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  1. 2020 is really looking like those catastrophic memes that have been going round. Two losses in the family, grand uncle and aunt; my mom has been diagnosed with spleen lymphoma, she was in the hospital all last week and they already done the first chemo cycle; on friday they notified me they would make me redundant (i was expecting it but still sucks, considering colleagues keep saying they need more help and because it feels they made their choice based on my work email address -- I was assigned to a company in the group that doesn't need much design work, for accounting purposes, but I was working for all companies and brands of the group). If it wasn't for the baby I would have more time to feel sad and sorry. She's been doing so many new things recently, just finally started to pull herself up in the last two days as well... shame she's being a pain in going to sleep but hey.
  2. I turned on the X360 again and installed COD World at War, which I got for free in one of these boxes people left outside their homes during the pandemic to get rid of stuff. Man these games are dumb, in the sense that all these memes about a shooting gallery are really spot on, something you can really play with your brain off. It's quite annoying that such a limited experience, still doesn't manage to be perfect in terms of getting letting you get stuck on shit, AI getting in the way. It's an old game now but I feel some clipping is too generous, not only because of the getting stuck, but also you think you would hit certain enemies and it's a miss. Some enemies don't seem to take damage until certain scripted animations are complete. Atm I would praise the way they used light to let you track the general you have to kill in the first Russian mission, with lights that project his gigantic shadow on the buildings behind. Too bad it doesn't seem possible to kill him before the game decides you can, which is quite unrewarding since his running in open field, it's a pretty coward shot.
  3. Had friends really into the 1998/2000 version... one dad was even doing tower control sessions lol. Saw the DF video on my YT homepage and was tempted to have a quick watch for the looks.
  4. I think poor choice of words, I just mean it sparks memories of playing de_prodigy, as the mix of rocks and tech tunnels has some similarities... but like I was attempting to say, the graphics are really good. If they told me it was an official remaster of the map I could believe it
  5. Shaping up awesomely @TheOnionChef! You created the environment In a way that sends me back to old CS and how de_prodigy could look like today. Looks close to release, best of luck with the final touches and release.
  6. That’s a good point, just to be clear I was limiting my comment to CS Regarding the fun @Soldat Du Christ that is true for sure, I used to hate Train, when I learned how to play it has been one of the maps I play the most and I perma-ban from my selection D2 and Mirage. With the additional explanation I now understand what you mean regarding the balancing… I would dare saying that is one of those: “it goes without saying” moments. I would think that’s one of if not the most fundamental principle of a multiplayer map (unless you are designing for an asymmetrical game/mode).
  7. What do you mean with the highlighted bit? Because over time there has been much more relaxation regarding the balance, a map to be good and entertaining doesn't need to be as close to a clean 50-50 split. I argued this months ago, posting stats of the maps most played in the tournaments and their ratios.
  8. Megaboosts are super-situational. You can somewhat predict where players would want to abuse them, therefore design to potentially prevent them. Or make them somewhat a feature, so they are predictable, like Overpass T-spawn, when it was a novelty every highlight video would feature the T stacking up and sniping the CT coming on B balcony... now the highlights are more likely to feature CT flicking the cheeky boosters. What I mean is that you will hardly get into a situation where players will want to commit almost the entire team to a boost in -say- mid, unless you make it very convenient for them to do so. That to me highlights a fault in the map. These are such edge cases that I think any sane mapper will want to account for only when extensive playtest highlights them as a problem (ore vice versa a cool thing to implement). Let's be real, the chance of our maps being [added to rotation and] played by thousands of players is so slim that you want to focus on what makes a map fun and solid.
  9. Oh I remember that mission. Looking forward to this remake.
  10. 4-player co-op then?
  11. So now also Halo goes sandbox. Anyone still getting excited by this series?
  12. Thank you for taking the time to explain @Soldat Du Christ, interesting take nonetheless… hopefully you can build it as faithfully once you switch to hammer. I do tho have the impression, comparing the paths and screens from prev post, that there are more sight lines to keep in mind that would seem to dominate the map. Can only judge when tested I guess!
  13. Can players in A just jump down to B @Soldat Du Christ? Hard to tell from these shots, but overall seems like rotation times will be incredibly short. I can’t really tell the choke points where the factions will meet.
  14. Completed Uncharted Drake's Fortune a few nights ago... I feel the whole experience goes gently down a hill from after the Fort location, but they really ruined the ending. When you have to abuse the AI and mistakes in the level design, you know you are playing a poorly designed level. I dunno, I wonder if they didn't care testing higher difficulties or they just added the level at the last minute. Yeah I played at the second to hardest difficulty, but this section was impossible playing in the way the map tells you to. I even had a harder time than the video as the boss was wallhacking aiming at my head all the time, something you don't even see in the video below. They also basically never used QTA throughout the game, just to present that as the final fight... yes it's used in a transition between first and second section of the level but the button to press appears way to the side of the screen so first time I didn't even realise I was supposed to press something during what looks like a normal scripted scene. Overall it was alright, but I think they over did it with the combat scenarios (what ridiculous crazy angles can you shoot from? what did they do with the camera?), I think they should have done more puzzle solving and exploration a-la Tomb Raider (the only level that leans heavily on that wasn't smooth at all) and because the ending it left me with a real sour taste. CC @[HP] PS: not sure if is because of the difficulty level or I didn't understand how to play, but the stealth takedowns I managed maybe once. Seems like a half-baked feature.
  15. Actually I haven’t, I saw the videos about the jump items but forgot… not as slick as a zip line Never heard they added respawn tho!
  16. Burn After Reading was fantastic. Spoiler warning for this scene at the end of the movie if you haven't seen it.
  17. Yeah he’s good at analysing data, do “busy work”, but I wouldn’t take he’s judgment on maps too seriously, like Warowl looks much more understanding mechanics in that regard. I haven’t over analysed DZ maps, I played Blacksite some, but once I got my win solo and in a team I felt accomplished. I don’t enjoy as much as a normal match. I do like the much bigger environment as there’s space for environmental storytelling and it feels you are more on your toes. I guess there’s not enough to do (no vehicles, no special traversal), and that the formula is a bit too harsh (compared to say Apex Legends where you can take more damage and respawn). But yeah I think DZ maps still need to be planned, you need a “nuclear” structure that makes you see an intentional design at any level, you look at the overall map or smaller and smaller areas, down to the single building. This makes me feel it would be easier to design a DZ map than a competitive DE… in the sense at some point you kinda have to raise your hands as you don’t have to/can’t be as strict and intentional as in a competitive map where everything is so tight and dependent. But I am probably wrong as I’ve never even tried to build one
  18. It's packed in detail... are all these scripted sequences to conceal small levels and their offloading? Quite annoying the game to be interrupted so frequently. Looks quite fun, bit annoying the guns taking so much screen estate. Funny how the grappling hook icon has become ubiquitous like an hamburger menu icon
  19. I should, I always put off these movies because not so easy to find (they’re not all on Netflix or prime in uk) and always wanted to do a systematic view watching in order of release date, to see how they changed their performance over time.
  20. You're really into the italian movies ^^ you watched more historic ones than me, think I've only seen a few bits of this one.
  21. blackdog

    [CS:GO] Cusco

    I'm not one that can give great advice, but experimenting in blockout seems to make the most sense as compile will be faster, if anything. Get sun direction, angle and overall temperature early, to tweak later like Lizard said. I guess if you have a good idea of the art direction, have the assets, you can do an art test detailing an area or two that will inform the rest of the map.
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