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  1. MikeGon

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    RE4 is pretty much my favorite game, and overall best in the series IMO, but 2 has my favorite story. So the idea that they're remaking 2 with the controls and flavor of 4 shrinks my pants to no end
  2. MikeGon

    2018: Mapcore's Year in Review

    I know right? What an amazing year!! Great job, I'm so proud of everybody
  3. MikeGon


    Quick update: I won't be able to work on the map since I won't have access to my computer (and 99% of my belongings), for 2-3 more weeks... The movers were supposed to deliver my stuff this week, but they pushed it back to Jan15 - Jan20. Will keep you guys posted! Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR! May your LD/LA skills improve like never before in 2019!! Cheers!
  4. MikeGon

    Mapcore Job Census

    Congrats @AlexM!! I wish you all the luck! This week, I moved to Brooklyn NY and started on a new gig, level designer at Defiant Studios! A very talented, agile, and passionate little team we have here- I love it!
  5. MikeGon

    [Unity] Dungeon

    Cool stuff! What is it for? Will you be making a game out of that?
  6. MikeGon

    [Wingman] Turnpike

    Looking fantastic @Squad! What's the layout like? Are parts of the outside area and road playable too?
  7. MikeGon


    Absolutely, I would be honored! I would like to polish it up a little bit more before if that's okay - I want this to be a pleasant experience! (Unless you are on a tight schedule, then I guess we could go with this version...) I'm moving to the US at the moment, and the movers will keep my stuff 2 weeks - I won't have access to my computer for a while, so I'm looking at December 29-30 for version 1.17 - would that work for you? Thank you @blackdog ! Yeah lighting in particular still needs a lot of work, especially in the underground areas. Trying to strike that right balance between mood and visibility.
  8. MikeGon


    aaaand fixed! (I just removed that brush, it wasn't really needed) That will be part of v1.17 - Thank you @Serialmapper and feel free to let me know if you find more issues!
  9. MikeGon


    v1.16 is up!! I am trying to finish that map once and for all before the end of the year - This is very hectic period for me since I am in the process of moving to another country for a new gig. More info on that later Here are the main improvements that come with this update: Replaced all out-of-bounds houses by models (they were previously Instances, which caused a multitude of problems) Fix a lot of "bad shadow on brush surface" issue all across the map Started replacing brushes uses to make buildings by displacements - It should be done for all buildings in v1.17 Replaced the dark, ugly rock cliffs near TS with much a better model. It is the same as the one shown here. Thank you @Serialmapper !! Replaced water material with a much better looking one, made by @Yanzl , as shown here. Thank you!! Color correction is now done using a LUT instead of a .raw file. Thanks again @Yanzl for the great explanation of how LUT works in Source v1.17 is already on the way! I'm making big changes to lighting - Stay tuned!
  10. MikeGon

    CS:GO - Bug: All ambient_generics have stopped working!

    OMG guys With the new game + SDK update, ambient sounds started working again!! THEY FIXED IT!!!!
  11. MikeGon

    What's going on with your life?

    Congrats, and welcome to Canada @ElectroSheep! Going to Québec I would assume? Montréal? Yeah many of my good friends are from France, and they we're able to find Haribo candies here too haha
  12. MikeGon

    CSGO - Questions about custom loading screen

    Well, looks like this is another thing we'll have to wait for Valve for... Add it to the list Thanks guys, I hope something will move soon on that topic!
  13. MikeGon

    CSGO - Questions about custom loading screen

    Ok thanks, that's reassuring! hmm really? I thought I saw crests on some of you guys maps... maybe I'm dreaming Yep. Everything is set up properly, I know because its working for a long time, and I didn't touch it since... and according to @Serialmapper, the background image is fine on others' machines.... its so weird Are any of you guys experiencing the same issue other than @esspho ? If nobody knows the solution to this, then I guess we just have to wait for Valve to send some kind of fix...
  14. MikeGon

    [UE4] Darksiders 3 Art Dump

    Looks amazing dude! Can't wait to play it, loved the first Darksider game back in the day
  15. MikeGon

    CSGO - Questions about custom loading screen

    Huh? So that would mean the problem was with the PC which I downloaded and tested it on... I'll look at it again tonight just to make sure, but that would mean question#1 and #2 are solved ...and for my last question, do guys know how I could add my map symbol to the loading screen? Just like this: The logo is done since a long time ago, but I never found out how to put it there