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  1. that and the shadows are waaaaaaaaaaay too dark. Add atleast 150/200 brightness value to the shadows.
  2. Man.. what a cliffhanger, now I want to see more
  3. Map is too small/too fast paced. This will cause issues like CT being able to play too agressive and flank Ts too easyly. It restricts Ts in their options. Their only choise it too rush one site really and hope for the best on the aftherplant (because rotations are probally too quick). Nothing wrong with fast paced, but this size map wont be fun afther a few matches I am sure. CTs need time to setup a defence and giving them options to play more agressive on a map is a nice thing, but they should be able to get punished for it. Also T needs room to gain map control and fight for their options and be able to switch tactics. In a map this limited it will become hard I think.
  4. Ey man I honestly did not read all the text, but the layout sketch, references and graybox looks cool. Just ahmm watch out with focususing to much on the references and art right now. Do not let these two get in the way of your layout/gameplay features. Its best to keep things as simple as possible, focus on the layout, do playtests, itterate your layout and when the map is fun and you & the playtesters likes it, you got all the room to focus on art to make it look beautiful and be fun to play. If you have to make layout changes on areas you spend alot of time on, then that really sucks
  5. Well... we have playtested this map 15 times. Mid was always too complicated because of.. reasons. The balance have shifted alot, but was at the end CT sided and now with the new timings with T having abit more of a advantage on mid bridge and canal it feels right. Not sure if there is a real mid, guess there is a kind of double mid, or perhaps two routes to each site, with some more dynamic features, but guess calling it mid sounds most logic, atleast thats how we defined it during the playtests. The map is abit different from standard, though its easy to learn and I think it needs time and some teamwork (especially as T) to master it. Mid might looks simple, but it has some dynamic features and especially CTs got quick rotation options to always backup their teammates. I guess you should play a few matches on it to find out and learn and master the map Controlling mid on this map is taking a huge advantage over your opponent for both teams, so its quite important. CT own abit more of control on the map, but this can be shifted easyly, Though with the quick CT rotations it remains risky for T's and grenades are advised. For an example T's splitting to B, but not owning the bridge/canal means CT can rotate from there easyly and getting behind them. T's splitting mid/A is a risk of losing the advantage of 5 vs 2, but when succeeding they get lots of control arround A and can even decide to smoke off A and go B/CT while taking a risk though. So as a T do you decide to split up or go full force trough the main path and remain control from there. I guess I provide a 'simple' layout where the player can try out different playstyles and tactics, I guess thats what you want when creating a CS:GO map. Not sure if this clearifies things up for you or not, guess you should experience it. You might be right, more playtests should be done to know for sure. I guess a map always has room for improvement so.. though this mid is the core of the map and everything is based arround that from the start.
  6. Its been a while since I posted in here. @jd40 is now on board, working on the enviorment art on B site. There have also been some changes in the layout aswell and because of that we have done some more playtesting. Bombsite B have had a huge overhaul and also the timings have drasticly changed with a new CT spawn that provides slower timings into midle. All in all I am happy with the layout for what it is and its time to fully focus on the enviorment art. In the meanwhile I am doing a first art pass on T spawn by using @jakuza his lovely assets he have been working on lately.
  7. Some progress on my map Anubis
  8. I think we !fb some stuff for you. You should get that textfile from Mapcore and fix a few things. For anme example you can get out of map from CT spawn. Goodluck!
  9. Roald


    Greybox looking awesome. Just, I think having a open road like this in your map is going to make things very complicated for CS:GO. Also with all the cars and stuff to play arround, kinda no option to smoke things off and stuff like that. For your own good, I would keep it as simple as possible, screw details for now and get the layout right and do alot of playtests. Edit: Oh and use TAR radar to get a nice clear radar on a very easy way, it also helps us to judge your layout
  10. @MikeGon good point, will see what I can do. I think stuff will defenitly change during the art pass
  11. Hey guess who is back So I had another playtest, still too CT sided. Basicly the team controlling mid was controlling the whole map and that was CT most of the time. Now I seperated bridge from canal and made the map alot more T friendly. I hope the next playtest will be the final one. Oh, and @jakuza made some really great assets for me to work with: (still very WIP though!)
  12. Roald

    [Wingman] Station

    Woop woop! for me its the first time a CS:GO map 'gets to use', so thats pretty cool! Morozov and I have thought about some major changes in layout and looks, but stuff got in between like the mapcore contest for an example, so we leave that for later and hope to gain some feedback on this map and hope you guys enjoy it! If you havent checked it out yet ingame or are to lazy, here is a review by SlickShotGames:
  13. Map is too big.. Map is too small.. CT can't play agressive.. Map is too T sided.. CT can be too agressive.. Map is too CT sided.. 100 years later and 1.000.342.453 playtests later there is a new update for you guys. Hopefully the map is now more balanced and more fun to play
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