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  1. Roald


    I did a playtest at Source Engine and made some changes An album: https://imgur.com/a/LlHZ5R2
  2. Roald


    I worked on the feedback from last playtest and the biggest point of feedback is B being too hard to hold and too hard to retake, so I did a major update on this bombsite and fixes some smaller issues all over the map. Album: https://imgur.com/a/xuV9bOw
  3. Roald

    Prime [Wingman]

    mannn this rocks
  4. Roald


    I have been very subtle with the changes this time, but I think they will have a huge impact none the less. Go check it out: https://imgur.com/a/dezoaJR (album)
  5. Check this out and yea giving credits would be a polite thing to do
  6. Roald


    Well, I reworked bombsite B entirly and spiced middle as it was quite uninspired. My aim for this map is making it feel more dynamic with different ways of playing/approaching one area and quick rotations for both teams. I hope I didn't go overboard with my ideas, but a playtest should tell more Here the album with more screenshots and info about the timings and angles and such: https://imgur.com/a/UjLjLYv
  7. Roald


    Dammm thats nice, I was thinking of doing it in the fall season. Some nice yellow/orange/red tints with some green stuff aswell. I really wonder how they build those things, must have been a pain in the ass
  8. Roald


    Boulder is a bomb defusal map based around the Meteora Monasteries in Greece https://www.trekhunt.com/blog/en/meteora-greece-monastery-map-itinerary-images-hotel/ Here is a album with some WIP pictures and a overview: https://imgur.com/a/y7RdFTg And the workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2325218920
  9. Haha would defenitly be cool getting some Mapcore merchandise in there! Might be time to buy me some. I don't think you will see me on skis, I am sorry, Apris ski will do though!
  10. Not sure if I can already call myself a Level Designer, but I (Roald van der Scheur) did sign my contract to start working at Bongfish in Graz, Austria as a Junior Level Designer on 11 January 2021! I will be working with @poLemin
  11. Oh and just came across this guy, doing some covers which are pretty good
  12. This guy is a freestyle rapper and just so intelligent on how he can make things up on the spot and have it all make sence and logic, it is crazy. If you like (intelligent) rap you should check out this guy and go to his channel
  13. I am just an hobbiest myself and just like you trying to find my entry as a Level Designer somewhere. For me personally its multiplayer LD what drives me and since I found Mapcore and became part of the community I learned a lot from the people and experiences. I think, being part of an community, playtest with them, talk to them and giving them feedback really helps you develop as an Level Designer and person. Because it is not just about the LD skills but also about people skills like communication, recieving and giving feedback, presentation and etc. Working with other people (like environm
  14. Roald

    [CS:GO] Ravine (wingman)

    dude you are a mapping god this is looking so dam good! cant wait to play it
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