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  1. You've clearly understood the main issue a map would have if it does take exact layout from real life (and sometimes even simply inspiration) and then just put straight up in to the game but this is just a small thing for us, The main things that people definitely won't be used to is a completely new element that dynamically changes Terrorists' access to A site entrance in Middle and how high every single building is, blocking 80% of the map for long distance grenades but it's exotic map competition after all. TL;DR I've done this layout a half a decade before but never finished it and by luck managed to match it to a real place. I've also carefully thought out how to perfectly rip off Mirage/Overpass' (least and most favourite maps in the game) balancing of one site being completely open and the other tighly locked down.
  2. Didn't want to quite hit the 2 month mark since last "update" so here's a few pics of me testing the scale of the current graybox ingame. Disclaimer: You might end up seeing maybe 5% of entirety of this in the final version. I will also not post a picture of the layout (not that you can't find it in google maps) as I've posted places only where floor already exists on the map.
  3. Seems a bit like Insurgency's push mixed with L4D2 versus, I'd look into maps from there but when I have more time I'd love to look into it myself too
  4. Are any of these models from L4D2? I'd love to use some models from that game but I don't know if they're allowed within the rules
  5. Have you played DE_GWALIOR by FMPONE? I used to play that map a lot when it was in the Operation, it kind of reminds me of yours, albeit with a much smaller layout but you should get some design inspiration from it, if not how vertical it is.
  6. Haven't tried TAR myself so can't help with it unfortunately but I promise to run through this map myself and give thoughts, you've helped too many others with that already.
  7. The bingo chart of my planned locations is almost completely filled out just from this one competition alone. Great choice, hopefully there will be a lot of verticality (my idea of Cappadoccia was more like Grotta Palazese, another entry into this contest)
  8. Depends how far it reaches (which would affect how easily smokeable it is) and if it's a really vital spot. Remember that it was a thing in 1.6 for DUST2 T spawn to have a small peek hole.
  9. Nice choice with a huge potential for a unique layout. Is this mostly based on Corfu by any chance?
  10. I was curious myself as I had been to the city and it had some potential to be turned into a map, shame Canals assets can be barely used, as not that many things can be placed from there despite Venice not being that far IRL. However this map is truly in the earliest stages possible, Here's the album Images in order are, overview (warmup counter is where the CT spawn is, then B and A sites respectively with T spawn being where the knife handle is), A site, B, CT spawn and T spawn showing surprisingly well chosen skybox weather. The layout is far too generic and lacking in a way that we probably can't help you unless you explain us your goal with the map, I see the radar has a different image to it? Anyway, all I'd like to know is if you're inspired by some other map like Cache or Italy so we have a reference point to compare and help you from here.
  11. The map seemed to be far more open in the initial posts but I'm liking how it's turning out, looks a lot like Insurgency maps in some ways. If there's (another?) Mapcore test I'll be definitely on the lookout for this one, the style you've gone for is intriguing.
  12. Just wondering if this is something stupid that I've done on my end but the uniform scale on importing the vmf seems to work, except it has moved all the props down and rotated them 180 degrees? The last pic is in game (and not gone through wallworm yet, it was just the compile before I opened wallworm as it didn't have the scale support then) so you can see how the bikes and the arch isn't supposed to be in the ground Still, if it's something I've done then it could be a cautionary tale for someone else if there's a fix or thing to avoid
  13. You mean all the Greek alphabet planets with numbers at the end or more like the Moons in Solar system which actually have cool names, like Titan? Oh didn't even see the hostage part in the first post, honestly that makes the layout even more unique as hostage maps aren't usually that open (apart from the ridiculously weird CS_Rush that was in an operation and Insertion which is in a league of its own).
  14. Love the progress photos already, the mine/cave area is definitely unique! For the name, how about DE_Marooned?
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