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  1. This looks pretty damn cool. I've seen a few entries that consider a snow theme, but I wondered to what extent that is considered 'exotic'... I mean snowy landscapes aren't necessarily 'exotic'. I'm wondering this since I've also been thinking about using a snow-theme.
  2. So it has to follow an exotic theme... like palmtree's, coconuts, highly photoshopped colors and flowers... stuff like that?
  3. JorisCeoen

    [CS:GO] de_Iris

    This looks incredibly nice! I didn't know that Mirage was made by someone other than Valve employees (or are you?). Great images, it seems to be a promising map
  4. JorisCeoen

    [CSGO] de_ruby

    I fell in love with the street gaps displacements, it looks so realistic!
  5. This looks like a pretty darng strong map! Shame you didn't participate in the contest, or did you? One note though: Can't help but feel like this is either Season 2.0 or Agency 2.0
  6. JorisCeoen

    Diversion (WIP)

    This looks extremely nice, it immediatly made me think of de_summer in terms of art-style. Good luck in the contest!
  7. This looks extremely interesting, one of the few visually impressive entries so far! Just one thing (judging from the props): Don't make props that are readily available in the game. Most are starting to become HR, and the metal rope-roll for instance are props you could maybe skip on to spend the time on other, more important hero assets or something. But yea, it looks extremely detailed and top-5 worthy so far keep it up!
  8. I solved this particular problem by removing the $basetexture parameter from the .vmt with a water shader. For reference, below is the code: Water { %compilewater "1" // $basetexture "surf_greatriver/greatriver_watergreen" $bottommaterial "surf_greatriver/greatriver_watergreen_bottom" $surfaceprop "water" $envmap "env_cubemap" $envmaptint "[0.35 0.35 0.35]" $abovewater "1" $fogenable "1" $fogcolor "{22 55 72}" $fogstart "10" $fogend "40" "$refracttexture" "_rt_WaterRefraction" "$scale" "[0.09 0.09]" "$bumpmap" "surf_greatriver/water_dudv" "$normalmap" "surf_greatriver/water_normal" "$bumpframe" "0" "Proxies" { "AnimatedTexture" { "animatedtexturevar" "$normalmap" "animatedtextureframenumvar" "$bumpframe" "animatedtextureframerate" 16.00 } "TextureScroll" { "texturescrollvar" "$bumptransform" "texturescrollrate" 1.00 "texturescrollangle" 270.00 } } } Don't use a basetexture for the Water shader! Thanks to Grapen to recommend checking out conflicting commands! I'm not sure wheter the basetexture command even works for water, I think I dabbled with it a bit, but since it never crashed my map, I haven't thought about removing it. It's since the latest update that it automatically crashed the map to desktop and got fixed by tagging it out/removing it.
  9. That sounds very interesting, and could make sense. I'll see in the vmt's if there's a shader that causes an error. Is this permanent, however? I mean if it has become this unstable, a lot of shaders would not be able to be used any longer.
  10. For some godly reason, since I came back from vacation an update happened to CS:GO. Apparantly a smoke bug was caught and patched about a week ago, I had no idea about this. However, as a mapper I recently came across a problem when compiling a map: Fatal error loading vertex shader water_vs20 (00000005) So the map compiles as normal, like I did countless times before, no huge changes. I launch the map through console, almost instantaneously CS:GO crashes to desktop with the above error. I tried everything, literally everything everyone has suggested me and what I found on the forums or reddit: Verified game cache integrity (+ restarting PC afterwards didn't help) Removed the shader files and verified integrity of game cache (+ restarting PC afterwards didn't help) Deinstalled CS:GO and reinstalled (+ restarting PC afterwards didn't help) One by one removing parts of the map to locate the problem. Only helped when I removed EVERYTHING except displacements and the skybox. This is ridicilous. Drivers are up-to-date, Windows 7 is up-to-date so it can't be related to those. I'm using the AMD HD5870, which runs CS:GO just fine. I truly need more help here, since this cannot be a normal incident. The person whom I'm making the map for (a revised version of Surf xDream) can load the map just fine. When I load older, unaltered versions from before the update it will crash my map too. It will even crash CS:GO when I load the ORIGINAL xDream! Just for clarification, unlike the posts I found about this error where all the original posters had their CS:GO crash upon launch, my issue is that CS:GO launches and runs fine, but on most older maps it will just crash. It simply won't allow to load maps that feature that particular shader (water_vs20). Valve changed something about this shader, and something in my computer is hating this. PC specs are below: Summary Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 CPU Intel Core i7 860 @ 2.80GHz 55 °C Lynnfield 45nm Technology RAM 8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 666MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. P55A-UD3 (Socket 1156) 45 °C Graphics Philips FTV ([email protected]) SMB2230H ([email protected]) 1024MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 5800 Series (ATI) 80 °C Storage 931GB SAMSUNG HD103SJ ATA Device (SATA) 30 °C 1863GB Western Digital WDC WD20EARS-00MVWB0 ATA Device (SATA) 30 °C 931GB SAMSUNG HD103SJ ATA Device (SATA) 31 °C 2794GB Western Digital WDC WD30EFRX-68EUZN0 ATA Device (SATA) 30 °C 4657GB Seagate BUP SL USB Device (USB (SATA)) 38 °C Optical Drives HL-DT-ST BDDVDRW GBC-H20N ATA Device PSDI 5Q7SXAVG9 SCSI CdRom Device UDINC MN4XA3OXMJCT SCSI CdRom Device HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH22NS50 ATA Device UDINC MN4XA3OXMJCT SCSI CdRom Device Audio ASUS Xonar D2 Audio Device Would anyone have a clue? I'm clueless at this point. I tried everything.
  11. JorisCeoen

    Really Odd Skybox Bug

    That looks like a leak problem. Make sure you don't have leaks. It creates the same render-mashup thing when you have a leak in the map and the skybox renders empty and starts overdrawing tons of stuff. Check for any leaks in your map and make sure the map is completely sealed.
  12. I am retiring from the contest, because I haven't had the time to start anything. Being at the point of having finished my master's degree, too many changes required all my time that I had rather spent into mapping. I haven't opened Hammer/3DS Max for a month now. I wish all the contestants a lot of strength and hope they are able to realise their dreams in level design
  13. I have to agree with leplubodeslapin on the skybox. I strongly feel that the darker skybox seriously contrasts with the scenery in an unnatural way, but it's inevitable that the line between the matter of the map and the skybox becomes more apparant with a bigger contrast. A snowy, icy area with a sky that suggest summertime just feels a bit strange to me. But, gameplay takes huge priority over overall artistic feeling, at which point this argument becomes irrelevant at the quality roof of the map. I'm not sure if it would be possible to make the skybox make more sense to the wheather portrayed in the map, but if it's not possible, leave it be
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