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  1. Roald

    [UE4] Western Recall

    It is very interesting to follow this progress, thanks for sharing! I really enjoy watching these updates. It looks beautiful, fun and interesting! What I would love to see is some dust/fog on the background to set some mood to the enviorment and to blend the playable area with the background. Right now it feels a litle plain and not like a believable place. It would be nice to get a feeling of being in a small western town in a super large desert. There is not much use of color I see, is this on purpose? When thinking about western towns I think of those big colorfull signs that say 'saloon' or 'bank' and etc. I can image signs like that on the buildings but then maybe digital to make it more futuristic, though not sure if this will become distracting. Anyways good work! And goodluck with finishing it
  2. Wether it is technically possible or not I think two gamemodes in one is not going to work, rather focus on one of the two. Why? Because the core of the gamemodes are different and require different style of level design. I feel to be really honest with you while looking at your layout drawing and think you should redo it. The bombsites are too close to eachother, the seightlines are very long, the map is very small, there are almost no options for T's, cant tell if there is any elevation at all... my suggestion is to look at a official map of your liking, see how it is, meassure the timings, the ammount of paths and etc. You can defenitly learn from that. Anyways mapping is constantly learning which is fun so goodluck and enjoy!
  3. CT spawn is very long and straight. There is a seightline from one side of the map to the other, how is CT supposed to rotate trough there? it seems Ct can also been seen from mid while rotating? how is the upper bombsite aftherplant? Based on the overview I would say u feel stuck there on the aftherplant and also feel vulnerable as a CT to cross that whole empty space to reach the site.
  4. I wanted to wait till the layout is whole, but saw so much cool updates coming by I just have to share the things we are currently working on. @Momoderator has converted some assets we used on the Desertruin map for PVKII, we will use it as a base to expand on. The assets are originally created by @LATTEH and edited by @phonebooth I bumped into maaaany challanges already and i think the biggest challange is keeping the map compact as the egyptian structures are huge and I want to put in so many ideas in just one small map which is competitive based. Its a new workflow to focus so much on the art direction already while grayboxing the layout and I hope I can get it done well Below a few screenshots of the start of the graybox with a few of the asset placeholders being used to see how they look ingame and what feeling we are going for. Again, these are placeholders! Bridge to midle and canal functioning as A/B rotation for T's View from T spawn B main route, will change from the layout drawing as the road is terribly open and no good for gameplay
  5. @Interfearance another technique is using func_instances. 1. Create a window and save it as a instance. 2. Add a func_instance entity and open the window instance vmf. 3. Rotate it however you want, its np since in the instance its made on grid. But yeah cool looking greybox! Just a litle dark for my taste
  6. So I did some thinking about the layout with the references in mind. Here is a simple layout drawing (digital, since my handdrawing became unreadable for u guys :D) and one with art concept already in mind to identify places. When building this in hammer I might move B bombside more central to the map so the layout is less wide and probally change some other stuff to as hammer is way different then drawing . So basicly there is a main dirt road connecting CT and T spawn which goes near B bombsite. The bottom is a large river with vegetation near it and T spawn is on the harbor. There will be a market in the more open area near the road Most of the negative space on the bottom will exist from those cool litle stone houses, upper area will be more royal/temple like There is a canal connecting A and B with a bridge that crosses the canal leading to mid and both bombsites Bombsite B will be a temple kinda thing (mostly outside), bombsite A a spa/relaxation thingy (indoor) and CT spawn will exist from ruins. Background will be desert mostly, some rocks, some vegetation, some pyramids and farming fields, anyhow check the refs below
  7. Well two themes on my list are already taken (Tiger Nest Monastery and a Pirate town/bay) so yeah lets just get a thread out there with a theme idea. While working on the PVKII mod I enjoyed working on the map Desertruin (set in ancient Egypt) so perhaps its also cool to create a map with this theme for CS:GO. Edit: I will be working with @Momoderator he will be working on the custom assets for this map! Here is a litle moodboard, there are so many more cool refs! Mostly from Assassins creed
  8. I wish they blew up Wiz Khalifa
  9. Roald

    cs_lima Beta version

    Not even talking about Level Design yet, since the topic could use a better presentation. Put atleast some images in here directly to see for us (including a radar overview as Radu mentioned). I dont think many people will take time to press links to see something. Tease them a litle bit. About the map, way too dark. Also its very blocky which makes me remind it of CS:S. I think there are also alot of old assets which doesnt reach the now adays HR standard. Cant say anything about the layout since there is no overview.
  10. I see! Its almost fully orangebox, nice progress already
  11. Is your question about how you make things pretty or how to devine certain areas in your map? Most (beginning) mappers are too much focused on creating one corridor to another corridor leading to a hall that leads to a new corridor. And thats kinda not inspiring at all. So maybe try to think in logic and give each area a identity, something believeable. It helps if you know what theme you want at the start and think of this while building the layout. It also helps to find as many cool references as you can find. You can even create aa overview of the level and drop in reference imagine with lines to certain areas so u get a good feeling of how each place should look and interact with eachother. Sometimes corridors are a must to block seightlines, but it doesnt always have to be a tight boring corridor. Like cobblestone has this open field near T spawn/mid which is alright or abbey has a small pathway devined by a fence with behind it a open beautiful field and blabla.
  12. Roald

    [FC5] Moonshine

    Everything is stock content. I don't think FC really supports stealth mode. In some scenario's you sneak up kill 1/2 enemies but in most you just rambo arround and shoot everyone in your path. I just enabled the option to have one shot one kill, so stealth mode is required really (too hard to make noise and get all AI's attacking you) It is non-linear yes, however I prefer linear levels, but wanted to experiment a litle with it. I think some great lighting as you said would do a great job on navigating the player arround and attract him to certain areas and lead him trough the level. However I didn't find anything that supports lights and such really, besides the bonfire props which generate a litle bit of light on their own. Its very different from hammer/UE and etc. OR I didn't explore the editor enough! For a next map I would defenitly make it super linear while chosing this kind of scenario. I think the more open world fits better to the outpost gamemode where the focus is on one area in the map you have to eliminate the enemies and gain control. Anyhow I prefer level design for FPS multiplayer gamemodes I found out, but it was a fun experience and perhaps in a more singeplayer story mode (and with more experience) I could defenitly enjoy and appriciate this some more.
  13. Roald

    [FC5] Moonshine

    So I made this map to try out a new map editor, work with another game/gamemode and expand my portfolio and thought it would be cool to share it with you guys. Its a stealth mode where you are imprisoned in a Vietnam camp in the jungle. You have to find your way out of the camp (solo or coop) and while doing so eliminating three targets and get to the extraction point
  14. Thank you guys for all the feedback! Special thanks to @Radu for helping me on the grammar. Here is my portfolio waiting, ready to get expanded with new cool projects: https://www.roaldvanderscheur.com/
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