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  1. Some Mapcoreans featured in this video analysis [that talks little about the maps and more about the game mode]
  2. Sounds like Gabe is pushing to relocate Valve to New Zealand, or at least part of it. By the sound of it, seems like a long-term but temporary solution because of COVID, as “work from home is causing depressed productivity”. Also, in entirely Valve fashion, they might just make a new VR headset “because Index can’t keep up with demand” Gosh, personally I’d jump on the occasion before Gabe could finish the sentence, I’ve always wanted to see NZ and considered moving there as well, but could never find a job I could apply for from outside, and I felt it was too far of country to go and do what I’ve done moving to the UK, starting anew and from the literal bottom.
  3. Yeah, it’s not hard, so it’sa conscious choice… which I can’t make sense of. Just like they are removing the wish list from the PS Store! I mean why? (they also doing selling PS3 titles, guess to prevent back compatibility PR problems)
  4. Monetising the hints It’s hard to get a proper feeling, not sure how much is contextual to the activity you are on, but it seems to me there are just too many cards, which would cause so much flicking… I’d like to see some sort of categorisation.
  5. Must have been fun designing these vehicles PS: I did say they had to do some sort of collab with Keanu’s workshop
  6. My hot take would be that B looks way too small and confined... but there's no real way to judge scale from a sketch. It seems like it could become a killrom, in particular if like @spa says the T can get there unchallenged. Keep it up, make a blockout, you still have couple weeks to the end of #blocktober and get it tested to see what works!
  7. Is that all stuff on your list @[HP]? There's a few on there that I would like to play but as usual, back catalog rules... if there's anything I'd prioritise would be XIII cos I loved the original. I started Uncharted 2 and gone back to try smashing the remaining challenges in Spider-Man. Also bought Need For Speed as was £3 on the PS Store, thought fuck it. Just have something brainless from time to time.
  8. Is not so much what you buy in one sale, but the accumulation you get overtime because real life is a bitch and you don't get to play the games when you intended or they don't turn out to make the impression you were expecting, so then you leave them half way or even earlier... maybe hold off to play other stuff cos you want to give that title a chance, and so on. In my case I bought a shitload of games on sale between 2008 and 2014: I had just bought a MacBook and my PC failed shortly after, so I didn't have the money to buy a gaming PC for all that time (I had an X360 and made it do with that) and I kept buying Humble Bundles or during Steam sale cos "it's only a fiver" (or less). I ended up buying Hitman Absolution both for Xbox and Steam without realising. I don't even know if I have other duplicates, between all these different stores, that all have different wish lists, I can see how easy it would be to accidentally buy a game twice.
  9. Hey feeling like playing a driving game recently, tempted to buy a couple of the recent NFS games that are discounted these days. Wondering if anyone has played any of these and if they would recommend. I think last I tried was a demo of Shift and found that the cars handled like bricks, so decided to RIP the franchise for me. Never been much into driving games, but I had lots of fun with the first Underground (and the very first NFS back in the days)
  10. That map of the Tears is part of the new release. On Twitter he was saying there are a few bugs reported and to be fixed, so I’m waiting a bit to install it. They also suggested not to overwrite the previous version of the mod but do a fresh install for dove technical reason they have gone into. BTW was Bafu on the Core?
  11. Yes, after seeing and thinking of these things, seems like the only way to go. Seems they shooting themselves in the foot unless they damage control. shame tho cos the new devices look good and they are cheaper, the appeal is there in that sense. Are the Oculus devices being sold at a loss? ~ Dunno why a video was embedded in my post, originally was showing a Reddit page – edited
  12. Now I get the problem with Facebook accounts… eek! also what, if they were to ban my account because I wrote something stupid I can’t use the device anymore? Reddit story from a mum perspective
  13. Amazon cancels / interrupts support for Crucible, the game that tried to offer ALL the game modes from the most popular eSports… the writing was on the wall on this one https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/10/10/amazons-crucible-wont-be-coming-back/ https://www.wired.com/story/amazon-wants-to-win-at-games-so-why-hasnt-it/
  14. Since I posted about Halt and Catch Fire in July I binged on both seasons of The Purge, which was way better than I expected: they had a different take from the crappy sequels and really works. I could also see the IP work as a couple different type of games, I'm surprised nobody announced any tie-in yet. I also went through the last season of Fear the Walking Dead... yes I did A LOT of rocking the baby during lunch "breaks" this summer As serious watching we finished last night the new season of The Boys, still great, and we are also almost through Hunters. In the meantime South Park is on the ball as usual.
  15. Just wanted to clarify what I meant with "gameplay inserts"; I wasn't referring to that as a way to just showcase custom maps, but a visual way to punctuate the discussion (read: a screenshot would work just as well)... is something like this works perfectly in podcast form and leverages the YT video aspect. I didn't mean to suggest all videos should be in-depth walk-throughs on a private server with the dev, like you say people are busy and I can imagine few people could also go through this on top of finding the time to chat, but something to keep in mind Otherwise everything sounds interesting @Pr0nogo, looking forward to see what you'll come up with!
  16. Don't think Anthem performed this bad, so I thought it would last a little longer than one month.
  17. Just listened through the interview and well done @Pr0nogo, interesting format and topic choice. If there something I would like to see improved would be editing in bits of gameplay to show what it's being discussed (just walking around and pointing at stuff would be good enough) -- I think the host of Level Design Lobby does that, or at least he used to in early videos. Maybe have the mapper point stuff themselves on their maps (like 3Klik did with Bubkez for Mirage). It's something that would still work just in audio for those who know the maps, but if you are watching you might as well watch something proper. OT: Is not like I'm babyfaced but... damn @poLemin, you gave me beard envy!
  18. Wow, Avengers the game is already below 2K players daily, with dips below the 1K and 30 min wait for matchmaking... it was released a month ago!
  19. @ThunderKeil I agree with what you are saying, the whole TOS practice all tech companies employ is pretty much disgusting in terms of fairness. I heard about the phasing out and I just thought that if you don't have an account, creating one just for the VR can't be considered "burner" as no one can force you to post stuff. Not sure about if you already have an account how they'll verify you have a second account (and some people have multiple accounts already for business purposes). In regard to the kids, if they are not on FB they are on Instagram... which is bascially the same. If the accounts are not merged yet, I'm expecting they'll allow for a one-login type of thing in the future. I listened to the video below recently and in terms of vision, what they want to do for VR/AR is very interesting and I guess unfortunately they are among the few companies that have money to throw away experimenting. I haven't had the time to watch the Facebook Connect keynote, there is this supercut: Carmack also had a section for himself... I thought he was leaving FB when I read he was moving to work on AI
  20. There was an interesting thought I heard from one of the big tech youtubers: the design (and size) could also be intentional for marketing purposes in the sense that when that stuff is in the background of their videos, people will notice, while something stealth will just go unnoticed.
  21. I think the nVidia shield was allowing Steam streaming, not sure if it still the case with latest models (don’t see why not but who knows)
  22. blackdog

    de_pithead WIP

    Congrats @Sick_TwinN, you make it look so easy
  23. I was really wondering about the race, in the interviews the devs said it had been "fixed", then I was reading that it was still a bit frustrating. The second bit is the type of situation that I really hope at some point in the (near) future we can make skippable when replaying the story a second time.
  24. Yeah, I wonder if is an engineering need or if it marketing strategy. I'm referring to cooling problems and the inevitable "slim" version they release through the cycle: can they not cool it so they make it bigger, then they find solutions, or they purposedly make them bigger so they have the excuse for a refresh to sell later? But like I said since the announcement, if I was to get a PS5 before a slim version is released, I would definitely do it if I can find a way to make it smaller/source a modded version. This is not just big, but also really ugly.
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