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  1. Roald

    [Source] Mapcore flag

    Personally those creases are abit rough to me.. probally because of the contrast with all the white. Maybe its also cool to make a inversed one like the forums header, would love to use it! Goodjob on these flags bro
  2. Roald

    [CS:GO] de_sawmill (WIP)

    Thats why you shouldn't detail before the layout is ready One thing I forgot to mention: B bombsite (left) seems so abandon of the rest of the map. Gotta be really hard for T's to get this site? Would love to see a better connection from mid to B. Now the connection goes through CT which is a long detour
  3. Roald

    [CS:GO] de_sawmill (WIP)

    I agree with @VIOLATION I have named the bombsite A & B for simplicity to explain. I haven't checked the map either but based on the overview there is alot of empty space you should get rid off. Why? It kind of creates odd angles you don't want. Some should dissapear and some should be less deep I have marked this with the red crosses and lines (X) (______) When going as a T to bombsite B that path all arround is pretty much useless. If you want to give T's a stronger position there, maybe add some elevation in the main path for them to give some dynamic but don't overdo. The orange marker (?) are angles I am not sure about, these should be tested ingame if they should be this deep. The (____) space should be connected I think, otherwise you have to peek twice in that same connector.
  4. Roald

    [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)

    Guess it does, but in my opinion it stands out too much. I love the consistent neutral colors that's being used with some small tints of colors. Rather have the woodwork in red with maybe some spoiled paint on the wall arround it and some painting on the wall with the shop it's name or whatever as a landmark. Excuse me for my GIMP skills PS: it kinda looks odd to me the waterdrain is going infront of those windows... Rather lower the roof abit so the windows stick out of the roof
  5. Roald

    [Wingman] Station

    Thanks mate! Will defenitly implent this entity!
  6. Roald

    [Wingman] Station

    Thanks mate! Yeah the only downside of this compact two layer design is the fact the bomb always cause damage and it's easy to hear footsteps.
  7. Roald

    [TF2] Ctf_frosty

    Amazing job man! So good you put it trough!
  8. Roald

    [Wingman] Red Light

    Plz post a overview picture here (and I cant find it on the workshop either). 'Somewhere in Europe' is pretty vaque, it may help you to find a exact location you want to use as reference. It can help you on the art pass and making it a believable place. With the red light you could think of Amsterdam, however there is Tulip already.
  9. Roald

    [Wingman] Station

    Started on grayboxing some of the 3D skybox, it will be hella more shinney in the future but first getting the basic shapes in there. I tried some dev textures made by @NikiOo
  10. Roald

    Reddit CSGO Wingman Map Contest

    I will create it afther station enjoy your holiday mate, one day we will get to play station
  11. Roald

    Reddit CSGO Wingman Map Contest

    I think the nuke wingman map plays well. Just enough paths and options. Timings are pretty good too. CT has low cover on site which force them to push or stay back. This creates some, nice dynamic and giving T enough possibility to plant the bomb. I also like the Overpass one, but its abit hard for Ts. Really hating the canal map tbh. It would be nice to see a map/scenario where Ts might reach the site first but having a risky plantzone, so they are forced to use grenades and clear the area before they get a safe plant. CT might get a detour/risky route that takes some time to get in a good position for the aftherplant. So they can choose to prevent the plant by holding angles or push arround
  12. As a hobbiest I used a free website to create a portfolio with some of my work. https://roald.carbonmade.com/
  13. Roald

    [Wingman] Station

    The train is static and I like to keep it that way I played it with some friends a couple of times and we had alot of fun. If anyone is down I would love to play some matches with you guys and recieve some feedback. One suggestion is to open up the second train door aswell, but need some more testing. Ah FMPONE is streaming? That would be awesome! What day/time is this and does he record the streams?
  14. Roald

    [Wingman] Station

    Just a Wingman project I work on for fun on the side. The map is set on a train station in the midle of a large city. There are two routes, one is going down straight to the bombsite and the other one goes up trough the train facing the CT window. CT can decide to defend way back or push the T's from upper mostly. T's can do a quick rush trough main or take a detour trough upper and split into the ladder/squeeky or peek from the CT window onto the back of site. And for the real cowboys in here, you can jump from upper straight down, but that will deal some large damage and the sound will betray your move Seperated radar and some more screenshots here: https://imgur.com/a/E4B5IeN Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1313538422 There is no radar ingame yet, sorry dudes. Just working on the artwork
  15. Roald

    [CS:GO] Scarab

    This map is really beautiful! I have tested it ingame with some bots. The layout is simple and easy to learn, that's a great advantage. B bombsite looks really interesting. I was first afraid of all these open windows, but it seems fine since CT barely has cover up there. A bombsite seems solid but maybe it could use some more elevation or something to make it more interesting. The obelisk could use some decoration: Cover spots seems well placed on both bombsites. I dislike the straight connector between the bombsites. They are so close to eachother already and then there is just this straight path. Maybe open up a path from CT going arround towards B bombsite. That leads towards here or maybe the restaurant area or below the overpass. The tall buildings are eye catching but hard to throw smokes arround the map, maybe consider changing some architecture for some tactical nades. (excuse me for my poor GIMP skills:D) I am not so sure about the double mid, the main mid (wider path) is looking like a great mid already and since T have so few options I don't think you should make it to hard for them to reach B connector. Now they have to double cross paths to reach it and there is a big chance to get backstabbed and/or get stuck in the connector since it's such a small map already. Maybe you can close the second mid entrance and keep the balcony for T's. Another addition when you would close the second mid entrance is adding a window or some kind for CT's to defend the midle path. You can connect the A path to it. Perhaps add a skilljump from the balcony to it, for T's to try out some new risky tactics. And while doing so you could go crazy on A and add a extra balcony there.That way CT has more defending options and T's have a better aftherplant spot. Maybe add a door/path from CT to the balcony or rather make it a climbable, boost or skill jump acces. Just some crazy ideas maybe you like them and maybe I go too crazy. You defenitly should do some playtests to get solid feedback instead of these random ideas.