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    A Game of Thrones

    Quoting a friend from Facebook: She destroyed Quarth, in Mereen she kills all the fathers/head of families without any due trial (for as corrupted you can’t say ALL men were terrible), she kills a traitor (fine)… and his prostitute/slave by locking them in a trunk, Kal Drogo promises to destroy Westeros for her and she’s very happy, likewise when she rounds up the Dothraki to go over the sea, she doesn’t use the “democracy” argument. A tyrant is a tyrant, even if benevolent, they always on the razor edge. I did find a bit extreme burning the city, but I think her portrayal was pushed to hint that, before the “ill use fear”. I think in her eyes the people she burnt were criminals to support the Lannisters and not rebel(?). She also looked very paranoid and I thought Tyron’s head would roll in the first episode really. All of this not to justify or say the writing is amazing, like I said I’m not happy, but I think the previous season was worse. Also not sure how much the lack of source material is to blame, the fact that books are not coming out makes me think Martin is quite involved in deciding where things are going, I mean we know the book ending will be different and how can you ensure that if you don’t discuss how to evolve the story and hit certain beats. Also Martin has publicly complained of fan theories being actually true so he changed stuff. That can’t be good for narrative, not only he had to come up with one new ending but two lol I'm kinda at peace with it, other shows I follow are at the top right now
  2. blackdog

    DC's Cinematic Universe

    DC keeps churning out great animation movies on Batman, they have now animated the super classic Batman: Hush seems incredible they can’t seem to make good live action since Nolan. Reeves has no pressure to deliver with his take today they set the internet ablaze with the (unconfirmed) news that Pattinson will be the new Batman
  3. blackdog

    DC's Cinematic Universe

    So from ComicCon, DC has teased the Justice League movie: I'm not gonna create another topic, but they also dropped Wonder Woman... which I wasn't keen especially as I don't like the casting, but the trailers shows some good coreography!
  4. blackdog

    John Wick

    I would have gone tonight if I hadn’t to tidy up and do touch ups to the house ahead of the baby shower Sunday I’d go Monday but it’s the last of GoT and we might go help a friend with her house. #firstworldproblems
  5. blackdog

    John Wick

    Can't find an old topic, so here goes:
  6. blackdog

    John Wick

    The movie is coming out today I will probably see it before Endgame lol
  7. blackdog

    Rage 2

    Just watched Jim’s review and I see what the scores previously posted mean. I feel like I want to try myself to believe, but a lot of what he says sounds familiar, like scavenger hunts and progress bars were all over Mad Max, a game that I liked but that really preyed on the OCD impulses of gamers. I’m particularly curious about the driving: in Mad Max was good for what I’m concerned, and in video it looks like Mad Max’s… but given the Just Cause precedents, what he says sounds believable.
  8. blackdog

    Dying Light 2

    I can't find topics opened following the announcement at this year's E3. The graphics has seen a very nice improvement, in particular I think it looks brighter and more colourful, which is great. Also vaguely makes me think of an upgraded HL2 kind of city. Overall is just a beautiful post-apocalyptic environment. As this analysis/preview came up on YT, I decided to document the development of the title. Quite a nice video, despite no new footage, there are some questions answered by the lead level designer
  9. blackdog

    Dying Light 2

    Ye this mash of different cities seems super interesting/exciting. Want to see more. Happy to see they got inspiration from Italy as well ✌
  10. blackdog

    Rage 2

    Is that on console or on PC as well? Don’t remember having popping problems with Mad Max and JC(3)… but they are also quite lighter games to run in comparison (I think). It seems very fun, if I hadn’t a giant back catalog and habit of only buying half price or less, I would prioritise this. I also still have to play Rage tho, might be the next game I install.
  11. blackdog

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    All the changes here, this is quite an heavy update!
  12. The sad news broke yesterday, that most of the TTG staff has been let go. It appears only 25 (of the once 250 strong) staff remain and working on pending projects. Official tweet: https://twitter.com/telltalegames/status/1043252010999410689 Gamasutra report: http://gamasutra.com/view/news/327085/Report_The_Walking_Dead_developer_Telltale_Games_closing_down.php I think to remember there was news of restructuring and staff being let go months-to-one-year ago(?), but with titles being released wasn't expecting this; despite not being very happy with what they had done with the Batman game I was still looking forward to more games from them, in particular was hoping on The Wolf Among Us 2. It appears they are not even going to wrap up TWD The Final Season! I was waiting for all the episodes to be out to get it, and do a massive play through of all the TWD, having played only the first season back on the X360, but owning all on PC as well. I had missed they were working with Netflix to develop a Stranger Things tie-in... but according to the article reporting the cancellation of TWD, it seems it will be the Netflix collab on Minecraft Story Mode to be the one that will be honored still. (Interactive TV sounds like a cool idea.) I hope they can pull it back and somehow avoid closure at the last minute, maybe Netflix could buy them out if this project works and they could recover work on this cancelled projects.
  13. blackdog

    TellTale Games is closing down(?)

    Noclip has released their documentary
  14. blackdog

    Black Mirror

    Season 5 will feature some famous people like Miley Cirus
  15. blackdog

    Rage 2

    Just annoys me more shit like this rose to the surface rather than reviews and interesting content.
  16. blackdog

    Rage 2

    Game journalist seem to not like their job anymore. They can’t seem to be able to stick to game (p)reviews anymore: they have to make it political or controversial for no absolute reason. Rage is the latest case with articles and YouTube commentators focusing on the latest and most ridiculous shit I’ve heard in a while: some have been complaining about the marketing campaign (“I forgot was coming out!”) and the ludicrous accusation from Polygon founder that the devs are mocking him and people affected by his disability (upper lip something) what the actual fuck. What about all the fat people naming and shaming then, never thought of that before. Maybe this guy even got a laugh or two off that kind of jokes/gags. Fuck these people, this could represent why the digital revolution can be bad: when they had to take into account printing costs they would never thought to generate sales through tabloid-like content.
  17. blackdog

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Motherfuck, Stan Lee was abused toward the end of his life!
  18. blackdog

    A Game of Thrones

    Can’t say I’m really happy about how’s going, but today was another hilarious day of wannabe writers manifesting their disdain for the show runners on social media. That Daenarys was a (benevolent) tyrant was clear from the beginning, and that she was quite the given, considering her family past. I mean, what better Chekhov’s gun than all those stories about the Mad King wanting to “burn them all”? They had to pay it off. Also Varys had a line about how Westerosi would “flip a coin” every Targaryen king…
  19. I was wondering what was Bernthal tease about a few days ago. Ubisoft not waiting for E3 to announce the new Ghost Recon: an enlarged Wildlands. The full reveal is a bit off-sync for me; actual gameplay starts like five min in after the cringe
  20. blackdog

    Borderlands 3

    News and record keeping, mostly… Pitchford and Gearbox are an influential entity. It is also quite hilarious seeing an adult person throwing a tantrum like a child. What I was thinking when I said sometimes I get irritated by drama, is menial stuff like the mapper raging for ten tweets in a row about some douche trolling him on some forum for retro games. Maybe if you weren’t reacting like that you wouldn’t get such trolls. Or those SJW type of devs that need to express their outrage for an “impolite” Starbucks barista on their indie game page. I follow you for the game you are developing not your political views.
  21. blackdog

    Epic Games Store

    A place to talk about exclusive releases, offers/sales, your own experience publishing on it... and controversies! For now the store has made a name for itself only for the latter. We discussed in the Metro topic, but considering this is just getting bigger and expanding to include other games, seems to deserve its own place. Looks like Phoenix Point is going exclusive... after promising Steam/GOG key at lunch! Plus: Epic using private data from Steam!(?)
  22. blackdog

    Borderlands 3

    This. I do sometimes get very irritated when I see devs going ballistic… I know that in a certain way “this is your life”, but at the end of the day these are just games and your job shouldn’t be your life.
  23. blackdog

    Watchmen - The Serie (HBO/DC)

    Hype for the next big thing from HBO?? Wonder if, being a DC property, they will air on DC's platform or gonna be both HBO and DC – in America. Fuck knows where is gonna be in the rest of the world.
  24. blackdog

    PlayStation 5 Reveal

    Same for me, I remember trying the PC demo and couldn’t understand/like the turn based system. That demo made me put all JRPG in a box that I never wanted to open. Seeing what it seems a revision and a move to real-time combat, makes me consider the chance of trying it eventually. I’ve seen people complaining about this already, I wonder if Square has come up with a solution a-la Fallout, allowing for both combat modes to exist, depending on player’s choice.