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  1. Maybe, but that wont match with the sea. (You can't have 3 sides of the skybox that one and the last one a different one) So i think a 3d skybox would be better for that. (and zanzibar does not have that many forest)
  2. Ty, probably wont make a 3d skybox before the deadline but i will try to implement the sounds.
  3. Did some more detailing. Will probably update it to the workshop today. Shoutout to @Sick_TwinN for the bar models.
  4. Some more WIP detaling (the chances of getting finished in time are getting lower and lower)
  5. It looks very interresting. Can maybe post an overview of the radar?
  6. Finally started with detaling (probably not going to finish in time but i will try)
  7. It took some while so here is some progress i made in the last few weeks (no big detailing yet because i want to do a competitive playtest for this layout first). I will update the workshop page today. PS: how do i put these images in spoiler tags because it looks like a mess.
  8. The layout still looks like some long boring corridors. Have you playtested this map already?
  9. Looks good but can you show us a picture of the radar?
  10. Did you try to use substance painter for texturing your models? It is free (for students) and easy to use (some of the shortcuts are weard but you can find them in the program). There are also some great tutorials for it.
  11. A few weeks ago i started with modeling props and here you can see the result of a complex model (for me to make) Thx to @Sick_TwinN for helping me while making the model and for some of the feedback.
  12. After a few weeks since i last posted i made some more changes to middle and A site (and some small ones to B site). PS: I am still looking for someone who could help me with this map (Because otherwise the chances are high i won't finish it in time). So if you can model some nice props (and texture them, because i currently suck at substance painter) or/and can help me with the layout, you can contact me here if you want to help me: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198122041286/ (I have discord as well but i only add people as a friend there who i know in person)
  13. It looks like some boring corridors. Maybe think more about them as areas? Btw this guide might be a major help to you (if you have not already read it):
  14. After i made some changes to the left bombsite i started on my mid-rework, made some changes to the right bomsite, shifted the right bombsite a bit to the left and added some other things. Here are some pictures of the result.
  15. After the last playtest on the source engine discord i made some changes to B before i start with the middle-rework.
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