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  1. [CS:GO][WIP] Chaouen

    Well there gotta be a way you can make atleast one evening free right 😁 ? Everybody has time but sometimes you have too choose where to spend it on. You can always ask some friends and perhaps play on one bombsite. Its not as good as a playtest, but it gives you atleast some info. I would not take it this easy on the layout. Maybe there is someone who likes to help you on the layout part?
  2. [CS:GO][WIP] Chaouen

    Cool, I was also working on a concept of this blue city of morocco. Its really nice. I just give feedback based on your overview. There are so many corners and unused spaces. I would simplify it to the bone and when playtest tells a area needs more cover and hiding spots you may add a extra corner. CT to Middle seems like a super long seightline? The connectors from midle to the sites does not seem to add alot. T's already have two acceses to both bombsites. Maybe its only for CT rotation?
  3. de_burg

    Yeaah some more spam. @Serialmapper I tried your settings with some darker ambient value. This is how the new concept of the layout look ingame Seperated CT / midle path New T -> mid entrance
  4. Random Photo Thread

    @El Moroes such a beautifull photography and great portfolio!!! I am pretty jelous on your work What kind of a lens you need to get those Macro's? (and what gets close to it with the Nikon brand?) And do you do alot of afther editing? The urban picture with the bridges is such a strong image with the light alligning the boat and all <3
  5. de_burg

    So I was looking at my overview and thinking about some feedback I recieved on the workshop and some ideas came up in mind. It hasn't been playtested by anyone so it might be hard to judge, but what about reconnecting the midle entrance for T's in the midle of the mid path so they are further away from A (which has 2 entrances to the site) and closer to B (which has only 1 entrance). Also some guy found the CT paths to A too complicated so what about reworking it like I did on the overview? the red 'X' is a removed path and the green 'O' is a new connection. old: new concept:
  6. de_burg

    Thanks alot @Serialmapper Will defintly try that out
  7. de_burg

    Fixed some stuff and created a radar. The map is finally on the workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1261713986 Overview: @leplubodeslapin I followed your advice and I like it! Thanks alot mate
  8. [WIP] de_biome

    I love it!
  9. [RELEASED] Manor

    Looking awesome, great job!
  10. de_burg

    Thanks but not going to make it. I hate deadlines haha. I have some problems with my PC and overworked and blabla so instead of stressing I will leave it for what it is, give the others a bigger chance and continue on my own pace while having fun and joy working on the map instead of stressing my ass off. I am glad I got this far in such a short time anyways and I would be glad if I can publish a playable version soon for a playtest.
  11. de_burg

    Well I do not have much time unfortenatly. Working on the radar atm and hopefully I can compile the map tonight afther work so I can upload it to the workshop in time for the contest
  12. de_burg

    The constant 0 linear 1 quadratic 0 is alot better thanks!! I will use that alltrough the map
  13. de_burg

    @leplubodeslapin Will try it out! Thanks for thinking with me
  14. de_burg

  15. [CS:GO] De_Grind

    That trailer is amazing! Getting me hyped up to play this map in competetive mode