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  1. When you're working on another game but are still influenced by Counter-Strike
  2. It's amazing to see how Valve has lately been using transparant textures as simple gradient overlays into displacements textures etc in CS:GO. Seeing that brick texture at the bottom edge of the brick wall, I'm wondering if it was a new texturing-modeling trick they simply ported to Dust 2's Kabash windows. Great work!
  3. If you will be designing a blockout, it's my belief that it's better to keep everything brushes and func_details with grey dev-textures until you're ready to start developing all art of the map. In this case, you'd be blocking out your greybox and keep finetuning (and even adding little brush-details representing potential props or other stuff for art later on), keep playtesting and adjusting the layout based on feedback. Only then once you've got the core of your map solid and ready, start the actual art with today's techniques such as displacements for nice blending and melting everything together in a nice overall theme. Under no circumstances will the older method allow you to add as much detail as any of the more recent maps, at all. It's just not possible, not even with decals (or you would need a particularly exceptional amount of patience, resources and probably adding a ton of additional mb's to your BSP for no reason).
  4. JorisCeoen

    (Source) Black props

    Cubemaps are never the requirement for anything other than getting specular reflections. Lighting, however, is important to have and unfortunately is required to have on by default (doing a fast VRAD or VVIS will result in black props). You don’t need to have -final on, but you will need -propstaticlighting.
  5. Well I can imagine the additional cost of running that shader compared to the non-essential addition of extra clutter in a map. CS:GO is all about clean reading, this would stand in the way of that purpose. It’s cool alright, but CS:GO’s not the right target.
  6. looks great. The atmosphere and coloring are spot-on. To me also worthy of the top-3 so far. You’ve made a great map, good luck in the competition!
  7. JorisCeoen

    [Wingman] Paro

    So far this map and Extraction were on the wtf-levels of visual completion, so I’m pretty sure these maps will make it to the top-3. Can’t speak for gameplay, as I’ve recently moved and don’t have the PC installed yet, but... good luck!
  8. Wishing all the contestants good luck... I’ll pass
  9. The only real answer to this argument is that almost all of Valve's maps already make it obvious from the moment you enter the map, how it plays and where you'll encounter enemies. There's no need to just run around the map without weapons, because even in warmup it'll become obvious where you can go and where not. This is what Roald was trying to say from the beginning. The moment a map needs these sort of investments from players aka. being forced to watch without weapons or 'suffer' an -unnecessary- learning curve, it's already too late and no one in his right mind would go through that. Valve is most likely very aware of this because: They have more than enough maps. Adding new maps from the community is purely suplemental (they're not even required to do it, and would they stop one day no one would complain hard enough). It's been working this way with the right type of community maps for over two decades. There's no reason to change a succesful formula. Arms Race, Demolition and Dangerzone exist to explore more open-minded maps. I like how it looks, and the least to say is that it does look very different from the traditional defusal maps. However, due to the greybox it currently looks like it feels there's little to no player guidance, hence why one would get the feeling of being lost (not knowing where they are and where enemies can come from). In any event, I'm looking forward to future improvements and hopefully you'll be able to turn this into something quite surprising!
  10. Here's a final image I'd like to share, however do bear in mind that all of it is still WIP and incomplete. Before anybody shoots me down, the rose flowers are all prop_details and is just a test to see what the effect would be by adding flowers to the ground level. I already decided I won't do this because it would hinder gameplay and visibility considerably (not even talking about how distracting they would be during play). However, I will be adding flowers closer to and on top of the stones, with some additional grass detail etc... you know the drill. I've also realised that the newest prop_details aren't worth implementing in a competitive defusal map as it's too expensive, overkill and 'complicated' to use (I could generate the flow and scatter maps easy, but it's just easier to use large prop_static's). Instead, I'll be using a plugin that can scatter flower and grass props in a procedural way (a million thanks to Shawn Olson!). This will be the final image I'll share before completion because I've reached a breakpoint in development where things will speed up as I finally can start to simply update all older assets and replace them with the good stuff. Once everything will be in order, I will do some more compiles to make sure all colors are matching and that the atmosphere is enjoyable. All final details such as small props, displacement alpha blending of almost all remaining unimportant wall displacements and visual fodder will be done after some more testing, but eventually I'm hoping to close development of the map somewhere at the end of November 2020 at the end of December 2020 preferably at the end of January 2021. Coronavirus has indirectly impacted development of the map due to no internet connection for almost 2 months shortly after posting this update (I moved, and the cable was broken on the street, it took over 2 months to fix). I will be posting some new images sometime within the next two weeks, depending on how quickly I can finish stuff up, but hopefully I'll be able to share something interesting soon
  11. Thanks man! Don't worry, I'm working on it on a regular basis, but a few things (including moving to a new place) are currently on the planning, making consistent contributions just a little slower for the moment. I have no fixed ETA, but I'm hoping to finish a first playable test sometime mid-october.
  12. Well... can't you just manually run the game and open up the map? I always have the console open on launch by default, then just type map de_nameofyourmap and that works just fine. You get used to it very quickly.
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