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  1. The only real answer to this argument is that almost all of Valve's maps already make it obvious from the moment you enter the map, how it plays and where you'll encounter enemies. There's no need to just run around the map without weapons, because even in warmup it'll become obvious where you can go and where not. This is what Roald was trying to say from the beginning. The moment a map needs these sort of investments from players aka. being forced to watch without weapons or 'suffer' an -unnecessary- learning curve, it's already too late and no one in his right mind would go through that. Valve is most likely very aware of this because: They have more than enough maps. Adding new maps from the community is purely suplemental (they're not even required to do it, and would they stop one day no one would complain hard enough). It's been working this way with the right type of community maps for over two decades. There's no reason to change a succesful formula. Arms Race, Demolition and Dangerzone exist to explore more open-minded maps. I like how it looks, and the least to say is that it does look very different from the traditional defusal maps. However, due to the greybox it currently looks like it feels there's little to no player guidance, hence why one would get the feeling of being lost (not knowing where they are and where enemies can come from). In any event, I'm looking forward to future improvements and hopefully you'll be able to turn this into something quite surprising!
  2. Here's a final image I'd like to share, however do bear in mind that all of it is still WIP and incomplete. Before anybody shoots me down, the rose flowers are all prop_details and is just a test to see what the effect would be by adding flowers to the ground level. I already decided I won't do this because it would hinder gameplay and visibility considerably (not even talking about how distracting they would be during play). However, I will be adding flowers closer to and on top of the stones, with some additional grass detail etc... you know the drill. I've also realised that the newest prop_details aren't worth implementing in a competitive defusal map as it's too expensive, overkill and 'complicated' to use (I could generate the flow and scatter maps easy, but it's just easier to use large prop_static's). Instead, I'll be using a plugin that can scatter flower and grass props in a procedural way (a million thanks to Shawn Olson!). This will be the final image I'll share before completion because I've reached a breakpoint in development where things will speed up as I finally can start to simply update all older assets and replace them with the good stuff. Once everything will be in order, I will do some more compiles to make sure all colors are matching and that the atmosphere is enjoyable. All final details such as small props, displacement alpha blending of almost all remaining unimportant wall displacements and visual fodder will be done after some more testing, but eventually I'm hoping to close development of the map somewhere at the end of October 2020.
  3. Thanks man! Don't worry, I'm working on it on a regular basis, but a few things (including moving to a new place) are currently on the planning, making consistent contributions just a little slower for the moment. I have no fixed ETA, but I'm hoping to finish a first playable test sometime mid-october.
  4. Well... can't you just manually run the game and open up the map? I always have the console open on launch by default, then just type map de_nameofyourmap and that works just fine. You get used to it very quickly.
  5. You have to launch CS:GO in -insecure mode to build cubemaps, otherwise it just won't work (assuming this is for CS:GO, of course, you can set this in the launch properties before launching the game).
  6. I've made some more progress with rock gardens and a staircase. These will eventually replace some larger areas alongside the building walls and sloped surfaces to add a whole lot more natural setting to the map. They won't be at the main keeps or central square to keep it more authentic to the original reference, but since everything around it is completely artificial, I'd figured it would be nice to implement the typical Japanese gardenesque style around the castle. Below are some images (still WIP)!
  7. For some reason looking at the first picture I thought this was about Source 2 VR This looks stunning man! I'm going to take a look at it right now! EDIT: What game is this for?
  8. But also expensive. Quite some Zombie Escape maps are doing this already, and it often takes a big dump on the FPS (though their usage is very sloppy, I don't think they optimize the particle emitters very well). Nice idea!
  9. Pretty great effect! I like it If you're willing to go space-theme, most of the Nuke textures can easily be recycled for crazy creative rework. Especially most of the shaders they're using give a great space-effect. Keep up the good work!
  10. I've lately been running around in this map, being in awe of the propwork that was made for conveying the atmosphere and natural setting. I just have got to say it: I think this map's visual quality has been criminally undermined. Surely, some minor interior work and certain white brushes are akwardly low-detail compared to the rest, but the cliffs with the detail props and the transparant grass is something I've actually been taking a close look at for the past week. It's rare for me to get so impressed and blown away by just a few models that I actually decompiled the map and some models to make sure I could understand just how the heck it was made. Only a professional modeler/mapper could possibly come up with such smart visual solutions, therefore wishing to applaud the team behind the design of this map. Thanks for bringing out this map, and for being a huge inspiration for my current project
  11. As more time has opened up in my scedule recently, I've been able to work on redesigning quite a few important assets of Daigo. I've been working silently on T-spawn for the past month to slowly but surely rework all of the roofwork (for the whole map), as well as a lot of additional woodwork and foliage. All of it is still WIP, but I've reached a point where I can finally start moving forward into the map. A lot of additional details are planned to be added, and some of it already exists, but I'm not adding those until the very end of the whole rework. I've also decided to use the newest prop_detail techniques to design most of the flowers and grass stuff so I can have total control over the variation and placement across the map. I'm working hard on getting all the assets procedurally placed, so that I can also change things later on in the development of the map (such as balanced coloring and thematic material). Below is an rough example of the T-spawn rework: I have no ETA on when the whole map will be done, but I'm going to work almost solely on this map until the end of August. Hopefully a playable version will be ready by then
  12. JorisCeoen

    [CSGO] Engage

    I've ran around it yesterday, and again today just as I woke up. The map is just insane. I swear you have to be some sort of architect to design maps this sophisticated and beautiful Though, as much as I was blown away by the map as a whole, I just have one overall concern (right now anyways), which would be that running in the map with or without bots feels very overloaded/overdesigned. It's hard to describe properly, but it feels that at every inch of the map so much is going on at the same time in terms of visual information, that it feels quite heavy on the brain. For me, at least. I'm sure other people have less of an issue with this. It's one of the reasons I never queue for Nuke, because as much as I love that map and see it as one of the biggest Valve masterpieces, it's just too much visuals and I lose focus. However, compared to 98% of the workshop this map surpasses all boundaries, and equals only the best maps available right now. Congratulations!
  13. Is this a trend or are people gearing up winter-themed maps for a chance in the next 2020 operation ? Michael just released his snowy Dagner Zone map like a few weeks back as well. It's actually surprisingly similar in visual appearance as well.
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