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  1. My last playtest was very productive! It opened my mind about so many areas of the map and I would love to work on them right now, but I feel that time is running out really fast... Here in Brazil, we often use a motto that says: "The great is enemy of the good" and after thinking a lot about it, I decided to head my way detailing the map fixing these areas in one go.
  2. CLASSIFIED UPDATED More days in development and concerns about the deadline began. Because of that, I decided to improve the look of most of the buildings while adjusting a few last things to the layout. With this approach, I can get a better idea about areas in general and I won't waste much time thinking about their visuals when detailing. I took the opportunity to make the map "public" on Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1868518259 I will do my best to finish this project on time! UPDATED VERSION SCREENSHOTS IMPROVED LAYOUT AND TESTING From the first version of the map to the most recent, significant changes have been made especially in Bombsites. So I'm requesting a test date on "Source Engine Discord Group" (provided by Top Hat Waffle and other big names from the community) to playtest them. Many use this Discord group to schedule these tests, it's for sure the best place for it! More posts to come!
  3. CLASSIFIED UPDATED After a few days of testing and experimentation, important adjustments were made in certain areas, especially at A bombsite and in the middle region of the map. They seemed too closed for rifle combat in the initial version and with these adjustments, a new radar was made. NEW RADAR/LAYOUT: Bombsite A has been widened and rethought. The middle region of the map has also received special attention in this release (this will probably be the definitive version of the layout). I also improved bot navigation and even added some "place names" to assist in the upcoming tests with friends. Those new tests may take a while to start, so I took the wait to work on some textures that I may use. TEXTURE TEST SCREENSHOTS: As my idea is to present an extremely cold and snowy environment I need to focus on interesting and creative snow textures. To make this process easier I created a makeshift "texture test map". With this map I can check which textures need to have their values changed or their maps redone. More posts to come!
  4. It's an Exotic Maps Contest, right? hahaha I'll change it in the next update!
  5. Looking forward to this one! Really liked the adjustments to the layout and theme!
  6. Thanks for the suggestion! I will put some reflections on these textures for sure soon!
  7. Hello Everybody! This is my entry to the contest... Classified! A map based on a Soviet/American (still deciding) military installation from the Cold War on the peak of an extremely freezing mountain. The outpost still holds many classified secrets to this day even being largely disabled. The main inspiration for the theme is "Summit", a great map from Call of Duty: Black Ops and my idea here is to replicate the extremely cold environment with a balanced layout that prioritizes support moves before each advance! (like an "Awper" holding "bunker" in Dust 2 so it teammates can proceed to the A BombSite) At this point, I'm working on finishing the bombsites and then Classified will be ready for definitive tests! Maybe it's a little late to enter the contest, but I will do my best on this map! More posts coming soon!
  8. I thought the same thing, but I tested it as lightmapped generic and did not get good result. Sorry for the late reply It's very strange because I tried both alpha in the base texture and alpha in the bumpmap. I also tried both formats DXT5 for the base texture and BRGA8888 for bump. Probably Day of Infamy (game I'm mapping) do not support $phong. Maybe I was mistaken a bit, I thought that Insurgency and Day of Infamy would be using the CSGO version of the source engine and with that $phong would works normally.
  9. I did some more testing following your instructions but nothing has changed. The textures remain entirely bright, ignoring the specular map. Here's the VMT
  10. Hum I got it. I check here and my bumpmaps were in DXT. Now that I put them on BGR888 they have improved a lot. Thanks!
  11. I'm going to test this right now. Thank you for your reply. I also would like to ask, is there any quality loss when converting TGA images to VTF and vice versa?
  12. Hello everybody! Lately I've been making a desert map; to fulfill my idea I did some sand and canyon textures. To increase their realism and detail I tried to adding phong to simulate those glowing grains present in the sands. So I made a specular map for the grains and put in the alpha channel of my Bumpmap and added the Phong parameters to the VMT file. But whenever I try the whole texture gets shiny: Without Phong With Phong Specular Map As you can see, the whole texture is affected by phong and not just grains. How can I fix this? I believe that I confused myself in the VMT parameters but I'm not sure: "WorldVertexTransition" { "$baseTexture" "tunisia/tun_sand_01" "$bumpmap" "tunisia/tun_sand_01_normal" "$surfaceprop" "sand" "$baseTexture2" "tunisia/tun_sand_02" "$bumpmap2" "tunisia/tun_sand_02_normal" "$surfaceprop2" "sand" "$blendmodulatetexture" "nature/blend_texture_01" "$blendmasktransform" "center .5 .5 scale 1 1 rotate 0 translate 0 0" "$normalalphaenvmask" "1" "$envmap" "env_cubemap" "$phong" "1" "$phongExponentTexture" "252" } Thank you in advice!
  13. Hello guys! While doing my map, I simply forgot to enable the atmospheric bloom setting, but I never imagined that would change the colors of my map. As it is a North Africa map, I wanted to have a yellowish or orange sand, and with that in mind, I made the textures using these shades, but when I tested with atmospheric bloom everything appears darker or with less contrast, and sand textures looks more reddish than i was looking for. Is there anyway to force the map not to use atmospheric bloom, or should I redo texture colors this time with atmospheric bloom enabled? In your opinion which one is better, with or without atmospheric bloom? Remember guys, always test your map with maximun graphics settings. Sorry for bad english IMAGE 1 -ATMOSHPERIC BLOOM DISABLED: -ATMOSPHERIC BLOOM ENABLED: IMAGE 2 -ATMOSPHERIC BLOOM DISABLED -ATMOSPHERIC BLOOM ENABLED IMAGE 3 -ATMOSPHERIC BLOOM DISABLED -ATMOSPHERIC BLOOM ENABLED IMAGE 4 -ATMOSPHERIC BLOOM DISABLED -ATMOSPHERIC BLOOM ENABLED IMAGE 5 -ATMOSPHERIC BLOOM DISABLED -ATMOSPHERIC BLOOM ENABLED So what your opinion after all? I understand that atmospheric bloom helps to better merge the elements in the picture, but I did not like the color change that it caused.
  14. Hello everyone! While doing my map for the contest, I realized that the basic character model in DOI has 80 units high. In most Valve games, characters has 72 units height, and many of us use those heights for buildings and gameplay elements. Does anyone know DOI's character dimensions, for example: crouch height, normal jump height, jump + crouch height, prone height, player's vision height?
  15. Man, I don't think you will get enough time to make another map to the contest... In my opinion you should save the map in the current state to think about it later as a MOHAA remake, but then continue from where you stop with another layout and ideas. The map at it state looks promising, so you should change the idea from now on, and when the contest ends you comeback to the old save and finish the remake, I would love to play both of them.
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