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Hey here's some of our progress. The map is coming along nicely and hopefully it will be in a playable state by the deadline 😅 A sizable part of the map is still fully greyboxed so we're working t

It was a bit of a struggle, but finally there is a playable graybox! I requested a Mapcore playtest for thursday 27 june.  Check it out on the workshop:  new workshop link: https://steamcommunity.

Anubis was a long and time-consuming project, but time flew as it was a lot of fun to work on with my teammates @jd40 and @jakuza who did an amazing job! I think we can be proud of what we reached s

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Ive been playing this map a lot lately and feel like the T-spawns are way too close together. Today I was dealt two teammates who liked to go afk frequently and the rest of us would end of getting stuck on them in the first second of the round.

I feel like if you moved them about 16 units or so away from each other it would result in less bumper car movement without impacting the encounter timing too much.



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2 hours ago, snaulX said:

Hello authors! I have a question. Can I use your models and textures for own map? And I need to put you how creators of models and textures in description or something else if I will using?

Check this out and yea giving credits would be a polite thing to do

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