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  1. That granny is so awesome! When I read 'Watch Dogs' I was ehh another one... but this trailer got me pretty exited though.
  2. Roald


    I also love those ideas, thats why I started this layout to bring in dynamic ideas, but then quickly find out its not going to work and making things hella difficult. (I had moving gondolas at the Avalanche map ) So.. I keep things static which most csgo players prefer and organise a test afther the contest to see how it plays now.
  3. Roald


    Well since its CS:GO I probally wont make them carts move I do have a sliding door though! I hope thats cool enough for ya
  4. Roald


    I have had several playtests, the last one was very long ago, but still had the paperlist with feedback laying on my desk and feld like working on it, so here an update: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1836479638
  5. looks very interesting! I like the aesthetics of this map already. not sure aboth the timings since the map is very stretched out... would be usefull to have some spawn and bombsite markers on your overview. Only concern I got on the layout at this point, is that the area at B is very empty and open and has a total of 5 entrances, would be a pain in the ass on the aftherplant. Would be good to use the TAR radar right from the start and upload a radar picture here for us to see. (it will be easier to give feedback and its a great and easy way for you to make a radar for your map) https://github.com/Terri00/CS-GO-Auto-Radar
  6. Based on the recent playtest and feedback by @Momoderator I have add big changes to the map and I feel happy with the layout for the first time, so guess thats a good sign! EDIT: a video of the map with some usefull nades New radar: Tactical nades: More Images:
  7. Haha thats sweet! good luck to you aswell sir and happy mapping!
  8. I haven't opened up Hammer for a long time since the playtest, but finally managed to make some big changes in the layout, which is mostly smallen the map size and decrease the timings alooooot. New radar: Tighten up midle canal, oh and weapons/bomb now 'float': New B bombsite and CT spawn: New T spawn, moved forward on the road:
  9. Skybox is much better! And I like the thunder/rain, hope it won't get too depressing though - It feels abit odd that you have a path going to one of the bombsite at the back of CT spawn, this feels abit 'unnatural'. - At 0:09 you should decrease the fall length, so you won't lose damage. - I assume at 0:32 it is the main entrance to one of the bombsites for T's? If yes, I think its risky to put a 'ramp' as entrance because it causes headpeeks. Also the ladder might be too troubling for the attacking team, maybe make a box or something to jump on, would be better in my opinion. Besides these small things, this looks very good and exotic, keep up the great work!
  10. This skybox looks really weird. At first I thought the map was below the water
  11. @MikeGon Thank you so much for your feedback! Those are great points and I immediately implemented the changes to my portfolio. To be honest, I have been a litle negligent on the text and assumed it would be correct somehow
  12. I have a litle update on my portfolio. Overall I simplified my whole portfolio while trying to explain some of my design choises. And I have add a new piece! Its a FC5 Zombie Survival map: https://www.roaldvanderscheur.com/werk
  13. So much text and so much screenshots but nice changes though! maybe abit too clean for my taste
  14. Looking awesome! And yeah ofcourse you could request playtests, you should!
  15. Roald

    [CS:GO] Nero (wingman)

    Great looking greybox! I got a few points of feedback, but this may not be legit, since I never played the map and base this on looking at your overview. I think its better if T spawn is more centered, so the paths take more or less the same time to get to the site. Right now the path to the left is super fast, while the path to the right (going up) takes twice as long. Not sure how to explain this, but the layout feels counter intuitive to me as the options for T gets limited when they progress trough the map. In a wingman map like this I would personally do it the way arround, expand T's options when they reach more map control. In that case, CT will get invited to push the chokepoints and try to limit T's options, but also taking more risk, by leaving the bombsite empty. Right now I would rather stay on site as a CT and have one guy defending the right side where two paths get together and have one guy defend the left side where basicly two paths come together in one chokepoint.
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