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  1. Those actually look like paintings! Flexing the max settings I see @Radu
  2. They had some numbers on here, being 2-year old I wonder if all of a sudden a revision is gonna pop up, that would be annoying. @Buddy do you find easy to then switch to a gaming mouse for playing?
  3. Yeah surely is, can’t remember if I had the chance to see it in person once maybe… but reviewers were pointing out wasn’t just as refined as the most adopted sibling. I might still give it a try once finances are a bit restored
  4. Yup, was very tempted to try, just £100 seems a lot. As pointed out in reviews costs as much as the MX3 but doesn’t have the same build quality and could use of another wheel for the thumb (which actually seems more ergonomic as main wheel to me)
  5. With “Next” cancelled, the game is as good as dead such a waste of a good setting and art. If this was a pure rollercoaster SP (without being a looter) I would have bought it.
  6. Wow @ThunderKeil, I’ve never seen a grip like that before! @kleinluka I didn’t even know Alienware designs mice; looks bulky but also comfy. I tried to get a mid range Logitech with ergonomic design: the G403 Hero… I like how it clicks, but that’s about it: despite weighing as much as the Steelseries I had, it feels heavier (I guess pads are not as smooth) but most importantly I haven’t used it that much but I feel some strain for my index. I realised that ergonomic mice demand a palm grip, properly resting on them. I use a kind of fingertip grip, holding the back of the mouse with thumb and pinky, with only the index goes in a claw… so on a taller mouse I had to strain to prevent accidental clicks. I might just try it a bit more on the work computer I just got. So i just went with a newer Steelseries similar to my old, the Sensei 310. Immediately felt at home, it actually widens at the back so my thumb and pinky rest a bit better on there. I’m annoyed that for the same price as my old it doesn’t have a braided cable, it’s thicker than the Logi, and the click sound is a bit louder, as well as a bit of a rattle when lifting to reposition… but it just feels better so I think I’ll keep it. I guess I could keep trying different ones but feel guilty knowing returns are mostly destined to the landfill
  7. Not sure how it’d run on my PC, plus the back catalog problem. Was eyeing it for PS4, like Plague’s Tale
  8. I warmed up to this, just too many things in the back catalog... but considering it for when it goes on sale the first time
  9. Wasn't convinced of the project, but not expecting this
  10. blackdog

    [CS:GO] Offshore

    Hey @Kokopelli, how’s the situation with bomb plants? Did you achieve to make it more important? I find interesting that in my Wingman experience, I’ve seen more bomb plants in a simple map like Rialto than any other (haven’t played custom tho).
  11. Yeah dunno, I got it for videos that weren't restricted/violent in the past weeks. Ridiculous that the same trailer can be posted unprotected by IGN... I mean isn't it more likely that underage kids follow IGN than WB? Fucking woke companies and their woke policies. Whatever... I had linked the original cos I hate IGN and it was playing fine for me, but see below
  12. Wait three days ago!? (Restricted trailer)
  13. What's the problem with that? For a refined experience you have the sequels, this is just nostalgia milk. What am I missing?
  14. +1 on thinking that for a mo
  15. It has been sold for “millions” apparently Thought that Gwent was a failure, not sure why anyone would want to pay more than a thousand dineros for it. Anyone knows if you can retrace the presence of proprietary code in shipped products?
  16. The complaints about Frostbite engine seem a bit of a pretext… other EA studios have made driving games (with essentially a third person camera as well as first person) with it. What is this story about no saves when this is MP? I mean, BF does save player’s stats/unlocks… ~ Recent news were saying there’s a Skelton crew of 30 working, aiming for a major rework, but that the EA board is deciding whether to kill the game in the near future.
  17. If you like gangster stories, you can't miss on ZeroZeroZero. It’s basically Sicario (the first) extended for 8 hours -in terms of pacing, tension, action. I just couldn't help myself and watched the last 4 episodes, half of the mini series, in one sitting. I'm at the same time impressed and in disbelief this comes from a core of Italian writers/producers. Makes me so angry that we don't spend money in producing cinema that clearly has an international audience. It's co-produced by Amazon, so I guess it's on Prime in the US.
  18. I only remember not liking it… I didn’t even remember they had the “era” section of the film I should probably rewatch, probably seen it in Italian and too young to get it.
  19. lulz, the section about the plot
  20. Anyone interested in this discount? Xbox Game Pass for PC (3 Month Membership) for only £14.39 (instead of £23.99) got it for an Amazon purchase, happy to give you the code if you message me, I wouldn't use it atm.
  21. My dad bought one of the earliest Logitech MX, I remember playing Half Life with it, and I remember being comfortable. I’m not even sure what grip I have I guess the tip… I have big hands and never invested in big ergo mice so I control the device with my finger tips. Sometimes even move it under my hand pushing with the pinky or thumb. I never had pains, despite playing up to 8hrs in the old days. I still have done some 6hrs sessions of CSGO before baby was born in 2019, I think only then I started to have some mild ache. But yeah, I’m curious to try something more ergonomic… it’s just the cost they normally seem to much, and I feel like “why pay so much when I’m not gonna use all those buttons”
  22. The memories of school, computer engineering lab class and logging in Windows NT #feels I’ve seen it (or subsequent model) in a thumb of best gaming mice to get… haven’t had the time to watch the roundup yet today, but I think was mentioned in another. Cost is on point of what I’d like to spend. Funny I don’t care of secondary buttons, I never got used to them.
  23. I wouldn't know, he blocked me on Twitter (despite I've never @ him)
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