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    Toride [WIP]

    This is my new wingman map (or better layout) for the source engine discord 2020 wingman contest. Currently it has no decorations, because im still focusing on the layout. Here is the workshop link to the wip map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2118265586 The map will be located in a japanese castle (чаж (toride) is japanese for fort (if you can trust google translate)) I would appreciate any help or suggestions on the layout and playability of it.
  2. still doesn't work.. it flickers between black and the second screenshot in a 3-5 second tact. no idea why..
  3. sorry.. here is the qc-file: $modelname de_eldorado/torch.mdl $model "Body" "torch.smd" $staticprop $cdmaterials "models/de_eldorado/" $surfaceprop "torch" $sequence "idle" "torch.smd" $collisionmodel "torch.smd" { $concave }
  4. i followed this tutorial and copied every file he had in the video description and of course changed the names and the paths accordingly, but somehow my model in the model viewer is completly black (although the model viewer doesnt show any error messages) and inside the map it switches bewteen completly black and black/white dotted I have not a single clue why this is and could use some help..
  5. So finally got more time to work on the map. Updates coming soon. I will work on the layout and work in the feedback i got and then schedule a playtest. I want to make the architecture more like it will be, when it's finished but maybe i will wait with that until after the playtest. I will in the following days update the workshop page and start modeling some basic stuff (im completly new to 3d modeling so don't expect anything grand)
  6. oh my this looks nice! i really like the view of the layout. the train could be an interesting part to boost over
  7. @Ynel thanks for your feedback i will have a playtest on TopHatWaffles server in a view hours and will consider what you said in the further work after the playtest. Update probably coming in 2 weeks because i have a exame in a week
  8. nice! maybe consider to give each part of the map a kind of own color for the lighting to separate them from each other and make pathfinding more easy?
  9. don't give up please this looks promising
  10. I changed the name officially changed to "El Dorado" The map is now public and can ne played found here. Here is tue current overview: Here is a gif that shows the layout changes of alpha testing: i will try to get a playtest eithere here on mapcore or on tophatwaffles site.
  11. then he should just do that @TECHNICKER
  12. thats actually great but i think this wouldn't work for me because of several resons (e.g. my perfectionism and that i don't like giving work to others and probably the biggest problem is that i don't really know anyone who is into mapping or wants to take part in this competition). But when i have the time to work on the map i get quite much done so i think this won't be that big of a problem.
  13. im pretty excited ^^ altough the first two images look really dark.. maybe you could tweek the brightness in these areas?
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