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  1. Roald

    [CS:GO] de_Alexandra

    I watched both videos, but havent checked it out ingame so maybe I say stupid stuff. The new design is hella nice! Great improvement there and overall lookimg good. A bombsite seems pretty interesting. B bombsite feels way too complicated in combination with midle and the tunnels. Maybe sinplify some stuff by reducing the paths
  2. Roald

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    New progress on PVKII map Desertruin
  3. Roald

    [PVKII] Desertruin

    Small update
  4. Roald

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Awesome work Grillus Just on the 3rd screenshot the two windows feel abit cramped. Maybe have just one window there? Also the roof has this weird edge. Better align it with the other roof
  5. Roald

    [PVKII] Desertruin

    A while back I have applied to join the Pirates Vikings and Knights II Development team as a level designer/enviorment artist. It's a free multiplayer source game where three teams fight against eachother. The project I am working on is 'Desertruin' with the Trinket War gamemode. This gamemode is a team-deathmatch gamemode with each team carrying a holy grail you have to protect. When you kill a enemy holding the grail your team will gain a point and at a 'x' amount of points you win. This map is orginally created by Yeehaw and then updated by Latteh. I have recreated the map with a new direction using the already existing assets. It's still in development, but the basic shapes and feeling is there. Now it's time to get some more custom assets and effect in. If you guys have some feedback already I would be happy to recieve it. For those who don't know PVKII, it's time to check it out! https://store.steampowered.com/app/17570/Pirates_Vikings_and_Knights_II/ PVKII dev team is always looking for new motivated members on any aspect of game design
  6. Roald

    [CS:GO] de_invade

    Thanks for the feedback! My first idea was to go for a abondon overgrown castle in the midle of a forrest, but over time I thought about a more touristic castle located in a old medieval german town. Those two things kinda got mixed up together which leads us to your point haha. This map as a identity crisis. Anyways this map can use some stronger identity indeed and have more details, but I have kinda abondon this project. It was a great learning progress and now I got my focus on other cool stuff for Pirates Vikings and Knight II
  7. Roald

    [CS:GO][WIP] Chaouen

    Well there gotta be a way you can make atleast one evening free right ? Everybody has time but sometimes you have too choose where to spend it on. You can always ask some friends and perhaps play on one bombsite. Its not as good as a playtest, but it gives you atleast some info. I would not take it this easy on the layout. Maybe there is someone who likes to help you on the layout part?
  8. Roald

    [CS:GO][WIP] Chaouen

    Cool, I was also working on a concept of this blue city of morocco. Its really nice. I just give feedback based on your overview. There are so many corners and unused spaces. I would simplify it to the bone and when playtest tells a area needs more cover and hiding spots you may add a extra corner. CT to Middle seems like a super long seightline? The connectors from midle to the sites does not seem to add alot. T's already have two acceses to both bombsites. Maybe its only for CT rotation?
  9. Roald


    Yeaah some more spam. @Serialmapper I tried your settings with some darker ambient value. This is how the new concept of the layout look ingame Seperated CT / midle path New T -> mid entrance
  10. Roald

    Random Photo Thread

    @El Moroes such a beautifull photography and great portfolio!!! I am pretty jelous on your work What kind of a lens you need to get those Macro's? (and what gets close to it with the Nikon brand?) And do you do alot of afther editing? The urban picture with the bridges is such a strong image with the light alligning the boat and all <3
  11. Roald


    So I was looking at my overview and thinking about some feedback I recieved on the workshop and some ideas came up in mind. It hasn't been playtested by anyone so it might be hard to judge, but what about reconnecting the midle entrance for T's in the midle of the mid path so they are further away from A (which has 2 entrances to the site) and closer to B (which has only 1 entrance). Also some guy found the CT paths to A too complicated so what about reworking it like I did on the overview? the red 'X' is a removed path and the green 'O' is a new connection. old: new concept:
  12. Roald


    Thanks alot @Serialmapper Will defintly try that out
  13. Roald


    Fixed some stuff and created a radar. The map is finally on the workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1261713986 Overview: @leplubodeslapin I followed your advice and I like it! Thanks alot mate
  14. Roald

    [WIP] de_biome

    I love it!
  15. Roald

    [RELEASED] Manor

    Looking awesome, great job!