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  1. This is a great point, we need to remember DoDS came out while they were working on TF2 and the whole clarity/silhouette discourse was going on. I can imagine this game was a bit of an early test and/or there was kinda of a blanket mandate. As a total addict of DoD, can only agree that the lack of “soul” was a factor in making me less passionate, it made it easier to stop playing, but the biggest negative was how the gun handling was changed, as well the movement. Of course the worst was the lack of players.
  2. blackdog


    Ubisoft makes Blender collaborative
  3. blackdog

    Karrida [Wingman]

    Wow, this looks very nice! Congrats on the release this deserves more attention than it got. only comment I have is that it seems to lack any “weenie” breaking the skyline to help with lineups.
  4. I get your point but it’s barely visible most times, for the instances where it’s close up like you linked, it’s a matter of visual clarity, you would understand even less with the back part of the loops
  5. Eh, sorry @ThunderKeil for the time sink I guess I have low expectations from animation stuff so it struck me better than it is. if you analyse it yes, there’s an up and down and plot that strays in different directions but I guess it’s to setup the scene/world. but I wouldn’t over-analyse animation some stuff comes back later as a reference/brief appearance. No idea about Eve’s logo, I took it as a nod to woke culture but eh, ignored it. I agree it took me a couple episodes to get it right.
  6. Surprising, everyone was talking about Mirage as next removed. ~ wow the level cheat software is at
  7. Invincible was fantastic. A mix between The Boys and the darkest DC animation The voice cast is incredible.
  8. Think Mutant was one of the first exclusives? When I saw that I thought “only?”, I was expecting that costed them much more. Anyway gotta spend money to make money. And they have loads thanks to Fortnite… when you make up to $400 mil in a month, you paid for the free games for years ahead! ~ It will be interesting to find out more about their publishing initiative, haven’t heard anything after Remedy signed on.
  9. The cost of free games https://www.polygon.com/22417954/epic-games-store-free-games-cost-epic-paid-publishers-developers
  10. Not exactly about publishing, but seems more suitable new here than UE topics. Epic Games is on the Adobe path and has now added to their portfolio of properties Artstation. Fees for those selling on the marketplace have dropped to Epic Games Store levels, and the Learning section is free for everyone. ArtStation is Joining the Epic Games Family - ArtStation Magazine
  11. Perfect analysis (hat’s so me), this game more than any others. I think being gritty and realistic, looking tough to beat… it all adds up to that approach. Then you read that needs patching to be good, even worse.
  12. Not sure if and when it had been announced that this title was coming to PC? I had totally missed the info, just found out thanks to the GMG newsletter. Thought someone might be interested: https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/days-gone-pc/
  13. Shiny new stuff @Radu, or I missed you were working on a map set in Italy? (I assume because the police sign)
  14. The main theme came up on my YT suggestions and oh my, this OST rocks
  15. There’s been recurring content coming out about of this game in recent times. Now this:
  16. Wow what a move for NIP! 1 million, is that the biggest buyout yet?
  17. Have you looked at the GMTK end of the year look back where he goes through a few games with inventive game design?
  18. blackdog

    Corona Virus

    They could have not caught it/have any reaction, no? (Carriers etc)
  19. Dunno if I'm more surprised that GameTrailers is still alive (thought was closed? Has it been relaunched recently?) or that they are still milking RE4. A bump in graphics could have been nice... they have mistreated this game so much imo. Like how is the Dreamcast version the nicer to look at, and the PC port uses the Playstation lower detail trees and stuff. I still have to play it been in my library for probably like ten years lol
  20. The logo is so close to what @Thurnip created https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/core
  21. Looks slick and more responsive on mobile, brilliant update! As for what Radu says, I imagine that section’s template is customisable/has options… I’d say deffo remove the preview text, and picker removal something to consider, if is a few people that does that activity doesn’t seem to harm. Maybe the avatar can be made smaller and overall simplify that section too.
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