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I had some great feedback yesterday and with that I will change both sites abit and also CT spawn. I might smallen the whole map aswell while doing these changes, there is enough room for T spawn to move forward. The biggest challenge remains the large ancient egyptian structures build in a small compact competetive enviorment, but there is always a way! Anyhow thanks for the much love and feedback guys! 😍

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So we just found out there is a map on the workshop named Pharaoh which looks pretty cool, so we decided to change it to 'Anubis'. 

I have had some feedback which is awesome, because I was not happy with B bombsite and CT spawn and this encouraged me to do some big changes.

Check out the new radar and go ingame to see the new changes!

And here you see the earliest chokepoints. Map control is 50/50 when CT push and like 40/60 when they defend from site.

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