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  1. [CS:GO] De_Grind

    That trailer is amazing! Getting me hyped up to play this map in competetive mode
  2. de_icarus (former de_corp)

    Respect you keep iterating your work! It's looking really awesome
  3. de_burg

    Thanks! Yeah I have seen that one. Its pretty cool but a litle small. Perhaps I can use some ideas
  4. [WIP] De | Calid

    I suggest to post atleast one picture of the map when creating a topic. Now its like opening a present and finding out its empty 😢 People will lose interrest and one glimp of the map can make them curious
  5. de_burg

    First iteration of the other bombsite. I have been struggling on this one for a long time and tried different stuff. It was quite hard because of the many entrances it would have but I hope I managed to create something that could work. Last thing to create it the path form this bombsite to CT spawn / CT mid and the layout is ready for a playtest.
  6. CS_Apollo

    Yeah a button that makes the model move and activates a sound like a voice telling a story about space or something, just something short.. could be a fun extra
  7. Hellyeah! Oke lets stop this hijack sorry guys! Great looking map so far
  8. de_burg

    Thanks! Yeah its a dropdown from T midle to B main and vise versa a boost. The liana is climbable like a ladder but perhaps I create some more obvious jumps to climb up
  9. de_burg

    Why? Look at the mini map of the actual castle number 15: Innerer Burghof.
  10. Hello Mapcore, I have been working on this map 'Burg' as a side project besides de_avalanche which is my first entry of the Mapcore's Mapping Contest. I have experienced some blockades on Avalanche on different parts of the project which made me work on this new concept named de_burg which is my second entry for the Mapcore's Mapping Contest. Not sure if I am able to finish this in time but atleast I will have a start for afther the contest if I won't Preparation: Latest progress:
  11. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Well I have been cheating. This also is a greybox but for the outsite parts of the map I instantly applied textures and some details. I hope I won't regred this 😁 I have only spend less then 20 hours on it I think and the layout is about 50% done. Right now going to finish the other half of the layout (in greybox mostly). I have been this fast because of serveral things: 1. The medieval theme motivates me alot, I love it. 2. I find outsite enviorment easier to give shape then interiors 3. I have done enough preparation (references, layout sketching) 4. I have asked another guy to use his enviorment settings in my map and tweek it Please understand that this isn't the right way to create a competetive map haha. I haven't done any playtesting (except my own tests) yet which is bad. For an example my map Avalanche is still mostly greybox since the contest started and had soooo many playtests which took me alot of tweaking and alot of time. I have created a topic at the contest section to explain my preparation. Maybe that gives you some insight? I have been thinking of making this a second entry for the contest besides Avalanche and now I feel I got more reason to do so 😉
  12. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Working one a new bomb defusal map concept named de_burg (yes another one ). Credits for some of the light settings goes to Cattus which he used on his 'Inferno Dawn' map. More images: https://imgur.com/a/KLn79
  13. [CS:GO] de_invade

    Hello it have been a long time but in small steps I managed to work on the art of this map. It's in 'Alpha' state and there is still alot of work need to be done I guess. Since I am new to enviorment art I would love to recieve some feedback from you guys! To do list: Fix these: https://imgur.com/a/Pw9ib Replace all custom textures and models from other games/maps Polishing, optimisation and effects Steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=903916745 More images: https://imgur.com/a/BexPi
  14. Avalanche

    We tried that and playtested it but it didnt worked out that great. CS:GO is abit too competetive for that. Most players gave feedback to make them static so
  15. [CS:GO] [WIP] Woods

    I suggest you to watch out with the many small pillars you used on both bombsites. I think they can cause some odd fighting if you get me.. and since the bombsites provides the most action I think it would be smarter to first place some good functional tactical cover spots.