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  1. This is looking incredible! Great job guys
  2. I hope you realise zombies in Half-Life 2 already do this?
  3. This is looking pretty cool. Great job guys
  4. I'm a complete noob when it comes to timezones, but if I calculate this right, it means people in the region of Brussels/Paris actually have until 6am in the morning on the 2nd of February, right? I just want to make 100% sure this calculation right here makes sense: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/?qm=1&lid=5,2800866,2643743&h=5&date=2020-2-1&sln=23-24
  5. Ah, I see. So the actual only cost is when you're entering the fading zone? That's interesting. In that case, I might just use Ringel's suggestion (below) to get rid of that particular cost thanks for all the great answers people!
  6. Cool! Are the walls and ceiling still part of the placeholder model (if it is a placeholder at all)?
  7. Hey, excellent response! Thanks for the suggestions should I need to fade, it'll probably be the instant ones for props that are just around a corner that I can't cut off in visleafs.
  8. Hey everyone, Very small and weird question, but I haven't seen it being asked anywhere or find something about it: With prop_static, you can specify fade distances. You specify a range for when it's supposed to be visible, and when it'll start to fade to nothing. I always wondered if this incurs a CPU cost of some sorts, as opposed to not specifying it all. If it does, I'd rather try to find a way to avoid using this at all. In the level that I'm working on right now, I could theoretically avoid doing it all, but for some models I could specify fade distances to avoid having to cut up more visleafs. I just wondered if it was worth it trying to not have to specify fade distances at all (with my current idea that doing so results in more CPU processing). Any thoughts?
  9. You're like the 5th guy in a week time that throws in the towel seems like the exam period is taking some hits left and right. The map looked very promising! Hopefully you'll release the full version in the near future. Good luck with those exams!
  10. Couldn't agree more I'm mapping almost 18h a day... it's insane! Good luck with the remaining progress on the map, also. It's looking pretty good
  11. Not sure how to do it myself, but perhaps if you edit the original post it allows you to edit the title somewhere.
  12. ...? EDIT: In any event, there are many things that currently can be improved such as visibility (many dark textures) and the layout of the map is almost completely symmetrical. It seems that indeed you have made this map with a gamemode like Unreal Tournament in mind, which I think doesn't fall under the competitive/hostage category for the contest. From the radar it seems like terrorists are closer to the bombsites than CT's, which you most likely don't want to have happening as this is a huge advantage for terrorists and forces CT's to immediatly retake. Most of the layout is large open space with little cover to defend behind. I'd either suggest turning it into a hostage mode, which would more likely fit the map, or re-think a whole bunch of the layout so it works in terms of timings and playability. Good luck
  13. Today there will be the last playtest before adding artwork to the map (that has started serious development a month or two ago). This will basically shift the map from Alpha-state to Beta-state. It'll be competitive, so I have no idea what to expect . It has some small to medium changes that will largely impact the way the map is played. These changes can be found in the changelog below or in the original post of the thread: Changelog version A2_7 A-site overhaul Changed the global shape of the fountain to provide more cover and clean out nasty angles. Provided overall more stable cover for CT's. In particular better protection against Main A. Moved the entrance of Main A more to the left. Heaven CT's can now be sniped down from the garden between T-Spawn and Main A. Conversely CT's can do the same to T's if they venture out far enough. Added a saferoute for T's to enter Main A before getting sniped down. Fish statues (placeholders) will no longer block bullets or grenades in between gaps. Crane-container is now rotated to break a nasty angle from CT-Spawn and provide more cover. B-site overhaul Added more negative space to the right of the bell-tower. Removed nasty angle AND double-door entrance into B from Dragon-Mid. Replaced by closed doors with top-gap for utility preparation (can also be boosted up to for surprise-kills). Opened up old sideways entrance into B. Middle overhaul (largely thanks to Exodus for many of these great suggestions!) Added double-doors route from Dragon-Mid (= second-mid) into Mid. Removed entrance that previously led to Heaven-A for Terrorists, and gave it a new life on a different side within Mid. Terrorists now have to take control of Mid to actually be able to get there first! Added back the Stupa in the middle to break extremely long sightlines. Added a shortcut from CT-Spawn into Mid. Removed passage under Heaven-A entirely (RIP ladder).
  14. This would be something that could easily be fixed with the Wall Worm Model Tools, but if you don't have time to use/learn it, then I think what the problem is here is that the small tiny collision plane is smaller than 1 inch thick, which is unsupported by Source and thus will shrink-wrap the model as you describe it. If that is not the case, then it means some of the elements inside the collision object are not concave (also, don't forget to use the $concave tag if you aren't using it!). If you truly cannot fix the problem after some suggestions, I'm willing to fix it for you with 3DS Max should you be willing to send it to me. I'll have it fixed in 2mins let me know if the above suggestion helped!
  15. If you want the map done by the end of the first deadline, I'd highly suggest to either choose one of two right now. Seeing as you are working on this one at the very moment, I'd recommend dropping the other one (de_testmap). If you can, try to do at least one playtest to see if some big changes need to be made for your layout. Good luck with your entry!
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