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  1. Hey! some image grabs today The first three images are of mid, It runs through the entire map and is also the lowest point in the map. I wanted to have this be an important area to control while also being a dangerous place to be. It is separated into segments by 3 tunnels. 1st image is terrorist side and the following two images approach ct side. Image below is CT spawn with three distinct directions to choose. left is toward cable car (a) mid is mid Right is gazebo (B) Below is bombsite (A) cable car. This view shows the one way drop to the site along the coast. The bomb can only be planted toward the top by the cable car motor. Ct entrance to cable car (a) with raised platform T entrance to site (B) gazebo. Bridge connects to upper mid. You can use the windowsills to reach an alternate route. trying to clip everything and adjust some sight lines... then find time for that play-test!
  2. Have been pushing off posts due to laziness... Still pushing hard over here! Here are some signs thrown together ready to move into photoshop! Hope to get some mapcore playtests soon... just need find a weekend im free.
  3. Couple shots of some of the initial blocking and better lighting! (in fast mode lol)
  4. Whew, lots tweaking going on lately. new radar about to be uploaded, see below! Other than that ive been working really hard on layout tweaks. I decided to ditch the night concept and focus on daytime for a first map. If I make a hostage version it can be night . Had many of areas that when testing with bots visibility was very poor, or the conflict felt awkward. Ive had a few close friends play competitive, casual and free for all. Its been super helpful to see what areas work.... I need railings to really sell the theme and had to be creative on how to incorporate them as not to destroy visibility. I also had to block a path to reduce the chaos a little which really helped with rotation timings. Ive been incorporating alot of base detail to make sure it doesn't interfere with gameplay, and hope to wrap that up in a couple weeks! From there I hope to schedule a play-test to get some in depth feedback! Ive tried really to make things balanced, but well see how it goes!
  5. Been in photoshop alot lately figuring out what my textures are going to look like! Going to get em ingame soon to text scale, normal maps and blending! The stone with the white boarders took 5 hrs alone ... phew. Its one of the core textures tho! Take a look!
  6. Finally got the workshop link setup! Please take a look if you are interested! note: lighting is wack, and there are some ares which have poor vis because of this. Some detail has been played with just to add some intrest in play, but it is still heavily WIP. Most of the layout is there! There are tons of grenade options, and alot of height variety. WS link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1748296130 I also had some fun with the radar.... its still a WIP as well. Pink is the lowest and the blue light blue tends to be the highest. but check it ouuuuut!
  7. Whew, here are a bunch of screen grabs to show off some of the geometry. I am aware of a lot of lighting issues at this point, but have been reworking alot of the maps dimensions and flow. Plan on posting a workshop link this week!
  8. This saved my sanity. Thank you so much!
  9. wow... I didnt realize the sky list was so large! I had played around a bit but that is super helpfull, thankyou @MikeGon ! I have been working on a very large rework and will ppost a workshop spot asap!
  10. Hey thanks so much for the feedback! I intend on making a normal one as well, but what do you mean by "not being on current guidelines"? Hey, thanks for the feedback! Ive been working on adjusting the layout as a whole, but have to build a new sky box before I can upload a new overview . Ive been very focused on giving all the weapons a chance to shine depending on the contact point.
  11. Hey, First time mapper. Starting my post now, but have been working on an mountain top island map only accessible by cable car. I have played with making the map both a defusal or a hostage rescue. In the end I think I will try to have a version of both with slightly different routes. Plot: locals are constantly being pushed off their own homeland due to the heavy increase of tourists. Some now have to live off island and commute to work for these ungrateful tourists. A group of rebels want to create terror to scare away these tourists. Their main goal is to blow up the cable car, but they would settle on a tourist information kiosk if necessary. Ill be sharing some progress soon, best of luck all!
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