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  1. JorisCeoen


    No freakin way.. are you using Wall Worm to design your level? That's amazing finally a congener!
  2. In order to not flood your own thread and keep things organised, how about making a changelog after you've done a bunch of changes. You keep updating the thread with IMO pointless changes that could all be consolidated into one post. We also see no screenshots to understand any of the updates, which removes the entire point of updating the thread in the first place. Just a suggestion
  3. Pretty nice results! However, if anyone has 3DS Max 2017+ you can achieve these effects very easily by simply using some Data Channel map settings (along with displacement modifier). Just letting people know in case you want a 'free' way of doing it
  4. The battle for Danger Zone maps has really kicked off lately Nice work man!
  5. JorisCeoen


    Pretty amazing, once again... I think the overall atmosphere and theme are great! Perhaps if I were to say one thing, the motel looks like the only area that's most 'slapped together' (so to speak). The overall idea is nice, but it currently looks too clean and misses some fine detail compared to the rest of the map. There's something about those big pillars that should be more worn in my opinion. I really love the quarry, however, probably my favorite part of the map! Congratulations on your release, and I don't doubt this will already be included in the next operation
  6. JorisCeoen

    Freya [Wingman]

    "The road may be rough, the journey may be tough and the experience may be bitter, but they are stepping stones to our future thrones." is sorta how I experienced going into the journey of making custom assets. Once you get past all the technical stuff and you can free your mind, your imagination is at that point literally the limit. And it's totally worth it
  7. In CS:GO you don't want to have -both enabled, as it doesn't use LDR any longer (it automatically compiles with HDR). Basically if all your prop_static's have default settings, they should start lighting properly in the scene 'as is'. The difference since 2016 is that now, props with a normal bumpmap will have correct per-vertex lighting, whereas before it would not and thus end up with big splotches of black faces etc. Your scene might benefit from better placed lights. No matter how you turn it, Source still handles lighting a bit odd. Thus if you have a ton of props clustered together and little light to cover it, the ambient shadowing around it might end up looking average. TIP: Don't use info_lighting in case you did (used to be a thing in the older days when this new lighting didn't exist). It disables per-vertex lighting, and thus might cause errors with your new compile.
  8. When you're working on another game but are still influenced by Counter-Strike
  9. It's amazing to see how Valve has lately been using transparant textures as simple gradient overlays into displacements textures etc in CS:GO. Seeing that brick texture at the bottom edge of the brick wall, I'm wondering if it was a new texturing-modeling trick they simply ported to Dust 2's Kabash windows. Great work!
  10. If you will be designing a blockout, it's my belief that it's better to keep everything brushes and func_details with grey dev-textures until you're ready to start developing all art of the map. In this case, you'd be blocking out your greybox and keep finetuning (and even adding little brush-details representing potential props or other stuff for art later on), keep playtesting and adjusting the layout based on feedback. Only then once you've got the core of your map solid and ready, start the actual art with today's techniques such as displacements for nice blending and melting everything together in a nice overall theme. Under no circumstances will the older method allow you to add as much detail as any of the more recent maps, at all. It's just not possible, not even with decals (or you would need a particularly exceptional amount of patience, resources and probably adding a ton of additional mb's to your BSP for no reason).
  11. Cubemaps are never the requirement for anything other than getting specular reflections. Lighting, however, is important to have and unfortunately is required to have on by default (doing a fast VRAD or VVIS will result in black props). You don’t need to have -final on, but you will need -propstaticlighting.
  12. Well I can imagine the additional cost of running that shader compared to the non-essential addition of extra clutter in a map. CS:GO is all about clean reading, this would stand in the way of that purpose. It’s cool alright, but CS:GO’s not the right target.
  13. looks great. The atmosphere and coloring are spot-on. To me also worthy of the top-3 so far. You’ve made a great map, good luck in the competition!
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