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  1. Just watched episode 1 & 2 and it starts impeccably. The music is so tense, brrr
  2. blackdog

    [CS1.6] Dust 2 2020

    This is impressive, pushing Goldsrc to the limit… I would only argue with the draping in B, the poles are too in the way of Ts rushing out of tunnels, and the Egyptian symbols seem out of place. Tunnels is a bit too dark.
  3. I don't think I would ever put aggregate play time on display... it's scary to think how much time was "wasted" playing. Darn I still want to play this but haven't touched the PC in a while, and still have so many other games already purchased on my accounts...
  4. The collab on Crossfire, from outside, seems a cash cow really. Pay check work. I'm hoping that with low expectations I’ll be surprised.
  5. blackdog

    Stranger Things

    Agree with the above, I mean… really S1 was great, already S2 had lost some touch for me. This one did some things better, but overall feels like it’s just meme-ing on 80s tropes.
  6. Interesting hive-mind, in my ideas document I have: a mine concept as well (but I don't think that an open area is so easy to get a good layout for, maybe you mean it's easy to setup and iterate?) a de_convention too, but the backstory and setting would be different from the open plan you have there
  7. blackdog

    Stranger Things

    I dunno, for me it kills the hype.
  8. Found this incredible shots: https://www.behance.net/gallery/92083495/STAHLWERK the lighting is so flat that where the photo is at an angle it looks like an illustration, and the top down ones look like game textures ready to use!
  9. blackdog

    Stranger Things

    Much spoiler, such assholes. How can you squander the most interesting bit of story going in the new season with a teaser
  10. I think it goes without saying that the biggest interest is to get the map in most hands as possible, and being in the game is the only chance really. I haven’t tried Library and Mist, all the others were at least great fun in death match. Insertion, if you got past the initial confusion and tried to play, was actually great fun and delivered the feeling of a Battle Royale game in a more accessible package. Btw, one can never win in this discussions: first the layouts are non-inventive, once you try something original like Insertion it’s criticised and not given a chance. If the map is actually good you are a sellout to the corporate greed and don’t think of the community. Dunno what point are you trying to get at, I’m getting Thynnryn (or however it’s spelled) vibes… I don’t even know why we waste time arguing anymore.
  11. I might add to what @fewseb said, that I don’t see how nowadays you would get your map acquired by valve as an official map (like Cache is) unless it was tested several times temporarily. Also, forgetting the monetary incentive for a moment, if the map is in the official map cycle, you can brag about it in your CV and say you created content for a CSGO DLC. If you are looking for a LD job that’s gold.
  12. Good gawd that looks crispy af wonder if the synth the combine are looking at in the second shot is one of the cut synths (the one that I think makes an appearance in the citadel just in the background) or is the upper body of a strider
  13. Thought a topic was opened after it was made official that Robert Pattinson would be playing the Caped Crusader… months back. Today a first camera test has been released with a first look at the new Batsuit can’t see shit captain but whatevs
  14. Wow the visuals are very strong in this one, congrats! I like the look, from the overview seems a big map, which might only work for certain game modes. Think you should consider expanding this for a Danger Zone map!
  15. Awesome @JeanPaul, I still have never played Black Mesa, waiting for the Xen maps. Been playing on the PS4 as of lately but a good jump back in HL would be nice. I was being put off the thought by what was being said, of the discrepancy in quality between Black Mesa and Xen levels.
  16. must say that when i watched it again after reading Dux's comment I was focusing on the HUD much more than I would like
  17. Oh videogame dev ancient history, so interesting to hear about problems we don't really have anymore, like where data was stored on the CD to make it work as fast as possible* *well I imagine the same might still happen for big games released on consoles, but you now always install them... last gen was the one that (at least in the beginning) was supposed to support no installation, kinda remember something being said by CliffyB regarding GoW
  18. I share the points of all the above posts in reply, Oliver in particular expanded on what I meant in my post. You’re complaining as if the map had won the contest. The competition is still very much open. Its also been said the scores are gonna be shared so I say hold your horses before riding off against the windmills.
  19. Why so bitter all the time? There's nothing in the rules about dev textures, in fact potentially you could have a dev-textured map as finalist. The map just needs to be playable to qualify for the deadline. you get more points if the map is arted up properly. In this case I say the scale and overall vision can make up for some missing textures... plus the ship is gonna be grey anyway is not like it's a weird orange block in the middle.
  20. God of War is on my next list after TLOU, I just wanted a breather for time-based attacks and combos
  21. This stuff is amazeballs! Like already mentioned, there could have been easily more finalists, everyone that has made it to the deadline must feel incredibly proud. Best of luck to the finalists and hope everyone will take time to refine their maps in the coming months, because there are so many possible candidates for future Operations or addition to the game as we've seen happening with other maps from Mapcore.
  22. This gives me lots of cs_italy vibes, but in a good way. Once fully detailed will look great!
  23. I've installed this during the xmas holidays when it was on sale, to check if it would run well on my PC or if I should refund and get it on PS4. It runs well so played a few hours, gonna pick it back up but been playing only with the PS4 recently, if only for the convenience of not having to move the laptop, coffee table, connect the HDMI... I completed Spiderman which was an absolute blast for me. The story was pretty much on par with any of the movies that have come out, with some setpieces that would easily rival what we've seen on the big screen. I played only this for quite a while, the campaign and side activities are (as usual) endless for a sandbox, and really sometimes is just fun to swing around. I am amazed how much this game is a 1:1 with Batman Arkham (Knight), but thanks to the improvements it doesn't feel a rip-off. I have now started The Last Of Us (Remastered) and I'm kinda glad I waited this long to play it... if only for the prologue: now that I am a father I can connect with the character so much more, I'm convinced I would have never reacted/felt as I have if I played a few years ago. I like how the game almost feels like a Splinter Cell game in its stealth sections, I love how you can stun (human) enemies with a throw and charge them, then disappear while another enemy investigates. My complaint is with the save system which is very shit imo... at least for the remaster: they knew they weren't so limited in terms of resources, they could have done something more modern. Your save gets rewritten as soon as you get to a new checkpoint so if you want to repeat the encounter you can't (or have to load a save further back). Haven't played with my partner since we finished the Lego Harry Potter games a while back, that was before christmas. I never watched or read any shit potter, I really got them just for her, but Lego games are always fun (until they glitch). Hopefully we can play South Park The Fractured But Whole, but recently we have been really drained by the baby and it's early bedtime all the time. This game looks so good. The way the rat hordes move and work are visually very similar to what I was imagining when we were talking about doing a Mapcore game not heavily based on combat... it just would have been some sort of alien goo, still reacting to light.
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