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  1. I went back to old radar to overlay the new one/copy the old radar values onto new one.
  2. The fix I've had to do for my map was to redo the radar back the old way (so it's the pre-2016 image overlays) and put the values from that into TAR made one + used photoshop to overlay/fix the TAR one. I've had a frustrating experience with it as that wasn't the only issue and spent a long time trying to solve it so hopefully that helps you.
  3. That's the reason I'm working on my map, after having people playtest it I can confirm this strategy works if you've carefully planned it out beforehand
  4. UE4 is the only thing OP seems to work with according to his youtube channel/website
  5. Yes the combination of trees and skies like that is what I meant and I'll be honest, it doesn't look pretty in that picture. Why not try it first with players and see what they think, maybe it's not that harsh on the eyes in motion?
  6. Orange skies and pink trees? I'm not trying to discourage you from using the same time of day as I am (oh I definitely am trying) but that's got to look weird. Blue sky is overrated but Pink trees aren't common at all.
  7. Map has been released, there already has been a playtest done by Raidboss community and I think it's pretty positive as the map played out exactly how I designed it to. On to more important things, since this is an exotic map competition there are things I wanted to try in this map just for this kind of competition. First thing would technically be the Mid being horizontal between sites instead of like it normally is between spawns, but it's not that important. The main thing I want to show is https://imgur.com/a/w6JcSXb Fire Exit door, it can only open from inside the church, not the other way round. It can only open once per round and only from one direction. If terrorists push up to it for A take, they can not do anything but go underground/mid as an alternate path or to B site instead. Counter terrorists can open it if they're in A and need a surprise for Ts (so could be good for ecos) or need to rotate to B without taking the long path.
  8. After an insane amount of procrastinating (I will look back at this period and reminisce with sorrow because man, this map would be nearly done by now and playtested to near perfection) I've finally gotten round to making the first radar for the map. Does anyone have access to Terri's Auto Radar that supports instances? My map is made out of 20-30 instances so I tried to compile the source code again from the GitHub but it wouldn't work.. I had to do it manually in the end, still pretty good if I keep an alternate version of the map just for the radar. On a side note, I'll be playtesting this map soon with a download in Steam Workshop if anyone cares. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1894082604 (Have to wait until it's approved) Edit: I'm struggling with making the overview match my radar coordinates, it just seems to be shrunken and you can walk out of the spot it shows on the radar
  9. This is what Tuscan should've gone for, love the look even if the skybox looks a bit intense. Kind of fits just right though.
  10. Didn't even notice, you're far too tall to resemble anything like that (which kind of makes me wonder about the fact I've never seen a tall pregnant woman) Before the stream started I expected the showmatch not to turn out as well as it did so was hoping the beginning bit with you would carry it but the both halves came out great, I do wonder if Sal is going to come out with those wallbang values soon or you guys are going to adjust them to a more balanced nature since it's been brought up by HenryG.
  11. You've clearly understood the main issue a map would have if it does take exact layout from real life (and sometimes even simply inspiration) and then just put straight up in to the game but this is just a small thing for us, The main things that people definitely won't be used to is a completely new element that dynamically changes Terrorists' access to A site entrance in Middle and how high every single building is, blocking 80% of the map for long distance grenades but it's exotic map competition after all. TL;DR I've done this layout a half a decade before but never finished it and by luck managed to match it to a real place. I've also carefully thought out how to perfectly rip off Mirage/Overpass' (least and most favourite maps in the game) balancing of one site being completely open and the other tighly locked down.
  12. Didn't want to quite hit the 2 month mark since last "update" so here's a few pics of me testing the scale of the current graybox ingame. Disclaimer: You might end up seeing maybe 5% of entirety of this in the final version. I will also not post a picture of the layout (not that you can't find it in google maps) as I've posted places only where floor already exists on the map.
  13. Seems a bit like Insurgency's push mixed with L4D2 versus, I'd look into maps from there but when I have more time I'd love to look into it myself too
  14. Are any of these models from L4D2? I'd love to use some models from that game but I don't know if they're allowed within the rules
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