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  1. MikeGon

    CS:GO - Shadows on slim surfaces are very dark

    @Radu @Squad But adding displacement brushes counts towards the overall brush count right? What you guys are suggesting involves multiplying the amount of brushes on facades that are already complex... Are you sure its okay to do this? I'll start by backing up my stuff, then try it with one buildings and post it here! These buildings really need rounded corners like the ones you're showing @untor, I will try to get similar results! All the buildings that are outside the play area are instances, and apparently they act the same as if they were in the main vmf file. They don't really help with performance (from what I can tell) Thanks guys!
  2. MikeGon

    CS:GO - Shadows on slim surfaces are very dark

    I managed to get away with replacing a lot of these trims with static_props. It not only fixed the issue for these particular cases, but also looks better (Thanks @poLemin and @ElectroSheep) : I other cases, with large brushes, I simply split the brushes and that fixed it- but like I said I can't do that too much though (Thanks again @poLemin !) Unfortunately @Harry Poster, the Disable Shadows trick didn't seem to work on any of the func_brushes I tried it on... Bad shadows are still visible on all of them- Was there another value that needed to be set perhaps? For the lightmap scale trick, I'm happy to say that it worked like a charm! I agree. The challenging thing with these buildings in particular though is that they're made of so many brushes, to create negative spaces to fit the doors and windows: ...a decision which I'm kind of regretting now though, I'm thinking of reworking them all from scratch... They're likely the #1 reason why my brush count is so high is the first place But yeah converting all those to displacements would be one hell of a mess right now... I have to simplify them first! (Thanks @grapen and @untor) I really didn't want this to become an art project, but the more I work on it, the more I realize that I must step back in 3ds Max and make tons of new props- otherwise it'll never look like what I want it to... Thanks so much for your help people, I really appreciate it!
  3. MikeGon

    CS:GO - Shadows on slim surfaces are very dark

    Wow those are great answers! Thank you so much! Yes I did mean to increase the resolution of those lightmaps, but I never though about decreasing it- Great idea, I'll try that! It totally agree, BSP shouldn't be used for micro, looks horrible anyways. I didn't want to make too much custom art for this project since I want to focus on design, but it looks like I might have to, if I can't find a basic CSGO prop that looks decent... Neat trick! I do have this problem with some brushes that are already func_brush, I'll use that for those! Is there some cost to that though? I'm surprised we are so limited with brushes, and not with displacements even if they seem to be a lot more complex... Wow I didn't know that groups could have an impact on performance- I though it was only an editor tool... With this info I can now optimize a lot of stuff across the map- Thank you!! Thanks again for the great answers people, I'll recompile and keep you posted!
  4. Hey guys! Title says it all. Here's what I'm talking about: It looks like shit This happens on faces that have a large surface that's in contact with another brush. These trims under the roofs there are a large, flat brushes that touch the brush below them. I found a couple methods for approaching this, but all of them have major downsides: Increasing Lightmap scale: Helps mitigating the issue, but doesn't fix it, at the cost of larger shadowmaps Adding a light source close to it: Helps but difficult to justify most of the time, increases compile time Split them into 4 parts, one for each side: Fixes the issue completely, but increases brush count for the map, which is dangerously close to the limit... Have you guys seen this issue before? I don't remember seeing this on other maps in the past... Do you know a "golden solution" I'm not aware of? How would you approach this? Help would be greatly appreciated Cheers! -Mike
  5. MikeGon

    Cyberpunk 2077

    omg hmm I can't watch this at work can I
  6. MikeGon

    [Wingman] Station

    Looking good! I really like the composition in the first image!
  7. MikeGon

    Mapcore Job Census

    Can you add me in there please? Mike Gonthier, Eidos Montreal, Level Designer Portfolio: mikegonthier.com Working on the Avengers project!
  8. MikeGon


    Congrats on the new map release @[HP]! It's gorgeous and it looks fun- Can't wait to try it out tonight!
  9. MikeGon

    Doom Eternal

    This game looks delicious Crossing fingers for a new and improved map editor Also I feel like the movement is slow comparing to the last one, I don't know why... maybe it's just an impression I hope they will make the grapple hook a bit faster too...
  10. MikeGon

    CS:GO - Bug: All ambient_generics have stopped working!

    So I tried it with one ambient_generic and it works!! But I'm unsure if I should move forward with this method... When that kind of issue happens at work for instance, I urge the programmers to fix their shit, rather than hacking things up and then later on working to undo my hack... that's just a waste of time. I'm sure Valve will fix this bug ASAP since its critical and affects so many users, right? Oh wait... OR maybe I should just go ahead and do it since the problem could stay there for years omg I don't know what to do about this
  11. MikeGon

    CS:GO - Bug: All ambient_generics have stopped working!

    Are you telling me everybody has been having this issue for months? ffs Valve... So you're saying people need to add a "new" sound file for each looping sounds, package them and needlessly create larger BSPs? Radical indeed- but either way, I'll give it a shot! Trying this when I get back home tonight- Thanks for the help I appreciate it!
  12. In short: All ambient_generics in my map have stopped working. I searched around for many weeks but haven't found a solution yet... so your help would be greatly appreciated It started around the time when I added more soundscapes in the map, with triggers to transition between each of them. The only instance of the same issue I found was this reddit thread: This is EXACTLY the issue I have- but there's no confirmed solution and the thread is now archived... I tried to communicate with the user, but no answers yet. @TopHATTwaffle, you replied to this thread so maybe you know the answer to this mystery Here's a bunch of info describing what I found so far: I tried using the snd_rebuildaudiocache command. Seems to do nothing at all (log throws a No such command! afterwards). Unlike ambient_generics, all soundscapes work fine, and transitions work properly with triggers around the map. I get this assert in the log when the map has finished loading, one for each sound that is broken: CSoundEmitterSystemBase::GetParametersForSound: No such sound (sound name) Ambient sounds actually work when "Play everywhere" is set to true. Then the assert mentioned above does not appear for that sound. I tried setting the "volume" and "start volume" parameters to 10, does nothing. When I copy/paste the ambient sounds as-is in a new map, they work fine. When I launch the map using a small ribbon area that's just around the spawn, ambient sounds still don't work (so it's likely unrelated to the number of instances in the scene, as mentioned on reddit). I have not yet tried to nuke a bunch of entities though, so this is my next test- but I would be surprised if the map had hit some kind of entities limit, since I am always very careful about where and how I use them... I hope we can sort this out, this issue has been there for way too long (I definitely should have asked for help sooner than that...) Cheers! -Mike
  13. hmm well the animation looks correct in Blender though... it's really just broken after its imported in Hammer... The pipeline I'm using is tedious, surely there's a simpler way to do that, right? Can someone show me step by step how they correctly import an animated mesh in Hammer?
  14. MikeGon

    Level Design Help Files

    Wow, very interesting tool! I hope its stable enough already, I kind of want to try it with an expensive map of mine... I'll share my discoveries here if I do so!
  15. MikeGon


    v1.10 is up, with many improvements to gameplay, performance, and visuals! + tons of other changes from v1.06, v1.07, v1.08, v1.09! And I just made a new Very Cliché Greek Chair during lunchtime https://skfb.ly/6x7Jr (not integrated yet, will replace those chairs in the above image...) More art and gameplay updates are on the way with v1.11! Please give the map a shot if you haven't yet, and let me know what you think Cheers!