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  1. Yup is a good point on the kitbashing… I had the same feeling of visual noise/repetitiveness in the videos, and I was wondering how much different environments they would be able to create with such a small team. In the podcast they explain they used Substance a lot to generate variations etc. Hopefully they can do a GDC talk like they say they’d like (lots of people apparently asking them of their technical implementation). The result makes sense in the perspective of the small dev team.
  2. I already dislike Christmas enough
  3. What didn’t you like @Minos? I haven’t tried it, only seen some videos. Really dig the atmosphere but not sure about combat from what I’ve seen. PS: you have the Xbox pass to just be able to try stuff?
  4. Sounds like the game has been a success for these guys, they are very fun to listen to, and surely they must be to work with.
  5. I don’t trust user reviews pooped out this quickly. It’s literally come out today; I wouldn’t review a game after 1 session unless it was really terrible*, and this doesn’t look terrible… just maybe “complex”**. And something this “complex” needs some actual playtime to judge? Like you’d need to get close to the endgame… otherwise it’s like Returnal, that appears as “too difficult”. Google search brings up 86% Metacritic and some 5/5 from the likes of Eurogamer or Gamespot btw, a legit buy for anyone that likes the previous games or the genre. *I hardly invest time reviewing unless really triggered. **As complex as any other Arkane game, I see it as a streamlined Dishonoured if anything.
  6. I don’t understand why YT doesn’t allow me to watch this video (age restriction for sure) on my TV/PS but I can on mobile, with the same account. Amd doesn’t prompt me to verify my age anymore. Anyways, pretty underwhelmed by the announcements. Some stuff brought me back to when games were being announced for X360/PS3. Obviously excited to finally see something of the sequels like God of War and Spider-Man, great to see Insomniac is also doing Wolverine… but it’s all stuff I’d be perfectly happy to play on PS4. The only game that surprised me is Tchia, it seems full of charm.
  7. Same, I feel driving sections are particularly tricky in linear SP games, I had the same problem, and had it before in HL2* and recently in Uncharted 4. I feel when you insert that sort of section you need to make very clear you are not going to get any collectible, or you’re gonna find them in very obvious places… you have to make the player either chase a carrot or run away from something, otherwise it’s just such a stuttering experience that becomes very unenjoyable. *it worked in Ep2 when they made you race Dog or run away from the helicopter.
  8. I never played the original ones, I think I tried GoW3 at a game event, but didn’t like it back then, it felt to me just a button masher with no brain (probably would be different now that I got into Batman Arkham)… I’ve started the reboot and is not like they make lots of references that make it non-enjoyable. We kinda all know what Kratos went through anyway, so it seems pretty clear it’s the past coming to haunt him. I would recommend playing it if you have the PS4! I got it for like £15 max in one of the regular discount events. The combat, at least at the beginning (one weapon barely upgraded), feels like a Souls game: lots of emphasis on parrying, methodical attack with strategic use of the power ups.
  9. Yeah I remember, I’m a Remedy fan boy and I was all over the early trailers. The collector’s edition of the X360 unlocked the original scarf Alan wore in the sandbox trailers for my Xbox avatar Question: the tech worked well or the driving? Cos I felt the driving sections were the weakest of the game, very straightforward without any benefit of driving really. Don’t get me wrong, I like it for presentation purposes, but it falls apart when you play longer than an episode per session. You either just played through a whole chapter or you are interrupted possibly minutes after starting a new session… that’s why I criticise it. I would want a reminder of what happened when I start a new session (I could have played the last time a month before!). This “fault” gave me the idea players would be better served with dynamic recaps, and I even have an idea of how it could be implemented… many times I’ve been tempted in writing an article with ideas like this, to post here or on a blog actually.
  10. What a smorgasbord of weapons and attacks, effects… I wonder how they all feel with the PS5 triggers how come nobody spammed this already
  11. I’m taking a screenshot and spamming your request to Morfeo, we might convince him at some point ~ As for the film discount Morpheus, some are speculating it could be his son, hence the resemblance.
  12. I don’t remember having to restart from the beginning of a chapter when starting a new session, and I remember criticising the game for the chapter/episodic structure because the timing seemed anyways off, and I would regularly end up leaving halfway through a chapter. Aside: recently I discovered from a podcast -I think where Xbox boss was guest- that Alan Wake was originally intended to be released episodically just like Walking Dead, and that’s why it was so artificially broken down.
  13. Ooooooooooooh Do I have to buy a PS5 to play it?
  14. Discount Jake Gyllenhaal rocks
  15. What about Animatrix? I think that was probably the best thing after the first film and the highway scene
  16. I bet you he’s not woke enough. ~ Trailer looks alright, I’m not particularly captivated, it’s lacking the wow factor of the original over the top action… And it looks like everything has just been reset, so easy way out to get rid of Fishbourne. Doesn’t give me confidence they are trying to answer any of the questions left from the trilogy, rather than just repackaging the same ideas. The replacement Morpheus looks like an annoying, discount, lookalike (as well as white rabbit seems to merge the random girl and Jada-Pinknett ). If you won’t cast the original actor(s) then just go and be fully original, instead of playing the “oh so this is new X character”. Hope they can beat my pessimism, but given how shit Sense8 was I have zero expectations.
  17. If you told me this was the original trailer for the X360 launch, I would believe you I was expecting the trailer to (subtly) highlight the improvements… I mean the sorest point in the presentation department was the facial animation, so I would have liked to see a brief cut showing they worked on that, instead the glimpses make me fear it’s been left untouched. Alan’s face seems more detailed (pardon me I’m only on mobile atm, but impressive stuff is impressive no matter where you look at it)
  18. Dunno if you heard that after infinite rumours, they are making a new Matrix film. Actually, since the trailers are coming out, they must have already filmed (during pandemic?). No Fishbourne this time though (afaik) wonder how they’ll justify that Looks like a remix of the previous ones, first one especially
  19. Still haven’t played the PC version that had some upgrades (I preordered the special X360 edition back then and played the game from start to finish every time a new DLC was available – still didn’t find all thermos or knocked all the cans )
  20. I prefer it this way tbh. It’s like an anthology series, nothing wrong with that. And they could start weaving in some references to other events from the other games, paying off the loyal players. (Although I think they said something about parallel universes which for me is pussying out but hey)
  21. Scalpers laughing at you right now
  22. I’ve watched pretty much everything, for inertia, during this “gauntlet” saga. But I was feeling guilty these were the only films that were dragging people to the cinema, so I had already started waiting for the TV release a while ago, with all content being put only on Disney+ it’s become much easier to say no. There’s more and more reasons to skip stuff as others have noted it’s repetitive and uninventive, and with even bad CGI, considering the money they pour (Black Panther ). Winter Soldier is still the best IMO, followed in a certain distance by Civil War. Last one I remember enjoying was Ant-man & the Wasp, and Spider-Man multiverse animation was better than either live action. A couple things coming up seem interesting, mostly I’m curious to see how they revive Blade, and see who this Moon Night dude is.
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