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  1. «Step aside de_vertigo, I’ve got this»
  2. blackdog


    Congrats on releasing the project! I would go back to it and touch up a few things before calling it a day. I think lighting in particular can be refined.
  3. @3m18s “they talked A LOT about diversity” ah, what a brave new world, where empowered females have to scrounge from IPs established by men to have a shred of success.
  4. The (equality) show must go on very surprised they dig Nat out, after it really looked like she wouldn’t return to the MCU. Guess Iron Man 4 can still happen then, after Paltrow’s performance in Endgame
  5. I have mixed feeling about bugs like the stuck bomb, but I’m leaning toward the idea they should reset rounds where the bomb is lost in geometry. They have referees in the pro matches anyway.
  6. blackdog

    The Walking Dead

    Not long has gone since rumors reported Rick Grimes to return in a movie... ComiCon brought the tease that confirms it.
  7. I'm surprised how excited they are about pretty much copying CSGO's Wingman format
  8. Tom Cruise reprises his titular role of Maverick in this sequel (that looks like a scene by scene remake)
  9. Gosh can’t believe I didn’t post this movie when the first trailer came out. Let’s fix this: and add add the new trailer
  10. No, I get what you mean but there is a legit argument to say they influenced the industry in a very big way. They haven’t invented multi-touch as claimed by Steve, but sure they made the first devices that actually worked well and made good use of it. If it wasn’t for Apple (arguably) nobody cared about making laptops light and pleasant, and nobody would care about how much a battery lasts. If it wasn’t for Apple (arguably) there wouldn’t be a tablet market at all. (Still they hog most of the market share, plus many illustrators have switched to iPad Pro for their work) If it wasn’t for Apple making a set-top-box (arguably) we would still be dealing with those insane stacks of VCR-looking boxes (Sky still sells them). Windows updates have evolved to the current state and provided free upgrades to a new system (arguably) to imitate Apple’s approach to free system upgrades. If it wasn’t for Apple, contactless pay via phone wouldn’t be a thing. Nobody was using Google Wallet. ~ Btw it’s Prime Day, I just ordered x2 SSD: a Samsung 1tb and a WD 500gb. also a ton of baby shit
  11. Not to minimise what happens in China, but you ever heard of the conflict minerals? I remember seeing a few years ago a reportage on a specific African region where there was a continuous conflict for the mines. Warlords would take over, then (corrupted) government, and they would cycle. If I remember correctly was an area at countries border so neighbouring states were also chipping in to expand over that area. I can't find that reportage but here's a primer, also this paper toppled my google search https://academic.oup.com/sp/article/25/4/545/5251792
  12. For my lightweight use, my iPhone 7+ lasts 2 days as well. I really like the galaxy lineup from S8 onwards, Samsung got their shit together in terms of design since then, but like I said, they are slow to update to newer releases, and they only seem to do it on flagship (same LG or any other Android except for the niche one that want to leverage the geek crowd like 1+). From what I’ve seen people saying, Androids get slower much faster than iPhones, not sure why but even the Pixel was a victim… that’s why phone Android makers boast ridiculous amount of ram, cmon, hows a phone in need than more ram than a gaming PC? anyway what you reported is somewhat arguable/debatable: they say it’s for battery life, and to be fair my iPhone 5s still lasts a day of normal use, and now that I use it as an iPod (airplane mode, only WiFi and Bluetooth active while at work to stream to my headphones) it lasts several days. anyway not saying iPhone is better, I have considered switching to Android couple times already, just overall iPhone seems quicker to have up and running. There’s never gonna be a perfect phone Congrats! we found the place where to do the next Mapcore meet-up lol Ive heard about the Pi-hole before, really interesting project… what’s the situation with all those websites that force ads on you to work? Many of them pop up a message to enable ads… does this system bypass the problem and leave them accessible? (Does Pi-hole trick them into think the ad is being delivered?). I use Brave Broweser for reducing the ad footprint but I incur in this kind of problems. It also makes it hard to play a video on anything but YouTube
  13. And Kawhi left already, not happening again soon
  14. What you mean? Apple is the only phone maker that has been supporting very old phones (my 5s still getting updates). Androids are good for three years, and you are likely to get updates only if buying a flagship (my gf’s Samsung A3 never got any update to a new Android). Also it seems Apple is the only company somehow being serious about protecting your data. I can’t say I like iOS, at least I find it very boring, there are many quirks they do to keep you in their ecosystem I hate, but it feels that if you don’t get a Pixel or 1+ you are gonna get fucked over.
  15. Yeah I noticed your map… the virtual world was another theme I had in mind as something to possibly work on. Haven’t seen the COD map tho.
  16. Love the stylised overview map, despite not being on current guidelines, it’s clear and pretty
  17. Oh I didn’t realise remedy had fallen in the honey pot as well. Another 1-year exclusive https://www.polygon.com/2019/3/20/18274456/epic-games-store-exclusives-outer-worlds-control
  18. Yep I’ve been saying it at every occasion. With all the money they have at disposal I can’t figure out why they still haven’t sorted this problem after so many years.
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