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  1. If I recall correctly, the fading-out part does incur a small CPU cost, but the benefits of having the models no longer rendered far outweighs this small issue. If you're still worried about it though, you can set the start fade and end fade settings to the same thing so they instantly disappear instead. However, this is quite jarring if the fade-out is visible (The advantage of having it fade is that if you have to have it fade in the player's view, then it's less noticeable). So be careful with this idea.
  2. Heheh. I've never actually seen that video before, but that's still a funny connection! Thanks for making my day!
  3. Now I'm 100% aware that this won't be finished in time for the deadline, but that doesn't mean it's all over! I'm still working on the layout to ensure that it's not as boring as it used to be. This screenshot is a little test of the lights. 1 is working and has the glass cover still on it, and the other is burned out. This reminds me of when I used to do P2 mapping. I never finished any of my P2 maps since I moved to CS:GO before that could happen, but this reminds me of making abandoned levels where I could have a lot of fun with the lighting. Currently I'm working on making models for the map along with the layout, I'll hopefully have some new stuff for y'all soon!
  4. This is the most blessed comment on the internet... Good job.
  5. Heh, now THAT'S something I'd like to see one day! Sounds like something out of an epic comic or something!
  6. It's a cool looking map! But the nuclear power plant idea isn't exactly exotic since it's already been done inside of CS:GO. I still think it could be a fun map though!
  7. Well, it's near the end of the development time and I spent way too much time trying to learn 3DS Max instead of actually mapping... TIME TO CRUNCH!!!
  8. If that's a lot, I uh... I think I have a problem...
  9. Those are some pretty trees fir sure! And from the looks of it, those trees are pretty poplar on here! Adding those trees to any map would really spruce it up! You wood not believe how many more tree puns I have...
  10. So a couple of days ago, I worked my first day. It's quite nice actually. But I'm really gonna have to get used to standing all that time. But aside from that, it's quite simple. I'm sure I'll get used to it! And besides, the pay is actually above average for the position! So that's a plus Once again, thank you all for wishing me luck! It looks like I'll finally be able to take my brother bowling like he always asks me to!
  11. Is that snow I see on the rocks?, they must be stone cold!
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