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  1. Dexter New Blood was a decent throwback at the then hit show.
  2. I am hoping this social/metaverse won't gain traction. The fact that the barrier to entry is so high is comforting. It's just scary imagining all these people plugged in like in the Matrix, pursuing virtual shit that don't matter. Seems a way to just rob people of everything. The repercussions of socials are already well known, force feeding dopamine boosts to people seems like sending lemmings over the cliff. In a sense it was cool the gaming we've experienced growing up, it was an equalizer, it didn't matter who you were, if you could afford to wear Nike at school or not, in game we were all the same and just the skill mattered... now with NFTs and all this personalisation content we are just recreating the clique aspect of the school playground. If I'm immersing myself in a virtual world is to get a break from the real one... are we gonna get people hustling to sell you shit, like those on the side of the street? @Castle where do you find all that time to spend in VR, I've got a child to feed and educate, I can hardly message family when I'm looking after them. And when I see friends I want to hug them and share food with them... even if I could afford a VR kit, I just wouldn't have time.
  3. Age is the biggest component imo. This is something I used to tell already back when I was moderating the Italian gaming forum, and that's many years ago: if we are realistic, we are not the target audience. Most AAA revolves around these live service that we, as working professionals, in stable relationships, maybe mothers and dads, haven't got time for! I'm sure we have all seen stuff that looks like it can tickle our interest, but it's just too big and becomes offputting. CliffyB was right when, responding to criticism to Gears of War, talked about the pros of shorter but more polished experiences. It's a shame we don't diversify more, for example I'd buy most COD games within the launch year, if they sold the campaign on its own at 1/3 1/2 of the price. On top of time, themes are a big thing, there's not really much to connect nowadays for a mature audience. I'm so glad I played Last of Us only last year, I think it triggered some emotions I would have never felt before becoming a dad.
  4. So tempting to try and get one. So many other things need money for... if I get the new job I'm interviewing for and a decent bump, I just might reward myself
  5. The biggest acquisition in gaming yet: $12 billions!!! https://www.theverge.com/2022/1/10/22876184/take-two-interactive-zynga-acquisition-deal How is Zynga more valuable than Bethesda, it seems unreal... but I guess working on mobile/social games has a much higher ROI when you strike right. It's not even mentioned in the article that Zynga has acquired overtime many mobile-casual developers, and more hardcore companies like Natural Motion, the latter originally created the physics engine used in GTA4 and other R* games, and then they moved to the casual space with successful series like CSR Racing.
  6. I hadn't followed the plans for the Season Pass, so comes a bit as a surprise that it's all a revival of the previous 3 chapters. You'd want this content to go along those games, and use the DLCs to expand on the characters of the latest iteration? Just me? That being said, the type of gameplay is the type of thing I like, good for shorter runs and blow some steam.
  7. I wonder if we’d have the same reaction from a blind test. I’m looking at this on my phone, I’m sure a random person on the street would think why I’m looking at desertic caves photos. What’s this weirdo into? One thing that hasn’t been mentioned, but it’s a big component to achieve photo realism, would be the general simulation/rendition of air dust. Those city shots look very detailed but clearly CG because of that reason, IMO. It’s something I never noticed until I went for a hike in Canada at 1200+ meters: the air was so clean, the pictures I took up there look so detailed, almost as if I used a different camera or lenses. ~ All of this looks great, and it’s very exciting in a way… but from a gaming standpoint I dunno how much I care: I always felt the real “next gen” would be when the AI would actually make the world feel more immersive, when systems are more interconnected and allow for long term consequences and make the player feel they really had an impact.
  8. ~ Nice to see an Italian working on the core tech of the engine
  9. Been watching these, was great to find out fine details behind the scenes. I think I left this one halfway, whilst the COD one I watched. Very cool to see in person who worked on stuff you actually remember from the game. ~ I was really close to buy TF2 again, on Steam this time, to play with mouse and try the MP… but whoemIkidding whosgotthetime. Was crazy cheap. ~ I might have posted in the talks thread but there was also this presentation about TF2 campaign
  10. Yep, that was exactly my thought. I don’t think it harms to have a trailer ahead, puts a pin for those who are following, but that means you definitely need a second video for release day. You know the resources you have to work with. In the grand scheme of things, being a mod, long tail beats all else. Which means a message “get it now”. You could release every so often (once a week, every two weeks) little snippets, like 15 seconds of even just a static room letting the environment do its job, maybe have a combine walk by or something, that sort of “giffable” content. If you update for bug fixes and changes, release something then, etc.
  11. I think it depends how many influencers and reporters you can get involved. I think if you have that type of support you do in advance, otherwise if you’re counting on the trailer alone, it’s better to have a shorter delay if not contextual release. Mods are not like full games. Goes without saying if you release after the trailer you probably need a release trailer to confirm it’s out.
  12. Is the mountain a custom texture of yours @will2k? seems like taken from a map/geo app
  13. Looking good! I imagine is Dying Light’s engine? That another corner of Italy you got there? Makes me think of the lakes region
  14. lol Romero, milk it while you can
  15. Anyone played GTA5 with bluetooth headphones? I'm having problems with both my Microsoft Surface and Sony XM3. Everything plays fine in windows or other games, but GTA goes silent a moment after it shows the logos at the beginning -- now i remember why i abandoned the game (as i wanted to play it on the tv). I've just tried to adjust settings according to this topic and the first follow up answer, but still no joy. https://www.reddit.com/r/GrandTheftAutoV_PC/comments/l2ps7n/found_the_solution_to_the_problem_with_the/ if you have a solution please let me know.
  16. Artstation training is now free. Earlier this year Epic acquired this platform as well.
  17. +1 on the first part @Bunglo Moreover, I am of the opposite opinion of most people (according to the articles): I would be curious to see how a sandbox Splinter Cell could look like. I don’t know why, despite being one of my favourite IPs, I’m really not precious about it. Maybe it’s because they’ve already experimented a lot with the formula and I’ve always enjoyed it for what it was. ~ Blacklist: I didn’t like the implementation of the play style, “hard coding” it via the menu. But in terms of fluidity was great, I enjoyed the little I played of it. Unfortunately I didn’t complete it, one of those instances where you don’t play for a bit and then you never feel like picking it back up. When I reinstalled it I was bummed to find it was now running badly despite I had just formatted and upgraded to full SSD setup. Haven't had the chance to try coop I’m sure with the right person is fun. I tried it in Chaos Theory, but was laggy unfortunately. I hope that if included, they do coop like other games that allow a friend to play for free, I’d be up to get someone onto play on me.
  18. Ubisoft announced already a few weeks back that Toronto studio is working on the latest Splinter Cell title, I wasn’t sure if to post it since it’s very early days, but a post on LinkedIn just reminded me of it. ”Unfortunately” is a remake, I wonder if the intent is to then diverge going forward and tell another Sam Fisher story. I’m really curious to see how it’ll look running on Snowdrop. https://www.theverge.com/2021/12/15/22837867/ubisoft-splinter-cell-2002-remake-toronto-snowdrop-announcement Damn I wish I could work on something like this, it’s one of the first games I bought with my own money, and who knows how much time I spent on these.
  19. It would be a fixation of mine I guess, I just wouldn’t like to wear in bed something I wore all day, sweating, collecting whatever is in the air. Guess the sports band are easily washable. Yeah I imagine, so I just wonder when is the best time to charge those things if one wants to track sleep
  20. Yeah, welcome to the marvellous ecosystem @FMPONE another leg up is that because it’s Apple lots of other medical devices link to Apple health, I know of blood pressure, blood sugars (diabetes), heartbeat trackers (that strap on the chest)… I don’t understand if clinics have started to interface with that data to have a more complete picture, I know many doctors were concerned people would self-assess and show up thinking they have problems where there are not. I forgot to ask: when do you charge it? With all this tracking you’d want to wear it all the time, but needs charging every day or two days right? Also did you get a second strap just for the night?
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