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  1. I realise this is sort of a 'necro' as the thread has been up for so long without reply, but in the unlikely event someone bumps in this thread looking for this error, it's simple: Your collision mesh has an element or part that is less than 0.5 inches thick. Make sure all part of your collision mesh are convex and aren't thinner than 0.5 inches in any direction. This error often happens when: You have unsmoothed parts of the collision mesh. Select ALL parts of the mesh, and assign them a single smoothing group (for instance, assign all parts with smoothing group 1 and it's fixed). You have any parts of the model that aren't convex. Make sure no parts of the mesh contains holes or isn't sealed. You have a single polygon hidden under any of the parts that you might have missed. These are also not convex and thus won't work. Sometimes this can even be a standalone vertex. Remove isolated vertices if you have any (in 3DS Max there's a function/button just to remove these specific type of vertices, don't know about Blender). Let us know if it was any of those errors. If anybody else comes across this error, make sure to check out this list.
  2. JorisCeoen

    Cumbre (Wingman)

    So, am I understanding this correctly that you have the intention to either: Have CT's be the rival cartel members? Have CT's defend a corrupt cartel organization? Just trying to figure out the plot in CS:GO lore
  3. JorisCeoen

    [Wingman] Paro

    Hopefully you'll be able to nail this theme, because in the years I've been doing projects I've seen countless mappers come up with the proposition of designing that specific temple into CS:GO, and none of them ever made it anywhere However, since you've worked on Anubis I have no doubts this project will finally be able to put that inspiration to rest!
  4. As promised, here's the final announcement in case someone actually followed this thread. Today, at 1PM - EST the livestream for Surf Ramps will start right here: https://discord.gg/a6ZByvv
  5. Next Saterday 6th of June at 1PM - EST I'll be hosting a livestream on the Wall Worm Discord channel on how to create Surf Ramps in 3DS Max in a procedural and easy way, and export them in matter of seconds with Wall Worm. Everyone who's interested is free to join the stream! I'll be covering a few things that are specifically aimed at Surf Mapping, and how you can create ramps as they appear in surf_galaxy, surf_greatriver_2015 and surf_snowslide. This includes -but is not limited to- the following: Creating ramps in any shape or form. Keeping those ramps procedural. Preparing the ramps for texturing. Creating collision models that are not buggy. Exporting all the ramps straight from 3DS Max and also export them as a scene directly from Max as opposed to Hammer (just so you know both ways ). There will definitly be room for a few AmA's regarding surf mapping in general, so don't be shy and let me know of any questions you may have! I'll also prepare a few scenes that can be downloaded, and in case you can't make it, the stream will be recorded (most likely by myself but I'll be backed-up by other members as well). Before the stream starts I'll make another announcements here on the day itself. The stream will start taking place here: https://discord.gg/a6ZByvv
  6. Daigo has been updated, (B2_1) and a lot of changes have been made since the last version (B2). I don't feel like it's worth mentioning the changes, because most of them will be irrelevant in the future. I've updated the original post with images of Daigo's current state, but it'll undergo such big changes that it's not really a good reference any longer. I'm going to implement all I learned in the last two months into the redesign of nearly all the artwork in the map. Should you still wish to download the map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1881843696
  7. JorisCeoen

    What I'm Working On

    If that's your next map... then I believe I will be spending my very last houres in my current map that looks phenomenal. Nice work man!
  8. Tomorrow, I'll upload a brand new version of the map, with many improvements. I won't go into much detail yet, but here's a current W.I.P. for the Fish Statues (called Sachihoko in Japanese):
  9. Here's a follow-up on the basewall, and some additional corners. Most of the walls are now done. Some of the old ones will remain for now in the next playtest version, as I'm now advancing in my planning and working on the dragon and fishmodels, that I hopefully will have finished in the next two days! It's a lot cleaner, more natural, better colouring, and the rock models and displacement texture flow seamlessly into one another (You might notice that at the top-right side there's a straight line between the rock and plaster wall, that's just because I forgot to alpha those). I'll post some new screens when the dragon and fish are done as well
  10. So, I've decided to tackle this project once more, due to a particular request. I've thus finished an important asset that I have created both as part of the project, but also as an exercise to learn procedural design for both modeling and texturing (to ensure that I can change anything and any part of both the models and textures visually, at any time going backwards or forward, and without destroying the creative hierarchy of the asset). Not only was this an eye-opener because it allows for endless possibilities, but it also allows you to have the precise mathematical information for depth, normal mapping, phongmasking and more importantly -regarding this case- blendmodulate textures. Below is an example of the new basewall rock texture, and its blendmodulate texture that was created based off the Render-to-Texture procedurally generated model: It's hard to explain just how much procedural design changes the way you look at creating pretty much anything, but it makes so much more sense to the point that I don't see myself going back to photoshop or GIMP at almost any step in the creative process any longer. Creating textures from reference images is nice, and you can achieve some nice results, but if you want the power to do just anything you want with no artificially generated information, procedural design is the way to go. Substance Designer and B2M are really great, and you can do awsome stuff with it, but deriving textures from actual geometry that can also procedurally change is one step further that's nothing short of being amazingly perfect. I also want to stress how much more detail there is to this procedural texture, which is only 1024x1024, compared to the one there is in the current version of Daigo, which is a whopping 2048x2048 and physically generated off a reference image. It's just ridicilous. The goal with the blendmodulate texture is to allow for a wide variety of blending between the plaster walls and the stone, while also having other blend possibilities between this 'blendline'. This removes the need for a wall made out of a tesselated model, breaks the repetitive pattern of the texture, is cheap, and also saves up huge amounts of mb's in filesize while also being less straining on the eyes. Not to mention, since they are displacements, I can easily change the shape in a fine way to make it look a little more natural as opposed to completely 'flat'. Once the whole project is over I'd love to go more in-depth in the whole process of achieving all of this entirely in 3DS Max and export it easily with Wall Worm, but for now I'll continue fixing the remaining things in the map and hopefully get a new playable testversion sometime around the 8-10th of May.
  11. I love how there's a lot of classical influence in the overall soundtrack don't see that much anymore these days, let alone in an Indie game! The large orchestral touch is pretty nice
  12. Weird. Anubis, surely is unconstestable. After their final additions, I think that map was beyond the scope of any of the entries. But, to me maps like Mutiny and Jingshen (after playing their updates) simply couldn't tip to the quality and required skill-ceiling of maps like Swamp and Mustang. Then again, I'm no judge. And, also, those two maps are amazing entries in their own right. But, in my opinion, if we're talking about what makes a level impressive and what's required to make a design work in the smallest of details, I didn't think maps like Swamp or Musting could fall out of the top 4. I can't speak for gameplay, but I don't think the aforementioned maps had anything in them that could be considered unacceptable of sorts. Once again, I'm no judge. It's just my opinion At the end of the day, I'd love to be in the shoes of anybody who made it this far, and unfortunatly I didn't succeed in that. Some of the decisions might also just be granting some people the exposure that they deserve and need, whereas some of the entrants have already had enough footsteps in the professional world. Congratulations to the top-4, and hopefully we'll see some of these entries make it into the game (regardless of the contest results).
  13. Wow, the visibility has improved a few levels up... that's incredible! Nice work guys, and good luck with the finals
  14. Well... That pretty much adresses all the issues that I had with the map incredible how the map is much more defined now. Congratulations, and best of luck in the finale
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