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  1. This map is the best community Wingman map I've seen yet. You've raised the bar! Love the work!
  2. I agree with blackdog--this is just all around HL2EP2 vibes. Very cozy. I would like to live there.
  3. Wintrius

    [CSGO] Engage

    Great work! I forgot to give criticism when the map released, so here's some now:
  4. Wintrius


    I was not expecting the motel tribute, but that's such a great idea!
  5. Wintrius


    Although I'm unsure what state this map is meant to take place in, a mountainous Skybox resembling a Midwestern state such as the Dakotas or Wyoming may be really fitting. It'd be especially cozy if the Skybox were similar to what's seen on Trailerpark: If the map were to occupy such a region, fire outlook towers may be suitable as well. This type of structure would fit incredibly well in a Danger Zone setting. Your choice of course, but just some small ideas to consider.
  6. I'm going to have to split this feedback into separate parts due to file size. Part I: Part II: Part III:
  7. Wintrius

    [CS:GO] Cusco

    I really love how this greybox is coming along! The layout is interesting, and the areas it portrays are very well-mapped.
  8. I recently got around to watching all eight Harry Potter movies, and wow–I was missing out. These movies are incredible, and have absolutely perfect atmosphere. Hogwarts is the coziest location I've seen in film. The music and cast are also near perfect at their job. Overall, this is one of the greatest movie series I've seen.
  9. Wintrius


    This map is looking incredible so far! Personally, I would replace some of the more recognizable Valve assets with custom ones (although that's something only mappers will recognize). More clutter may actually work well in this environment too. Either way, this map is shaping up to be very interesting.
  10. Wintrius

    [Wingman] Paro

    I could recognize those recolored Kaizen trees from a mile away.
  11. This looks great! Did you make the assets? They look very nice.
  12. Upon restarting the scene the ladder worked. It was just bugged out the first time I guess.
  13. This area is not seem large enough to climb through.
  14. What a mad lad! You actually did it. This is epic.
  15. I would put some spotlights integrated into the floor, that would look really modern and fancy.
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