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  1. MikeGon


    v1.10 is up, with many improvements to gameplay, performance, and visuals! + tons of other changes from v1.06, v1.07, v1.08, v1.09! And I just made a new Very Cliché Greek Chair during lunchtime https://skfb.ly/6x7Jr (not integrated yet, will replace those chairs in the above image...) More art and gameplay updates are on the way with v1.11! Please give the map a shot if you haven't yet, and let me know what you think Cheers!
  2. So I've been trying to correctly import a custom animated mesh into source, in and out for a few weeks now... I've looked through countless guides, wiki pages, tutorials etc. and I could not get the animation to look correct in Source . I hope some of you wizards can help me out here! Let me illustrate what's going on. I made this rigged animation in 3ds max: the scene setup looks like this: When I export it to fbx, I have these flags checked: Here's what the animation looks like in Blender: Still good! Now here's my setup for the Source Engine Export plugin: I scale the flag to a specific size before exporting, because I need 2 versions of the flag in my map - a small and a large one. Then I hit "Export". Here's what my .QC file looks like: $modelname "de_opal/greekflag.mdl" $model "body" "greekflag.smd" //$root "root" $cdmaterials "models/de_opal/" $surfaceprop "greekflag" $sequence "greekflag_05" "anims/Armature_greekflag_05_BaseLayer.smd" I then drag the .qc file over studiomdl.bat, and open Hammer to see what it looks like: Notice how rough the movement is, and how "jagged" the vertices are. It looks horrible! (and it looks just as bad in H-L Model Viewer) Here's a few thing I tried so far, off the top of my head: In Blender, set "Legacy Rotation" in Source Engine Export plugin to true In Blender, set "Implicit motion less bone" in Source Engine Export plugin to false Scale it up in 3ds max before exporting to Blender Exporting the SMD with a scale of 1.0, and scaling it using the $scale command in the .qc instead In 3ds max, attach the mesh to the root bone, and make it part of the hierarchy ...and none of that worked! The model would either act the same, or not be visible at all! I really need some help figuring that out - Have you guys seen this issue before? Cheers! -Mike
  3. MikeGon


    Hey guys, just wanted to share some updates I've made on the de_Opal, thanks to the community's feedback : v1.04 -Fixed an issue where a brush surface would be invisible, at CPA (Thanks @K'nuckles) -Blocked a spot where we could boost up and shot onto BSA from mid (Thanks @Bungalow) -Fixed an issue where a large part of the sky box was being shadowed, in the environment near TS -Added windows on a few skybox houses -Replaced police barriers with Italian text by news ones with English text -Added decals and small props in the tunnels near TS -Player models for Ts are now "Leet Crew" -Player models for CTs are now "Seal" v1.05 -Added fog (very subtle, to create a blue atmosphere) -Decals pass, especially in mid and in the underground areas (Thanks @z0ro4rk) -Added decorative a door at CPB -Added small patches of grass on the streets -Added more details to some house facades -Significant art pass in CPB connector (the industrial room with the metal staircase) -Added new props (clay pots, shop signs and animated Greek flag) in the streets -Fixed an issue where a large part of the skybox near TS would be fully shadowed -Updated position of small rectangular hole in wall on BSA (it gave CTs and exploitable LOS) There's more on the way! Here are the main tasks I'm tackling for the next update: -Add more details to the sky box (small houses still don't have windows...) -Fix the shadow flickering bug on the ground at CT spawn -Fix the issue where some small brush faces appear as completely black even with final compile -Fix issue where the bones on "Greek flag" model don't move the way they're supposed to -Improve performance (size of some lightmaps could still be reduced, etc.) ...and Here's a couple more screenshots: Happy Holidays everybody, I hope 2018 will be your most productive year ever!
  4. MikeGon

    Where'd Sprony go?

    Glad to hear it! I hope he will be back
  5. @text_fish, I understand that you must be tired of seeing "another one of those", but certainly here you can see that this is justified. Put yourself in the shoes of a first-time contestant, read the contest rule #9 again and tell me it isn't confusing. Btw guys, I am not suggesting we change the method, never was. This was simply my assumption on how this would work, based on previous experiences that I had. Recruiters for instance often have to send out job tests, and pick them up when they come in. If the deadline is at midnight they'll pick them up the next morning, and that's it. I often updated my test submissions for recruiters after the deadline, and never had any problems. I guess they simply picked them up the day after, and didn't care at all. It's very casual. Got their test? Yep- perfect. This was my first online contest though. I don't have that baggage you guys have gained by seeing past contests. I don't have the "It always works like this so obviously..." People will read the rules very literally on their first time- because they have no other points of reference. I do agree that the method we're currently using is better for dealing with tons and tons of submissions. Again whatever it is, it just needs to be clear on paper
  6. MikeGon

    [CS:GO] What can I add to this fountain?

    Also the water material makes it look swampy/dirty. I think something clean would look much nicer, especially if it's transparent and allows us to see a tile texture at the bottom for instance... ...but personally I wouldn't focus on adding details there when there's work to be done on the macro level - like that huge gap you got there in the back: (assuming you're building a full-fledged environment...)
  7. If what you are saying is accurate, then that can't be my map. It was 100% clean and final on deadline day. We live and learn I look forward to participate in the next one then!
  8. I agree 100% and I am thankful for it! It was great to develop a map while shooting for a goal, I absolutely loved it! Plus I learned a lot while doing so. Hang on, are you saying they're clear or unclear? What I meant is that it was clear to me at that point. Just disconnect steam and that's it (disable auto-updates or whatever). Then you got all the time you want to backup and start evaluating. And yes, a downside to this method is that the last guys in the list get a couple more minutes, since it takes a while to go through the list and pick them up one by one... but is that really an issue? What is minutes or an hour, next to the hundreds of hour of work it took to build the project? It's not like someone could gain some major advantage from that - Developing, debugging, building and pushing an update takes hours anyways! But logistics aside - The issue at hand is with the rules themselves. Some people got hosed because of the wording and that's not fair... We can't go back in time, but all I want is for everybody to have a better contest next time. <3
  9. Why would I have to ponder and theorize on how they will operate? I was trusting the official, detailed, and clear rules post. To me that wins over any theory and assumption one could make. I base myself on what's on paper. Isn't that the whole point of writing down nice rules like that? Avoiding confusion? Even if I would have had this thought, I would have been like "Nope. Follow what's on the brief." and I would have stuck to how it is written! I had no doubts. Everything was clear to me and that's exactly my point. I'm not the only one who had problems with this. To quote Vaya:
  10. My instinct on how they would go about it was: They pick them up right on deadline day, and then they don't update (disable auto-updates, make a backup, etc.) Just like online tests for job interviews and whatnot...
  11. So basically I got disqualified because I updated my map after the deadline, while being 100% sure this was allowed: Idk about you, but I read that has: "We will not judge the map based on updates you do after the deadline." Not: "You will get disqualified if you update your map after the deadline" You could almost say that this wording encourages updating the map, it almost sounds like "You can submit updates all you want - we just won't look at them." - Reassuring us that it won't impact anything. I am "disappointed", to say the least - especially because I think Opal would have had a chance of making top 10. Having my map actually being analysed, and placed 11th would have felt SO MUCH better. I'm not sure if I want to participate in another contest like this, when I put my heart and soul into a project every single day for six month, only to get washed away based on a coin toss, of whether or not I figured out that a rule doesn't say what it's supposed to say! I can't pump in all my resources into something and get hosed based on an external factor. That's a just terrible waste. Heck in October I even took a week off from my job entirely for this contest, in order to sprint for 9 days full-time with a strict schedule. If one of the judges would have PMed me to say - "Huh dude- What's going on? Why did you update your map? This is not allowed!" I would have sent you a backup version from the day of the deadline, with timestamp proof. ...Now I don't want this to be a rant, I just had to unpack all the info, so we can fix the problem. I want this to be constructive. Aside from that, I think the contest was fantastic, and I love the maps we've built. I'm sorry if this post feels like negative energy - but I want to turn it into positive. Honestly. Mike
  12. Well I thought they would pick them up on the day of the deadline... and then not pick up the updates I guess I'm dumb but that's what I thought the whole time
  13. Ok so there's this point on the rules page: Idk about you, but I read that has: "We will not judge the map based on updates you do after the deadline." Not: "You will get disqualified if you update your map after the deadline" I was actually satisfied with the version I had at the deadline - I wasn't trying to cheat or anything by updating afterwards, I was improving it because I was 100% sure this was allowed.... wtf
  14. Congrats to all participants! Yeah are we gonna get feedback? Working for 6 months on a project only to get an L at least deserves that right?
  15. MikeGon

    Goals for 2018?

    Before the end of the year: Improve the quality of de_Opal and try to reach its maximum potential 1-2 small level design projects during the holidays (RTS games??) 2018: New CS:GO map project New UT map project More stuff ??? Profit!