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  1. The latest updates made the map much better but there is still too much open space in general in some places (underground and A site). Visibility in B is awful with all the grates - there's also an infinite amount of angles to check if you have to fight in a post plant situation there.
  2. I feel like the gameplay has become too focused to one side now..
  3. Really loving the ground fog, adds an incredible layer to the atmosphere
  4. Yet another update and shrinkflation has hit this map as well! I've reduced the timings from CT spawn to B and resized the building that dominates the site so the narrow corridor that is B main shouldn't be as oppressive now for Ts.
  5. The map is slightly smaller than it seems, at least in my mind so the long sightlines shouldn't be a problem. I've addressed the T spawn issue, adding a new connector to middle/B and pointing the old one to A instead, along with moving the B site towards middle. Will have to wait and see what feedback I get during playtests, too curious how it plays. Radar has been updated, you can see the new path in the 2nd pic. The T middle has now been made a bit tighter, could do that for the rest of the map possibly. The colour temperature has been adjusted to match the skybox a little better, there's not so much harsh mid day light now.
  6. Almost made it to the last page, but I've been reworking this so many times I need to stick to a layout for playtesting for once. Workshop Link Any feedback is appreciated!
  7. Quite liking the B bombsite, I think it should be kept exactly like this until release. That tall ladder seems excessive - it could be combined with the big "drop" slope to have a path to walk up unless it's set up intentionally to play like this. Not liking either of the Mids, just awkward claustrophobic yet long hallways with some harsh angles to clear. Will definitely give it more plays through the week, it does seem like one of the bigger maps but it also works somewhat well.
  8. Wishful thinking got me to visit Mapcore every few months for a contest and well would you look at that! It was bound to happen one day. Currently I'm working on a remake of an old map, but that won't fit the rules of the contest and my previous Exotic mapping contest entry was already uploaded to the workshop - does it count if it was only uploaded for CSGO years ago? Initially I was set to do Annecy as I just visited it this February and it was amazing in person, but that already is taken so I'll go with my 2nd choice - the sunny UK! I'll be focusing a lot on interiors and elevation changes despite what the pictures might suggest - but that will all come down to testing. My favourite maps are Overpass, Overpass, Overpass and a little bit of Inferno and Cobble thrown in, so if you don't like those then this won't please you at all. Good luck to everyone, I'm hoping to post regular updates and a greybox soon.
  9. I've got an old DE_ layout based on Monastery's style (from 2015 or around that time) that I'd like to revive, would it be possible to use the assets from this to help me along the way? Full creator credits and so on included, I'll be (re)modelling my own assets as well.
  10. I was shocked to see them not make it but I do see the judges' point, maybe with Mustang's layout not being that great for sure, but the theme was already explored in Monastery.
  11. The A site looks awesome now, you've got clean design in almost everywhere so far
  12. Hey guys, I'm going to have to throw in the towel and withdraw from the competition. I can't get the map to work ingame properly and it's causing me a lot of grief, I've tried to turn functionally everything into displacements and using wallworm (in a way you'd be using propper) to no avail, it's just too much work. It'll take either 2 months to fix it or 3 months to remodel it all and I've not got enough time to make anything by the deadline. Please accept these screenshots in hammer as something that could have been. https://imgur.com/a/k0C0BHx I wish good luck to everyone else and am looking forward to who comes out the winner and play the maps! Thanks for following the thread
  13. Wow, my favourite right now. Great job on the middle! Although not sure if that graffiti is exactly fitting in a setting like this.
  14. Hey guys, thanks for checking in again. Since the last time I've had major hurdles (not just procrastinating, that's just me by design) with my 17 year old dog passing away, moving to a different place and my car burning to crisp just before Christmas. It's fine though, the map is still coming along and I'll try my best to make it before the deadline. I've cordoned off T-Spawn/A Long of the map in hammer to see how it looks in game, ignore weird props or bad lighting, I've done nothing about it before pressing compile. I also wanted to share this with you before but never got around to it. If you want to see some of the progress in more of a instant update format, here's the link to our Trello. https://trello.com/b/D2MLQfbG/fiorentini It's not updated for anyone except us to keep track of things we need to do and/or fix.
  15. If you remove one of terrorist's mid entrances, Middle becomes identical to Mirage. And to mention (judging by overview) the sites are heavily favouring Ts, as you need 3 CTs to sort of hold middle at this point (it's the meta in Mirage which is 1 window, connector and B short with other 2 CTs anchoring sites). But I don't know how this plays out, it could be good.
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