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    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Fair enough but idk if playing the original would even affect one's experience in a negative way- that game was ages ago and it's fair to say most people didn't play recently, so it's like a fresh start
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    Dome Modeling Pains

    Good indeed Oh yes 3ds is certainly an acquired taste haha but you can make pretty much anything with it, just like Maya (someone correct me if I'm wrong)
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    Dome Modeling Pains

    I'm not a modeller but hopefully I can help a bit. Pretty sure you can make those shapes with modifiers in 3ds Max: Large glass surface with geo + modifiers like Taper/Spherify/FFD box etc. Don't need to worry about the bottom, you can just cut it + sink it in the ground White trims with splines and loft Supports for white trims with spacing tool, using the same splines Would the interior be playable or not? If not, can we go right next to the building or is it meant to be far away?
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    What's going on with your life?

    You could send them to English school while speaking French at home (or vice-versa), and I guarantee they'll learn the Montreal way! Genre tu parle en Francais but sometimes you switch to English dans le middle de ton sentence.
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    [WIP][CS:GO] Jupiter

    Hey this looks great! I'm not really the guy to comment on visuals and aesthetics, but looking at the topdown there's a couple stuff that stick out to me: From CT spawn, the path to A looks way longer than the path to B. This would be fine if Ts actually need more time to get to A as well, but a side effect of this is that players will probably default to the one that's closest to them, because they can get to the action faster. That might be acceptable, but personally I like to make them both at same distance so they both feel as compelling as one another. T-Spawn to Mid looks longer than CT-spawn to Mid. Usually timings should be made such that the first guy on each team both turn the corner and see each other exactly at the same time. Otherwise the first guy gets to prepare and aim, which makes the encounter more advantageous for them... btw I'm making these comments based on what I'm seeing on the topdown shown above, including the doodles, and I know it's probably not meant to be accurate. But hopefully that helps!!
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    @fewseb I like the point you're bringing about the roads, I agree that roads leading outside the map could add even more world-building in there. In fact it's there on a couple maps (King's row comes to mind, that gated road on the right immediately out of attacker spawn, also on Hollywood on the left side): but i don't think that kind of stuff is critical at all, especially since they are situated in pretty much to the least visited areas on each map, because attackers sprint out of the spawn as fast as they can and this is quickly behind them... (in fact people are so rarely playing there that its freaking hard for me to find screenshots of it! Good thing it's actually visible on the loading screen image for Hollywood )
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    I played a lot of it since it came out, and fell in love with it! I'm actually surprised we're not talking about it more! It has great mechanics, art, and is also a masterclass for level design so I highly suggest you guys play it, at least for research. Yeah It's definitely closer to a fighting game now... It's the kind of game you have to dedicate time and patience to, and then it pays off with a great feeling of accomplishment. You learn and become good at the game, instead of the character leveling up or something. So many games were tough as nails back in the day, and this game is in that same kind of vein, but it's still very fair. If you played any tough retro games, it'll be very approachable for you. TLDR, if you played any DMC/Castlevania/Contra/Ninja Gaiden before you'll be fine
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    Roald van der Scheur | Level Designer

    Hey @Roald I really like your portfolio, it's simple and your projects are all in one place, and easy to go through! One thing I would do is put the email address on the front page, so recruiters can quickly glance at your stuff and contact you. Apparently 98% of visitors spend under 30s on a portfolio website, so you need to get the point across real fast: (Those are stats for mine but I can't imagine it's very different for others...) Think about what you have time to do in like 25s... this means that they don't really read text, just skip through Youtube videos, etc. Recruiters quickly look at your stuff, send it to leads, see the email address, contact you and that's it. The other pages (contact/about/log) won't really be used, you could almost remove them if you want to make your portfolio even simpler. Content is what matters, which is why I personally prefer to remove everything else. That stuff is usually redundant or not so useful anyways: Personal statement/description - Nobody reads that, unfortunately... and that's mostly what interviews are for anyways, to see what you're like as a person. Working experience - They can easily see that on your Linkedin or through the projects themselves (like if you have The Division in your projects they know you worked at Ubisoft...) The list of softwares you know - It doesn't mean much because they expect you to be able to pick up any software anyways. Contacts - Only your email address is needed, which you can put on your front page anyways. Anyways good job it's looking solid!
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    Rage 2

    Looks fun!! Getting this when it comes out for sure
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    My first CSGO map! xD So my goal with this project is to make a fun, compact defuse map! I will keep posting my progress in this thread - your feedback is appreciated!! This is my first time doing a CS map, so you CS gurus out there can make fun of me all you want So here's what the iterations of the broad, high-level layout look like, with "V05" being the current one: I really wanted to have a twist in the layout, with a "gotcha" path (the right-most on T-spawn might seem to be the way to point A, but it's not) I will also take this occasion to throw some verticality in there. I think I will make it an underground tunnel, with the whole "CPB and bombsite B" section (top section on the layout) at a lower level than the rest of the map. This will allow me to reduce the time it takes for both teams to reach chokepoint B, and possibly put the section completely beneath Mid... we'll see. The distances with V05 are starting to feel good enough to start with: Of course those measures are not so accurate since they're calculated with a ruler directly on the layout... We'll see in-game for more accuracy. (The rest of the distance will be added with smaller brushes, props or ramps, and the extra distance will be shaved by cutting corners with diagonals) ...Now this doesn't mean that V05 is the final version - I will go back to photoshop and make a V06 with improvements when I need to. I have imported my layout into hammer, to walk on it and get a feel of the space, and scale: My goal is to get this to a first playable version as soon as possible, with basic brushes and bots. Stay tuned! PS: de_harbor is a working title. I usually name my maps much later in production, so the name will likely change at some point...
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    Thank you, but I actually haven't touched the stairs yet But if you look at photo refs, you can see that those large steps are actually real. I think the reason why they feel weird to some players is because they expect them to be your standard sized steps and they look like a mistake. Maybe mixing them up with normal ones could help with this... Speaking of photo refs, I just backed up all my files and refs on the cloud! (Let's just say that a certain misfortune teached me a good lesson recently... ) So here's a Pinterest board with all the photo refs I'm using for this project. What's cool about this is that you don't have to worry about your PC suddenly combusting and losing all you stuff! Plus it's pretty smart at showing you similar images that might be worth adding to your board. I agree! I've been using mainly the blue ones because the white/blue color scheme looks good, but I should add more variety in there. I should probably make a tintable custom prop for these since I'm using them all over the place too...
  13. MikeGon

    [cs:go] de_urbany [5v5 & Wingman]

    Hey good progress, I like the changes! I suggest looking at photo references a lot, to help with the "realistic" aspect of it all. Yeah it's definitely the bots, don't worry about it
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    Working on some big changes! I spent a lot of time pondering over the core issues, and decided to tackle them: Removing "A chokepoint to Mid" connector (the vaulted tunnel that started under the platform there) Removing "B chokepoint to Mid" connector (the fact that the staircase room was directly linked to the large tunnel below) Adding new connector from Mid directly to bombsite, one for each. They are meant to be faster route than the other ones, and reduce rotation time Reworking layout of lower Mid, especially to make it more compelling for Ts entering the area Reworking layout of A site, namely extending buildings to reduce the number of angles we need to worry about Removing connector near Chokepoint A, that connected to mid (the area where Ts could jump on a white block and directly into a terrasse on upper Mid) Removed vine ladder on CT side of Mid. In short, there's no more awkward skip from the ground level into upper Mid Making a few more changes, then uploading that as a separate version on workshop. 2.0, I guess... Cheers!
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    Epic Games Store

    There you go, problem solved
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    Epic Games Store

    I bet someone out there is working on some kind of hub software as we speak. A program that regroups and launches games that are on any game launchers...
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    Borderlands 3

    They haven't talked about this yet... can't wait to get the answer to that question as well! I'm hearing left and right that people don't like that visual style, but personally I'm glad they're still pushing for it and trying to stand out! Props to them for the reveal
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    Level Design Help Files

    Very cool, that could be useful as a starting point for large scale worlds!
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    Totally. Not sure that's actually necessary here though... I'm factoring in that feedback, but I'm trying not to overreact and set fire to everything on a whim! I'm not attached to it that much honestly, I will happily make drastic changes if necessary. Quality is the top priority, here!
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    Prodeus (random dev stuff)

    I like that it serves many purposes, great design and way to leverage gameplay elements!
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    Now, about the map! Thank you so much for playing and sharing your thoughts, I really appreciate it!! I gathered all the feedback not only from here, but outside MC as well. Here's what came up the most, and what I plan to do for each: "Underground area doesn't fit the style of the map." So in terms of themes, I really like environments that clash 2 themes together in a harsh way, and that's what I am going for here. But perhaps these 2 themes are too contrasted though... It had a "dirty industrial" look for a while, but it didn't feel very good... more like a scary ugly place you don't want to be in. I want both sides of the map to be as cool and appealing, only in a different way. One possible solution I'm thinking about, is changing the theme for a more stony/sandy "ancient" underground theme, using mostly the Dust2 set. I'll try it and see what it feels like! "...Remove the underground space and put bombsite B somewhere else." Well, that would be like deleting 40% of the map. Having an underground area was part of the initial ideas/constraints for the project, and making such a change at this stage of production would pull the rug under the castle of cards... In other words, one of the main motivations behind this project is to do 3D level design, because I'm not a fan of those flat, "extruded top-downs" maps... Simply put, I like Nuke a lot I'm siding more towards fixing it, than scrapping it. Maybe we can go into more details, and fix the small problems one by one... "There are way too many angles to check and it's literally possible for the enemies to come from behind." The level flow is actually very typical... but with a twist, literally (it's kind of weird to look at, but basically look at how the connections are the same): However, there are 2 extra connectors that I added and probably shouldn't have (I don't remember why I did that, I know I had a good reason to do so...): The little vaulted tunnel that goes from Chokepoint A to Alley The fact that Chokepoint B is linked to Staircase room... it shouldn't be I think that if I remove those it'll simplify it a bit, and feel closer to your typical CS map. I'll try it and see what it feels like! "Map is currently way too big" It was actually smaller a long time ago, but when I saw that the spawn-to-chokepoint time on official maps was bigger, I decided to add a few seconds everywhere. Spawn-to-Chokepoint A is 10.5s for both teams, Spawn-to-Chokepoint B is 10s, if I remember correctly. I agree that shaving 1-2 seconds there would be great. I might be able to make the spawns a bit closer, I'll see what I can do about that... "Rotation takes too much time" I totally agree. The biggest mistake I made during blockout is that I forgot to initially plan for a rotation paths, since I had no idea how CSGO worked (I still don't, tbh) Right now, the rotation route is 14.5s and I wish it was around 11-12s. I could also be more intuitive, because I think the optimal route isn't readable enough. It is: (A -> Alley -> InteriorHouse -> Jump through window -> Stairs room -> Connector -> B). The solution I'm thinking about, and it will be the first thing I will try, is to create a path through the Bombsite A tower, I like an interior space with a stair and a basement, that leads down under the street in mid. So it would cut a long detour: "Stair step are too high" The reason why I made them that high is because it worked well with the grid. Also those steps are actually really big on the references I'm looking at. But I totally agree they could be shorter if it feels more natural, I'll see what I can do! "...water texture doesn't seem to be packed right. It appears black." Will fix this asap!
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    Good news!!!! I finally got them to deliver: Looks like we're back in business!!! I guess NYPD finally got to them, because they've been strangely responsive in the last few days...
  23. MikeGon


    Thanks! I'll be okay... staying positive. Of course this won't affect my motivation- this is my career and passion afterall Yep I hope too, though I would lose all the stuff that was in progress for the future... especially my custom models and making art isn't my speciality at all, and took considerable effort But hopes aren't lost. Consumer protection has 2 case filed against the moving company, and now the police is on their ass! Smart man! I should have done the same. From now on even my pet projects will be on the cloud I swear!
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    Woah okay I'm back, catching up... I still don't have my stuff and computer, and I'm still in trouble. Using a work computer for everything atm. Resorting to legal actions against the moving company since they have my stuff since almost 2 months now. It's a mess because that's Canadian company an I'm in the US, so I need to show up to a court over there because those here don't take care of that. I'm looking for a lawyer atm to help me with this. I've been living in terrible conditions, out of a backpack for the past 2 months. They pulled a bait-and-switch on me, doubling the price compared to the quote, and on top of that, they completely unreachable. They don't answer the phone and don't reply to emails. I just looked at reviews, and they're basically a scam company. Obviously I'm deeply regretting and feeling very stupid for not looking that up before letting them take everything that I have. I'm basically experiencing exactly what these people are describing here: https://www.mymovingreviews.com/movers/access-canada-movers-8061 Now the scary thing is that a lot of them are talking about their stuff being damaged, etc. So if my computer and hard drive are broken or lost, this project and all the source files (and... all my other projects as well) are gone. The kind of stuff that always happen to "other people", well sometimes it happens to you huh... what a nightmare. (This should probably be in a "What's going on with your life?" thread but since it affects the project I'm posting it here.)
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    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    RE4 is pretty much my favorite game, and overall best in the series IMO, but 2 has my favorite story. So the idea that they're remaking 2 with the controls and flavor of 4 shrinks my pants to no end