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  1. I bought a drawing tablet recently because I'm still trying to git gud at drawing. It's very different from drawing on paper, but hopefully I'll learn quick!
  2. Hi y'all! Since Dixon is probably gonna end up not being finished (For the contest, I do plan to get it done someday), today I present to you guys Blossom. A map set in a Japanese rock garden. @Interfearance has been a major help with this map (Thanks by the way!). It will be ready for playtesting in a few days. I hope to make some final changes to the layout first Not to mention that the buyzones and B-Site aren't ready yet. And for the first time, this map isn't overdetailed for a greybox this time unlike Dixon
  3. I think a good idea for getting the vibe your going for is to play around with the colors of objects and brushes. Pick a base color like light grey or so, and have splashes of blue on things like the walls and some objects. And throw in some purple here and there to contrast. Don't take my advice too close though, 'cause at the end of the day, it's your project and I probably don't have the same idea of what you want XD
  4. Heh, sorry about the waiting. I was actually on a trip to Sudbury so I couldn't work on the map. And my birthday also happened too I'm still working on it, it's just that I'm having a bit of a hard time making mid work with the theme (Hence why the original layout was pretty boring). I might just have to make a different theme if it really comes down to it (Something that would probably be more forgiving than a 60's-era dead mall) since I don't want the theme to get in the way of the layout, and it's kind of my own fault for picking something so difficult to work around. But I'll try my best! It's very likely I'll just reserve this theme for a 2 part Co-op Strike style map (One set before and one set after being abandoned) since I think It would work better for that, and I don't wanna have all the custom assets go to waste.
  5. Well, with a lot of help from @Interfearance I have a brand new layout idea to completely replace the old one. So this is just one last look at the old one before I scrap it. (I had deleted some parts so that's why it's missing the A-Site courtroom. I'll be glad to finally replace this version. As I believe I was too faithful to the reference with this version and as a result, it wasn't really imaginative in any way Also, just curious. Has any other map been set in a dead mall before? Just curious because if it's been done before and got popular, then it probably ain't exotic then
  6. So I challenged myself to make as many models as I could in 3 days, and these were the results. From left to right: Grate panel - Paint can - Bleached wooden plank - Outdoor light - Modern coffee table - Clock - Solar panel - Fire hose box - Small wall vent - Barrel. All of them (Except the solar panel) can be colorized to be any color you wish. I made them for a map my little brother says he wants to make, so this is a start
  7. I always liked the Swamp level in L4D2, so I'm glad to see this made!
  8. Remember kids, don't walk on unstable floors! This sign pretty much explains why the second floor is starting to collapse. The sign text is custom by the way, thank goodness for templates!
  9. I've just been spending the day modeling the decorative trim for the escalators. I haven't finished making the rail for the d├ęcor, but I'll get it done soon! In the final version there will be 3 layers of wallpaper on the boxes with most of it peeling showing the other layers, but the 1966 version of the prop should do fine for the greybox. The more I work on this map, the more it's looking like a darn IKEA store...
  10. Well it ain't much, but here's 2 models I made for my contest entry map. They are nice and high poly too! So at least they'll be future-proof for a long time
  11. Now that is a beautiful bombsite!
  12. This is a lifesaver! Thank you so much!
  13. The ceiling tile frames now have 3D ropes supporting them! So now the frames have excellent support! I can't say the same for the tiles though...
  14. Where are the chokepoints of the map? Anything that is T-Controlled at the start behind these areas should have minimal cover (For Deathmatch mode). That's the best advice I can give you without knowing where the chokepoints are yet.
  15. What I'd recommend for cover is only placing it in locations where the action really happens. And even then, it should be used sparingly. As stereotypical as it might be for me to say this, look at in-game maps and see how they use cover. Heck, you can even try and mold a part of a level around a large object of cover. As for the lighting, I think the color is a bit strong. maybe try toning it down a bit. Blue is nice, but I think a darker shade would suit the environment better. I do hope this turns out nice, I'd love to try it once it's complete!
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