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  1. What if the game is HL2+Episodes from Alyx perspective? On a more serious note: can we map for it?
  2. I would expect experts in crypto to suggest ideas of useful usage of crypto in games? If all goes back to micro transactions I am inclined to say: nobody likes micro transactions.
  3. Oh sure, if they can get VR to be as compact as what AR glasses already can be, then I agree that “everyone” would be happy to enjoy that ✌
  4. I got an email from Steam notifying me FC5 is 67% off this week. Yeah I brought up this point in previous similar conversations… on one side we have seen a “democratisation” of game dev with tools accessible to everyone, on the other hand there are really few games that allow modding/custom content so it feels you might just developer your own game and if you get lucky you stay indie, if not you have a piece of portfolio. I guess a good way to go is attend meet-ups and game jams if you want to create content for fully working games. Otherwise you have to focus on the few that offer modding or go abstract and use plugins from the marketplace to get the logic going. You are in Sweden @Tisky so there should be plenty in the big cities. Nobody mentioned mobile gaming but if you are open to everything for the first gig you should probably look at some best practices and examples for that kind of games. Again Sweden has lots of mobile game devs. A side note: i think to remember from previous topics that you have kids? if you are family limited you might have to focus on studios in your region, that can help creating content tailored for them.
  5. Is it tho? I don’t see people all of a sudden falling in love with this alienating technology, whilst AR is becoming everpresent. I think there’s more chance of a future with brain implants that will allow VR-like immersion than VR becoming as widespread as any platform/console. I recently went to a cinema equipped with 270° screen and I must say that the presentation video at the beginning (on-rail fly-through like @Minos mentioned) felt almost like VR, I did get instants of vertigo. I’d much rather invest in extra screen estate if that allowed me to enjoy that kind of experience. This is most definitely Source 2.
  6. They are deffo going exclusive VR or that would be no point in the whole Vive/Index development; I bet features they developed for the second model are derived by their needs in developing the game. I’m curious to see if it’ll be Index exclusive or just VR… you don’t want to cut an already small audience further, and they both have finger tracking now, no? Maybe they’ll release for the mortals in a year or so? No idea how harder it would be to do so though… I imagine that if you’ve built the character movement around teleportation you would have to rebuild most of the maps so you can walk around and don’t feel it’s a tiny map?
  7. I have the impression that Unity, having supported “mobile first” got lots more traction among indies
  8. Yeah what @Vilham said, unless I’m mistaken, the marketplace doesn’t allow for a “team” configuration. You want to develop a game as a team I understand you should all own a copy of the assets/plugins. That’s just money going in the copyright owners and not helping anyone.
  9. So many toxic fans that don’t like women!
  10. i feel the railing in this corner should be taller, this low people will expect to be able to jump over and/or will try to runboost into it... but it's clearly a non-playable area.
  11. Why tweets never paste/embed correctly (for me)? Rez triple AWP kill https://twitter.com/ESLCS/status/1194702530426499072?s=20
  12. Yeah but don’t you still need people to put the scene together? The job displacement would only be valid depending on the studio pipeline? The art direction chosen for the game? Is not like photo-scanned material is the Graal of game art, and developers surely don’t want the games to all look the same as if they are all using the same stock material.
  13. Like @Roald I haven’t read all that text tbh. The progress you’ve made is impressive, it’s a challenging and impressive project! What I don’t understand is if the main halls are playable areas or not. If they are, how are you planning to deal with the incredibly long sight lines?
  14. I wanted to publicly apologise to your teammate and you. I didn’t intend to criticise your entry rather bring up what to me seems a flaw in the contest rules. I did btw praised the transparency and I must only praise the persistence in working on a project for this long. Also want to clarify that I didn’t say you came up with a cunning plan four years ago to enter today, that’s of course impossible. At first glance it was my impression that you posted maps from the two different workshops –since the map appears on both– I can see it was not the case.
  15. Guys I agree with the bottom line, I think there are maps that have been started day 1 of the competition that look better than this, but for the sake of conversation and fairness I dunno how you can say there’s no advantage. There are people learning modelling as they go, whilst in December 2018 they had an almost finished map, and that’s even before the contest started. @FMPONE looked at the entry from 2016 and recognised it was a valid entry because this was all he had to go with. Why is then the map being published as completed under a different account? That’s convenient. I know that joint-developed maps change hands, but then why is the original map owner still involved to the point he’s the one entering the contest and posting the updates… but the final map is published by someone else? Bottom line I do agree that it’s best to be as most inclusive as possible because I think is the fairest way to see who’s best, but don’t tell people developing a map over almost four years that is not an advantage.
  16. Mmh don’t want to be the one that is not even participating and just criticises, but how about the submission to the contest was done with a different account than the one closing the final version? Is there a public file history for workshop files? There’s always a way to find loopholes and in their defence they have been at least super transparent with even time-lapse, but one would like people to take advantage of the rule to pick back up a long abandoned map… this is exactly the “development in secret for years on end” people were concerned last time(?).
  17. Not recently at all, actually bought these noise cancelling headphones the day after my baby was born, delivered in the hospital parking lot by this guy that was selling them on fb marketplace. New, only opened and never used - saved £60-80 from RRP back in May. According to all review they are still the best noise cancelling headphones on the market and I'm very happy with them. Office is pretty noisy with a call centre within it. Also useful to reduce baby crying when trying to rock her to sleep on the bad days. My only complaint is the not really straightforward pairing, despite they have NFC, you need to install the Sony app first. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-WH-1000XM3-Wireless-Cancelling-Headphones-Black/dp/B07GDR2LYK/ref=sr_1_4?crid=2Y295CVSX7QLF&keywords=sony+wh-1000xm3&qid=1573309167&sprefix=sony+%2Caps%2C145&sr=8-4
  18. Yeah, I had a very similar idea of soft coop, it started with the idea of leaving a message, but also that you could drop stuff and others would find it… potentially play together if you were in the same area at the same time, and then if one disconnects would be like one decides to bunk for the night. No idea how you just encourage coop instead of PvP other than prevent to attack each other tho
  19. I didn’t realise there was some sort of asynchronous multiplayer/coop aspect. Saw a title just couple days ago about how “you are missing out if playing offline” but didn’t read further. My colleague told me you build structures other players will find/use/improve. Damn I wrote very similar stuff in the dev doc/notes for my ideal zombie game.
  20. What episode you on @FMPONE? Saw many on twitter not conceived by first couple episodes. I haven’t started yet. My friend that watches same stuff I watch and normally has very similar taste was saying there’s some on-the-nose woke politics from the get to
  21. So his appearances in his videos are deep fakes? Now all makes sense!
  22. New update is out, the highlights from 3kliksphilip Grats to @Puddy and @Yanzl for the update, can see that lot of stuff has been done there!
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