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  1. Oh yeah boys! I am proud of you guys map looks really arrrrrrrsome and you really nailed the theme.
  2. The topics in here are entries for the Mapcore mapping contest. Unless you want to participate, you might want to post your topic in the '3D' section
  3. I checked it out and the vissibility is pretty good. The fog wasnt a problem for me.
  4. It would be nice to have a prop_dynamic skateboard located at the ramp. And perhaps some kinda ping pong table somewhere with graffiti and all on it
  5. Whoop whoop Mapcore's fake police here . I dont think this opinion has anything related to this topic nor section of the forums. If you want to discuss about CS:GO then please bring it over here:
  6. Map starting to look great already, visually. I am not so sure about the layout, cant judge of course from an overview and the video, but it seems pretty complicated with the many paths and all. I wonder if you playtested this? Anyhow, keep up the great work
  7. This is posted in the wrong section and should be posted here: https://www.mapcore.org/forum/21-3d/ I like the looks, maybe there is too much clutter/visual noise though
  8. Roald


    Overall its looking nice. Just those lights placed against the walls are very bright. And to me the exit sign doesnt make sence. Who has that in their appartment? Mostly those are used in public areas. Also the position of it feels a litle misplaced and its taking too much attention, or does it play a role gameplay wise? Also why is there a deadend corridor? Will that lead somewhere later or ? Edit: I see its a hostage rescue map? I would suggest to first get the layout done, get everything in dev textures, low details only and test if it plays right before you start on detailing.
  9. I think I lost my brain and soul, but it is done. I have made a workshop collection of all entries to the 2019 mapcore mapping contest. Not all topics had a workshop link or could be found on the workshop, so if yours is missing just ping me https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1950169391
  10. but... it has palm trees... Anyway, the way you shaped this map seems none logic I would suggest gathering a lot of references from a real-life location and use that to build upon. Also gameplay-wise it feels more like a deathmatch map instead of a thought-true tactical competitive layout. Oh and your environment light is too yellow for my taste
  11. Use more negative space in your map (the black void). It will help gameplaywise and later on the art. And yeah go read that article for sure. Also look at official maps and try to learn from them.
  12. that and the shadows are waaaaaaaaaaay too dark. Add atleast 150/200 brightness value to the shadows.
  13. Man.. what a cliffhanger, now I want to see more
  14. Map is too small/too fast paced. This will cause issues like CT being able to play too agressive and flank Ts too easyly. It restricts Ts in their options. Their only choise it too rush one site really and hope for the best on the aftherplant (because rotations are probally too quick). Nothing wrong with fast paced, but this size map wont be fun afther a few matches I am sure. CTs need time to setup a defence and giving them options to play more agressive on a map is a nice thing, but they should be able to get punished for it. Also T needs room to gain map control and fight for their options and be able to switch tactics. In a map this limited it will become hard I think.
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