fine line between "interesting quirks" that create emergent gameplay and issues that just make the game look/feel shitty. Also from what I've seen, a lot of players like to shit on the rare NEW things they add once in a while, further telling them that they'll get negative backlash if they add any new map/weapon/gamemode in the future, and encouraging them to slow down and take less risk. This sentiment might be related to what I think is another dated issue, that player models don't stand out against most environments. Maps need to be brightly lit and look like a fckin empty art gallery on primer just so people can see that guy walking in front of them... other games employ technique like lighting player models in a different way than the env, adding post-process effects like contour lines, and UI displaying target's name/health and what have you. I'm sure there's a tasteful solution that's possible here, but the slightest change will trigger the **** out of people. BUT THERE'S GUN SKINS!! I CAN HAVE FIRE AND SKULLS ON MY AK!!! 10/10 CANNOT STOP PLAYING edit: I love this game btw but I just think it should be in a much better place by now...
  6. Good progress so far @pylac!! Keep in mind that gameplay should dictate space, not the other way around. Don't constrain your layout to a visual, constrain a visual to your layout
  7. MikeGon


    Officially switching back to Blender as my main 3D tool. I was looking for a reason to ditch Autodesk for years and looks like the time is now! It's going pretty well, I'm able to find pretty much all the info I need online, but now I'm stuck... I can't figure out how to paint a normal map in Texture Paint! I painted a grayscale bump map and that works fine, but with a normal I don't wanna just paint a "color", I want to paint like a shape that's gonna get translated to whatever color that would be on the normal map based on the direction of the face (I hope I'm making sense) I could convert the grayscale bump map to normal with NDO2 or something but that seems counter productive, I'm sure there's a way to paint normal in Blender in the first place, right? This is what the shader looks like, nothing fancy: How do you guys go about painting normals in Blender?? If one of you guys could kindly explain how they do it I would appreciate it
  8. As a player I'm usually sensitive to and critical of input delay, I tend to get frustrated with the new Smash because of that for instance (might also be because I suck though ) So I did see a little bit of delay, it was noticeable with the aiming in particular, but to be fair it was very small. I'm guessing since this was on the PAX expo floor with the big presentation and everything they must have had a crazy good setup/broadband, so this was likely a better-than-average scenario... Tbh the only games I'd see myself play on that at home would be those with anim-driven controls that already feel less responsive and aren't affected as much by delay (Assassins creed, Witcher, God of war etc), and maybe turn-based games like Civ since you can take all the time you need.
  9. @Interfearance I agree with a lot of this I just played through the demo today at PAX and honestly all these abilities feel really good! Feels like it's adding a nice new layer of options to combat! (Btw that was on Stadia I have some feedback about that too I'll talk about later) The shoulder-mounted thing is where grenades come out of now, guessing they did that so the arms are always free and have a better flow like we can shoot at the same time etc. The flamethrower is also mounted on that if I remember correctly. The colorful weapon wheel is just some color coding to help finding what you want quicker, and it feels like they're making the wall climbing work on specific walls because it would otherwise introduce a shit ton of bugs and issues, I imagine. From what I've seen they're avoiding to put them in the middle of combat sections, feels like it's gonna be mostly for platforming moments, which is understandable because it feels like you'd be a sitting duck if you started climbing while there's enemies around. The dash and monkey bar mechanics work great for combat though! For the Halo 4 thing, my perspective is that the reaction fans had was comparable to any anticipated sequel of beloved franchises, where expectations were really high and devs made a big change of direction (Diablo 3, Resident Evil 6, Dead Space 3, Fallout 3) not that many new mechanics were added, but sprint was definitely the one that didn't sit well with players... Perhaps you liked it more because you hadn't played the previous games like crazy back in the day? I felt the same way with the Fallout series since I started at 3 and thought it was perfect and didn't understand the criticism it was getting. Everything is relative, as you put it! (That big truck thing is called Mammoth, Warthog is the 3-players Jeep with a gunner in the back )
  10. hmm my sdk also won't launch since last night... did someone at Valve trip on a cable again?
  11. @Interfearance The color palette we're seeing in the teasers so far also struck me at first, but let's trust the experts on that. They made DOOM 2016 into what it is now so they obviously know what they're doing. A critique that sequels often get is that they're repetitive, formulaic etc... we should probably encourage and appreciate creativity here. They broke new grounds with the first game, let's let them break *newer* grounds with this one! I understand your sentiment, but experts with 15 years of professional experience are put in charge for a reason... and design often seems simple from the surface, when you don't know the intent, context, and constraints devs are dealing with. Chances are we'll play it when it comes out and then understand why all these decisions make sense.
  12. MikeGon

    Star Wars

    Oh lord I need a drink
  13. MikeGon

    Star Wars

    Looks cool but... Can we get new creative shit instead of constant self-referencing and re-hashed ideas please
  14. I kinda get both sides here I mean I don't know the guy, but no f**king shit you'll get in trouble if you share sensible information publicly and monetize that on YT, no matter where you got it from. Looks like he took a big risk, reached for the cookie jar and got punished. I know that sucks for the guy, but at the same time I understand the frustration of getting your multi-million dollars marketing campaign ruined by miserable influencers reaching for clicks... On the flip side I think the way they approached it was probably overhanded, somehow finding his address and having agents dropping by his place definitely sounds intense. But let's not forget we're only getting stories that have been digested over and over, and blown out of proportion by zealous journalists/ YTbers/fans, and statements from a guy who's naturally trying to protect himself. It's very likely we're not getting the truth and full story from any sides right now...
  15. Hyped for this, I'm craving for these dark sci-fi universes like CP2077 and Deus Ex atm
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