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  1. Wow great work @Radu!! Looks so cool Man I really gotta set some time aside and test all these wonderful maps y'all shipping
  2. Makes me nostalgic... I also did my fair share of work in the food industry, from 14 to 20 years old to be exact... butcher, fast food cook, cashier, diver, boss boy, you name it! Nowadays one thing I like to say is this: 50% of the skillset you need for your dream job is common to any job. So you can always work on fundamental skills like teamwork, social, discipline, professionalism, etc. and master those while you're on your way to your dream job Congrats @That50'sGuy and @Quotingmc
  3. Aaaaand looks like modders have already figured out how to unlock some of the forge stuff: https://www.nexusmods.com/halothemasterchiefcollection/mods/?BH=1
  4. Yup you probably seen it but here's a great video on that topic:
  5. Looks like they got some ex Platinum Games peeps involved: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-12-10-tatsuya-minami-reportedly-starts-new-capcom-backed-studio-m-two-inc Sounds promising!!
  6. Holy shit can't believe there's already that much work done on 3 when 2 came out less than a year ago... in total that'll be just 15 months of gap between the 2 releases, feels like this must have been in development at the same time and they kept it in their back pocket Also why not show this on stage in a more exciting way at game awards later this week instead of just throwing this out there? (Btw expect a few more reveals in the coming days, they're probably not alone at doing this...) Looks cool idk but not sure if it's a good idea to put this anywhere near that RE Survive game, it has such a jarring difference in quality Lol yeah that got me confused too
  7. You're learning modelling by yourself? That's awesome @Donskioni keep it up!! Oh shiet you're in for the worst
  8. ***For clarity, I didn't work on it, that's a different team at the studio. I'm on the Halo Infinite team. Just very proud that we finally released something lol I know the PC versions are taken very seriously and I would be surprised if it was based on the old Gearbox port tbh. I'm 99% sure it's the 2011 Anniversary version but I could be wrong... I think the idea was to start on a good note because Reach is beloved by most Halo fans (at least nowadays... yeah I remember, when it released it got shitted on because they added sprint lmao) MCC on PC is basically the same, achievements and some of the data are even synced between both platforms! If I put nostalgia aside for a minute, one that I feel is kinda overrated is Halo 2. Always felt like that campaign was too long and spread thin, MP was great though. Halo 76 was definitely underrated, it had a battle royale and crafting system It's basically just another Destiny ripoff... Re-playing through Half-life 1 recently made me realize how much Halo 1 feels like it was greatly inspired by it. But less puzzle-oriented and more pew-pew-oriented.
  9. Aww yisss so pumped for this!! True he did sprint, grab, tentacle you and shoot rockets at you but like... only one of those at a time so I guess is manageable??? That reminds me RE3 had contextual dodges... combine that to what we got in RE2R and I guess we're basically getting the RE4 control scheme at this point
  10. So yesterday we released the PC version of Halo Reach on MCC, and looks like it's doing great!! It's one of my personal favorites in the series, brings so much memories of my college days where I was basically drunk 24/7 Played last night plus a couple times internally and I must say, the mouse & keyboard makes it feel like a whooole different thing... SWAT in particular is f*cking nuts The game is also supporting mods so I'm excited to see what crazy stuff people are gonna come up with! Did you guys play that one back in the day? (So Halo is part of the PC master race now how 'bout that eh??)
  11. Our whole life is stored forever in the depths of the internet and will still be found by our grand-children in a million years from now Not to mention the FBI who's recording everything we do because we make maps for violent video games
  12. Looks fun great job dude!! This definitely needs more violence and micro transactions to break in the Chinese market though just sayin
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