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  1. I've been wanting to make a level for something else besides Source for awhile and I thought this would be a good opportunity to give it a go with Prodeus. The vanilla textures for this game fits well for the style of cyberpunk. It would add a different flair to the game and plus I love the look. So far I've just been blocking it out and using Bladerunner as a reference for interior. My goal is to make a fast pace level with tons of neon and si-fi architecture. I'll probably update this when I get the rest of the level blocked out and looking for some feedback. 3 months left :) > Here is some gameplay <
  2. Lefty

    [Wingman] Paro

    Good stuff! Hope to see it on faceit soon
  3. Lefty


    I really like the theme and how it's turning out! All of this reminds me of the rust belt and small mining towns. A train depot and a small gas station would fit with the theme just for an idea. Good stuff
  4. Congrats to everyone! This has been one tough competition with a lot of really good entries. Definitely a great showcase of all the talent in the Mapcore community!
  5. That's what I was kinda thinking. This is a huge time investment to get anywhere close to something decent. Most of us know we aren't guaranteed anything even if our maps are popular. To me it's a pation project and it's nice to have a community around it. I know mapcore sometimes has the reputation to be more about the art then layout. I can kinda see why but maps don't tend to get far without a soild tested layout first or they'll suffers greatly.
  6. Congrats to everyone who finished their map and participated! There really could have been 15 finalist. A few maps that didn't make it could easy stand beside the 10.
  7. I'm pretty Impressed with the location you guys picked. Looks difficult to work with but it seems pretty lived in. The buildings are a tad too squeaky clean for me but overall it's pretty solid. I'm pretty sure Yanzel did the ocean and as always very impressive. Found one slight no draw spot, ez fix.
  8. That was literally me during the 2017 contest. It's definitely doable, I always feel like deadline makes you accomplish more under pressure. Just don't burn yourself out!
  9. Hands down probably one of the best layout sketch I've ever seen. Best of luck and great choices for location to get vibrant colors.
  10. Some Chinese lanterns for a csgo map
  11. Getting a big l4d2 vibe from this map. Love what I see so far!
  12. Lefty


    It doesn't feel like any space in the map goes to waste and it's easy to figure out where you are at after walking around for 5min. The map is pretty compact but there are a few long angles. I'd feel like awpers would dominate sites either pushing or defending from how spaced out both sites are. A few unique features like the fence boost and how mid is setup. Looking forward to the playtest.
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