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  1. Random Photo Thread

    I tried to create some Macro's (with a regular lens) of a spider with the tip I had last time: using manual focus. I experimented some with different closing times and angles to let in different amount of light. Which one of the photo's below you guys like most? And those aren't edited at all.. are there any tips on improving them with Photoshop? Also check out the album with a second spider creatings it's web. It was pretty satisfying to watch him work: https://imgur.com/a/C25Ta Photo 1: (1/1000 f5.6 iso 800) Photo 2: (1/640 f5.6 iso 800) Photo 3: (1/250 f5.6 iso 800) Photo 4: (1/100 f5.6 iso 800)
  2. The random model thread!

    Lemon-nade.. nice one
  3. Avalanche

    Well I was but also my energy runs out with the pile of work I got these days. Adult life is a pain in the ass haha. Also I ran into a motivation blockade with the last feedback I recieved so I am kind of relying on my teammates to work on that for a bit to give me new inspiration and motivation with their input. I hope that will give me some new energy like your kind words does which hopefully makes me continue to work on this project ASAP
  4. Aerospace (Alpha)

    I havent played the map and havent seen it ingame so yeah this is just a suggestion out of the blue (or what ever that saying is). I guess you could use three levels, but just make sure they wont be stacked on eachother or overlap too much. It feels to be a difficult task to create a steady layout with so low space to work with but I like the fact you go for it! Its cool to see you take the feedback with you and you are willing to work with it no matter u have to change the part that contain artwork already. Goodluck mate!
  5. Random Photo Thread

  6. Fredric Grapensparr - Level Designer

    I like it! It's clean, simple and to the point. When you hover over the image you see the map name and your role, maybe you can also add what game it is made for?
  7. [WIP] de_biome

    I love the idea this dome is giving life to a big variation of plants in a abondent desert where nothing grows naturally. I am not sure about creating holes and stuff with leafs and etc. coming trough since that fact might interupt the plants to grow in the greenhouse right? Or perhaps it doesn't since the dome is still availble to provide the plants with water and healthy ground, I don't know what you have in mind exactly with the background story? Anyways... personally I love to see some holes and etc with plants growing out of it. I kinda love old/broken stuff and you can bring some nice variation and dirt to the map instead of this full clean shinny enviorment. It would be cool to have a broken (glass) wall with a stack of sand that has been fallen into the building or something like that. Can be a cool thing for the Terrorists to intrude into the building.
  8. Avalanche

    Hey again. Afther having another playtest by Source Engine I decided to make some critical changes. One of them is making the gondolas to be static which most of you would encourage I guess Besides I changed some paths for T's to enter A bombsite with the gondolas (main and connector path), tweaked B connector, fixed some seightlines (on midle and B main) and implented all other feedback I recieved like yours @spa Screenshots: And just get your ass ingame to take a look by your self! All feedback is appriciated, thanks to the many feedback we recieved already. Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940620502
  9. WIP CS_Island

    I agree on Apeyou. I think overall the shadows of your light_enviorment are too dark. U should change the brightness to like 200 or so. There are also really black, do u have a litle bit of a blue tint in it?
  10. de_templar [WIP]

    About the empty spaces at the spawns. Its distracting. As a ct it feels u can go straight but u cant and for t spawn somehow it feels there is a path to the right but again nothing. Maybe there is a way to keep the space as u wish and increase the path flow another way. I didnt knew about the breakable window no u should definitly go for a playtest. It will provide u better info then people like me walking arround and guessing. I guess I played ur latest version. I espected something different with the latest overview picture but I guess thats just a drawing
  11. de_templar [WIP]

    Hey man I walked arround as promised. I see u got a old version on ur workshop? Still I give u some feedback on that one. The maps to be less chaotic ingame indeed! It's quite alright. It could use some better movement flow but it's quite good already. Your paths seems to be well placed and you thought well about where to place cover. There are no crazy seightlines I saw so far. I find midle a clear simple mid that should work well. Bombsites are alright aswell but they could use some more work. You could try adding some more elivation in your map. Like the drop from T side to midle, that's cool. Maybe add some elivation on the bombsite(s) aswell. I created some feedback on a overview for you, I hope u understand what I mean. Mainly what bothers me are some double corners to check and some empty unessecary rooms that should be gone. And I am wondering how CT rotation will go? it feels they do not have many options when T's push CT spawn just a litle bit. - Entering the upper bombsite as a T, there is this doorway with deep angles on both sides. Create a door with like 45 degree rotation so one angle (I should go for the left one) is gone. - Entering the upper bombsite from mid connector as a T exposes you to so many angles. I would atleast get rid of the deep left angle. - Entering the lower bombsite as a T also exposes you to multiply angles. I would cut off the outer part so you only have these double corners on the left and the bombsite it's self to check.
  12. Avalanche

    I have worked on the feedback I recieved from you guys from the playtets. Thanks alot for that! The layout has slightly been changed. Walk arround ingame: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940620502 Overview: A few more screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/5cXbP
  13. de_templar [WIP]

    Looking much better already yea! I have subscribed to it on the steam app, will check it ingame soon for you to see if I got any more feedback.
  14. de_templar [WIP]

    Ey man I see u do alot of work on creating a layout for your map, but I think you should make things more simple. My feedback is based on your overview so it might not be accurate, so dont blame me for that :D. Its just your map seem to have so many tight corridors, so many corners, so many angles and so many paths that is feels like a labirint to me. U can compare it to these noodles: https://goo.gl/images/ukFYtg The map feels to be so chaotic to me. If I were you I should rework your layout to the most easy simple geometry you could possibly do and also think about what exactly you want. Sometimes it helps to have some good reference and decide where in the map u create this reference. It could help u on designing the layout, but it should not restrict your layout! And u could learn alot from watching the overviews of official competetive maps. when u got a basic layout with the main paths you could think of creating more interresting shapes.
  15. de_scepter

    Great job Grapen I love it! Finally you released it, I waited so long Besides the 20 pages long list of the things I love, there are a few minor things I noticed while walking arround: The breakable glass window is really hard to see. I jumped trough the window and bumped my head there. From T spawn walking to B, the brown room feels a litle too dark. When a CT pushed it was hard to see him. Also pushing further to B where the paths split to the bombsite and those sniper windows, that area feels a litle too dark. It was abit hard to see the CT's there. Just some minor things u could consider for a futuring update