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  1. Looks neat dude!! I like your overview showing where things are and where zombies come from! I also like your gameplay video at the bottom, but I think it should come in way sooner in the page. Videos are always better at communicating gameplay than screenshots, especially yours since you added voiceover! If you take a step back and squint, all of your screenshots look identical... I'd probably replace some of them with different ones, like one of an interior, one looking downwards at an area, etc. Also there's still a few typos, I highly recommend running all text through a spellchecker before publishing, even if it looks all good at a glance... Cheers, Keep it up!
  2. Ohhh that's another good one! I have great memories of playing this when I was a smaller-sized human, on the PolyStation One
  3. One of thing I love about it is bringing it with me in parks and whatnot, working on Mario maps and getting a tan at the same time Being able to do that anywhere is sweet! The "too close to what we already do for a living" part is exactly why I picked it up... It's like having a blast playing a game, but getting extra training at the same time! Besides, who is this game made for if not for us?
  4. I stepped in a GameStop for the first time in years, and finally got around to buying a switch: I picked up Zelda, Mario Odyssey, Mario Maker 2... and we'll see if I can still resist picking up Smash for much longer! Buying a new Nintendo console at the store brought back nice memories... felt like I was a kid again
  5. Nice progress so far!! Will the train be stationary like this (and make people late to work ), or will it pass by on a loop a la Overpass? I see you uploaded it to workshop, I'll take it for a spin as soon as I can! Nice choice of theme btw! Due to the nature of it I expect a fair amount of verticality Keep up the nice work, Good luck with the contest!
  6. Great work! Looks like things are improving! Map looks kinda small but I think that's totally fine! I'm all for moving away from that usual layout template we're seeing over and over! Layout has a lot of └ right angles, especially at the boundaries... maybe consider throwing in just a few more \ angles in there, to make navigation feel more interesting! That part feels a little repetitive to me, I suggest making these corners differ from one another, even just putting a prop in front of one of them could help: Another issue this creates, is that there's a position that's strong against all 3 corners at the same time... making it meaningless whichever route the enemy takes: You know you could have just adjusted the sun angle right? Anyways keep it up, Good luck with the contest!!
  7. Hey @Donskioni, Welcome to the community, It's good to have you! Cool stuff, be sure to post a few more screenshots or a workshop link so we can look at the spaces! Yeah there's definitely something weird about this lighting... I recommend your refer to the sky list and check out the lighting values they're using for a given sky. That should give great results and be an ideal starting point to tweak the lighting however you like! Keep it up, Good luck with the contest!!
  8. Thanks!! I love the place, so many great trails for biking, and it's not as rainy as people say... or is it?
  9. Totally! Notice how they often clash multiple differing themes together (Jungle has Village + Temple + Burnt out area, Elevation has Snowy mountain + Nepal village, Contraband has Beach + Jungle + Ruins + freakin Frigate Shipwrecks etc. etc.)
  10. That's awesome! All you guys who are learning languages just for fun, what kind of crazy motivation levels do you have omg
  11. Yeah it's pretty depressing to think about honestly Sadly that's pretty common for large game studios from what I've seen. One common element in all those reports overall, is how the QA team is treated differently from the other teams, and I think that's at the core of the issue. Of course not all companies are like that though, for example Eidos is great with the QAs and really treats them like everybody else! I mean I don't want to speak for them, but I'm sure they would agree.
  12. Good stuff, Looking pretty! What's the layout like? Got any topdown plan or screenshots? Shot in the dark here, but I'm assuming you want the whole deck around your pool to be playable, correct? So the section of the deck that doesn't connect to anything (likely the segment that's most outside the map) probably needs to give some form of advantage, because players will rarely end up there by accident, nor will they decide to take that position especially if it takes a while to move around the pool. I see a lot of flat ground in most of your screenshots, maybe consider adding a bit of height variation in there (slightly different levels, slopes, displacements...) Displacements, for the ground specifically, might feel like it should be done later, but since this affects gameplay I recommend doing this before making things look pretty. (I'm making assumptions solely based on what I'm seeing though, a topdown plan would clarify things!) Keep it up!
  13. Unfortunately the studio I was part of, Defiant Studios, pretty much exploded due to a nonsensical conflict with our publisher... Good news is, 3-4 weeks later, our team got picked up by People Can Fly, and now represents the NA branch of the company! But obviously during the hiatus, the future was uncertain... and people had to look elsewhere, including myself (cuz livin' in NY ain't cheap, ya know) So I just moved to the West Coast last week, and just started yesterday at 343 Industries, working on the next Halo!! Absolutely love the studio and team, and I can't wait to share more details when time comes Can someone edit my entry in the top post please? Thank you very much Cheers guys!!
  14. Just moved to Redmond WA, and it's my first time here on the West coast! I'm starting at 343 Industries on Tuesday, meanwhile I have time to explore the area, get used to everything etc. Aaand looks like I'm back at the "living with extreme minimalism while waiting for the movers to deliver my stuff" chapter of life. Hopefully it's gonna take less than 2 months this time... Cheers!
  15. Yeah I got big things happening at work, meanwhile I'm still scrambling to work on Opal on the side and I can't interrupt the project, so I won't be able to participate in this one I'm afraid! Looks exciting though!! Good luck to all participants, and Thank you MC staff for putting this together! Edit: Commas are important
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