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  1. Hey everyone! Been working hard but quietly on the map for the past month or so. The biggest update is that the map now is a full 5v5, with 14 spawns on each side for large casual matches. The B site is a very work in progress alleyway and loading area. Other than that, Mid was almost completely reworked, connectors were refined, wall heights were adjusted and the map was aggressively clipped to avoid boosts out of the level in anticipation of scheduling for playtests. Below is the layout, and in the quote are images of the level. Let me know you what you think, either visually or via pla
  2. Did some massive revisions to the front of the site that I'm happy with. It's always been hard to balance the extremely maze-like and cramped nature of a laser tage arena design with the more variable engagement distances of CSGO but I'm feeling pretty confident on this one. More rotations have been opened back up which is a bit of a change I'm less confident about, but seems to play fine with the site layout changes. But hey, it's on the workshop and I'll be throwing some images below, so feel free to drop some feedback!
  3. I will probably keep the maintenance lights on with natural light through holes/skylights in the ceiling. I want to do some colorful lighting in some spots, but the full black light would just be impossible to represent accurately in Source and would be against the game play principles of CS:GO. That being said, it's so rare to see a laser tag arena in standard lighting conditions it's kind of interesting regardless thankfully. This will be a 5v5 full competitive map. The 2nd site will be a mixture of the pizzeria section and subsequent back areas, so kitchen, loading bays, and tables, et
  4. New layout above. Screenshots of the layout attached below. Probably will begin working on the B site soon. Steam Workshop link in the OP should be accurate to this revision.
  5. Hello! This map is set in an abandoned USA Laser Tag/Arcade facility that the Anarchists were squatting in. FBI-SWAT have found and secured the location while the Anarchists were away, and with their home base compromised the Anarchists must return to destroy the evidence at any cost. I'm trying to build it one site at a time to maximize feedback. I currently have A Site (The laser tag arena) and Mid (The arcade midway) relatively complete. There are no custom materials and props yet, but there are hopes to include them. Feel free to give it a shot in it's WIP-Wingman format at the following l
  6. I have an original map near final that was not publicly released/fully completed. For this contest, I want to remake it from scratch. The remade version is at the greybox phase with one site implemented. Does this violate rule 3?
  7. Chi

    [WIP] de_funcenter

    [Overview in spoiler above!] Hey all! I’m quite proud to be showing off my map, tentatively named de_funcenter. I started the map back in November to try and get out of a slump and back into Hammer after years of relative neglect. The initial inspiration for de_funcenter was a combination of a few thought experiments: A theme that moved away from traditional military and criminal themes slightly, focusing on something more colorful, athletic and blatantly artificial and arena-like. Something that blended well with CSGO’s vibrant and unconventional weapon skin
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