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  1. Haha would defenitly be cool getting some Mapcore merchandise in there! Might be time to buy me some. I don't think you will see me on skis, I am sorry, Apris ski will do though!
  2. Not sure if I can already call myself a Level Designer, but I (Roald van der Scheur) did sign my contract to start working at Bongfish in Graz, Austria as a Junior Level Designer on 11 January 2021! I will be working with @poLemin
  3. Oh and just came across this guy, doing some covers which are pretty good
  4. This guy is a freestyle rapper and just so intelligent on how he can make things up on the spot and have it all make sence and logic, it is crazy. If you like (intelligent) rap you should check out this guy and go to his channel
  5. I am just an hobbiest myself and just like you trying to find my entry as a Level Designer somewhere. For me personally its multiplayer LD what drives me and since I found Mapcore and became part of the community I learned a lot from the people and experiences. I think, being part of an community, playtest with them, talk to them and giving them feedback really helps you develop as an Level Designer and person. Because it is not just about the LD skills but also about people skills like communication, recieving and giving feedback, presentation and etc. Working with other people (like environment artists) also helps a lot on developing these skills and shows you can work together with other people (which is required in a studio). I think it is good to not just do LD, but also experiment with doing some environment art and finishing a project from start to finish. Because this means you have to plan/schedule a project from start to finish. It helps you understand what a artist will be up to, so what he will recieve from you as an LD and how you would translate a greybox to a arted finished map (gathering good references, working on interesting geometry and composition). Also you will get trough topics like optimisation and polishing which is something for later, but you should already think of at the start of doing certain maps (especially in Source :P). And other than that, having finished good looking pieces on your portfolio will defenitly get their attention! even though you just did the Level Design part. And who knows, maybe you find out you like environment art more afther all or both! Maybe joining a mod team somewhere is something for you, it is a interesting way to work with other people from different disciplines. As Radu was saying, he convinced me on doing a map for FC5 and helped me on giving some direction like he would be my lead LD and I report back to him. This basicly helped me plan and document my project like you would do in a professional setting. I am not sure what is the best way, but I think its about showing what decision you made and why you made them during your project and what direction you plan to go with your project. Draw conclusions from your research and player feedback and show how you changed course towards the right direction because of this information and perhaps what you learned and would do better next time. I don't think recruiters go in-depth at first, but when you got their attention and got a interview planned, they will defenitly dive deeper into these kind of things. Also I had to work with a different tool and type of game which was a great new (learning) experience. I would defenitly recommand you trying out this editor, it is really easy to learn and you can build full maps really quickly. I think it would be worth it doing some Multiplayer LD. Mapcore is mostly focused around CS:GO, which is quite a tough game to build maps for as this game is super competetive. BUT I think you would learn a lot from it and would probably enjoy being in contact with other Level Designers. The easiest way would be playing some CS:GO and trying to get a good understanding of how the game works and why it works (if you didnt yet). Then try out some stuff in the editor, maybe watch some tutorials and such and see if you can come up with some cool layout ideas. The wingman gamemode would defenitly be the easiest to start with as it is more casual. There are two (discord) communities who provide playtests and feedback which might interest you. Mapcore: https://discord.gg/unqF28r Source Engine: https://discord.gg/KBT9MD Oh and there is this topic:
  6. Roald

    [CS:GO] Ravine (wingman)

    dude you are a mapping god this is looking so dam good! cant wait to play it
  7. Roald


    Csgo is a very competetive game where prediction is key. Players should have a clear understanding of when they could possibly meet a enemy and where to aim at, how to use grenades and stuff like that. This means, till an certain level, the map should be a static and predictable environment for the player, where in they could experiment, out smart the enemy and outskill them. When making maps for csgo you need to know this and know the game and probably have thrown away x ammount of greyboxes to get to something that works well and played x ammount of hours. In your design it seems players can be anywhere, so you can be shot from anywhere (no prediction). This is no fun and will anger the player. There are many areas where a player can be on two different levels, so where to aim? Up or down? A game of chance, again frustration when you die. The map seems very small, which probably makes it very hard to clear out areas because players can always flank at any point during the game. Again, no prediction. There is almost no negative space, which makes it very easy to hear enemies, something which is a key element of csgo, listen and get info. Do u want players to get so much info always and anywhere in the map? Honestly this looks more fitting for a halo deathmatch kind of map than for a competetive game like csgo and the bomb defusal gamemode. Innovation is nice, but do not lose seight on the core meta of the game. Try to understand the meta first and then try to experiment a litle, not the way arround
  8. @Soldat Du Christ are you going to post a screenshot of every single brush you have add to your map? But jokes aside, just get that greybox done and have a playtest also its better to create your own topic in '3D' to show progress and maybe get feedback. Edit: oh and for the radar u should use TAR (Terri Auto Radar)
  9. Roald


    I also like those houses a lot, it reminds me of far cry 5
  10. Roald

    [CSGO] Engage

    Stunningly beautiful
  11. This is some good self reflection here! Being open to feedback and making big changes and stuff is key. Playtesting is a big part of it. I already told you my thoughts on your map, but if you as a mapper dont (want to) do anything with it then it wont get you anywhere (which is okay! U still learn from everything). To get to this topic, I dont get why you keep coming up with this stuff. Yes innovative stuff is awesome, but there are LD rules and especially to such an competetive (esport) game. We playtested your three bombsite map in competetive mode and it had many design flaws (that had nothing to do with having three bombsites, though the third bombsite in the center didnt make sence at all). If u want I can PM u the feedback, but honestly I feel you keep praising your 'out of the box' attitude which doesnt make sence at all. So I dont think its worth it giving you feedback as its probably a waste of time and effort. New stuff isnt always better. Not saying to not try out new stuff as long they stay within boudaries that work for a game. You can always try, thats what playtests are for, but also be open to the fact things dont always work the way you want to. If you want csgo to lose its identity, maybe go design maps for other games so it pleases you... Please stop pretending to be some mapping guru that shows us the way or try to get us to an new 'era' I am sure your intentions are good, but I just get a litle tired by these topics so sorry if I come out rudely. Ofcourse a ideal situation would be judges playing each map 10 times on comp mode and judge it but come on, appriciate they take their free time to judge the maps at all. If you want feedback go gather it and have playtests, dont rely on the judges (which are just individual persons too, no offence ) and if u think money is motivation for joining a mapping competetion then u dont understand what hobbying and improving skills is about coz I am sure thats first on the list for most mappers out here to join a competition. I do however wish there was a way to focus on gameplay elements first as a mid-judgement thing and have a top x entries be able to continue for the art pass, but idk thats a personal preference.. either way I think the last top 11 / top 20 all played well and its a 50/50 mixture of importance so.. I think the competitions are well organised and I am happy they spend so much effort in them. If u wanna do inovative stuff go join the wingman SE competition as its a new gamemode that has a lot of restrictions and require more out of the box thinking to make it interesting
  12. Roald

    Random Photo Thread

    Just checked out that website and dam your photos are a piece of art
  13. Roald

    [Wingman] Paro

    I had two playtests, the outcome is - The hostage room is super focused on the cliff side and disconnect from the upper side of the map - The Ts can flank the CTs in the hostage room way too easy To fix these issues - I reduced some paths arround the hostage room and put them in CTs favor, making the 'circulation paths' be longer so its less of a cat and mouse game - Allowed Ts to flank to get to the hostage room by either side, BUT they now have to push far out, expose themself and face risky chokepoints. Each flank route will also allow CTs to carry the hostage more directly and safely to the HR zones. This will probably mean Ts will play a bit more back, giving CTs control of the hostage most of the time and hopefully give them a better oppertunity to carry the hostage to either HR zone. Stragetic wise a CT could always have one player get the hostage and have the other cover/clear one side of the map to clear the way for his teammate. Blocked the tunnel to Cliff: Removed the hole to cliff and added a jumbable window instead, also moved squeaky to the CT entrance to have a soundclue Squaky door on mid is gone New hostage room, being bigger and having the drop down straight into the tunnel and a ladder to get back Other end of the tunnel
  14. Roald

    [Wingman] Paro

    exactly the reason why there are two just cs:go only support one hostage rescue zone radar icon
  15. Roald

    [Wingman] Paro

    Read my last sentence thanks though for the reminder
  16. Roald

    [Wingman] Paro

    Since this is more likely to become a serieus project, why not share some about it on the forums I am working on a litle wingman hostage map which is based on the Tiger's Nest Temple located in the Paro region in Bhutan. My orignal idea was to have it be a VIP escort kind of map, but afther a few playtests I decided to keep it more like the original hostage mode, but just have two hostage rescue instead which are located on the Terrorist side of the map. edit: changed mapname, idk if the original name causing problems
  17. I totally agree on what @Interfearance and @poLemin are saying. About @Ringel his statement I wouldn't so much agree except for trying out new things is cool and sure why not experiment some. Just I feel you lose seight of what is the core of the game and the LD rules that are involved. If you want to design a map for the classic CS mode, I would recommand sticking to the core meta and LD rules of the game. Simply, because this game is out here for a very long time and some things work and some just don't and knowing about it comes with knowledge and experience (which interfearance and polemin share). So for a 5 vs 5 gamemode, you dont want just 1 chokepoint or 10 chokepoints because there is no way the attacker can get passed one chokepoint (lacking options) or the defender can hold 10 chokepoints (too many options). The CS:GO levels have unwritten rules for this to make the gamemode work with 10 players and 2 objectives, changing these metas will make your map not play well and not be fun (unbalanced). I think Polemin explained some of this with his feedback and examples. I do not want to make this thread a discussion about this topic, but do want you to be aware of whats being said from which standpoint. Trying new layouts is cool (vertigo, train, nuke), but they do however apply to these unwritten rules. Also there is nothing wrong with your 'basic' three lane layout as it has proven to work, you can change small things within the meta to make it more interesting and try out some new ideas to make it different from other maps and have it play as you want it to play. To stick to the topic, the sketch looks pretty solid with Interfearance adjustments and Polemins points being thought off, just block it out (as it always changes in hammer) and when the basic timings, chokepoints and cover is there have a playtest and find out! (oh CT spawn looks very long and streched out on your sketch just now)
  18. Roald


    The map feels a bit overly designed. Too many paths that do not have to be there, you could defenitly simplify a lot. Just make sure that all paths do have a fully own function and if not remove it or see how u can redesign it to make them more usefull. Especially talking about the T side of midle connectors. Also not a fan of the T spawn being this 'seperated' and facing to one side of the map, rather have them face to the center of the map and be more included. Dont be afraid to have some open areas in your map and make things less corridory. Show them from spawn all directions they can take. Also T spawn to the upper site path is very long and straight and all. I dont see its function except for rotating unseen through T spawn, but u could design that in a more straight forward way
  19. Roald


    Since its been a year ago we were working on this project I decided to do a playtest and try out some small ideas. Afther the playtest I realised I wasn't really happy with how it played and decided to do some big layout changes. Here is an album: https://imgur.com/a/5GAeTIM Even though I reduced the options for Ts, the map was very much T sided because of their OP position in Apps and the fact CT had a hard time rotating. Based on these main points I have strengthen CT positions on the sides and midle and made the B apps hole more open so Ts are more exposed. New album: https://imgur.com/a/gGFT1nJ
  20. This giving me a erection
  21. From a mappers perspective: creating anything that isn't an official Valve game mode is not interesting for CS:GO mappers I would say (since there is no chance to get it in the game). I think a Classic map might be too much work, especially after the contest just being finished. Then we probably get to the Wingman game mode which is 2 vs 2 and probably the best choice. It is a new game mode, so a lot of possibilities to try out new ideas. Also, the official wingman maps are mostly a lazy edit of the Classic game mode, which makes the game mode be very uninteresting at the moment. I think it is a great opportunity to design some great stuff for it and especially with pro players supporting it. I think when Valve sees pros interest in this game mode, it might actually become a more official thing. Besides, the Mapcore Hub supports the Wingman game mode (and Classic) for the maps to be played on, and also the hubs organize tournaments that are great and very popular. And yes I agree on text_fish and Radu. I would love to see pro players supporting the community maps in a way like playing them at tournaments, the hubs (and stream) or have playtests and provide mappers with feedback or what so ever.
  22. Yeah Basicly Valve keeps us responsible for the map and give us full control on it. We update the workshop with a new version, message them and they will ship it out on the next update. I don't think they even take a close look to what is updated honestly, but I might be wrong, just a feeling. I guess when we fuck up, at the end its our problem We haven't had any feedback so far, just one time a message about a exploit in GrenadeKing's video which we fixed like two updates before. I don't know about my teammates, but I haven't had much work because of the whole corona thing. But either way it should be very do-able. Untill now it have just been bug fixes and very minor changes which only takes a few hours and we can take turns really or work on it when ever u got time/feel like to. And basicly what you do is keep an eye on reddit, the workshop page and youtube videos (and having great friends to message you on steam about stuff) to find out about bugs and anything crazy. Oh and play some matches yourself ofcourse We will be waiting for the Valve stats at the end of the month before we do anything crazy. But yeaah fixing bugs kinda gets demotivating afther a while and the things become smaller and nitpickier at times. But ehh gotta do it, otherwise u get the same bug reports all over
  23. I personally try to avoid anything different then 90 or 45 degree unless its an very simple area. This because on 45 you can still easyly work on the grid. Otherwise instances are a great alternative to work with but I am personally not a big fan. They also do not show up on @Terri's Auto Radar and I am not sure how an instance work when doing optimisation with hints and such since in the main vmf, the rotated instance is off grid and such
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