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    [CS:GO] Yamaha

    That lighting is epic.
  2. This was a big surprise (besides Anubis getting first of course). I was confident Swamp and Mustang would make the top four, but I guess I was wrong. Congratulations to all the winners! Although Victoria did not win, I have joined @synkope to perfect the map. Look out for future updates!
  3. After going over this map more thoroughly, I began to really appreciate the work put into it. Still, there is some visual work that definitely may need to be done. I suggest implementing more texture variety, possibly thematic patterns on the walls. It seems as though the beige wood wall texture is used quite often. I would also try to distance this map from the Biome feel to give this map its own distinct taste. I enjoy its current state, but the map truly does feel like Biome rather than its own entity in most areas. One possible solution to this is replacing the metal touches with wood or brick, or just some other distinct material that fits the color scheme. My only other gripe with this map is the waterfall itself. This looks very nice on a first glance, but some small touches could surely go a long way. The contrast is a bit off, and some darker tones may up the realism. I'm sure changes will come with extra polish, but it is something notable on first glance. Otherwise, I enjoyed checking out this map. The work here is very impressive, especially for a solo job--and a mapper I have not heard of until this map. Good luck!
  4. I’m guessing it now: 1st. Anubis 2nd. Swamp 3rd. Mustang The fourth one is anyone’s bet out of this breathtaking top eleven. As for my personal hopes: 1st. Anubis 2nd. Swamp 3rd. Mustang 4th. Mocha 5th. Ivory Good luck to you all!
  5. Tatooine has never looked better.
  6. I really like the style you two were heading for with this map, but I found that the visuals were rather under-detailed and too clean. Still, that's nothing a bit of extra time can't fix. Although you may not have made the top 10, there's a good amount of potential to be explored with this map.
  7. Although the map could use some slight polish and variety in textures, Biome 2 is really shaping up well.
  8. The colors and lighting are really well done, very beautiful! The map is not without its issues, though. Just look at these: Also: these stairs are not clipped. Anyway, besides these issues, this map is a pretty solid entry. I haven't played the layout yet, but the visuals are expertly done in many areas. Good luck!
  9. Two rather large criticisms: The layout is just corridors and therefore is not as interesting as it could be. If I were you, I'd stick to either red or blue with the main colors. The contrast, at least to me, looks a bit odd.
  10. This map actually put a smile on my face. I really love the visual style, and the layout might be the best one here. My only problems with the map are small nit-picks. This prop looks very out-of-place, and I'd suggest replacing it entirely. Putting a ramp here may also be interesting. Changing the bricks on this prop to gray and adjusting the color a bit would look a lot more fitting. A custom graffiti here would be very fitting. These rooms would look better with some new wall textures and details. Some custom paintings or furniture could also go a long way. Anyway, this is surely one of the greatest entries. You won't even need me to wish you luck, because you've already secured the top three with this map.
  11. This has got to be my favorite submission. Although all the other maps in the competition look great, the visuals typically vary between superb and rushed. Anubis, on the other hand, does not look rushed in a single area. If one were to tell me Valve made this map, I would believe it. The layout is interesting, and the visuals are an easy A+. This map is only rivaled by Valve's own remakes. You guys deserve first place!
  12. I really love the theme of the map. It's incredibly cozy. There aren't many flaws, and the atmosphere is superb. I would say the largest issue might be how similar the map feels to Zoo. It might just be the rocks. I'll list my other nit-picks here: I suggest putting some wood over this texture transition. I suggest you replace this with a more high-res model... I don't know what this is. It's small anyway. This is surely one of my favorite entries, and I wish you luck!
  13. Honest criticism with this map: the areas feel rather homogeneous. The textures that are present look great, but changing the theme slightly in some areas for more distinction could go a long way. Either way, good luck. I hope your hard work was worth it.
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