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  1. Wintrius

    Cobblestone Changes

    Time to beg Valve for a Cobblestone remake.
  2. This gives off some real Quake vibes with the color palette. Good luck!
  3. Although openness is typically an aspect that is not displayed enough in maps, it seems here you've done the opposite. I'd recommend narrowing out the areas present and have a couple of tight angles as a contrast.
  4. This is some very nice concepts going on. I do however suggest that you attempt to maintain the color scheme to be somewhat consistent and have around three main colors. That's just a recommendation so the color doesn't look all over the place. I like the incorporation of elevation also. If Favela were to ever be remade, I'd imagine it'd be somewhat like this. Overall, this is a pretty awesome theme. I can't wait to play this. Good luck!
  5. That's a promising and original theme you have... just remember to make the lighting correct, as that may be difficult in a laser tag arena. Also, not that you said you wouldn't, but this will be 5v5, correct?
  6. This style is very remanent of CS: Source (hence your description), and I really like the feel it gives off. The geometry you have going looks pretty nice. If you're planning on getting this map in CSGO or beyond where it stands, I'd recommend spicing it up with some high-res (and possibly custom) textures. As far as visuals go, that's my only criticism. This looks pretty solid, and you seem to know what you are doing.
  7. I'm blown away. This map makes me jealous, impressed, and angry about how good it is all at the same time. Give the rest of us a chance! But for real, this is an incredibly nice map and I wish you the best of luck.
  8. I'd love to see this map's layout! Sidenote: did you model that car?
  9. The theme itself looks pretty promising. I suggest you show us where the both teams and the bombsites are on the radar. Good luck!
  10. Looks incredible so far! Keep up the good work!
  11. Looks pretty epic, the potential is definitely there. My only real criticism is that some of the areas are unnecessarily corridory. For example, CT's entrance to mid (the one on the bottom portion of the radar) would look a lot nicer as a curved staircase. Mid may be more unique at somewhat of an angle, as well. Overall, more tilts and curves would spice the map up a little more. Besides that, I'm a fan of how this map is turning out. Good luck.
  12. I like the direction this is taking. Good work on those custom assets!
  13. Not gonna lie, the layout looks a bit basic, especially the T routes onto the bombsites. The best way to get around this is to avoid making narrow corridors, adding elevation to spice up gameplay, and try to go for some unique layout shapes that you haven't seen anywhere else. I also think That50'sGuy brings up a good point in regards to the map taking place in Morocco.
  14. Not that you said the currently displayed textures are final, but if you're planning on keeping them I'd recommend otherwise. Although layouts are of foremost importance, visuals may also go a long way. In this case, I'd say that the lack of custom assets blurs any new (or exotic per se) theme that you're trying to get across. When I look around this map I see Inferno and Dust II, but not much that establishes your map's identity. The direction of your map in terms of layout seems interesting, and think it'd be magnified by some original assets rather than Valve ones. Although this may not make a difference in the eye of most normal players, it certainly does in regards to Valve and other mappers. If you don't know where to start with custom textures, I highly recommend learning Substance Designer. It's free if you are a student, and easy to forge your way into if you are not. Good luck!
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