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  1. Just as a heads-up for a big mistake I made when participating in the CEVO 2014 contest, make sure to get the scaling right from the start. Back then I wasn't really used to good matchmaking and units etc, and ended up with a cathedral the size of a planet: https://gamebanana.com/maps/181217 This is looking very promising, I'm eager to see the final results
  2. This looks pretty great! I really like the concept of it. The HR nuke textures work wonders for an orbit space station. I've used it extensively on my surf_galaxy map. Hopefully that gives you some inspiration
  3. There absolutely needs to be a segment in this tutorial (even if just very briefly) that highlights some of the features of the Wall Worm Model Tools, for those who are brand new to creating models from scratch. Or, add it to the references or additional links!
  4. How do people make these radars that looks identical to radars from official maps? Is there a program I'm not aware of?
  5. A lot of entries have had months/years of work-in-progress (or even use assets that have been made long-before but never used before) and are being entered for the contest. This is within the rules of the contest, so it's normal to see this. Obviously, it's hard to compete against those maps, but that's just the challenge I guess most people make a map for a long time, and then wait for a good contest to enter it. Even then, working on a map regardless of when you started it, can always be useful for later. In fact, if I'm not wrong there was once a CEVO contest or some other one of the same level, where one of the losing maps was accepted by Valve regardless, which I guess is the biggest reward you can ever have. In any event, whoever thinks any of the entry maps looking extremely good (or a very detailed greybox that looks insane for just a month's time of making) have been made only from the announcement date of this contest, is kidding himself. So yes, start crunching those mapping skills !
  6. This reminds of the ship in Crysis: Warheads where you step out into the icefield to fight some aliens...
  7. This looks pretty damn cool. I've seen a few entries that consider a snow theme, but I wondered to what extent that is considered 'exotic'... I mean snowy landscapes aren't necessarily 'exotic'. I'm wondering this since I've also been thinking about using a snow-theme.
  8. So it has to follow an exotic theme... like palmtree's, coconuts, highly photoshopped colors and flowers... stuff like that?
  9. JorisCeoen

    [CS:GO] de_Iris

    This looks incredibly nice! I didn't know that Mirage was made by someone other than Valve employees (or are you?). Great images, it seems to be a promising map
  10. JorisCeoen

    [CSGO] de_ruby

    I fell in love with the street gaps displacements, it looks so realistic!
  11. This looks like a pretty darng strong map! Shame you didn't participate in the contest, or did you? One note though: Can't help but feel like this is either Season 2.0 or Agency 2.0
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